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Culture, Communication and Control

Unreleased DVDs available to buy/purchase by mail order

All titles still available in DVD -  payment here - 'Jesus the Revolutionary' and 'Look A Terrorist!' Tee Shirts are down here

My offering these for sale is as a public service - it is to encourage the commercial release of these culturally valuable works where forgetful or otherwise irresponsible copyright owners and giant media multinationals are failing to make them available to the public. Should any video become available through commercial distributors, I will happily withdraw them from sale and add a link.

Making payment:

All DVDs listed on this page (except those now available commercially) are available to UK residents at £10.00 or overseas addresses £15.00 for each disc.
Please note that some titles are two or more discs. The price is inclusive of postage.
I accept  Paypal, simply make the payment on paypal or by credit card here then snailmail me your order to here. You'll get the DVDs in about a week, two max.
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And note... all these DVDs are region free (not region locked) European PAL format 

Shoestring - DVD - 21x50min. episodes on 6 discs - BBC Bristol 1979-80 - Series 1 and 2

[IMDB entry]

BBC Drama series about 'Private Ear' played by Trevor Eve - Eddie Shoestring, a computer expert who suffers a nervous breakdown and turns to detective work instead. He is hired as "Private Ear" for Radio West and investigates cases for the public free of charge.  [NOW AVAILABLE COMERCIALLY]

The Changes - DVD - 10x24min. episodes on 1 disc - BBC 1975

[IMDB entry]

Classic BBC Children's TV series from 1975. Why is everyone smashing machines and fleeing England? Teenager Nicky Gore gets separated from her parents but undaunted she vows to discover the cause of 'The Changes". [my page all about The Changes]   [NOW AVAILABLE COMERCIALLY]

Timewatch: Gladio - DVD - 3x50min. episodes on 1 disc - BBC 1992

Episode 1 - The Ring Masters
Episode 2 - The Puppeteers
Episode 3 - The Foot Soldiers

BBC series about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups. Known as 'stay-behinds' these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used to in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies. Director Allan Frankovich

Webster Tarpley: Able Danger - 2006 - 2hrs on 1 disc - Were rogue elements in U.S. involved in 9/11 attacks?

This DVD is a two hour lecture entitled How To Stop World War III. It contains Tarpley's own history of false-flag terrorism - including plenty of visuals - as well as some of the lastest thinking around who might have really been responsible for the 911 attacks.

Tarpley comes from a MIHOP position- that is that rogue elements within the US military, political and financial elite 'Made It Happen On Purpose'. The lecture is, in many ways, a DVD interpretation of his recent book: '911 Synthetic Terror, Made in USA which is available via

Oh! What A Lovely War - DVD - 132mins. - 1969

[IMDB entry]


Richard Attenborough's lavish interpretation of Charles Chilton's play. Using the best of the satirical 'trench songs' made up by the hard done by squaddies of World War One, this musical is a deeply moving anti-war classic. Released only briefly on VHS in the 1980s it is virtually unobtainable and long, long overdue for its DVD release.

Teachers' Resources:

Pandora's Box - DVD - 6x50min. episodes on 3 discs - BBC - 1992

All six Episodes on 3 DVDs

  1. The Engineer's Plot - industrialisation in the Soviet Union before and during the Cold War
  2. To The Brink of Eternity - industrialisation in the United States including the Cold War philosophies of the Rand Corporation
  3. The League of Gentlemen - was Monetarism in 1980s Britain an attack on the power of the working classes
  4. Goodbye Mrs Ant - Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' and the controversy over the pesticide DDT
  5. Black Power - attempts by the Ghaneans to 'go electric' and industrialise are thwarted by the Western powers
  6. A is For Atom - the relentless rise of the nuclear energy industry

Full of unique modern interviews and painstakingly researched archive footage this is Adam Curtis' first series.

Dennis Potter In Person - DVD - 1994 - 133mins  on 1 disc - Channel 4 Television

Royal Television Society McTaggart Lecture and Melvyn Bragg's 'Without Walls' special

BAFTA winner - best arts programme 1994

The Mayfair Set - DVD - 4x45min. episodes on 1 disc - BBC - 1999

Episode 1 - Who Pays Wins
Episode 2 - Entrepreneur Spelt S.P.I.V.
Episode 3 - Destroy the Technostructure
Episode 4 - The Twilight of the Dogs

Adam Curtis' documentary series about junk bonds, gangster capitalism and the wholesale sell-off of British industry in the 1980s. Containing interviews with all the main characters including George Soros, Dennis Healey, James Goldsmith and Jim Slater .The Mayfair Set looks at how asset stripping, corporate raiding capitalists were allowed to shape the climate of the Thatcher years. It focuses on the rise of Colonel David Stirling, Jim Slater, James Goldsmith, and Tiny Rowland, all members of The Clermont club in the 1960s. It received the BAFTA Award for Best Factual Series in 2000.

The Century of the Self - DVD - 4x59min. episodes on 2 discs - BBC/RDF - 2002

Available in near-broadcast quality (£20 - two DVDs, please specify when ordering)

Episode 1. Happiness Machines,
Episode 2. The Engineering of Consent,
Episode 3. There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed,
Episode 4. Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering

[IMDB entry]

BBC Documentary series looking at the birth of Public Relations ideas and their extension into the world of politics and public opinion forming. Difficult to obtain, even internally at the BBC, this documentary series takes a look at the influence of Freud's cousin Edward Bernays, architect of modern techniques of mass persuasion. episode one - Happiness machines; episode two - The engineering of consent; episode three - There is a policeman inside all our heads: he must be destroyed; episode four - Eight people sipping wine in Kettering. [BBC page about this award winning series]

Power of NightmaresThe Power of Nightmares - DVD - 3x55min. on 1 disc - BBC/RDF 2004

[IMDB entry]

Adam Curtis exposes International Terrorism' and the 'War on Terror' as dark fantasies dreamed up by Neo-Conservatives to justify massive public spending on war after the fall of the Soviet block.
The rise of the catch-all concept of 'Muslim Fundamentalism' is closely examined in this documentary which presents the 'War on Terror' as a fantasy or "dark illusion" to replace Soviet threat. Exaggeration of the threats to the USA and the Western World in the last 50 years are shown to have been a fiction which suits the needs of Neo-Cons. and Military Corporations alike. Curtis argues that Neo-Cons. have been planning the War on Terror for a long time as an excuse to conquer foreign nations. He paints them as dark disciples of a mysterious figure, Leo Strauss, the Chicago 'academic' behind the 'Project For The New American Century'.

The Beyond Within - DVD - 2x45 min. episodes on 1 disc - BBC 1986

Max Whitby's 1980's exploration of the origins and consequences of LSD is a clasic 'old school' BBC documentary on this strange and powerful drug. The two part Everyman programme includes interviews with all the key figures, from the 'acid head' hippies through military testers to the establishment's critics of recreational use. Ken Kesey, Adolus Huxley, Dr. Ronald Sandison, Timothy Leary, Rosie Boycott, Sir Christopher Mayhew and Dr. Humphrey Oswald all tell their part in the story of LSD's rise to popularity and it's effect on the culture of the Western world. Star interviewee is Albert Hofmann, the man who discovered LSD in 1943 at Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland. He gives a profound insight into the drug's dangers and its value.

secret society titlesSecret Society - DVD - 4x30min. episodes on 1 disc - BBC - 1987 - articles

Never broadcast episode from this controversial BBC Documentary series by reporter Duncan Campbell. The  first episode about secret cabinet committees features author Peter Hennessy, Clive Ponting and MP Clement Freud amongst others. In this freedom of information tour de force Campbell exposes the secret decision to buy U.S. Trident nuclear submarines as well as laying bare the cabinet level dirty tricks campaign against CND and its general secretary Bruce Kent. Margaret Thatcher, James Callaghan, the British Atlantic Committee, The ultra-right Coalition for Peace Through Security and the cabinet secretary come in for sharp criticism for keeping key decisions secret from MP's.

The following five programmes in the series are on this DVD/VHS:

The one programme in the series which I do not have is [please let me know if you have a copy of it]:

His support for this series was one of the key reasons BBC Director General, Alasdair Milne (who was replaced by Michael Checkland, an accountant) was sacked.

This Journalistic Coup D'Etat was conducted by Lord Victor Rothschild, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Marmaduke Hussey in 1986 (see Hussey's autobiography). The BBC's independence has been under sustained assault ever since. [my page on Milne's sacking]

Henry Kissinger and Margaret ThatcherThe Trials of Henry Kissinger - DVD - 1x80min. documentary on 1 disc - BBC - 2002

[IMDB entry]

Expanded BBC documentary of Christopher Hitchens' book. Originally made for BBC4. As the man behind the 1973 Chile coup which led to one of the most brutal fascist dictatorships since world war two Henry Kissinger should surely be behind bars by now. His involvement in creating conflict zones around the world is well documented here as are the attempts to put him on trial for his amoral business like approach to U.S. foreign policy. Kissinger is still a major world player despite not holding public office any more. So how has he managed to get off the hook and how long will he stay off it? [my page on Kissinger's war crimes] - [BBC's page about the documentary]

The Secret Rulers of the World - DVD - 4x55min. eps. on 1 disc - World of Wonder - 2001

[IMDB entry]

Jon Ronson's tragi-comic conspiracy documentaries - Channel 4 - Summer 2001. Starting with the final programme about the Bilderberg meeting in Sintra 1999 other programmes include The Oklahoma City bomb, David Icke, Ruby Ridge and Bohemian Grove. [my page on Bilderberg]

Masons and Merchants - DVD - 2x30min. documentaries on 1 disc - HTV - 1999

Gloucestershire Freemasons and Bristol's Merchant Venturers

Two never released programmes about secretive groups in and around Bristol. These documentaries examine two secretive organisations little known to the general public - The freemasons decided to become more open in the 1990's and this documentary takes a look inside the masonic lodge and asks the question: is freemasonry a religion? The Merchant Venturers were behind John Cabot's first trip to discover America and have controlled the port of Bristol through the slavery years, to the present day. The second documentary looks at the depth and breadth of influence of the merchants in Bristol and the world.

This also includes a very rare BBC Southern Eye documentary about Freemasonry and planning permission corruption. We see how masonic councillors refuse to declare their interest when voting through fellow mason's planning applications.

Web TV

There are ways you may be able to download programmes over the internet. Its something I can't do but here are links to further info about how broadband users may be able to do it.

Watch buried and censored DVD's free using BitTorrent - The London bombings smoking gun Sir Ian Blair ignored [lo-hi]

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Look! A Terrorist - Tee ShirtLook! A Terrorist

Tee shirts in various styles (mens or ladies fitting) and colours

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Banned BBC film up for sale on internet

Documentary told of 'secret committees' in government

ROB CRILLY - Glasgow Herald - 26th August 2003

A DOCUMENTARY which was never broadcast, because the Thatcher government leaned on the BBC to prevent its damaging allegations being made public, is being offered for sale over the internet.

The Secret Society series caused a political furore in 1987. Alasdair Milne was sacked as director-general of the BBC, prompting accusations that the governors were acting under pressure from the government.

Strathclyde Police raided the corporation's Scottish headquarters in Glasgow the next day, seizing tapes of the "banned" programme.

The episode argues that successive prime ministers - specifically, James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher - extended a tradition of secret cabinet committees to make major decisions.

It also details an alleged dirty tricks campaign led by Michael Heseltine, then defence secretary, to discredit CND.

The six-part series included an episode revealing how the cost of the £400m Zircon spy satellite had been concealed from parliament.

That episode and four others were eventually broadcast after police returned the tapes but the BBC decided that the episode about secret cabinet committees was too sensitive to show before the 1987 general election.

Duncan Campbell, the journalist who made the series and who now runs a production company in Edinburgh, said that freedom of the press should prevail over any breach of his or the BBC's rights. "I'm delighted there is still an interest in the video," he said.

"In the context of renewed and serious concern about the conduct of governments, it is entirely appropriate to look at the way in which a previous government bullied, harassed and tried to inflict its spin on the BBC. I hope the BBC will remain robust against those pernicious pressures."

The production team behind the series was threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. Mr Campbell's front door was kicked down and his home searched.

Pat Chalmers, then controller of BBC Scotland, was also questioned by Special Branch officers for eight hours.

"There was no reason why that programme should not have gone out," he said yesterday. "No-one ever queried the content of that programme."

Mr Chalmers added that the affair - particularly the removal of Mr Milne and the later arrival of John Birt - damaged the editorial integrity of the BBC.

Channel 4 and Mr Campbell later attempted to buy the "banned" episode from the BBC but were rebuffed.

Eventually, the original scripts were used to produce a new version and it was broadcast in 1991 on Channel 4 as part of a season of banned films. However, the original has never been broadcast.

Tony Gosling, a journalist and freedom of information campaigner, who is selling the video through his website, described the significance of the sixth programme.

He said: "It's about secret cabinet committees - that is ones that even some members of the cabinet are not even allowed to know who's on them - where big decisions, not even discussed in cabinet, are made. You end up with massive decisions, such as whether to buy the Trident submarines, being made by anonymous people."

A BBC Scotland spokesman said: "If an untransmitted programme remains the copyright of the BBC and it is being used without our authorisation, then that is something we would ask our lawyers to look into."

Old ghosts resurface to haunt UK government

Posted: 11 September 2003 By: Jemima Kiss

A BBC documentary that caused a wave of controversy - and led to the early departure of the director general Alistair Milne - is available for sale on a UK web site.

The Secret Society TV series was made in 1986 by investigative journalist Duncan Campbell, but only five of the six programmes were ever broadcast. The final episode - 'Secret Cabinet Committees' - alleged that both the Labour government, under Prime Minister Jim Callaghan, and Conservative government, under Margaret Thatcher, had made major decisions at secret meetings, bypassing the cabinet. The programme also revealed that Jim Callaghan had attempted to stall the freedom of information bill.

In 1987, police seized the tapes from the offices of BBC Scotland where the series had been made. Mr Campbell's home was also raided, although the tapes were later returned and the series broadcast on the BBC.

Journalist and freedom of information campaigner Tony Gosling is now offering the missing episode for sale on his web site. Mr Gosling told dotJournalism that an influential London researcher had been asking the BBC for a copy of the documentary for several weeks, with no success. Mr Gosling then provided him with a video tape of the programme and made further copies available on his site.

"I think you have to ask why this series is so hard to find," Mr Gosling said.

"There has to be a political element. I'm fighting back against this unspoken censorship." He added that the series was unlikely to be included in the BBC's new 'Creative Archive' web project.

Mr Gosling established the site in 1996 as a platform for his investigations and alternative analysis of world events.

"It's like having my filing cabinet online," he said.

"It's very personal mixture of my own take on things and more structured analysis. I'm regularly contacted by people who need extra information that they can't find elsewhere."

The site is named after business lobbying organisation The Bilderberg Group - a favourite subject for conspiracy theorists who allege that the group of European and North American industrialists are planning the globalisation of world markets.