Bilderberg from 1982 onwards (United Kingdom) 82 88 89 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00
____(function is at last attendance; x st - 10 years to Dec 98) (st) AT (st) DE FR GR FI CH CN US UK PT BE
Sainsbury, Sir John, Chairman, Sainsbury PLC st                        
Roll, Eric (Lord Roll of Ipsden). Senior Adviser, UBS Warburg Dillon Read ad ch (ad) ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad x x
Carrington, Peter, ex-NATO Sec Gen, ex-Chair of Christies (x st)     ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch    
Clarke, Kenneth - Member of Parliament; ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer           x         st x x
Knight, Andrew, Non Executive Director, News Corporation (x st); ex-Daily Telegraph st st (st) st st st st rp x        
Taylor, J. Martin, Chair, WH Smith Group plc; Internatnl. Advisor, Goldman Sachs Int.           x st st st st st x sg
Micklethwait, R. John - United States Editor, The Economist                 rp   rp rp rp
Wooldridge, Adrian D., Foreign Correspondent, The Economist                     rp rp rp
Amiel, Barbara, Columnist, Sunday Times           x              
Avery, Graham; Chief Adviser for Enlargement, European Community (IN)                         x
Blair, Tony, MP, Shadow Home Secretary, Labour Party           x              
Braithwaite, Rodric, Foreign Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister           x              
Brittan, Leon - Vice President of the European Commission (IN)         x           x    
Brown, Gordon, Member of Parliament, Labou Party       x                  
Browne, E. John P., Group Chief Executive, The British Petroleum Company p.l.c.               x   x x    
Buchanan, Robin W.T., Senior Partner, Bain & Company.                   x x   x
Cradock, Percy, Former Ambassador to China; Former For. Pol. Adviser to the PM             x            
Craig, James, Director General, The Middle East Association   x                      
Cranborne, Robert M.J.C. Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords.                   x      
Crockett, Andrew - General Manager, Bank for International Settlements (IN)                     x    
Freedman, Lawrence, Head of Dept of War Studies, King's College       x                  
Garton Ash, Timothy, Fellow of St. Antony's College, Oxford                 x        
Grierson, Ronald H, Former Vice Chairman, GEC         x           x    
Griffiths of Florestfach, Lord, adviser Goldman Sachs Int.; ex-head of PM's Policy Unit         x                
Hague, William - Leader of the Opposition                     x    
Hannay, David - PM's Personal Envoy for Turkey; ex-Perm. Rep. to the United Nations               x     x    
Healey, Denis W, former Defense Secretary and Finance Minister         x                
Henderson, Nicholas, Former Ambassador to Poland, Germany, France and the USA             x            
Hogg, Christopher - Chairman, Reuters Group plc, ex Chair Courtalds       x             x    
Hutton, Will. Editor, The Observer.                   x      
Jacobi, Mary Jo. HSBC Holdings plc; Former US Assistant Secretary of Commerce.                   x      
Jenkins, Michael - Vice Chairman, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson                     x    
Job, Peter, Chief Executive, Reuters Holding PLC                 x        
Kaletsky, Anatole - Associate Editor, The Times                     x    
Keegan, John, Military Historian; Defence Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph   x                      
Lamont, Norman, MP, Fmr Chancellor of the Exchequer, Director of N.M. Rothschild               x          
Mabro, Robert E. Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.                   x      
Mandelson, Peter - Member of Parliament                       x  
Monks, John, General Secretary, Trades Union Congress (TUC)                 x        
Owen, David, EC Mediator, International Conference on Former Yugoslavia           x              
Porrit, Jonathon - Programme Director, Forum for the Future                       x  
Prendergast, Kieran - Under-Secertary General for Political Affairs, United Nations (IN)                     x    
Prior, Lord, Chair, GEC plc; fmr Sec State for Northern Ireland & for Employment   x                      
Purves, William - Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc.                     x    
Radice, Giles, Chairman of Euro Movement MP               x          
Rees-Mogg, William, Chair, Broadcast. Stnds Coun, Chair Amer. Tradg; ex-Ed The Times           x              
Rifkind, Malcolm, Foreign Secretary                 x        
Robertson, George - Secretary of State for Defence x
Robertson, Simon. Former Chairman, Kleinwort Benson Group plc. x x
Rothschild, Emma, Dir Ctr for History and Economics Cambridge x
Rothschild, Evelyn de - Chairman, N M Rothschild and Sons x
Scholey, David G, Chairman, SG Warburg, Group plc x
Sheehy, Patrick, Chairman, BAT Industries x
Smith, John, MP, Labour Party, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (x st) x
Stevenson, H Dennis, Chair, SRU group x
Villeneuve, Andre-Francois H. Executive Director, Reuters Group Holdings plc. x
Waldegrave, William - Minister of Agriculture; ex-Minister for Housing & Planning x x
Weidenfeld, Lord, Publisher x
Wolf, Martin - Associate Editor and Economics Commentator, The Financial Times x x
Wright, Patrick, Permanent Under-Secretary of State, and Head of Diplomatic Service x
Yahuda, Michael B. Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics.                   x    

Codes: x-attending, ch-Chairman, sg-Secretary General, tr-Treasurer, ad-Advisory Group, st-Steering Committee, rp-rapporteur; brackets ( ) generally mean officer not attending, but for 1989 (st) means not clear due to absence of information;
AT-Austria, BE-Belgium, BG-Bulgaria, CH-Switzerland, CN-Canada, CZ-Czech Republic, DE-Germany, DK-Denmark, ES-Spain, FI-Finland, FR-France, GR-Greece, HU-Hungary, IC-Iceland, IN-International, IR-Ireland, IT-Italy, LU-Luxembourg, NL-Netherlands, NO-Norway, NZ-New Zealand, PL-Poland, PT-Portugal, RU-Russia, SV-Sweden, TR-Turkey, UK-United Kingdom, UR-Ukraine, US-USA, YU-Yugoslavia

82(st): Steering Committee list;
88 list: original List of Participants;
89(st): partial Steering Committee list;
91, 92 and 93 lists: taken from Spotlight;
92 Steering Committee list, extracted from Armen Victorian piece in Nexus Magazine;
94 list: original, plus Tony Gosling ( and Spotlight;
95 list: Tony Gosling (Alberta Reporter) and elements from Spotlight;
96 list: Spotlight and Tony Gosling;
97 list: Tony Gosling, Lobster Magazine and Spotlight;
97 Steering Committee list: original from Bilderberg Meetings
98 list: original Participant List, and Parascope;
99 list: Portuguese News Weekly, Tony Gosling, Big Issue/Schnews - Bilderberg Minutes, and Spotlight;
2000 list: kindly provided by the Bilderberg Meetings;
Ex-Steering Committee members over the last 10 years (x st) - letter to Patricia McKenna MEP from Bilderberg Meetings, 3.12.98

(Thanks to Tony Gosling, Patricia McKenna, Armen Victorian, Jim Bogusz, Lobster, Nexus, Klaus Kopf, Jim Tucker, Spotlight, News Weekly, Big Issue/Schnews, Parascope and Bilderberg meetings)