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Fascism, state terror and power abuse

look a terroristA satanic (luciferian) world order - starting in the cradle of civilisation, Iraq

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The perpetual war, to end all peace - but Bush, Blair and the rest are on a hiding to nothing

Carlos Latuff - from please take the time to look through the evidence compiled by the 9/11 truth movement. Democratic institutions and rights, particularly in the UK & US, are under sustained covert attack.

Complicity by Dick Cheney, General Peter Schoomacher and other 'NeoCon fascist madmen' at the apex of US political power in the World Trade Centre attacks of September 11th 2001 is now beyond reasonable doubt.

The same neoCon mafia who got away with Iran/Contra (where the US military used illegal drug money to fund far right uprisings) are now at the helm of the most powerful nuclear armed state in the world. British and US occupying forces are dishing out 'government approved' terror alongside CIA trained fanatics. More worryingly NATO/Israeli special forces appear to be responsible for hundreds of false flag attacks targetting civilians in occupied lands which are then blamed on various local factions. As in Operation Gladio (watch the BBC Timewatch DVD) carried out by NATO Intelligence prove, this is nothing new.

The NATO/Zionist alliance are fuelling anti-Western hatred round the world and channeling massive public funds to the Carlyle Group/Halliburton/military industrial complex. The ultimate objective appears to be to generate an economic and nuclear crisis (and permanent massive military spending) to 'rescue' Western economies and bounce us all into a far-right global police state. The links between 'defensive' treaty bureacracy NATO and the Nazis are too many to ignore.

Webster Griifin Tarpley - 911 Synthetic Terror Made In USAWar is terrorism with a bigger budget

You could be endangering your family and loved ones by not having read this book - 911 Synthetic Terror, Made in USA by Webster Griffin Tarpley

Documents like those of the New American Century project and Zbigniew Brzezinski's book 'The Grand Chessboard, American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives' explain the plan which includes extending military objectives and operations to information warfare.

But does the end justify the means?

As the extraordinary events unfold in this 'war on terrorism' I present an alternative chronology. Based on the idea that the main public offices and centres of power in the world, politics; police; education; the press; armed forces and royalty have been heavily infiltrated by a rogue network of selfish psycopathic liars. Here you will find well researched, often mainstream press articles, which show another side to events, namely that a US corporate led fascist system of global control is gradually being imposed around the world.

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'And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet' Matthew 24:6

thanks to for this imageBetween the lines - what the mainstream press isn't telling us

Moses, Abraham, Mohammed and Jesus all preached the gospel of peace but WWIII has usurped these monotheistic traditions to pit Islamic freedom fighters and 'false flag' bombings against secular 'Christian' and 'Jewish' state terrorists in preparation for Armageddon:
Three World Wars: WWIII - Pentagon's Holy Warrior - War on Islam - Abid Ullah Jan - Nevertheless all true Jews, Christians and Moslems refuse to promote war and refuse to kill.

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Latest WWIII news

ordo ab chao - create chaos then control the order that comes out of itOrder from chaos
organised crime

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20Apr12 - Anders Behring Breivik unites Zionism and Nazism

'So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.'

20. april 2012 av Torstein Viddal

I happened to be present at the Oslo courthouse on Tuesday, April 17th, watching and listening to 22/7 terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s 75 minute main prepared defense speech. A speech that the press and media were banned from broadcasting to the general public. These are my thoughts after following the story for almost nine months.

The first thing that has to be said, is that watching Breivik defend himself for 5 hours this Tuesday removed each and every doubt that he is indeed «legally sane», in the sense that he is absolutely fit to be punished by the Norwegian judicial system for his criminal terrorist acts. All «experts» who say otherwise are flat out lying. This is a sane, rational, logically stringent man of great wit, who happens to also have some pretty effed up ideological views that have made him become a mass murderer and a terrorist.

It should also be said right from the start of this article that there is little doubt that he carried out both the bombing in Oslo and the shooting at Utøya. What remains to be seen is whether he had accomplices and what parts of the misdeeds these people took part in. There were also some pretty amazing instances of police SNAFU – 27 according to one commentator, but a lot more if you look more closely. There’s a string of maybe 40 or 50 or 60 grave mistakes on behalf of the police, guards and government, making them unable to stop Breivik before the bombing of Oslo, stop him getting out of Oslo and to nearby Utøya, and to stop the shooting ASAP when Breivik amazingly managed to get himself transported over the sound to Utøya island, using the Labour Party’s own ferry.

So many instances of SNAFU, in fact, that the mathematical probability of them all occuring on the same day or relating to the same person, should tell you all you need to know. And of course, in the weeks and months after the terror, documents, tapes and other evidence started disappearing. As by invisible hands.

OK. So, returning to the terrorist’s defense speech on Tuesday, April 17th. Breivik started telling us how there’d been no real post-WW2 democracy in Norway, because «nationalists» like himself were not allowed free speech and democratic rights. This should tell us that he wanted there to be more democracy, and that Norwegian democracy should also include «ultra nationalists», a fair point that even I could agree on.

However, he messes it up by contradicting himself completely. He loves America, and especially a certain McCarthy, the postwar communist witchhunt general, and he regrets that McCarthyism didn’t go far enough and never succeeded in sending alleged «commie» American citizens to Soviet Russia. So, really, when it comes to a more real and including democracy with less political censorship, our terrorist is only in favour of it when it applies to his chums, and to his «nationalist» parties.

Apart from this ideologically induced blindness or logical breakdown, he argues convincingly that censoring a movement like his own for too long, eventually will make members of that movement resort to other means, even violence.

His speech more generally was aimed at reaching out to a slightly broader audience than his Manifesto and his earlier writing on Norwegian websites, or to «unite national conservatism, which I support, with national socialism and militant christendom», as he put it himself. So the strategy obviously is to appeal to a broader spectrum of racists, and to play down the Zionist issue, which devides Breivik, JDL, EDL, NDL and Knights Templar, on the one side, from other nationalists and nazis, on the other.

Breivik talks rather openly about the strategy of supporting and expanding «street extremism», like the JDL, EDL and NDL (Jewish, English and Norwegian Defense League, respectively), while at the same time building a network of single cell terror operatives, borrowing tactics from – yup – al-Qaida.

The reason for using terror cells consisting of only one man, says Breivik, is to avoid the eyes of anti-terror agencies. This way he only needed to meet with his comrades once or twice during a decade, if we choose to believe him, and I guess blogs, forums, RSS feeds, social media etc took care of the rest.

Breivik also tries to use the term «counter jihad» as much as possible, rather than «zionism», which is what he really supports, and he has succeeded in selling this bogus «counter jihad» term to the Norwegian mainstream media. To quote from the terrorist’s Manifesto:

«So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.»

So, then, this is what it came to in Norway: Where we could have had the press digging into and revealing the horrific lies of the 9/11 terror attacks ten years after the events, instead we got a snob from the West who bombed his own city using «al-Qaida tactics», and who shot fellow Norwegian kids taking part in a summer youth camp for young politicians and future administrators, because he believed the lies and racist conspiracy theories fed to him for ten years by every newspaper, radio and TV station in this nation and throughout the West. Malicious, racist lies about muslims behind every terrorist act from New York and Bali, through Madrid and London, to Mumbai and Stockholm.

The mythical snake – Midgardsormen – seems to be biting its own tail: False-flag terrorism over a long, sad decade goes unnoticed by the press, the journalists and the editors, and the inevitable end-product of these ten years of lies and cowardice and cover-up is our very own Nordic mass murderer and terrorist; Anders Behring Breivik.

Whether he had handlers or not we don’t know, and the press and the police for some reason don’t seem very eager to find out, he is now the shining example, or knight in shining armour, intended to inspire many, many followers in Scandinavia, Europe and America.

He will even be allowed internet access in jail, and thus to build, expand and strengthen his zionist terrorist networks, both on the streets and in the single-man sleeper cells.


Brief History of the New World Order

The same old economic crisis is now repeating itself as these Elitist Bankers are getting ready for their WW3 after having sucessfully weakened the USA and Britain. What this author failed to point out more clearly is the the real power behind these Banking Mafia, namely the Rothschilds and their secretive infamous dynasty that have been behind all the tragic Wars in the last 200 years or so. How they have used and abused every nation, leaving them economically weakened and bankrupted, to achieve their ultimate goal- namely their New Wolrd Order - their hegemony for a One world Government, One world Bank, Currency, Military, Police - a Totalitarian World Fascist Government that resides at present in Tel Aviv but has its Financial Devil's den in London where it has been manipulating world events and economies.

Their next War will of course be against Iran, Syria, Lebanon and any other nation they want to rope in to their scheme of things. They have destroyed and bakrupted the USA, economically as well as politically and morally; have ensured the weakening of China through its unwise investments in the USA, outsourced businesses etc to India, its next little growing financial darling Enterprise; detroyed other nations' economies also through constant price fixings and manipulations and thus also ensuring all the relevant Laws are put into place to guarantee the fruition of the NWO. [original editorial, author unknown]

A Brief History of the New World Order

February 2009 - Richard Moore

"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 6-11-6

World War I and the birth of the new-world-order project

The beginning of anything is always problematic to pin down. For every beginning, there are always antecedents, causes, preparations, broader canvases to consider, etc. For my money, World War I the war to end all wars is a sensible choice, as the launch-event into the new world order project.

Of course one must go further back for motivation, the conception of means, and for the vision. Some refer all the way back to The Illuminati, which was (still is?) a real conspiratorial clique aiming for global governance,. Others refer to Cecil Rhodes, who quite effectively used his wealth from diamond mining to promote his vision of global Anglo-Saxon dominance. Regardless of the details of the preceding historical thread, WWI was the epochal event that began an identifiable program toward a new world order, a single global hierarchy, controlling all global affairs, under the control of elite financiers.

The British Empire represented the ultimate evolution of one particular path to global dominance: a single hegemonic power, playing off other powers against one another in a balance of powers strategy. Certain mechanisms of power were perfected in this era. I refer to the integration of propaganda, racism, intelligence operations, covert intervention, diplomacy, financial manipulation, and naked military power all orchestrated, with considerable art and brutality, in the pursuit of imperialist objectives.

The real power behind the British government, however, by 1900, had long been the elite banking families of The City, in league with their colleagues in Europe and America. In Marxist terms, we would call this community the capitalist elite of the day, and they were the ones envisioning our now-unfolding new world order. Within the context of the British Empire, they had exercised considerable power over global affairs and finance, and they had outgrown the relatively limited vision of the British imperial model.

Britain itself, circa 1900, despite being still seen as the greatest world power, had become only a shadow of its former self. Once the manufacturer to the world it enjoyed a near monopoly on industrial production for a century it had now been eclipsed industrially by both Germany and the USA. Britain was no longer the obvious choice, as the base for a global power grab.

As Alexis d'Tocqueville had noted earlier in Democracy in America, the nations most inherently destined for greatness were the USA and Russia. Of the two, c. 1900, the USA was certainly more promising, from a capitalist perspective, as a power base. So the decision was made, to shift hegemony from London to Washington, and to create the context for a more evolved model of global hegemony.

For centuries The City's banking elite and Britain's nationalist elite had collaborated harmoniously. One might not have imagined a distinction between them; they were, it seemed, of a whole. But while in British circles generally, c. 1900, European dominance and the rise of Germany were the big issues, the bankers were looking at a broader canvas, and with a longer-range lens. A splitting of the ways was beginning, and a betrayal among global elites was in the offing.

In British nationalist eyes, control over the balance of power in Europe was everything. America was far away, and up until then its only imperialist adventures were also far away, peripheral to European affairs. Germany, however, had become an urgent threat to European dominance, with its industrial productivity and its plans for a Berlin- Baghdad railway and a wider rail network, undercutting Britain's sea- based dominance of world trade.

British nationalists, quite naturally, were thinking in terms of war with Germany, as the only available means of maintaining British hegemony. The banking elite, more slyly, was seeing such an adventure as a way to kill several birds with one stone. And thus began a classic betrayal scenario. For the time being they were still seemingly one, still comrades, the bankers and the nationalists . They worked together to set the stage for war, creating encircling alliances which would bring everyone and their cousin in against Germany and her allies, once a match was lit under the carefully prepared conflagration.

And then came the small matter of finance. Long before, the Rothschilds, the classic model of an elite banking family, learned that the financing of wars is the most profitable and reliable of all banking operations. Britain could indeed prosecute the war with Germany, with the help of her alliances, and prevail, and she could also stake out strategic claims in the Middle East but where would she get the money for the troops and ships? Don't worry about that, we'll take care of you, said the friendly bankers.

So Johnny goes marching off to war, allegedly to end war, while the British state pursues with vigor its nationalist objectives. Meanwhile the City's bankers appointed their man in America JP Morgan to broker America's support of the British war effort. By making America the financier and goods-supplier of Britain's war on Germany, Germany could be brought to its knees militarily, and Britain could be brought to its knees financially while at the same time America could be turned into a proto-superpower. All of these things coming together at one time that is why I see WWI as the birth of the new-world-order project.

WWI was the making of America, as a world power. Its actual military participation was minimal, late, and secondary. Much more important were the internal industrial expansion, the influx of funding to the domestic economy, and the business consolidation that occurred. Money went from New York to London, on loan, and then the money was sent back to Chicago, or Cleveland, or wherever, to purchase the goods of war. While Europeans and Brits were being slaughtered in their millions, Americans were experiencing boom times, leading into its golden age of the roaring 1920s.

When the war ended, Britain had accomplished her imperial objectives, had won the battle for European hegemony, and eliminated Germany as an immediate threat. In the process, however, she had inadvertently lost the war for global hegemony: Europe was no longer the focus of world power. Guns and troops had won the battle, but debt had won the war. All of Europe winners and losers alike were destitute as the war ended, and the victorious allies were encumbered by astronomical debt to the American Treasury and to the banking elite.

The European economic malaise that emerged out of the Treaty of Versailles is usually blamed, in popular mythology, on the 'shortsightedness of chauvinistic diplomats', eg. Clemenceau, in seeking revenge on their erstwhile enemies. Or it is blamed on 'narrow- minded protectionist measures' adopted by European nations in the postwar years. In reality, it was the enforcement of debt collection that caused the malaise, and it was Morgan's men, not diplomats, who dictated the draconian terms of repayment. The betrayal, of Britain by the bankers, was now complete, and the dagger was being twisted in the guts of the betrayed.

Britain and its allies could not afford the repayment terms out of their own pockets, so the fiction was propagated that Germany had started the war, and that it must therefore pay reparations to the innocent victors. As usual, the victors write the histories. The whole repayment scenario was carefully scripted by Morgan's men, in the terms of the treaty, so that Europe would be struggling for decades to pay their debts to America and to Morgan's financing syndicate. The focus of global hegemony had shifted Westward across the Atlantic.

While Europe had been devastated by war, America had built up its infrastructures and expanded its industrial base. While Europe emerged deeply in debt, America emerged with a strong balance sheet and an astronomical amount in the accounts-receivable column, to be paid by the war's 'victors', and subsidized by the 'losers'. While Europe struggled to rebuild requiring still more borrowing America could continue its economic expansion, capture global markets, and generally exploit its privileged financial and industrial position.

From a nationalist perspective, we could say that America won WWI, and all of Europe lost and lost big. The Europeans were bound to pay America huge sums for the privilege of having devastated one another. But in America as in Britain, one must draw a distinction between nationalist-minded elites, and financial elites. During the war the bankers had shown the face of a true comrade to both Britain and America enabling the one to win the war, and facilitating the rise to power of the other. Each of the banker's "friends" got what it wished for. (One needs to be very careful of what one wishes for.)

We have seen how the banking comrade betrayed his British nationalist friends, by shifting the ground of hegemony westward while the old ground was being bitterly contested. It turns out that the American nationalist friends were also betrayed at the same time, by the same banking comrade, in a coup that will be described in the next section. Britain had won the battle for Europe, for a while; America had won the battle for strongest nation, for a longer while but it was the banking elite who won the war for discretionary power over the future course of world affairs.

The Federal Reserve and the subversion of the American republic

"Let me issue and control a nations money and I care not who writes the laws." Amshall Rothschild

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson

Even while Britain was arranging its encircling alliances, and creating the conditions for inevitable war, banking-agent Morgan and his cohorts were busy arranging the means of financing the adventure, and creating the conditions so that that the banking elite would be the decider-behind-the-scenes and a primary raker-in-of-profits, as America exploited its position of dominance in the post-WWI era.

The time-tested formula, by which banking elites had come to dominate European governments, was the creation of a privately-owned central bank. Such a bank, according to the trusty formula, has the power to control credit, the money supply, and interest rates, to issue the currency of the nation, and to loan that currency at interest to the government. The implementation of that fatal formula in America, however, had severe obstacles to overcome. The dangers of a central bank were well known to the Founding Fathers, and sentiment among political elites remained strong in the republic against such an institution. Earlier implementations had occurred, and each had been dissolved, to beneficial effect, by a subsequent administration.

In order to overcome these political obstacles, the bankers employed two other time-tested formulas: buying politicians, and creating panic through engineered crisis.

Like so many well-minded politicians, who for the most part try to do good during their tenure, Woodrow Wilson found it necessary, at a critical juncture in his career, to make a pact with the devil. The path to the Presidency would be opened to him, and in most things he could have his own mind, but if a bill came before him establishing a central bank, he was to sign it. The pact was made, the coffers were opened, and the road to the Presidency was successfully travelled.

With Wilson elected, and his signature assured, it remained only to manipulate the Federal Reserve Bill (which was written by banking- agent Paul Warburg) through Congress. Step One was to create a banking panic, which JP Morgan was able to accomplish simply by leaking rumors to the press that a certain New York bank was in trouble, causing a run on the bank, and from there the crisis spread domino-fashion and general panic ensued.

When the panic was at its peak, the Federal Reserve Bill was introduced into Congress, along with false and sombre assurances that the result would be financial stability, and an end to boom-bust cycles. The general panic created enough political support that a vocal minority of Congress came to support the bill. Step Two, in manipulating the bill through Congress, was to call for a vote late one night, when most of Congress had gone home for Christmas, while the minority-in-favor had been tipped off to stick around. The bill passed, Wilson signed it promptly, and the coup was complete. The devil got his due, and just in time to maximize elite gains (both political and economic) from the financing of WWI.

Wilson lived to rue the day he shook hands with the devil. He expressed this later in strong terms:

"We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men."

"Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere, so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it"

The war had served as a vehicle to transfer the focus of hegemony to America, and much else was shipped across the Atlantic along with that focus. The lessons Britain had learned in its centuries of empire were brought over as well the sly coordination of the overt and the covert, secret collaborations between private and public actors, the artful use of deception and betrayal, and all the other tricks of internal intrigue and geopolitical dominance. The Council on Foreign Relations was established, directly on the model of a similar British organization. The emerging American giant was being carefully tutored by past masters of global games.

In a single decade the Anglo-American banking elite had managed to devastate Europe, launch America on the path to hegemony, secure direct control of American finance and behind-the-scenes control of American political affairs and rake in astronomical profits in the process. Let this be a lesson to those who assume that elites aren't clever enough to carry out big projects successfully in this complicated world of ours.

And in fact these kinds of elite manipulations are not really rocket science. When you have control over finance, and you have your tentacles into high-level political circles and you have centuries of experience at this kind of thing there's a lot you can accomplish using routine methods.

Among the routine methods are deception, betrayal, artificial crises, bubble and burst economic cycles, engineered conflicts and above all never hesitating to finance wars to get what you want; genocide is a legitimate means. As Henry Kissinger put it, when America betrayed the Kurds and was enthusiastically supporting Saddam Hussein, "You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs". It's really just a matter of thinking big, and not giving a damn about anyone else but you and your friends and your shared power. These people have a philosophy: if we weren't on top, someone else would be. Typical gangster reasoning.

World War II and the consolidation of American hegemony

WWI had been such a successful project that planning began immediately for a grander sequel, another giant step toward a new world order. In the early 1920's, still in the days of the Weimar Republic, a team of Krupp engineers were secretly tasked with a project: come up with designs for a line of military equipment suitable for a war twenty years from now. Thus were conceived the advanced weapons that served the Reich so well when the time came. Even though Germany was destitute, and treaty-bound not to rearm, someone knew, and told Krupp, that all this would change and within the designated timeframe.

There were two primary elite objectives for the inter-war years: collecting the WWI debts, and creating the conditions for a larger- scale war that would consolidate America's hegemonic role in world affairs. As in WWI, the plan would be to get others to do the hard work, and for the yanks to come in when most of the fighting was over, pick up all the marbles, and score the points for victory. And once again, the banking elite would be financing the war (as it turns out, all sides) and raking in profits beyond measure.

Ongoing destitution in Europe was useful for two reasons: it maximized debt repayment, and it created the conditions in which elites could socially engineer the reconstruction process. Destitute people are likely to accept whatever crumbs of hope are thrown their way. When Mussolini came along, with his vision of fascism, elites saw a man who could 'instill the discipline' necessary to enable debt repayment. He was promptly funded by the Anglo-American bankers.

Mussolini's fascist ideas resonated with ideas popular among American elites. Eugenics, for example, including the killing or sterilizing of "undesirables", was a cause promoted by Rockefeller, Ford, and many others. And the primary tenet of fascism,the individual is subservient to the needs of the state is music to the ears of ruthless elites everywhere, and in particular to our friendly banking elites.

Hitler was a project of the Anglo-American bankers. His charismatic brilliance was noticed early, and his Mein Kampf served as an effective marketing brochure for himself: here was a man determined to do exactly what the financial elite would love to see happen he wanted to invade and decimate the anti-capitalist Soviet Union. His rise to power was funded largely through the auspices of the Anglo- American bankers, and immense profits were made by investing in the German rearmament process. And he was good about debt repayments.

Germany fighting Russia, that was a good start for the next war project. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, Japan was looming as a new power. In 1905 she had bettered Russia in the Russo-Japanese war and she was rapidly industrializing. Japan had imperialist aspirations and this fit perfectly into elite planning. Japan against China, and Germany against Russia, was precisely the kind of global war that elites, comfortable in New York, would be happy to fight, and win. Many a dollar was made investing in Japan's imperialist adventures, and selling them supplies and equipment, prior to Pearl Harbor.

Meanwhile, in the USA, there were profits and gains of other kinds to be made during the inter-war years. First came the bubble, aka the roaring twenties. Everyone and his cousin was playing the market. Everything was going up, as carefully stage managed by the new Federal Reserve financial autocracy. With a strong economy, and all that cash coming in from debt repayments, the bubble was easy to manage. Lots of people made a bundle, but the biggest bundles were stashed away by those at the top who financed the episode. The house always wins.

Next came the consolidation phase, aka the Great Depression. If America was to emerge from the next war project as global hegemon, the important thing was to own as much of America as possible. By comparison, current profits were secondary. And the most convenient way to buy up American assets was to create a depression, whereby everything would be on the market at fire-sale prices. Elementary, my dear Watson.

All of these threads wove together perfectly as WWII began. The masses of people in Europe and Asia were engaged in murdering one another, and destroying one another's countries, while the USA continued to stay out of the fray, and the Anglo-American banking elite was profiting from its investments and loans to all sides of the conflicts. America's entry into the war was carefully delayed, coming just in time to determine the outcome, but after much of the fighting had already occurred. In order to facilitate this delay, the virtues of neutrality were promoted in the mainstream media right up until Pearl Harbor, despite considerable grassroots anti-fascist sentiment.

When the right time came for entry, banking-agent Roosevelt initiated a series of provocations against Japan, designed to force them to attack. The Japanese codes had been broken, the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor was known, and the valuable aircraft carriers were put safely out to sea. Out-of-date ships were left as sacrificial lambs, eg the Arizona. Day of Infamy indeed. By such an arranged incident, the neutrality propaganda could be instantly reversed, and a declaration of war readily obtained from a neutralist-minded Congress. Many of them pacifists yesterday, the young men of America were now all lining up to enlist. So easy, when you pull all the strings, to turn a whole nation around on a dime.

"If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances." Harry S. Truman, New York Times, June 24, 1941

Even after declaring war on Japan and Germany, America participated only marginally, with a holding action in the Pacific, a troop buildup in the British isles, and a bombing campaign against the Reich. The real fighting was happening in China and on the Eastern Front of the German campaign. America was happy for the fighting to go on, as long as a big winner didn't emerge, a potential threat to US hegemony. Every day the fighting continued, the bankers were profiting from the financing, and potential rivals to America were being weakened.

Only when Germany was defeated at Stalingrad, and the huge Russian army began advancing westward, did America finally commit masses of ground troops to combat. There was no need to defeat Hitler; Stalin was taking care of that business on the Eastern Front, where 80% of the German divisions were fighting. The task of the American troops was to race eastward to halt the advance of Russia as quickly as possible. Much to the consternation of Stalin, after the allies landed in Italy, the yanks allowed three more German divisions to transfer unmolested from Italy to the Eastern Front, as one way of slowing down the Russian advance. Once again betrayal, this time of ally Russia.

The WWII project achieved all of its objectives admirably. While having fought only marginally, and suffered negligible casualties in comparison with the other major combatants the US emerged with an intact infrastructure, 40% of the world's wealth and industrial capacity, control of the seven seas, a monopoly on atomic weapons, strategic footholds in the Middle East oil sheikdoms, and general popular acclaim as the heroic champion of democracy. Quite naturally, the world's eyes turned to Washington for leadership in shaping the postwar world.

And America was ready with a blueprint. The bankers had selected a committee, from their Council on Foreign Relations, and sent it over to the White House to design the postwar architecture. America was now secured as a hegemonic base of operations, more viable for that role than Britain had been, and it was time to move forward with the next phase of the new-world-order project. Thus were launched, promptly after the war ended, the Bretton Woods globalist institutions the UN, IMF, and World Bank the early foundation stones for an eventual one-world government.

Note to the reader: In my harsh description of America's participation in WWII, I in no way mean to dishonor the brave men and women who fought and sacrificed in that war as GI's. They were not deceiving or betraying, they were fighting with all their hearts for freedom. They were as much the victims of elite games as were all the others who lost their lives.

The short American Century: preparing the world to accept global governance

The WWII project was, like the first war project, a remarkable success for the banking elites. Again, as before, the next stage of the larger new-world-order project was promptly set in motion. With its hegemonic position, America would serve as an ideal base of operations for this next stage, but a global American Empire was not to be the final outcome. America was to be used and betrayed, like Britain before it, and this time the plan called, and still calls, for a world government to be installed, making the whole Earth into a base of operations, a private fiefdom, to be owned and ruled directly by the banking elite.

The unfolding of this third phase of the new-world-order project took about six decades, and as we lived through it we saw what seemed to be many surprising and unpredictable episodes. However, if we step back and look at the big picture, the key elements of the project become clear. The following objectives have all been achieved, and they were all carefully orchestrated to reach their conclusions at about the same time, which turned out to be the end of 2008:

the rise and fall of America as hegemonic imperial power the preservation of American military supremacy as its only major asset the universal destabilization of localized economic systems a worldwide extended boom-bust cycle, ending with most of the world destitute and hopelessly in debt

In the final section of this article we will examine how these conditions are currently being exploited, under the charismatic and deceptive leadership of banking-agent Barak Obama, to bring about the final installation of the New World Order. In this section, we'll briefly review how each of these objectives was systematically achieved.

As it was in the heyday of the British Empire, the interests of banking elites and nationalist-minded elites (in America this time) were more or less aligned as the postwar era began. A grand campaign of imperialist operations in the Global South served both their interests. With a policy of containment with respect to the communist world, and of Pax Americana with respect to Europe precluding Europe from becoming a military competitor America was able to maintain military hegemony in the "free world" and use its forces to achieve direct imperialist objectives in the Global South, without needing to directly confront other major powers.

America employed a much more refined and efficient model for imperial management than the British Empire had ever been able to achieve. Besides avoiding direct military conflicts with major competitors, Washington spurned the burden and expense of colonial administration, and instead focused on regime-change operations as a way of keeping small nations under control. The installation of corrupt dictators was the preferred model (eg, the Shah, Noriega, Marcos, Saddam, etc ad nauseum), who once installed were encouraged to enrich themselves and their cronies as they suppressed their populations, so that investors from the North could exploit the nation's resources and workers.

Eventually such dictators would always outlive their usefulness. Either they would lose control of rebellious populations (eg Marcos), or they would get uppity and start defending their national interests (eg Noriega). When such a time came, the elite-controlled mass media would suddenly discover that there was a ruthless dictator loose in the world, and the successor regime change would be widely welcomed as a 'victory for democracy'. The faces would change, and perhaps some reforms would be implemented, but in the end there would be another proxy in place doing whatever needs to be done to facilitate exploitation by foreign investors. Such has been the nature of the free world era in the South.

A critical underpinning of the Cold War and the Pax Americana regime was the mythology of a communist threat. In fact Russia posed no real threat, not militarily nor in terms of covert subversion. Russia had been devastated by the war, and the last thing it wanted was to get involved in another one. It had been invaded by Europe time and again, WWI being only the most recent example, and its main concerns were security and national development. Russia tried time and again to normalize relations with the West, and to pursue large-scale nuclear disarmament, but was each time rebuffed.

With the destruction caused by WWI, and with the West again exhibiting hostility, Russia had little choice but to hold on to Eastern Europe as a protective barrier against another attack. Certainly Eastern Europeans were not happy with clumsy, autocratic Russian rule, but they were not being economically exploited as was the Southern "free world". Living conditions in Eastern Europe were typically better than in the Soviet Union itself, and better than in the South. It's "satellites" were an economic and political burden to the Soviets, an investment not in imperialism but in national security. Now that Eastern Europe has been separated from Russia, and Washington is putting missiles and radar installation there and extending NATO, it is clear that Russia's attempt to maintain a buffer made perfect defensive sense.

The "communist threat" provided a handy excuse for US interventionism, for maintaining a strong US military, and for the ongoing development of America's nuclear arsenal. Equally important, enabled by the fiction that Russia threatened the entire West, America was able to portray itself as the 'friend and protector of Europe', justify the economic isolation of the socialist block, and justify as well the Pax Americana regime in the "free world".

But as in Britain before, the interests of nationalism and of the banking elite were not to remain aligned. Even as America continued to extend its hegemony in a geopolitical and military sense, the seeds of economic decline were being planted by the bankers. The first step was to start moving manufacturing overseas, leading to the de- industrialization of America and yielding increased profits to investors and transnational corporations. After that Reagan was ushered into power, bringing with him a full scale assault on the stability of the American national economy. The program of economic destabilization was then extended globally, as the globalization project.

Globalization, with its deregulation of corporations and international finance, has certainly been a profit bonanza for international banks and transnational corporations. It's deeper purpose, however, has been to destroy localized economic systems and to make everyone dependent on the global marketplace for essential goods and services. Not only has self-sufficiency been undermined for nations everywhere, but mutual-benefit bilateral trade arrangements have been largely eliminated as well.

Under the hocus-pocus doctrine of free trade, a situation has been created where, to the maximum extent possible, all goods and services are generated in the lowest-waged parts of the world, and then sold on the global market to the highest bidders. Not only does this maximize the profits of the middlemen (the bankers and transnational corporations), and drive wages down everywhere, but it also results in market prices that are largely beyond the reach of the Global South. Under globalization, we've seen the most draconian system of imperialism every imposed on the South, and it's an imperialism managed by the bankers (via their globalist institutions) directly, not by an imperialist nation, as in the days of earlier empires.

Just as with the Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines in the 1800's, the whole population of the South is now considered to be 'in the way' of ongoing economic development and the accelerated exploitation of Southern resources. A program of wholesale genocide, on a scale much larger than the Holocaust, is now underway in the South, facilitated by economic and social destabilization, in turn facilitated by "free trade" and by covert interventions. The campaign for biofuel development, which makes little or no sense from an energy perspective, has the main (and intended) consequence of accelerating the program of genocide by substantially increasing the price of food on the global market. Keep this in mind when next you listen to banking-agent Al Gore's inspiring speeches about "energy independence".

Of all the advantages the banking elites enjoy from this globalized and unregulated economic system, the most strategic is the discretionary power they have to arbitrarily manipulate global affairs. And of the tools available to them under this regime, the most potent is the ability to manipulate high-level finance. By such means Japan and the Southeast "Tigers" were cut down to size, and any number of other boom-bust cycles have been engineered over the past several decades (eg Brazil, Argentina).

It is this ability to manipulate high-level finance that has been used to create the climactic conclusion of this short American Century: the engineered global banking collapse and the ensuing general panic. This manufactured panic was then exploited to push through the disastrous bailout schemes that are transferring insolvency from the banks to the governments. By intentionally committing economic suicide, the bankers have managed to kill not their banking system, but the economic viability of nations worldwide.

From a big-picture perspective, the entire period since the end of WWII can be seen as one big boom-bust cycle. It brought us the greatest period of sustained economic growth the world has ever seen, and in the end, with the engineered collapse and bailouts, all the marbles are now being picked up by the banking elites. Game over.

Obama and the marketing of subservience: installing the New World Order

As with the two world-war projects, the short-American-Century project was a complete success, in preparing the ground for a global system of governance by, of, and for the elite bankers. Again, the main elements of this penultimate sub-project:

the rise and fall of America as hegemonic imperial power the preservation of American military supremacy as its only major asset the universal destabilization of localized economic systems a worldwide extended boom-bust cycle, ending with most of the world destitute and hopelessly in debt

To be more precise, the destitution and hopelessness are only now beginning to unfold. We've seen the first wave of business failures and personal insolvencies, but many more will follow domino fashion. The amount of the losses the banks have suffered have still not been disclosed, and massive credit-card defaults are yet to come, as the ranks of the unemployed continue to soar globally.

The classic, time-tested way to implement big social-engineering changes is to first create a crisis, and then in the ensuing panic to offer a solution the 'solution' being the original goal of the entire exercise. We've seen this formula used to facilitate the installation of the Federal Reserve system, the passage of the bailout schemes, the entry of America into WWII, etc. On a still-grander scale, it is the formula that will lead to the creation of a one-world government.

The problem in this case is the collapse of national economies and the global financial system; the solution will be a Global Central Bank in sum, a global-scale replay of the Federal Reserve project. Banking- agent Gordon Brown seems to be the one who has been assigned the task of moving this agenda forward. In a recent article in BBC News he begins framing the context of the debate to come.

02Feb09 - Turkish 'Gladio plotters', anti-Ergenekon Demo.

Following the 1000 strong Istanbul demonstration at the weekend nervous Turkish traitors have begun dumping evidence of their guilt in the street ... You see the Turkish anti-terror cops have stopped chasing non-existent media illusion Al-Quaeda shadows. If only they would do the same in the UK.

Ergenekon - Turkish cops thwart CIA/Mossad coup attempt

Thousands demonstrate against Turkey's Gladio coup plotters

700 bullets found in Ankara neighborhood

Around 700 M-16 rifle bullets were found yesterday in a package abandoned by the roadside in the Senyuva area of the Turkish capital, believed to have been dumped in panic by individuals related to Ergenekon.

The bullets were taken to the Ankara Police Department for examination. Twenty-three bullets were also found in Izmir on Thursday, and seven hand grenades and other bombs were discovered abandoned in a similar fashion in Ankara on Wednesday.

Unidentified individuals have been abandoning weapons and ammunition in isolated locations across the country since the discovery of munitions buried underground early in January after raids on houses of various suspects who were wanted in connection with Ergenekon, a clandestine gang charged with plotting to overthrow the government.

In the meantime, Ankara police yesterday detained two men in the Yenimahalle and Keçiören districts. The men were reportedly taken into custody after they were found to be carrying hand grenades. The suspects were later transferred to the police department’s counterterrorism unit...;...

Mossad role in Turkey coup plot revealed

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 10:05:26 GMT

Tuncay Gueny is suspect of attempts to topple Turkish government.

Israel's national intelligence agency Mossad has been behind a failed coup in Turkey, the Turkish daily newspaper, Milliyet reports....

Thousands protest Ergenekon [Turkish Gladio] coup plotters

Thousands of people from various segments of society on Saturday gathered at Tünel Square in Istanbul's Taksim area to protest the Ergenekon gang, charged with plotting a coup d'etat, in an event organized jointly by the Young Civilians and the No to Coups Platform.

Lawyers in their courtroom robes supported the demonstration demanding democracy, freedom, human rights and the supremacy of law. The protest started at 4 p.m.

Many intellectuals, writers, artists and journalists also supported the march. Slogans demanding resistance against military influence and intervention were chanted. People held up posters against illegal and clandestine units inside the military and state bureaucracy trying to rule the country from behind the scenes.

Journalist Ümit Kivanç also joined yesterday's protest. He said the Ergenekon investigation should be continued until the very end. Modern dance performer and choreographer Zeynep Tanbay said, "Sixty-one percent of the people are against Ergenekon. People have woken up. Rightists, leftists, religious right, atheists, all of them. People want to face the truth."

Well-known sociologist Ferhat Kentel said attempts to water down the investigation would be in vain. olum=101

'latest suspects are from the special operations unit of the police'
Most of the latest suspects are from the special operations unit of the police, the BBC's Sarah Rainsford in Istanbul says. The unit was set up to fight against terror in the 1980s - and was mainly active against Kurdish separatists. Human rights groups have documented many unsolved murders and disappearances from that time, she adds. The unit's former leader, Ibrahim Shahin, was arrested earlier this month, and a map found at his house led police to a cache of weapons buried in a forest.

The Bullingdon Club - Nat Rothchild's smack Crazed Bully Boys

This morning's Broadcasting House programme on Radio 4 heard from a fascinating witness to a Bullingdon Club initiation. Here it is - 3m 25s long

That audio was posted here at UK Indymedia, now not just hidden but deleted

The Bullingdon Club photoshopped

Also... The Mail On Sunday has an extraordinary revelation that the photo above has been photoshopped! Who has been removed???

Two faces are mysteriously missing from this picture of the Bullingdon Club

Who doctored the toffs?

I bring you the Mystery of the Missing Toff. Who is doctoring pictures of the Bullingdon Club? And why?

By a mysterious process, almost all photographs of this unlovely society for rich, young drunkards have now been suppressed, which suits David Cameron very well, since he is in so many of them, looking so very rich and arrogant. I have seen them.

But last week a new study of the lads appeared, featuring George Osborne and his (now former) friend Nat Rothschild. To the left of the middle, there’s a mysterious gap where somebody ought to be standing but isn’t. Odder still, there’s a patch of shirt-front and waistcoat there, with no person attached.

Odder yet, Mr Rothschild’s right trouser leg has a white lapel, not usual even under the bizarre dress code of the Bullingdon.

On close examination, the three seated figures at the front appear to have been stuck in place after being moved from somewhere else.

If you know what’s going on, please let me know.

Great rant from Peter Hitchens

So here we see our new, one-party elite in all its lack of glory, interchangeable careerists from fake ‘Tory’ and fake ‘Labour’ front benches, floating around in lukewarm seas of money with Russian oligarchs, hedge-fund millionaires, foreign media magnates and who knows what else?

This, the Corfu set, is your choice at the next Election. You can have one thing, or you can have the same thing. If you want anything else, you can get stuffed.

These individuals have no interest in you, or in this country, nor much idea of how the rest of us live. It is centuries since Britain was ruled by a set of people who have so little in common with those they govern.

What they’re really embarrassed about this week is that you might realise that this is what they are like.

Peter Mandelson is less troubled than George Osborne because nobody would be surprised by anything he did, or anyone he met. If Peter turned up in North Korea having cocktails with Kim Jong Il, it would be Kim’s reputation that got damaged.

But it is much worse for the Tories. They have spent millions (raised how, exactly?) on buying themselves a nice new image. Now they fear that the whole lot has gone down the plumbing.

They tried so hard to avoid this. David Cameron even had a pseudo-holiday in Cornwall, where he posed for pictures, before heading off for his real holiday in Yachtworld, where he wasn’t so keen to be seen.

How it makes me yearn for the much-mocked old days of the grouse moors, and even Harold Wilson’s expeditions to the Scilly Isles.

Our political leaders may not have been much good but at least they were ours, not the trashy flotsam of the global elite.

Nest of vipers, more accurately, exactly exemplified by the Bullingdon/Bilderberg/Banker/Mafia Corfu set

I like that story about Osbourne's given Bullingdon nickname being 'Oik', because his baronetcy background wasn't quite posh enough, and his initiative ritual - being held upside down by established club members and asked "What are you?", his head being repeatedly banged on the ground for each incorrect reply, until he came with the correct answer

Cameron Bullingdon Club photo is banned

In the photo Mr Cameron and several other Bullingdon members, including the young Boris Johnson, now shadow higher education minister, pose in their £1,000 uniforms of blue ties, tails and biscuit-coloured waistcoats.

BBC backed off but it is published here & elsewhere on the web

David Cameron Bullingdon Club

1) Sebastian Grigg, 2) David Cameron, 3) Ralph Perry Robinson, 4) Ewen Fergusson, 5) Matthew Benson, 6) Sebastian James, 7) Jonathan Ford, Boris Johnson, 9) Harry Eastwood

The Hell Fire Clubs: Sex, Satanism and Secret Societies

The Hell Fire Clubs scandalized eighteenth-century English society. Rumours of their orgies, recruitment of prostitutes, extensive libraries of erotica, extreme rituals, and initiation ceremonies circulated widely at the time, only to become more sensational as generations passed. This thoroughly researched book sets aside the exaggerated gossip about the secret Hell Fire Clubs and brings to light the first accurate portrait of their membership (including John Wilkes, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Prince of Wales), beliefs, activities, and the reasons for their proliferation, first in the British Isles and later in America, possibly under the auspices of Benjamin Franklin. Hell Fire Clubs operated under a variety of titles, but all attracted similar members - mainly upper-class men with abundant leisure and the desire to shock society. The book explores the social and economic context in which the clubs emerged and flourished; their various phases, which first involved violence as an assertion of masculinity, then religious blasphemy, and later sexual indulgence; and the counter-movement that eventually suppressed them. Uncovering the facts behind the Hell Fire legends, this book also opens a window on the rich contradictions of the Enlightenment period.

Books: The Hell-Fire Clubs - Barbarians to Angels

Published Date: 11 October 2008


NOT, of course, that one approves of the ravishing of virgins or devil worship, but it's still something of a let-down to find the goings-on at these notorious 18th-century gatherings so comparatively sedate.

They weren't exactly wholesome, Evelyn Lord shows, yet younger members of the royal family and future statesmen joined in these secret societies whose presiding figures were not Satan but Bacchus, Priapus and (to a genuinely alarming extent) Onan. So

we're talking – a bit bathetically – David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the Bullingdon rather than Aleister Crowley and his Golden Dawn. But it's still fascinating to see from Lord's absorbing study how integral this sort of institutionalised decadence became to the fabric of the state at a crucial moment in its formation. "Dour" or not, Scotland was not to miss out: there's some intriguing discussion here of Fife's "Beggar's Benison" and of Edinburgh's "Knights of the Mortar and the Cape".

10Oct08 - Bilderberg exclusive - A False Flag Presidential Assassination?

THE NEW 9/11


Why the possible Assassination of George W. Bush will be an inside job.

By Timucin Leflef,

28th August 2008

Last updated: 8th October 2008

Over the next few weeks, there is a grave possibility that President Bush will be assassinated as part of a joint military/intelligence operation designed to further expedite the formation of a New World Order. If the blame is put on an Iranian patsy, it will politically destabilize the United States and provide a perfect opportunity for Vice-President Dick Cheney to step in as interim president, declare martial law and ignite a war with Iran before the elections. According to reports, the CIA have already been in Iran since 2007 setting up the pieces for the next war. Consider the following:

• Iran is the only Middle-Eastern country aside from Iraq that has threatened to sell their oil in Euros and circumvent buying the United States’ several-trillion dollar national debt which the Saudis do thanks to a plan set in motion by Bilderberg luminary Henry Kissinger. According to author and lecturer Lindsey Williams, notable figures in the oil industry have recently given the Iranian government an ultimatum to sell their oil in U.S. dollars, or else. (i)

• The Bilderbergers require a new war to continue destabilising the Middle East (create a problem), plunder their vast resources and forge a New World Order (offer the solution) in its wake. Bilderberger Wolfowitz’s PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses Abroad” clearly shows Iran as their next intended target. (ii)

• They have hiked up the price of oil to give the USA the incentive to invade Iran. At their 2007 meeting, the Bilderberg Group announced they would increase the price of oil from $3.50 a gallon to between $4 - $5. This is now giving the United States the incentive to pillage Iran for its huge oil reserves, even though there is evidence that Alaska has enough reserves to last them another 200 years. (iii)

• People will not fall for the "WMD" lie a second time, so a majority consent will have to be manufactured with yet another false-flag “terrorist” operation – a New 9/11 - in order to justify the next invasion.

• A presidential assassination fits the bill this time round. It will politically destabilise the country, create a state of National Emergency and provide the incentive for (1) the Declaration of Martial Law, (2) the incentive for a new war with the alleged Muslim aggressors, and (3) the excuse to control the US population using subdermally implantable RFID microchips under the false pretext of “national security” - as was proposed at the 2008 Bilderberg meeting. (iv)

• Day by day, a deliberate hatred is being fostered towards President Bush, even though it is evident he's a puppet of the CFR’s Dick Cheney and Bush Sr. and ultimately their controllers within the Bilderberg Group.

• Bob Woodward, assistant managing editor for The Washington Post, was recently chastised for revealing that both Dick Cheney (CFR) and Bush Jr. were being “advised” by Dr. Kissinger.(v)

• Bush Jr. is the only one in his cabinet who is NOT a member of the CFR even though most presidents, including Bush Sr. have been in the past. Was this done intentionally to keep him in the dark about CFR policy? Another notable exception was President John F. Kennedy, who was also assassinated. (vi)

• According to reports, within the last year Bush has been calling for a new 9/11 which will be ten times worse than the previous one.

• He has recently visited Middle Eastern countries lecturing about human rights, thus giving the appearance of taunting Muslims, inciting further hatred and giving the incentive for "Al CIA-da" to attack.

• We’re being told regularly on TV that he has been the least popular President ever.

• A book has recently been published: “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” further compounding this justified notion.(vii)

• In July, the Israelis averted an alleged "Al Qaeda" plan to target Bush's helicopter.(viii)

• He was greeted with angry protests in London last June when 2,000 people protested in Parliament Square against his wishes to attack Iran.(ix)

• According to former Naval Intelligence officer Milton William Cooper, it was the Bilderberg Group’s Policy Committee that gave the order to assassinate President Kennedy (x). This was at a time when he threatened to split the Central Intelligence Agency up for lying about the Bay of Pigs invasion. It is rather curious therefore, that the Bilderberg Group met at Washington D.C. this year. What do they have in store for the President this time round?

• The “Death of a President” docudrama - made in 2006 - paints an eerily credible portrayal of what may happen "2 years in the future" when Bush is assassinated during a protest march.(xi)

• Several other presidential assassination movies have since cropped up: Shooter, Vantage Point, and the remake of The Manchurian Candidate. The first Manchurian Candidate movie was released shortly before Kennedy’s assassination.

• None of them show a black president, so an Obama hit is less likely at this time, as would be the motives for such an action by an alleged Muslim aggressor.

• Furthermore, Hollywood movies such as ‘300’ foster support for a war with Iran (Persia) and can be likened to pre-war propaganda by the military-industrial complex. The TV drama ‘Band of Brothers’ was released just two days before September the 11th.(xii) Now they’re working on a Band of Brothers 2 (The Pacific) which shall be released in 2009. (xiii)

• Members of Satanic Orders such as the ‘Skull & Bones’ are involved in sacrificial rituals, some of which may involve their own members.

• According to The History Channel documentary Secret Societies, Bush's Skull & Bones Society nickname is 'Temporary'(xiv)

• Bush is a pawn of the Bilderberg Group through the Skull & Bones Society and the CFR members in his cabinet. Pawns are often sacrificed in games of chess for a better chance of winning the overall game.

• Bilderberg policy takes 2 years to come into full effect within the country they meet.

• Bilderberg met in D.C. this year, which means a large scale event may occur in the USA quite soon. A year after their meeting in Turkey, there has already been a successful "Al CIA-da" terror attack. And leaders of the terrorist organisation 'Ergenokon' were recently imprisoned for planning a military coup to oust the Turkish Prime Minister by 2009 (within 2 years of the Bilderberg meeting).

• Last year it was reported that Kissinger Associates was advising presidential hopefuls to take a pro-war stance against Iran if they wanted to succeed.

• Bilderberger Zbigniew Brzezinski is currently Obama’s advisor.(xv)

• Obama is being touted as a favourite by the Bilderbergers who invited both him and Hillary Clinton to their 2008 meeting.(xvi)

• Bush declared at a recent meeting with the Israeli Parliament that he would start a war with Iran before his term is out and that he plans for Barak Obama to shoulder the burden of this war.(xvii)

• In Alex Jones’s documentary Endgame (2007), researcher Daniel Estulin stated that Bilderberg were not going to start a war with Iran.(xviii). This may very well be disinformation. Veteran sleuth Jim Tucker contends they have been discussing an attack for several years now. In Bilderberg 2007, it was reported that the Turkish delegates unanimously stated that if there was to be a war with Iran, Turkey would have nothing to do with it. This lead the Bilderberg Group to reply that a war with Iran would not involve ground troops, but an aerial bombing campaign. (xix) This shows they have clearly been considering it for quite some time.

• Such disinformation may have been deliberately disseminated to placate the many European Bilderberg Attendees so that the Policy Committee may wash their hands of responsibility if it were to arise eventually. I can only imagine Dr. Kissinger stating “Well, Dick Cheney started it all. We had nothing to do it” so that he may continue with his deathly New World Order policies and avoid being reprimanded for future war-crimes. It will not be the first time this strategist and mega-manipulator has started a war, washed his hands of responsibility and carried off the hypocritical title of being a diplomat. (xx)

• Some observers consdier that Bush Jr. is nothing more than Dr. Kissinger’s puppet. At the time when Kissinger was National Security Advisor to a confused President Nixon, both he and General Alexander Haig were the true acting president(s). (xxi)

• There is also the possibility of engineering a "Civil War" which will give an incentive for UN forces to invade the United States in order to "keep the peace". This may be why certain Illuminati-backed "freedom fighters" are being kept alive, to be used as "leaders" of the revolt, especially ones who aid the "let's hate Bush" campaign in line with the Bilderberg agenda. If Bush were assassinated, it would also give them the excuse to round up many dissenters as well.

• Kissinger declared at the 1992 Bilderberg meeting: “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” (xxi)

This quote could very well have suggested today's CIA-trained and controlled “Al Qaeda” terrorists, a probable Civil War, as well as a false-flag alien invasion scenario staged with the aid of NASA to convince the nations of the world to give up their sovereignty and band together under a one-world military dictatorship (see NASA’s ‘Project Bluebeam’) (xxiii). For the New World Order to emerge, all it may take this time is for Bush to take a dive in the final round of his presidency.

So when CNN, Fox News and other such news outlets declare: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President has just been shot!”, please understand it is most likely part of the Global Elite's strategy to further remove our powers, our freedoms and our sovereignty and expedite the coming together of a One World fascist military dictatorship run by the power-hungry elite. Let’s hope this particular scenario, which I certainly don’t advocate, will not become an eventuality.


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(xiv) Aired on February 2002. Thanks to David Icke for the tip-off!

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My Top Ten Conspiracy Facts

8th September 2008

As if the War ofTerror is some kind of 'accident' or in any way a 'natural' reaction to radical Islam - here are my present top tencopnspiracy facts

1. the combination of defence industries, the Military Industrial Complex, which conspire for world war

2. the NATO 'defensive' alliance which was started by Nazis

3. the Bilderberg Group which is organised by freemasons and was started by Nazis

4. the collaberation of the Bush family with Nazis in WWII

5. the freemasons who now put almost all western leaders in power - documented by ex masons

6. the conglomeration fo the western world's mass media which is now almost all owned by 6 massive companies

7. the fascinating chequered history of the sect of the Illuminati who are proven to have infiltrated freemasonry

8. the erroneous idea turned into a respectable discipline by ruthless people that there are 'too many people in the world' and they must be wiped out

9. the global money 'Bretton Woods' system which is a scam run for private profit

10. the theft of the land from the people over the centuries

11. the illigitimacy of the present British monarchy

12. the still unpunished murder of Princess Diana

13. systematic election fixing in the West, particularly in the USA

Communique from family court fugitive Natalie Bracht and her five daughters

Natalie Bracht is still believed to be on the run with her five daughters and expresses her fears here that she may be 'suicided'. In other words that some intelligence service or other 'higher' group than Northumbria police may know exactly where she is, playing her a sick sort of cat and mouse game. Whether she deserves to be accused of being a potential child murderer as Sunderland social services have done... and separated from her five children we shall probably never know due to the chilling secrecy of the Family Courts and the High Court judge that issued the Recovery Order for the children. Much of what Northumbria police have had to say about her case, such as her first husband denying that he is a Mossad nuclear scientist when Natalie said her second husband was, does not add up. This communique was written on 23rd June 2008 before the High Court Recovery Order was issued and the photograph of Natalie and four of the girls taken in Shoreditch on 4th June 2008. All who have met her whilst she's been 'on the run' seem to agree that the only real threat to the children comes from injustices of Sunderland Social Services and the High Court. Such as the exclusion by said Social Services of all and any supportive professional voices from Natalies' case conferences.

Natalie Bracht with four of her five children at Bowl Court in Shoreditch

To The Outside World

by Natalie Bracht - Monday 23rd June 2008

This is a response to the ‘missing’ appeal in the British media as well as the poster campaign to find the missing mum and her five daughters from Sunderland

Now, in the beginning, my name is Natalie Bracht and I’m the mother of five lovely kids. I’m 33 and my children are between 5 and 13.

We are not only Germans but also British citizens. Not that this is important to us but to correct errors in the press and police records.

We have been reading the Northumbria police ‘missing’ appeal in many different newspapers, from television news and the BBC website

We found ourselves described as people ‘on the run’.

On the run from whom? ...well they don’t explain that part, do they?

Honestly they don’t say anything, apart from that we are missing and that the kids haven’t been to school for more than a week and have been separated from their friends and that this is certainly not good for them.


And that they don’t know where we are.


And that they are concerned about the safety of my children.


Now, I don’t believe that anybody, especially the so-called ‘counterparts’ who are working very closely with the police - are concerned about the safety of my children at all.

[Natalie describes the secret network of those she believes are harassing her as ‘the counterparts’]

Because I’m described as a person with a personality disorder and emotional and narcissistic behaviour. In short, totally mad and mental, according to a so-called independent psychiatrist - who has been organised through one of the ‘counterparts’.

I’m also not aware of the mental history they claim for me.

So why do they claim?

Now, just in case you are ‘mental’ enough outside there, you might understand.

This is also a message to all the thousands of parents in this country whose children have been wrongly taken away by Britain’s corruptly installed family court system.

And as you have read before I’m mad and mental. I say that their power to do so is coming from a very well known society in this country.

[Natalie mentioned freemasonry in the previous hour long interview I recorded with her which is available on the web – ed.]

Anyway, I have no intention of letting them use my five daughters and therefore we are ‘on a run’.

Now, facing the mastermind of a surveillance system in London I was, we can say forced, to use some camouflage for me and my daughters.

And yes, we have been successful.

Yes, we also disconnected our mobile.

And we didn’t use our bank account.

All because I’m so mad?

We changed our outfits - not because of a personality disorder - but simply to find a way to keep the kids safe.

I hereby congratulate the reporter of The Sun who put me down as a Muslim mother and Kings Cross and hiding and so on - well this is The Sun.

I also understand that in the media it is believed that I have visited the central mosque in Regent’s Park.

Is it confirmed?

Now, let me help you, I have in fact visited the ICCUK many times in the last 2 years.

And I’m sure this is well known to ‘the counterparts’.

Taking into account that everything that goes in or out of Regent’s Park mosque is miraculously shared immediately

So why is it that certain people cannot be touched by the law?

Well, I have to admit that I often ask my self, and there are more and more people who ask the same question: What happens to all the children who are put through forced adoption process?

Why an increasing number of kids? In certain parts of Britain mostly white children, very young.


Why is it so easy to take away children from their parents?

What is the purpose of so much secrecy in the family courts?

And what is happening inside them?

Why are the parents silenced, and threatened to be imprisoned when they start to talk about this?

Is this why most people don’t know this goes on?

Talk to Journalist Brian Morgan in Cardiff about the effect of this on his freedom of speech.

What kind of children are they interested in?

And who are ‘they’?

Well, coming back to my kids, they had a good attendance at school and good school reports. They were a pleasure to teach.

No emotional difficulties at all.

Clean, well fed, happy, interested, according to the school reports.

But social services say I am ‘emotionally abusing’ them because I said bad things to my children about social services in Sunderland.

I see.

Well, there was also a very dangerous way of interviewing my children through social services or ‘counterparts’ who were using my children to get information about my family.

Passed on to different agencies in Britain.

And I don’t like my children being interrogated.

I call this ‘emotional abuse’ of them and I also think I have to protect them from this.

Maybe because I’m a narcissistic mother?

And I’m also ‘mad’ because I wanted my children’s fingerprints to be removed from their database.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about this: in some schools they take the children’s fingerprints instead of their name when the kids want to borrow a book out of the library.

Now I don’t like that.

Because I’m having a ‘paranoid’ world view according to the ‘independent’ psychiatrist who is connected to a certain community in Britain. Incidentally, the same as most of the other people who are making allegations against us. [freemasonry again? – ed.]

Now, the connection between this community and the media as well as the court systems and ‘Labour Friends’ is by now known, to a certain extent.

Yes, we are in hiding.

No, we will not be silenced.

Yes, I have a connection to people who know about these things.

Yes, they are sheltering us.

And the number of people affected by this is increasing

And the number of adoptions as well.

Now, they have destroyed my existence.

Dirtied my name,

We were facing emotional harassment, all of us.

Through the British state institutions

No more freedom at all.

My family lost all our privacy, absolutely no liberty left.

A normal live was made impossible for us. We were treated like criminals.

Until today.

Now we may be surprised to see what is coming next. Looking at the present political climate maybe are developing into suspects. Or suicide victims. Or whatever.

Names on a list in the controlled media systems.

For now though I would like to say that it is a very relaxing time we are having without these people around us.

The children are enjoying themselves, doing all the things they like to do without the feeling that they are being watched or immediately reported.

I also would like to use the opportunity, and the kids as well, to send greetings to my aunt in the Netherlands and to let her know we are fine and the kids are recovering from all this and are very happy.

I’m also asking the German authorities to watch this case from a different view point.

Natalie Bracht

Passport number 23062008


Bowl Court website

Tony Gosling arrested in missing persons hunt

Original discussions here

This story on UK Indymedia


"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

Perhaps 60% of today’s oil price is pure speculation’

By F. William Engdahl

Global Research, May 2, 2008

The price of crude oil today is not made according to any traditional relation of supply to demand. It’s controlled by an elaborate financial market system as well as by the four major Anglo-American oil companies. As much as 60% of today’s crude oil price is pure speculation driven by large trader banks and hedge funds. It has nothing to do with the convenient myths of Peak Oil. It has to do with control of oil and its price. How?

First, the crucial role of the international oil exchanges in London and New York is crucial to the game. Nymex in New York and the ICE Futures in London today control global benchmark oil prices which in turn set most of the freely traded oil cargo. They do so via oil futures contracts on two grades of crude oil—West Texas Intermediate and North Sea Brent.

A third rather new oil exchange, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), trading Dubai crude, is more or less a daughter of Nymex, with Nymex President, James Newsome, sitting on the board of DME and most key personnel British or American citizens.

Brent is used in spot and long-term contracts to value as much of crude oil produced in global oil markets each day. The Brent price is published by a private oil industry publication, Platt’s. Major oil producers including Russia and Nigeria use Brent as a benchmark for pricing the crude they produce. Brent is a key crude blend for the European market and, to some extent, for Asia.

WTI has historically been more of a US crude oil basket. Not only is it used as the basis for US-traded oil futures, but it's also a key benchmark for US production.

‘The tail that wags the dog’

All this is well and official. But how today’s oil prices are really determined is done by a process so opaque only a handful of major oil trading banks such as Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley have any idea who is buying and who selling oil futures or derivative contracts that set physical oil prices in this strange new world of “paper oil.”

With the development of unregulated international derivatives trading in oil futures over the past decade or more, the way has opened for the present speculative bubble in oil prices.

Since the advent of oil futures trading and the two major London and New York oil futures contracts, control of oil prices has left OPEC and gone to Wall Street. It is a classic case of the “tail that wags the dog.”

A June 2006 US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations report on “The Role of Market Speculation in rising oil and gas prices,” noted, “…there is substantial evidence supporting the conclusion that the large amount of speculation in the current market has significantly increased prices.”

What the Senate committee staff documented in the report was a gaping loophole in US Government regulation of oil derivatives trading so huge a herd of elephants could walk through it. That seems precisely what they have been doing in ramping oil prices through the roof in recent months.

The Senate report was ignored in the media and in the Congress.

The report pointed out that the Commodity Futures Trading Trading Commission, a financial futures regulator, had been mandated by Congress to ensure that prices on the futures market reflect the laws of supply and demand rather than manipulative practices or excessive speculation. The US Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) states, “Excessive speculation in any commodity under contracts of sale of such commodity for future delivery . . . causing sudden or unreasonable fluctuations or unwarranted changes in the price of such commodity, is an undue and unnecessary burden on interstate commerce in such commodity.”

Further, the CEA directs the CFTC to establish such trading limits “as the Commission finds are necessary to diminish, eliminate, or prevent such burden.” Where is the CFTC now that we need such limits?

They seem to have deliberately walked away from their mandated oversight responsibilities in the world’s most important traded commodity, oil.

Enron has the last laugh…

As that US Senate report noted:

“Until recently, US energy futures were traded exclusively on regulated exchanges within the United States, like the NYMEX, which are subject to extensive oversight by the CFTC, including ongoing monitoring to detect and prevent price manipulation or fraud. In recent years, however, there has been a tremendous growth in the trading of contracts that look and are structured just like futures contracts, but which are traded on unregulated OTC electronic markets. Because of their similarity to futures contracts they are often called “futures look-alikes.”

The only practical difference between futures look-alike contracts and futures contracts is that the look-alikes are traded in unregulated markets whereas futures are traded on regulated exchanges. The trading of energy commodities by large firms on OTC electronic exchanges was exempted from CFTC oversight by a provision inserted at the behest of Enron and other large energy traders into the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 in the waning hours of the 106th Congress.

The impact on market oversight has been substantial. NYMEX traders, for example, are required to keep records of all trades and report large trades to the CFTC. These Large Trader Reports, together with daily trading data providing price and volume information, are the CFTC’s primary tools to gauge the extent of speculation in the markets and to detect, prevent, and prosecute price manipulation. CFTC Chairman Reuben Jeffrey recently stated: “The Commission’s Large Trader information system is one of the cornerstones of our surveillance program and enables detection of concentrated and coordinated positions that might be used by one or more traders to attempt manipulation.”

In contrast to trades conducted on the NYMEX, traders on unregulated OTC electronic exchanges are not required to keep records or file Large Trader Reports with the CFTC, and these trades are exempt from routine CFTC oversight. In contrast to trades conducted on regulated futures exchanges, there is no limit on the number of contracts a speculator may hold on an unregulated OTC electronic exchange, no monitoring of trading by the exchange itself, and no reporting of the amount of outstanding contracts (“open interest”) at the end of each day.” 1

Then, apparently to make sure the way was opened really wide to potential market oil price manipulation, in January 2006, the Bush Administration’s CFTC permitted the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the leading operator of electronic energy exchanges, to use its trading terminals in the United States for the trading of US crude oil futures on the ICE futures exchange in London – called “ICE Futures.”

Previously, the ICE Futures exchange in London had traded only in European energy commodities – Brent crude oil and United Kingdom natural gas. As a United Kingdom futures market, the ICE Futures exchange is regulated solely by the UK Financial Services Authority. In 1999, the London exchange obtained the CFTC’s permission to install computer terminals in the United States to permit traders in New York and other US cities to trade European energy commodities through the ICE exchange.

The CFTC opens the door

Then, in January 2006, ICE Futures in London began trading a futures contract for

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil, a type of crude oil that is produced and delivered in the United States. ICE Futures also notified the CFTC that it would be permitting traders in the United States to use ICE terminals in the United States to trade its new WTI contract on the ICE Futures London exchange. ICE Futures as well allowed traders in the United States to trade US gasoline and heating oil futures on the ICE Futures exchange in London.

Despite the use by US traders of trading terminals within the United States to trade US oil, gasoline, and heating oil futures contracts, the CFTC has until today refused to assert any jurisdiction over the trading of these contracts.

Persons within the United States seeking to trade key US energy commodities – US crude oil, gasoline, and heating oil futures – are able to avoid all US market oversight or reporting requirements by routing their trades through the ICE Futures exchange in London instead of the NYMEX in New York.

Is that not elegant? The US Government energy futures regulator, CFTC opened the way to the present unregulated and highly opaque oil futures speculation. It may just be coincidence that the present CEO of NYMEX, James Newsome, who also sits on the Dubai Exchange, is a former chairman of the US CFTC. In Washington doors revolve quite smoothly between private and public posts.

A glance at the price for Brent and WTI futures prices since January 2006 indicates the remarkable correlation between skyrocketing oil prices and the unregulated trade in ICE oil futures in US markets. Keep in mind that ICE Futures in London is owned and controlled by a USA company based in Atlanta Georgia.

In January 2006 when the CFTC allowed the ICE Futures the gaping exception, oil prices were trading in the range of $59-60 a barrel. Today some two years later we see prices tapping $120 and trend upwards. This is not an OPEC problem, it is a US Government regulatory problem of malign neglect.

By not requiring the ICE to file daily reports of large trades of energy commodities, it is not able to detect and deter price manipulation. As the Senate report noted, “The CFTC's ability to detect and deter energy price manipulation is suffering from critical information gaps, because traders on OTC electronic exchanges and the London ICE Futures are currently exempt from CFTC reporting requirements. Large trader reporting is also essential to analyze the effect of speculation on energy prices.”

The report added, “ICE's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other evidence indicate that its over-the-counter electronic exchange performs a price discovery function -- and thereby affects US energy prices -- in the cash market for the energy commodities traded on that exchange.”

Hedge Funds and Banks driving oil prices

In the most recent sustained run-up in energy prices, large financial institutions, hedge funds, pension funds, and other investors have been pouring billions of dollars into the energy commodities markets to try to take advantage of price changes or hedge against them. Most of this additional investment has not come from producers or consumers of these commodities, but from speculators seeking to take advantage of these price changes. The CFTC defines a speculator as a person who “does not produce or use the commodity, but risks his or her own capital trading futures in that commodity in hopes of making a profit on price changes.”

The large purchases of crude oil futures contracts by speculators have, in effect, created an

additional demand for oil, driving up the price of oil for future delivery in the same manner that additional demand for contracts for the delivery of a physical barrel today drives up the price for oil on the spot market. As far as the market is concerned, the demand for a barrel of oil that results from the purchase of a futures contract by a speculator is just as real as the demand for a barrel that results from the purchase of a futures contract by a refiner or other user of petroleum.

Perhaps 60% of oil prices today pure speculation

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley today are the two leading energy trading firms in the United States. Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are major players and fund numerous hedge funds as well who speculate.

In June 2006, oil traded in futures markets at some $60 a barrel and the Senate investigation estimated that some $25 of that was due to pure financial speculation. One analyst estimated in August 2005 that US oil inventory levels suggested WTI crude prices should be around $25 a barrel, and not $60.

That would mean today that at least $50 to $60 or more of today’s $115 a barrel price is due to pure hedge fund and financial institution speculation. However, given the unchanged equilibrium in global oil supply and demand over recent months amid the explosive rise in oil futures prices traded on Nymex and ICE exchanges in New York and London it is more likely that as much as 60% of the today oil price is pure speculation. No one knows officially except the tiny handful of energy trading banks in New York and London and they certainly aren’t talking.

By purchasing large numbers of futures contracts, and thereby pushing up futures prices to even higher levels than current prices, speculators have provided a financial incentive for oil companies to buy even more oil and place it in storage. A refiner will purchase extra oil today, even if it costs $115 per barrel, if the futures price is even higher.

As a result, over the past two years crude oil inventories have been steadily growing, resulting in US crude oil inventories that are now higher than at any time in the previous eight years. The large influx of speculative investment into oil futures has led to a situation where we have both high supplies of crude oil and high crude oil prices.

Compelling evidence also suggests that the oft-cited geopolitical, economic, and natural factors do not explain the recent rise in energy prices can be seen in the actual data on crude oil supply and demand. Although demand has significantly increased over the past few years, so have supplies.

Over the past couple of years global crude oil production has increased along with the increases in demand; in fact, during this period global supplies have exceeded demand, according to the US Department of Energy. The US Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently forecast that in the next few years global surplus production capacity will continue to grow to between 3 and 5 million barrels per day by 2010, thereby “substantially thickening the surplus capacity cushion.”

Dollar and oil link

A common speculation strategy amid a declining USA economy and a falling US dollar is for speculators and ordinary investment funds desperate for more profitable investments amid the US securitization disaster, to take futures positions selling the dollar “short” and oil “long.”

For huge US or EU pension funds or banks desperate to get profits following the collapse in earnings since August 2007 and the US real estate crisis, oil is one of the best ways to get huge speculative gains. The backdrop that supports the current oil price bubble is continued unrest in the Middle East, in Sudan, in Venezuela and Pakistan and firm oil demand in China and most of the world outside the US. Speculators trade on rumor, not fact.

In turn, once major oil companies and refiners in North America and EU countries begin to hoard oil, supplies appear even tighter lending background support to present prices.

Because the over-the-counter (OTC) and London ICE Futures energy markets are unregulated, there are no precise or reliable figures as to the total dollar value of recent spending on investments in energy commodities, but the estimates are consistently in the range of tens of billions of dollars.

The increased speculative interest in commodities is also seen in the increasing popularity of commodity index funds, which are funds whose price is tied to the price of a basket of various commodity futures. Goldman Sachs estimates that pension funds and mutual funds have invested a total of approximately $85 billion in commodity index funds, and that investments in its own index, the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI), has tripled over the past few years. Notable is the fact that the US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, is former Chairman of Goldman Sachs.

F. William Engdahl is an Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order. He may be contacted at

1 United States Senate Premanent Subcommittee on Investigations, 109th Congress 2nd Session, The Role of Market speculation in Rising Oil and Gas Prices: A Need to Put the Cop Back on the Beat; Staff Report, prepared by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, Washington D.C., June 27, 2006. p. 3.


Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)/ Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation (CRM)


Seeds of Destruction

The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

by F. William Engdahl

Global Research, 2007 ISBN 978-0-937147-2-2

SPECIAL ONLINE AND MAIL ORDER PRICE US$17.00 (list price $24.95)

Relations with the Argentine Junta and Peron.

The Orange family delivered planes to the Argentine Junta. The Orange family smuggled nazis to Argentina with Peron. They visited Argentina at the moment that Argentina remembered 30 years since the start of the Junta, they stayed at the estate of Junta member Blaquier, took Junta member Zorreguieta in the plane to Patagonia. A deep insult to the Junta victims. The daughter of Zorreguieta is married into the Orange family. She gives money to Junta members.

Genocide, opiumtrade and slavery in Asia, Africa and The Americas. Genocide in Limburg, Brabant and The IJsselstreek, 70% of the population was murdered by the Orange family.

World War II betrayal, The Battle of Arnhem and many resistance members were betrayed by the Orange family.

The WWF private army of Bernhard of the Orange family fought against The ANC.

The murdering and plundering by Royal Dutch Shell.

The Orange Order occupying Ireland.

Beatrix c.s. visits Argentina - Sin vergüenza

Por Henk Ruyssenaars - ex Latin America corresp - Friday, Mar. 31, 2006 at 8:26 AM (Casilla de correo válida)

While Argentina is a democracy and tries to face her bloody history down in Old Europe there still is a monarchy with a pitch dark past and not so much democratic feelings.

"This can only happen in The Netherlands were the House of Orange has a history of nazi and fascist relationships. While Argentina is a democracy and tries to face her bloody history down in Old Europe there still is a monarchy with a pitch dark past and not so much democratic feelings."

FPF - March 31st, 2006 - Sin vergüenza means No Shame And the incredible insensitivity of the foreign office in The Hague, the Netherlands embassy and ambassador van Houtum in Buenos Aires, with the so called 'royal Oranje family' this week visiting Argentina - beats everything. The abominable arrogance of those crypto-fascists seems to have no limits.


There are many people in Holland being very ashamed of their brutal behavior, and the fact that they have made Holland an active part of the criminal american PNAC's war machine and it's genocides.

Even if today the national propaganda channels - like RTV-NOS etc. in The Netherlands - are brainwashing the people again in believing the taxes extorting 'House of Oranje' knows what 'human rights' are, the people know better. The fact that this criminal crowd - invited by former president de la Rue, and NOT by President Kirchner - travels around with a well known war criminal as Jorge Zorreguieta, should be proof enough: those Dutch/Oranje people and their collaborators - that includes the media many times - have absolutelutely NO decency nor morals.


They insisted on visiting Argentina in the same week as millions memorized the at least 30.000 disappeared and murdered by the Junta. And the hundreds of babies kidnapped from the murdered young parents, to be given to killers in uniform. Zorreguieta was a minister and should be in jail for his crimes against humanity.

And believe me, I've seen fascism in Latin America, like in Chile when Nobel Literature Prize Laureate Pablo Neruda a couple of days after the Kissinger CIA-coup in September 1973 - as far as I know was killed and saw his house sacked by Pinochet soldiers. Federico Willoughby - the disgusting chilean traitor who had become Pinochet's media megaphone told me: "Those must have been 'bandits' with stolen military uniforms and weapons". Nobody in those days in Chile would even dare to handle a weapon: it was a sure death sentence. Willoughby - who should be in jail for life - was lying as always.


When I was at Neruda's funeral [] most people who were there shared the opinion: even if Neruda had cancer: they killed him. Pinochet's pistoleros silenced him. And I still remember his funeral in Santiago, which became the first public demonstration against the genocide by the US/CIA government, when Kissinger had Salvador Allende whom I knew well had 'suicided': putting Pinochet as henchman on the bloodied throne. That was the same fascism as Videla and Jorge Zorreguieta represented in Argentina.

And in Tres Arroyos which they'll visit today, the 'Clockwork Oranje' group certainly will not visit the Plaza de Memoria: when 50 years ago the now dead grandfather of Beatrix - the by Lockheed bribed Bernhard - started visiting Argentina he supported the fascists, never the people in Argentina.

From an 'angry Dutchman' the FPF received this, and together with the links below that should make clear what normal people in The Netherlands think. The fact that this contributor has to be anonymous should say enough...

Blood on the pampa


In the early fifties of the 20th century the former member of the SS, the former member of the nazi party NSDAP and reigning Prince of The Netherlands went to the Argentinean fascist dictator Peron. In that time Argentina was the homeland for nazis on the run. The Dutch Prince Bernhard met in Argentina several of these nazi refugees. He shook hands in Buenos Aires with the Dutch nazi Sassen. Even though Prince Bernhard spoke excellent Spanish his new friend would translate for his royal companion when there were discussions about shady arms transfers. Later Sassen would become famous for his Eichmann-memoirs. But not only Sassen was a refugee nazi friend in Argentina.

The prince with his black past befriended also the German nazi engineer Kurt Tank who was developing a new jet for the fascist Argentinean regime. Along with prince Bernhard was his good friend Gerben Sonderman who knew from his collaboration past in The Netherlands such a notorious nazi star as Klaus Barbie. Why should we blow away the dust over these old files in which no one is anymore interested?


It is quite simple. History repeats itself again. The eldest daughter of prince Bernhard and now reigning monarch of The Netherlands is visiting Argentina. In her slip stream the crown prince Willem-Alexander and his Argentinean wife Maxima Zorreguieta. As a cover up for all the bloody stories which can not be told the royal spin doctors have invented an Anne Frank-show in Buenos Aires. The royal family will visit the exhibition of the German-Jewish refugee who fled from nazi-Germany to The Netherlands but who was betrayed by a not so Jewish-friendly Dutchman of whom there were more then the Orange propaganda machine tells the world.

Why is the Dutch royal family making this strange move?

Just like in the old days of Prince Bernhard and his Argentinean fascist friends there is a new royal problem. Maxima Zorreguieta is the daughter of a man who plotted to overthrow democracy in 1976 and install a fascist military dictatorship in Argentina. This Jorge Zorreguieta represented the mighty big land owners. In the fascist regime he was responsible for agriculture. But although this fascist denies it, he was also because of his collaboration with the fascists responsible for the murder of 30.000 innocent people. Some of them were thrown out of Argentinean planes above the sea and never to be seen by their loved ones.

And now the Dutch government airplane - paid by tax money of ordinary Dutch people - is transporting this man Zorreguieta with blood on his hands for free inside Argentina. On board of the plane of the people of The Netherlands he can chat over champagne with queen Beatrix. This can only happen in such mentally twisted countries as Argentina and The Netherlands. In Argentina people were murdered by a bunch of state criminals.


This can only happen in The Netherlands were the House of Orange has a history of nazi and fascist relationships. While Argentina is a democracy and tries to face her bloody history down in Old Europe there still is a monarchy with a pitch dark past and not so much democratic feelings. [enditem]


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* Castellano - Nederlands - English: Google search Internet Results 1 - 10 van circa 137 voor "Jorge Zorreguieta" +criminal - Url.:

* Pictures WA + Maxima as babies - like those 400 at least kidnapped by the Videla junta - Url.:

* Web site: officially Beatrix etc. in The Netherlands announce that the present visit of the Oranje racket to Argentina is ''at the invitation of the present President Néstor Carlos Kirchner'' - and that's not true either - Url.:

* EFE - LATIN AMERICA-PRESS - Killings of journalists in Latin America down, SELF-CENSORSHIP UP - Url.:

The Dutch author this far has lived and worked abroad for more than 4 decades for international media - when they still knew what honest journalism was - as an independent foreign correspondent. Of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the 'Arab World' and the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism !


* THIS IS WHAT WAR IS LIKE, THIS IS WHAT ALSO IN THE NETHERLANDS THE WAR CRIMINAL PNAC COLLABORATORS SUPPORT! AND FORCE PEOPLE TO PAY FOR! - "No Bravery - A nation blind to their disgrace" - A 4 minute video with music by James Blunt - Produced by - Url.:

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* PNAC HOLOCAUST: UNICEF reports that the under-5 infant mortality for 2003 was 110,000 in occupied Iraq, 292,000 in occupied Afghanistan. Gideon Polya: 'Non-reportage of US-linked infant mass mortality' - December 23, 2004 - Url.:

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* REMEMBER CHILE ETC.? ANOTHER HOLOCAUST: THIS IS ONE OF MANY BY THEIR CIA: John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, working for then Director of the CIA, George Bush. ''How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars against Third World countries'' - Before 1986! - Url.:

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* "Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." - George Bush Senior speaking in an interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992. - And here's why: 'George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography' - by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin - Chapter - II - The Hitler Project - Url.:

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* The 9/11 drama was the 'trigger' used by the PNAC Group, killing Americans to further their inhuman goals: Anybody who after seeing this video - '9/11 revisited' - still believes the version from the 'PNAC pack' - the Washington cabal - is beyond all professional help - Url.:

* FOX: Video 49 min. The example how viewers are brainwashed and 'outfoxed' - Url.:

* 'Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one' — A.J. Liebling - The infamous US 'Lie Factory' - Url.:

* BEATRIX'S BILDERBERG GROUP KNOWS THIS: The 9/11 WTC drama was by the PNAC criminals planned 'false flag' terror, to 'trigger' their own global war of terror now ravaging the world - Url.: - It was an inside job - Google - Url.:

*Read the Fightin' Cock Flyer - Url.:

* THE ONLY SOLUTION? - Help all the troops - of whatever nationality - to come back from abroad! - AND WITH ALL THEIR WEAPONS, WHICH WE ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR BY TAXES - [] - We need them badly at home in many countries to fight with us against our so called 'governments' and their malignant managers - Url.:


Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars

The Netherlands

Is there a secret world government?

Svetlana Kuzina



A book written by former British intelligence officer John Coleman was recently released in Russia. Coleman details a conspiracy of the world's elite against mankind

The Committee of Three Hundred

Many people no longer believe that presidents, premier ministers and other "visible" officials rule their countries. Instead, they suspect that the real authority – one that is powerful, unwavering and secret – is concentrated in the hands of others. Like the masons for example. The truly paranoid have devised the so-called "International Conspiracy Theory," which tells how a handful of wealthy, highly positioned individuals rule the world. This group of decision-makers launches wars, invents deadly diseases and pumps the population full of narcotics, alcohol and pornography to get rid of the world's dead weight. Consequently, a population of 1 billion select individuals will someday remain. They will freely enjoy the blessings of nature – clean air, freshwater and natural food.

It seems ludicrous, but recently a British intelligence officer from MI6 has asserted that this secret international organization does exist in his book, "The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of Three Hundred."

"During my career as an officer in British intelligence," Coleman writes, "I received access to strictly confidential documents on numerous occasions. Their contents were unexpectedly straightforward. I learned that there are powers that control the governments of many nations. I was taken aback and decided to inform a world living in ignorance. Imagine a powerful group that doesn't recognize any national borders that is involved in the financial, insurance, coal-mining, pharmaceutical and oil industries -- whose members only answer to the group. This is the ‘Committee of Three Hundred,' an elite group that has ruled the world from 1897. Its backbone today is the world's 300 most influential people."

Powerful conspirators

Coleman writes that secret organizations and think tanks work for the Committee of Three Hundred. A list of these institutions follows.

As of 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has consisted of the most influential individuals in the U.S. and Western world, ranging from current and previous presidents to CIA officials. The CFR was established by the American banker J.P. Morgan, and controls the U.S. Federal Reserve system, New York Stock Exchange and leading mass media.

In 1954, the Bilderberg Group held its original conference uniting the American and European elite. (The organization was named after the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands where the meeting took place.)

In 1973, a third influential structure came into being – the Trilateral Commission – consisting of representatives from the U.S., Europe and Japan. The organization's goal is to "create a mechanism of global planning and long-term repartition of resources."

Since 1968, the Club of Rome has been one of the most important foreign affairs divisions of the Committee of Three Hundred. The organization unites scholars, globalists, futurists and internationalists of various suites. The organization has its own private intelligence agencies and "borrows" information from Interpol, the FSB and Mossad.

The millionaire executive David Rockefeller controls the activities of these organizations.

A short list of periphery organizations lending assistance to these four intelligence giants are: Round Table, David Millner Group, Order of St John, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, The China Fund, Inc., Fabian Society, Black Nobility, Mont Pelerin Society, Hellfire Club and the Masons.

The mother of all international think thanks and research institutions is the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, which is beginning to help the Stanford Research Institute.

Coleman writes that past and present members of the Committee of Three Hundred include the Queen of England, the Queen of the Netherlands, the Queen of Denmark, European royal families, George Bush, Edward Carter, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Francois Mitterrand, Jean Monet, Ernest Oppenheimer and his heir Henry.

In the mid-1990s, Russia was invited to participate in establishing a single world state.

"Boris Yeltsin adhered to the decrees of the Committee of Three Hundred in an experiment to bind Russia to the will of the ruling elite," writes Coleman.

Heap of plans

Coleman describes the new world order as seen by the Committee of Three Hundred.

Leaders: There will be a single world state and monetary system ruled by unelected oligarchs and their royal lineage, who will appoint leaders from their own ranks in a feudal system as existed in the Middle Ages.

Religion: Only one religion will be permitted in the form of a state church. The church has existed secretly since 1920. All Christian churches will be prohibited.

Control: All individuals will have an identification number. The numbers will be entered into a composite file at NATO in Brussels together with details dossiers.

Family: Marriages will be canceled. Children will be taken from their parents at an early age. They will be raised at special institutions like state property. Free sex will be compulsory.

Children: If a woman gets pregnant after having two children, she will be immediately sent for an abortion and sterilization.

Resources: Only members of the Committee of Three Hundred and select individuals will have the right to make use of natural resources. Agriculture will be completely controlled by the Committee of Three Hundred, and food processing will be strictly controlled.

Social Policy: At least 4 billion "useless individuals" will be exterminated by 2050 as a result of territorial wars, organized deadly epidemics, quickly spreading diseases and hunger. Electrical energy, food and water will sufficiently provide for the white population of Western Europe and North America and only later different races. The populations of Canada, Western Europe and the U.S. will decrease more quickly than on other continents until the population reaches the controllable level of 1 billion. Of these individuals, 500 million will be Chinese and Japanese, who will be "chosen" as they have been subject to strict regulations and unquestioningly obeying authorities for centuries.

Current situation

Coleman asserts that individuals who are party to the single world state are strenuously brainwashing the population, rewriting history, creating ideal individuals and working to decrease the population.

Profiling is a method developed in 1922 by an order of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The method was based on principles similar to today's NLP, which helps to influence people's ideas and decisions. The method was used by Major John Riz, British military specialist, on 80,000 "guinea pigs" from the British Army and prisoners of war, who were subjected to many types of psychological testing. Later, a special brainwashing center for the civil population was established at the University of Sussex. This super-secret organization was called the Institute of Scientific Politics.

The Rockefeller Fund subsidized scholarly work to create an ideal history after the end of World War II, when Anglo-American troops naturally came out the winners.

The Rockefeller Fund is also sponsoring genetic maps of the qualities of the ideal human in closed laboratories on the basis of the genome to grow test-tube geniuses and docile invincible soldiers.

A program regulating the growth of the population was approved at a conference of the world state. Its main goal is to ensure a low birth level in countries outside Western civilization. The program covers 100 countries and utilizes measures such as the forced sterilization of men and women.

Military Officer's Opinion

Vladimir Nikiforov, former KGB colonel, senior officer of the First Division of the Fifth Department of the Committee of Foreign Economic Relations, says the Masons have bought everything.

"In the 1980s, I was a supervisor in Southeastern Asia. I worked in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Of course, I met with my colleagues from intelligence agencies and worked with the states of these nations. And on numerous occasions I was told about the existence of a world state in personal conversations. All presidents resist its dictatorship, but they know that they have long been puppets of this ruling system composing only 2 percent of the world's population – the richest individuals. I know for sure that the Queen of England and King of Spain and his wife are members. This so-called world state bought everything. They wage wars under the pretense of huge state interests and safety and invent artificial diseases such as the Bird Flu to control people and get rid of human dead weight. As a result, as I've been told, this secret world state will create a controllable mass. The center of the organization is in New York on Fifth Avenue in a large temple not far from where the twin towers were destroyed in 2001. They meet there from time to time."

2008 Svetlana Kuzina


Cameron must rein in these toxic neocon attack dogs

The exposure of faked evidence for a thinktank report is a warning of the dangers of Britain's anti-Muslim media campaign,,2230012,00.html

Seumas Milne

Thursday December 20, 2007

The Guardian

Last Saturday, Ahmed Hassan, a 17-year-old Muslim student, was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack by a gang of white youths at Dewsbury railway station in west Yorkshire. Two have now been charged with his murder, and police say they are investigating whether there was a racial or religious motivation. In the Muslim communities in Dewsbury and neighbouring Batley, where Hassan lived, there's little doubt about it. In the run-up to today's Eid festival, Hassan's family issued a statement saying they hoped their loss would help "unite the community and all faiths".

But divisions run deep in the area. The far-right British National party, which has increasingly turned its racist venom against Muslims in recent years, won over 5,000 votes in Dewsbury in the last general election, its highest tally in the country. Its leader, Nick Griffin, has argued that his party must capitalise on the "growing wave of public hostility to Islam currently being whipped up by the mass media". It's not hard to see why he sees an opportunity. Since the July 2005 bombings in London, there has been a stream of sensationalised and poisonous stories about Britain's Muslims.

This media onslaught - often based on research by apparently reliable thinktanks - has clearly fed anti-Muslim prejudice. Combined with hyped terror-plot reports, the point has now been reached where Britons are found in polls to be more suspicious of Muslims than are Americans or citizens of any other major European state. For many Muslims, that heightens a sense of intimidation and alienation. For a minority, it translates into Islamophobic violence on the streets: Asian people are now twice as likely to be stabbed to death as a decade ago, and four out of five convictions for religiously aggravated offences last year involved attacks on Muslims.

But now the seamy underbelly of this dangerous campaign is coming to light. At the end of October, the influential Conservative-linked thinktank Policy Exchange published a report entitled The Hijacking of British Islam, which claimed that 26 out of nearly 100 mosques surveyed had been found to be selling "extremist material, some of it antisemitic, misogynistic, separatist and homophobic". The story was given top billing by newspapers and broadcasters. "One in four British mosques is in the grip of extremism", the Sun screamed, while the Times splashed it across its front page under the headline: "Lessons in hate found at leading mosques".

But last week, BBC's Newsnight programme - previously not shy of running inflammatory items itself on the Muslim community - revealed that a forensic examination of five receipts provided by Policy Exchange for the material had found them to be either faked, written by the same person, and/or were not issued by the mosques in question. A sixth receipt was also regarded as unreliable.

It might be supposed that receipts from the other 20 mosques were nevertheless found to be authentic and that Policy Exchange's basic case held. Not so. Newsnight didn't have the resources to check them. But it has since emerged that in one of these cases, Edinburgh central mosque, the mosque authorities insist books said by Policy Exchange to have been found there were in fact dumped in its grounds after the report was published. In another, the Times has this week had to publish an apology to East London mosque chairman Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, after reporting Policy Exchange's claim that the mosque was selling extremist literature.

Yesterday I contacted yet another mosque, Rochdale Central, claimed by Policy Exchange to have provided a receipt for extremist literature. No, said the imam, Hafiz Ikram, "we haven't got a bookshop and we don't sell books. Once or twice a year, people set up stalls in the carpark outside the mosque after Friday prayers, but they have nothing to do with us." That makes all nine receipts so far investigated either fabricated or inaccurate.

Policy Exchange insists it is standing by its research. But, given the evidence of falsification, it clearly cannot be regarded as reliable, nor can there be any confidence that the mosques supposedly surveyed were a representative sample. The thinktank has form in this area: earlier this year, the methodology and reliability of another heavily publicised report on Muslim separatism came under heavyweight academic attack. But it was still used by David Cameron to rubbish multiculturalism.

Charles Moore, Policy Exchange's chairman and former Daily Telegraph editor, claims Newsnight "told a small story" about dodgy receipts to "kill a much bigger story" - that "extremist literature was available in the mosques". But the extent of that availability is crucial: one of Policy Exchange's researchers told Newsnight they had had to go back three times to get hold of books. Of course, there are plenty of ultra-conservative and reactionary religious Islamic texts in circulation (though little of what Policy Exchange identified had anything to do with jihad) and those are most effectively challenged by other Muslims. You can also see ugly material in other religious institutions, such as the aggressively homophobic pamphlets I recently found on display in a south-west London church.

But the exaggeration of such phenomena and constant regurgitation of Muslim-baiting "research" by hard-right thinktanks like Policy Exchange and the Centre for Social Cohesion misleads the public and inflames ethnic tensions. It is also transparently driven by a neoconservative agenda that seeks to convince people that jihadist terror attacks in Britain are fuelled not by outrage at western violence and support for tyranny in the Muslim world, but by hatred of western culture and freedoms.

The roll call of those involved in Policy Exchange makes the point. Its policy director, Dean Godson, who blustered at Newsnight's presenter Jeremy Paxman last week, worked for the Reagan administration, was a signatory to the neocon Project for the New American Century, and was special assistant to the jailed former Telegraph owner Conrad Black. The report's author is Denis MacEoin, a pro-Israel campaigner who says he has "very negative feelings" about Islam. The thinktank's founders were Nicholas Boles, now Tory candidate for Grantham, and Michael Gove, author of that British neocon rallying cry Celsius 7/7 and now the Tory education spokesman. If Cameron cares anything for community relations, he should rein in these toxic attack dogs.,,2230012,00.html

30Oct07 - exclusive - Thyssen and the Reichnitz massacre

by Alf Mendes

The well-known security expert David Litchfield wrote an article in the Independent on Sunday of 7th October 2007 covering the shocking massacre - by bludgeoning and shooting - of some 200 poverty-stricken Hungarian Jews at a party hosted by Countess Margit Botthyany de Nemetujuar at her castle in Rechnitz on the Austro-Hungarian border on the 24th March 1945 - with the Soviet Army only 15 kms away! Litchfield adds that evidence of said massacre was confirmed by the advancing Soviet Army - and published in the USSR's "Red Star" on 12th of April 1945. The Austrians subsequently ensured that the event would receive no more publicity.

This evokes memories of that pivotally historic period of post-WW1 in Germany - and, in particular, the role played in it by America, who was soon embarked on a trail of events which still haunt us today.

The foregoing should be viewed against the following backdrop, which will quote a few events of pertinence taken from this author's "Bush-Law in the Land of Mammon".

At the turn of the 19th-20th century, One August Thyssen (a German Catholic) owned a bank and vast steelworks company which subsequently became the main supplier to the Wermacht in WW1. He had two sons, Fritz and Heinrich, the former becoming a member of the Nazi Party and taking over the business from his father when the latter died in 1926. It so happens that Countess Margit (above) was the daughter of the second son, Heinrich Thyssen, who, at the start of WW 1, adopted Hungarian citizenship, married the Hungarian Baroness Margrit Bornemisza de Kaszon - and changed his name to become Baron Thyssen Bornemisza de Kaszon.

With WW 1 nearly over, August formed the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart in Rotterdam, and passed the responsibility of running it to Baron (Heinrich) Thyssen.

In 1920, the prestigious investment firm, W.A.Harriman & Co., had gained control of the German Hamburg-Amerika shipping line after negotiations with the latter's company and its bankers, M.M.Warburg (of whom, more later).

In 1922, Averell Harriman set up a branch of W.A Harriman & Co. bank in Berlin - and, while there, he met the Thyssen family, and agreed to help the latter with their plan to set up a bank in the US. Result? The setting up, in 1924, of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) in New York with the Thyssen-owned Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart (see above).

In 1926, Prescott S. Bush snr., who had joined W.A.Harriman in 1924, was appointed Vice-President of the company. Fritz Thyssen now merged with Friedrich Flick's steel, coal & zinc conglomerate, the Silesian Holding Co. to form the new German Steel Trust with help from Clarence Dillon (old colleague of Prescott Bush's father) of the bank Dillon Read. The COE of this merged group was Albert Voegler, who had helped Hitler into power, and was director in the BHS bank and The Hamburg-Amerika Line (see above). Thus, Thyssen's accounts were now run through the W.A.Harriman group - and the German Steel Trust's corporate banking was handled by Dillon Read.

In 1931, W.A.Harriman merged with the British-American Brown Brothers investment firm to form the Brown Brothers Harriman.

At the end of WW 2, Fritz Thyssen was cross-examined, imprisoned for short spells, and eventually emigrated to Argentina in 1950, dying there the following year.

Suffice it to say here that a number of other American companies, such as Samuel Pryor and the Dulles Brothers, et al., carried out similar mergers with their German compatriots who were financing the Hitler regime - the Thyssens being one such. This is all well-documented common knowledge today.

At the end of WW 2 Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank owned 31% of Thyssen. Today, having bought out the arms maufacturer, Krupp, and now known as the Thyssen Group (TBG), it is one of the world's wealthiest corporations.

In 1942, the US Alien Property Custodian froze the accounts of the Union Banking Corp. - releasing them in 1951, as a result of which Walker and his son-in-law Prescott Bush received one share each of UBC stock - at $750,000 each.

Here, the foregoing needs to be augmented by a not-so-well-publicised aspect of the matter - namely, the apparently puzzling fact that such a prestigious, wealthy German/Jewish family as the Warburgs should have assisted Hitler in as effective a manner as the Thyssens. Hence the following backdrop:

A Jew, known only as 'Simon of Cassel' settled at Warburg in Germany in 1559. Not being allowed in those days to have surnames of their own, own land, or trade, they became 'handlers' of money - and adopted the name of 'Warburg', and when, in the 17th century, they moved to Hamburg, they became bankers. In 1871, with General Bismarck Chancellor of the new German Reich, the Jews were now enfranchised.

In 1901, Max Warburg remained in charge in Hamburg while his brothers, Paul and Felix went to New York and became partners in the investment firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Unhappy at the fact that, at that time, American banks were not centralised, Paul - with the collusion of Senator Aldrich, drew up a plan to centralise the system. This resulted in President Wilson signing an Act establishing the Federal Reserve Bank in December 1913!

By 1914, Warburg had become the leading German commercial bank, M.M.Warburg. Intriguingly, 100,000 German Jews, now enfranchised, served in the Germany Army in WW 1.

Earlier, Max Warburg helped finance HAPAG, the German-Amerika shipping line (see above), run by another Jew, Albert Ballin. HAPAG played a major role in building Germany's merchant and military fleets. Suffice it to add here that Warburg subsequently collaborated with Hitler on a number of issues: (a) he signed his approval of Hitler's decision to appoint Hjalmar Schacht as President of the Reichbank in March 1933; (b) in March 1933, the American-Jewish committee and the B'nai B'rith, (within which the Warburgs held much influence) issued a statement advising "that no American boycott against Germany be encouraged"; and (c) the Warburg bank played an important role in the Haavara Agreement of 1933 concluded between Hitler and the Zionists, whereby Jews emigrating to Palestine benefited - as did the Warburg Bank which served as a conduit for three quarters of the Haavara funds.

Max Warburg emigrated to America in 1938, dying there in 1946.

In view of the foregoing, one can only assume that a wealthy capitalist Jew in a country awash with anti-semitism stands a good chance of survival! Indeed, more than two-thirds of the German Jews survived the holocaust.

Two conclusions can be drawn from the foregoing: (1) Over the centuries religion has played a schismatic role, often resulting in genocide; (2) It is evidence enough that, in view of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Corporate America would soon embark on an anti-communist crusade by enlisting Hitler's help. From then on, their strategy would be to attain their capitalistic global domination - with not-a-little-help from the Bush kin.

03Sep07 - If you see anything suspicious please tell a member of staff

Revised on - 03Sep07 - by Tony Gosling -

Verint Systems, the Israeli security company contracted to manage and operate London Underground's CCTV network has become embroiled in a serious fraud case in New York. Ex Chief Executive of parent company Comverse Technologies, Jacob 'Kobi' Alexander faces legal action to bring him back to the U.S. for trial after absconding with $13 million and being arrested in Namibia.

Contractual arrangements are complicated by the collapse of Metronet which signed the thirty year CCTV contract with Verint ten months before the 7/7 London bombs.

The 'stock option backdating' scandal first came to light last year in the Wall Street Journal. Kobi Alexander is wanted for cheating shareholders out of nearly $6.5 million dollars by illegally backdating the buying and selling of lucrative stock options. Alexander is accused of laundering the money through accounts set up under fictitious names such as I. M. Fantom (I am phantom). The Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates companies listed on the New York stock exchange, is seeking Alexander's extradition from Namibia on 35 counts of fraud.

Verint Systems, meanwhile, was suspended from the New York NASDAQ list in February 2007 because it hadn't filed financial statements required by law. Eyebrows have been raised particularly because Verint is entrusted with the safety and security of three million people a day on the tube.

Both companies are close relations with Western Intelligence Agencies. They provide telephone surveillance software and mobile phone voicemail software used to gather information on those suspected of being 'terrorists' or 'subversives'. They are also one of the companies providing systems for recording phone calls automatically through numbered menu systems.

Possibly more worrying are the close links between these companies and the Israeli Army. Both Kobi Alexander and the present CEO of Verint are ex Israeli Army officers. Chief Executive of Verint, Daniel Bodner, was an officer in the Israeli Engineers.

Latest news is that the two companies, Comverse and Verint, plan to split. Kobi Alexander's latest extradition hearing in Windhoek is on November 12th.

Serious concerns remain about the lack of London Underground CCTV images of the London Bombers on 7th July itself, as opposed to those published of a 'dummy run' of the bombing suspects two weeks earlier. Also an exercise on 7/7 by Visor Consultants with imaginary bombs at the exact four locations where the real bombs went off has raised more questions than it has answered.

Also to be considered is the vanishing CCTV footage from Stockwell Underground Station of the moments leading up to the killing of Brazilian Electrician Jean Charles De Menezes. LU staff handed checked and correct CCTV tapes over to the Metropolitan Police but were later told there was nothing on them.

The 2005 London bombs' targeting of innocent members of the public mirrors attacks in 1980 at Bologna Railway Station in Italy where 85 people died, and the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich where 13 perished. These bombings were later discovered to have been carried out by far-right fascist units of NATO's Operation Gladio, not the left wing Red Brigades and Baader Meinhof as originally announced in the press.

These and other disturbing questions will only be answered, and the safety of London's transport staff and travelling public restored by a full and open public enquiry into the events of 7th July 2005.


Charles De Menezes Family Campaign -

NATO's Secret Armies, Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, Daniele Ganser, Cass Publishing, 2005.

BBC Radio 5 and ITN, interviews with Peter Power of Visor Consultants, 7th July 2005.

July 7 bombers staged dummy run, Police release new CCTV images,,16132,1574256,00.html

U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION - Litigation Release No. 19796 / August 9, 2006 -

Kobi Alexander extradition hearing postponed again in Namibia - August 13, 2007 -,0,897713.story

30Aug07 - RINF - The Princess Diana Cover Up

I hope you have broadband. This IMHO is one of the most spun against and censored stories of all time. How much money and influence peddling has been spent to shut people up from exploring the truth is unbelievable.

The arrogant elite of this world - and in this film Diana, through the lips of Mohammed Al Fayed, fingers the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, as the main perpetrator of Diana's murder. This is why the Diana issue will never go away until the public have closure and the guilty parties are behind bars, whoever they are.


To the American people, and to peace loving individuals everywhere:

Massive evidence has come to our attention which shows that the backers, controllers, and allies of Vice President Dick Cheney are determined to orchestrate and manufacture a new 9/11 terror incident, and/or a new Gulf of Tonkin war provocation over the coming weeks and months. Such events would be used by the Bush administration as a pretext for launching an aggressive war against Iran, quite possibly with nuclear weapons, and for imposing a regime of martial law here in the United States. We call on the House of Representatives to proceed immediately to the impeachment of Cheney, as an urgent measure for avoiding a wider and more catastrophic war. Once impeachment has begun, it will be easier for loyal and patriotic military officers to refuse illegal orders coming from the Cheney faction. We solemnly warn the people of the world that any terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction taking place inside the United States or elsewhere in the immediate future must be considered the prima facie responsibility of the Cheney faction. We urge responsible political leaders everywhere to begin at once to inoculate the public opinion of their countries against such a threatened false flag terror operation.

(Signed) A Group of US Opposition Political Leaders Gathered in Protest at the Bush Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, August 24-25, 2007

[link to jpg of declaration and signatures]

Kennebunkport Warning











10Aug07 - Global Research - The Pentagon's "Second 911"

"Another [9/11] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity to retaliate against some known targets"

by Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, August 10, 2006

One essential feature of "defense" in the case of a second major attack on America, is "offense", according to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff: "Homeland security is one piece of a broader strategy [which] brings the battle to the enemy."(DHS, Transcript of complete March 2005 speech of Secr. Michael Chertoff)

In the month following last year's 7/7 London bombings, Vice President Dick Cheney is reported to have instructed USSTRATCOM to draw up a contingency plan "to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States". Implied in the contingency plan is the certainty that Iran would be behind a Second 9/11.

This "contingency plan" uses the pretext of a "Second 9/11", which has not yet happened, to prepare for a major military operation against Iran, while pressure was also exerted on Tehran in relation to its (non-existent) nuclear weapons program.

What is diabolical in this decision of the US Vice President is that the justification presented by Cheney to wage war on Iran rests on Iran's involvement in a hypothetical terrorist attack on America, which has not yet occurred:

The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing—that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack—but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections. (Philip Giraldi, Attack on Iran: Pre-emptive Nuclear War , The American Conservative, 2 August 2005)

Are we to understand that US, British and Israeli military planners are waiting in limbo for a Second 9/11, to extend the war beyond the borders of Lebanon, to launch a military operation directed against Syria and Iran?

Cheney's proposed "contingency plan" did not focus on preventing a Second 9/11. The Cheney plan is predicated on the presumption that Iran would be behind a Second 9/11 and that punitive bombings could immediately be activated, prior to the conduct of an investigation, much in the same way as the attacks on Afghanistan in October 2001, allegedly in retribution for the alleged support of the Taliban government to the 9/11 terrorists. It is worth noting that one does not plan a war in three weeks: the bombing and invasion of Afghanistan had been planned well in advance of 9/11. As Michael Keefer points out in an incisive review article:

"At a deeper level, it implies that “9/11-type terrorist attacks” are recognized in Cheney’s office and the Pentagon as appropriate means of legitimizing wars of aggression against any country selected for that treatment by the regime and its corporate propaganda-amplification system.... (Keefer, February 2006 )

In a timely statement, barely a few days following the onslaught of the bombing of Lebanon, Vice President Cheney reiterated his warning: "The enemy that struck on 9/11 is fractured and weakened, yet still lethal, still determined to hit us again" (Waterloo Courier, Iowa, 19 July 2006, italics added).

"Justification and Opportunity to Retaliate against ...the State Sponsors [of Terrorism]"

In April 2006, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld launched a far-reaching military plan to fight terrorism around the World, with a view to retaliating in the case of a second major terrorist attack on America.

"Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has approved the military's most ambitious plan yet to fight terrorism around the world and retaliate more rapidly and decisively in the case of another major terrorist attack on the United States, according to defense officials.

The long-awaited campaign plan for the global war on terrorism, as well as two subordinate plans also approved within the past month by Rumsfeld, are considered the Pentagon's highest priority, according to officials familiar with the three documents who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about them publicly.

Details of the plans are secret, but in general they envision a significantly expanded role for the military -- and, in particular, a growing force of elite Special Operations troops -- in continuous operations to combat terrorism outside of war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Developed over about three years by the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in Tampa, the plans reflect a beefing up of the Pentagon's involvement in domains traditionally handled by the Central Intelligence Agency and the State Department. (Washington Post, 23 April 2006)

This plan is predicated on the possibility of a Second 911 and the need to retaliate if and when the US is attacked:

"A third plan sets out how the military can both disrupt and respond to another major terrorist strike on the United States. It includes lengthy annexes that offer a menu of options for the military to retaliate quickly against specific terrorist groups, individuals or state sponsors depending on who is believed to be behind an attack. Another attack could create both a justification and an opportunity that is lacking today to retaliate against some known targets, according to current and former defense officials familiar with the plan.

This plan details "what terrorists or bad guys we would hit if the gloves came off. The gloves are not off," said one official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the subject. (italics added, WP 23 April 2006)

The presumption of this military document, is that a Second 911 attack "which is lacking today" would usefully create both a "justification and an opportunity" to wage war on "some known targets [Iran and Syria]".

The announcement on August 10 by the British Home Office of a foiled large scale terror attack to simultaneously blow up as many as ten airplanes, conveys the impression that it is the Western World rather than the Middle East which is under attack.

Realities are twisted upside down. The disinformation campaign has gone into full gear. The British and US media are increasingly pointing towards "preemptive war" as an act of "self defense" against Al Qaeda and the State sponsors of terrorism, who are allegedly preparing a Second 911. The underlying objective, through fear and intimidation, is ultimately to build public acceptance for the next stage of the Middle East "war on terrorism" which is directed against Syria and Iran.

14Jun07 - Mail on Sunday - The gentlemen's club for the rich and famous that worships a 1980s Page 3 girl

By SHARON CHURCHER in New York and ALAN RIMMER in London

A former British topless model has become the extraordinary obsession of members of Americas most illustrious and secretive men's club, which is trying to track her down in time for its 100th anniversary party next month.

The Bohemian Grove Club holds an annual summer camp at which members, who include Henry Kissinger, former President George Bush Senior, Clint Eastwood and Bob Weir, founder member of Sixties rock band the Grateful Dead, debate world politics, perform weird mock Druid ceremonies  and, it turns out, ogle a poster of a blonde in a thong.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she is one-time Bond girl and 1976 Miss Wales, Sian Adey-Jones, 49, whom we have tracked down to Ibiza.

Having posed for the poster in 1980 at the

height of her career as a Page 3 pin-up and appeared in the 1985 007 film A View To A Kill, she now lives on the island with her Italian husband Rocco, son Dylan, 14, and adopted daughter Tallulah, four.

She was bemused to learn that some of America's wealthiest men wanted to "honour" her with a black-tie dinner at the clubs 2,700-acre forested compound north of San Francisco this summer.

Since club rules ban all women except those employed to work at events, they cannot invite Sian herself.

Instead, they want her to send them a "formal greeting" - with a current picture of herself.

Sian said: "I'm flattered to be in the hearts and minds of such important people but my modelling career is in the past now. And, since they are so secretive, how do I know if this will be a nice gentlemens dinner or men leaping around doing weird and distasteful things in a forest?"

The £5,000-a-year club's strict code bans its 2,300 members from discussing its activities but, speaking on condition of anonymity, the 25 members leading the hunt for Sian assured us that their intentions were honourable.

One of them, a California financier, said: "The poster hangs on the outside wall of a cabin in an area of the camp called Skidoo and has become rather famous throughout the club because of the artistic photography and the beauty of the subject.

"This summer will be the 100th anniversary, so we thought a black-tie dinner honouring her would be a nice thing to do.

"We would like to read out a message from her, maybe something along the lines of Miss Adey-Jones saying, "I am glad I could improve on your ambience."

"And we'd like a current snapshot, which we'll show alongside the poster. We just want to do something nice for a woman who has meant so much to us."

Though the poster has been displayed at the camp for 27 years, the members had no idea of Sian's identity and asked California internet expert Raymond Lopez to help.

He said: "Someone thought she was the former British model Caroline Cossey, who was a Bond girl in For Your Eyes Only.

That would have been fascinating because Caroline is a transsexual who was born a boy but when I found her in Atlanta, where she now lives, she said, "I hate to disappoint you but it's Sian Adey-Jones."

"The organisers of the Miss Wales competition in 2004 had held an event with former winners but Sian didn't participate so they couldn't help.

"Finally, we got a number for Sian's mother in Wales but, maybe because of the time difference, she never replied to our messages. With the dinner fast approaching, members have been worrying that they were running out of time."

Next month's dinner will be preceded by traditional club rituals, which include an arcane Druid rite, the Cremation of Care, in which torch-wielding men in crimson robes burn an effigy representing the cares of the world and high-living that they leave behind for 17 days.

They insist the idea is to concentrate on lofty discussions about the state of the world. But Sian said she needed to be convinced.

"This sounds like rich and famous men banning women so they can run around like Boy Scouts," she said.

A club spokesman said the members seeking Sian were "very nice fellas". He added: "It sounds like a sweet idea and if she sends them a greeting, they will be as pleased as a bunch of boys could possibly be."

* They dress as women and get drunk

The Bohemian Grove Club has been called the world's most exclusive old boys' club.

Tony Blair, John Major and Prince Philip have reputedly been guests at the California estate where its 2,300 luminaries meet twice a year - for a long weekend in May and 17 days in July - under a veil of secrecy.

They are lodged in clusters of log cabins, including the Skidoo Encampment, where Sian's image is hung.

With a combined worth estimated at £50billion, they say their goal is to "draw inspiration from nature" while they hammer out new solutions to world problems.

Visitors have reported, however, that their rituals include getting "howling drunk", dressing up as women and burning an effigy called "Care" under a giant statue of an owl.

Peter Phillips, a sociology professor who has been a guest at the club, insists:

"It's all very tongue-in-cheek." Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger delivers a breakfast lecture every July on topics that have included the Iraq War.

"Part of the tradition is that Henry should be interrupted at the start of his talk by a Mexican band," says a member. "After they play a tune, the band withdraws and Henry continues."

Iran Protests Alleged U.S. Spy Networks

May 27, 6:43 PM (ET)


TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran summoned the Swiss ambassador Sunday to protest what it called recently uncovered U.S. espionage networks, state television reported, the day before the Islamic republic planned ambassador-level talks with the U.S. on Iraq.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry's head of American affairs met with Ambassador Philippe Welti and demanded "necessary explanation" of spy networks Iran announced it had uncovered Saturday.

The Swiss embassy has been working as the U.S. interest section in Iran ever since Washington broke its diplomatic ties with the country in response to Iranian militant students storming the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979.

"Recently, several espionage networks were identified that were active, under guidance of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, to commit infiltration and sabotage in western, central and southwestern areas of the country," the television quoted the Iranian official, Ahmad Sobhani, as saying in the meeting.

State televison reported Saturday that the spy networks were "comprised of infiltrating elements from the Iraqi occupiers" using shorthand for the U.S and its allies.

The Iranian TV broadcast reported that Welti promised to relay Iran's protest to Washington. The White House has said it does not confirm or deny allegations about intelligence matters.

The diplomatic protest comes as the U.S. and Iran prepare to meet in Baghdad on Monday. Both sides say the talks will focus solely on the security situation in Iraq.

Also Sunday, Iran said it had "no exact report" about an Iranian-American employee of a U.S. foundation promoting democracy who went missing after traveling to his homeland. Kian Tajbakhsh is one of several people believed detained in Iran amid rising tensions with the United States.

The urban planning consultant, who has also worked for the World Bank, was detained around May 11, according to George Soros' Open Society Institute. The private foundation encourages democracy-building in countries around the world.

"We have no exact report about him from official authorities," said Mohammad Ali Hosseini, spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry, when asked about Tajbakhsh.

The Open Society Institute has called for his release, saying he was consulting on "projects that we undertook openly and with the knowledge of the Iranian government."

Hosseini also said he had no information about another Iranian-American, Ali Shakeri, who was supposed to leave Iran and fly to Europe on May 13 but never arrived at his destination. Shakeri is a founding board member at the University of California, Irvine's Center for Citizen Peacebuilding.

Earlier this month, Iranian authorities arrested Haleh Esfandiari, director of the Middle East Program at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Iran accuses Esfandiari, also an Iranian-American, of working for a group trying to topple its government. Esfandiari's family and the center deny the claims.

Another Iranian-American, Parnaz Azima, a journalist for the U.S.-funded Radio Farda, has been prohibited from leaving Iran since her passport was seized in January. Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent, disappeared in March after going to Iran's resort island of Kish.

Reporters Without Borders also has said a French-Iranian journalism student, Mehrnoushe Solouki, was arrested in February. She was released in March on bail but her passport was taken away and she has been unable to leave the country, it said.

In response to (Opus Dei member) Ruth Kelly's British Islam

Link here to New Statesman article explaining her plans
Time for a British version of Islam by Ruth Kelly - Published 09 April 2007

Leeds/Bradford Muslim Community response and press release.

see also -

Over several weeks there has been much local concern about a government sponsored religious education project in mosques. The concerns proved correct when the curriculum launch failed to accommodate the many concerns about the contents. Whilst people in our community see a need for our institutions to be more relevant, especially to better serve the needs of the young, and most are not against some revision to the curriculum, the newly launched 'Nasiha' program seems to have received more than just external funding - it seems to have received external input to the content. Examples about terrorism and crime stereotype our community in an unacceptable way and will alienate more than help community engagement. It is for this reason we do not support its widespread implementation. The statement of solidarity signed by so many was a local attempt to make our feelings felt on this matter so that general lessons can be learned.

A Joint Statement about Ruth Kelly’s British version of Islam, from Mosques, Institutions, Scholars and Leaders

Over the past months the Muslim community has received much understandable scrutiny. However along with this it has faced judgment and blame, led by the government and by some of the national media. Despite a comprehensive rejection of violence against any civilians from every quarter of this community the Muslim community and its institutions have been accused of ‘radicalization’ of youth, fostering ‘terrorism’ and harbouring ‘extremists’. Mosques and Imams have generally become labelled as the hotbeds of such activity based upon one single case study. Hijab/Niqab and faith schools have been labelled as marks of separation with no good evidence. Communities have become more polarized and suspicious of each and not more cohesive. We were recently disturbed when Ruth Kelly fuelled this atmosphere by calling for a British version of Islam - linking current Islamic practice itself with extremism and terrorism.

The result, we fear will be greater fear and tension in society, and a feeling that Muslims do not have a right to comment on political affairs for fear of being labelled extremists. In order to try to plan a way forward from this mess we the undersigned jointly declare the following:

1) It is not possible to create a harmonious society by demonizing faiths and beliefs. Rather the teaching of the core Islamic values will lead to good citizens within society, not simply reinforcing stereotypes about terrorism to children.

2) Problems with our community institutions are best addressed by the community itself, from the Islamic values upon which these institutions are based, and not through government intervention.

3) Improving the quality of after-school and weekend madrassahs/Quran classes should be about producing distinct Muslim personalities who will contribute to wider society and not confused with security policies under the banner of the "war on terror".

4) Policies and projects such as the new Curriculum Nasiha being piloted which are aimed at improving personalities, communities and society driven by the government's questionable 'war on terror' policies are destined to fail, and may indeed make matters worse, and hence should be rejected.

25th May 2007

Signed by (In alphabetical order)

Mosques, Groups and Institutions

Abu Hurayra Academy, Bradford
Al Ameen Masjid, Bradford
Al Azhar Academy, Bradford
Al Hudaa Institute, Bradford
An Noor Women’s Group
Association of Imams, Mosques and Scholars (AIMS), Bradford
Bradford Shura Board, Council for Mosques
Dar Ul Ifta, Bradford
Friends of Al-Aqsa- Bradford Branch
Hizb ut Tahrir, Bradford
Islamic Society, Bradford University
Islamic Tarbiyya Centre, Bradford
Madrassah Madania Tahfeezul Quran, Bradford
Madrassa Taleem Ud Deen, Bradford
Masjid Bilal, Bradford
Masjid Hamza, Bradford
Masjid Umar, Bradford
Masjid Uthman, Bradford
Noorul Islam Masjid, Bradford
Riaz Ahmed, West Yorkshire Truth Movement
Shahjalal Masjid, Bradford
The Bradford Institute of Discourse

Community and Religious Leaders

Councillor Riaz Ahmed, Bradford Moor Ward
Councillor Qasim Khan, Manninhgam
Councillor Zafar Ali, Keighley Central
Councillor Zameer Hussain Shah, Bowling & Barkerend
Imam Kamran Bashir - Local Imam and Minister of Religion, Toller Lane Mosque, Bradford
Moulana Abu Baqr - Undercliffe Masjid
Moulana Ahmed Desai - Masjid Quba, Bradford
Moulana Fazal Daad - Abu Bakr Masjid, Bradford
Moulana Hafeez - Nimra Majid, Bradford
Moulana Ibraheem   -   Madni Masjid, Bradford
Moulana Irshaad-Muslim Association of Bradford, Jamia Masjid, Bradford
Moulana Uthman   - Abdullah ibn Masood Institute, Bradford
Mufti Mohammed Zubair Butt, Sharia Advisor, Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence, Bradford
Mufti Saif Ul Islam - Head of JKN, Bradford
Muhammed Alyas Karmani - Imam and Khuteeb Jamia Ahl - Hadeeth, Bradford/Huddersfield
Nisar Deen- Generation X Youth
Ridwan Harris- President IFE, Bradford
Shaykh Ahmed Ali - Al Mahadul Islami, Bradford

School Governors and Teachers

Abdul Jabbar - Governor
Dilnawaz Choudhary - Dawatul Islam / Social Worker, Bradford
Dr M Zahid – Lecturer, Bradford
Fozia Mehmood     -   Teacher
Gulraiz Khan – Teacher
Mahmoona Anwar - Parent Governor
Mehboob Khan - Teacher/Mental Health Worker
Nasser Hanif - Secondary Teacher and Governor -Ramim Mohammed   -   Parent governor
Saima Zeb –Islamic Society Bradford University – Sisters Representative
Saraj Mohammad     -   Community governor –
Shabana Khan - Parent Governor
Shazia Hussain – Teacher
Zaynab Bibi - Parent Governor

"Devil crept into the Heaven, God overslept on the 7th, the New World Order was born on Sep 11th".


21May07 - By Alf Mendes

On November 2nd 2006, in the aftermath of Macedonia’s election on July 5th 2006, the newly-elected Prime Minister, Nicola Gruevski (of the centre right VMRO-DPME Party), addressed a speech to The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). It was a speech which clearly reflected the servility of ‘servant’ to ‘master’ - of the Macedonian government to the American Corporate Establishment. - which is understandable when viewed against the recent history of the former Yugoslav Republic, as covered by this author in previous articles: “An Alternative View of the Yugoslav Crisis”; “The Balkans Have Their Uses”; & “The Balkan Problem”.

Suffice it to add here that, like other breakaway Yugoslav republics, Macedonia is now in a somewhat chaotic state - perhaps best revealed by Shmuel (Sam) Vaknin in his article in February ‘07, “Don’t Hurry to Invest in Macedonia”, from which the following quotes - of pertinence - are taken:

(a) “The previous VMRO-DPME government (1999-2002), in which Gruevski served as Minister of Finance, plundered the country shamelessly”.

(b) “Macedonia’s post-electoral euphoria faded, in July 2006, into arduous coalition-building negotiations replete with arm-twisting by the worried representatives of the ‘international community’” - Gruevski ensuring that the Albanian party, DPA, would be excluded from his government.

(c) “Politics, venality, and terrorism are the sole venues of social mobility in this tiny, landlocked, country of 2 million impoverished people.”

(d) “The country is a shambles. In the wake of a civil war, the official unemployment rate is 31-35 percent. Close to 70,000 people work in the bloated central and local administrations. The trade deficit is an unparalleled 17 percent of GDP. In 2001, the budget deficit climbed to 5 percent, though it was since halved.”

And (e) “But, with Kosovo's independence looming across the border, the restive Albanians are likely to coerce the enfeebled Macedonia into translating this numerical reality into political and economic clout. The Macedonians are likely to resist. The West will intervene. Macedonia is facing a hot spring and a sizzling summer.”

The US/NATO Camp Bondsteel on the Kosovo/Macedonia border must be gearing up for action!  Of one thing we may be sure: Vaknin is/was in a position to know Macedonia - after all, he, an Israeli with a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Graduate of numerous courses in Finance Theory and International Trading, and a Certified Financial Analyst, was, from 1996 to 1999, a financial consultant to leading businesses in Macedonia, and., intriguingly, from 1999 - 2002 acted as advisor to the Macedonian government - and its then Minister of Finance, Nikola Gruevski (see above).

Conclusion: the Balkan broth could soon boil - with not-a-little-help from the recent election of Tomislav Nikolic (of the Serb Radical Party) as Speaker of the Serbian parliament - a man who makes no secret of the fact that he promulgates closer ties with Russia, rather than with the EU and the West in general. Moreover, on May 11th ‘07, Serbia took over the chairmanship of the Council of Europe for the next six months, while Montenegro becomes the 47th member of said Council. Enough said!

08May07 - Bush and Lizzie's 1776 New World Order in joke -

Not a single news outlet in the English language appears to have picked up on the esoteric message which flashed between George W. Bush and our very own Queen Elizabeth yesterday. And her nibbs was none too pleased at the skull and bonesman's public display of Illuminism.

With a wink Bush made a deliberate error as an excuse to bring up the magical date of 1776 in front of a 7000 live audience and the world's media. That's the date in roman numerals printed on the back of every American dollar and the date of the formation of the New Godless Order, often mistranslated but widely understood as the 'New World Order' the Illuminati's plan to control the world.

!! Check the pix in the Evening Standard article below !!

bush winks at the queenBlundering Bush makes ANOTHER gaffe as he winks at the Queen


When you've just made it sound like the Queen is more than 200 years old, there may be a few ways of recovering from the gaffe.

But turning to her and giving her a sly wink is probably not included in any book of royal etiquette.

Is he winking at One? The President turns to the Queen and winks after his slip-up

That's what happened yesterday after George Bush mangled his greeting to the Queen on her state visit to the U.S.

Stumbling over his words, he came perilously close to suggesting that the monarch had toured the States in 1776.

And although the President's following wink was initially rewarded with a regal glare, the Queen did at least seem to see the funny side of the blunder.

After the blunder the President paused and turned to the Queen to acknowledge his gaffe, joking that she "gave me a look that only a mother could give a child."

Ripples of laughter echoed around those gathered at the event and the President laughed off the mistake and continued his speech.

The monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh flew into the American capital for a two-day stay - the finale of their East Coast trip the other side of the Atlantic.

They were officially welcomed by Mr Bush and his wife Laura on the lawn of the White House in front of 7,000 guests, from members of Congress to Oval Office staff.

the queen is not amusedThe Queen will deliver a keynote speech before heading to a garden party at the British ambassador's residence with Hollywood A-listers expected to be among the 750 guests.

In the evening, Mr Bush will don his white tie and tails for the state dinner as he and the First Lady pull out all the stops to entertain the royals.

It is the first white-tie affair of the Bush administration.

But The New York Times has been pondering: "How does George W Bush, a towel-snapping Texan who puts his feet on the coffee table, drinks water straight from the bottle and was once caught on tape talking with food in his mouth, prepare for a state dinner with the Queen?

"With tips from an etiquette guide, of course - and a little gentle prodding from his wife."

Mr Bush is the leader who once greeted Prime Minister Tony Blair with: "Yo, Blair. How are you doing?"

It is hoped that gaffe-prone President Bush will manage to host the state visit without any hiccups.

He hasn't been so successful in the past, however. He once admitted to the Queen he was the black sheep of his family and then turned to her and asked "Who's yours?"

The encounter came at the White House in 1991 when his father was in power. The Queen, wisely, did not reply.

Barbara Bush stepped in and warned the monarch: "Don't answer that."

President Bush is known for his Texan drawl and informal approach and the Queen's visit to Washington is the ultimate test of his manners and grasp of royal etiquette.

USA Today remarked today: "The Yanks will endeavour to impress the Brits, the true sultans of ceremony."

The paper added: "Bush is famous for his opposition to formality and staying up late, but he is nevertheless going all out for the Queen."

White House aides have apparently described the dinner in the Queen's honour as the social event of the entire Bush presidency.

George Bush's father, George Bush Snr, branded it "the hottest ticket in town."

The Times remarked: "It will be closely watched by the social elite for its collision of cultures - Texas swagger meets British prim.

"Dinner attire is white tie and tails, the first and, perhaps, only white-tie affair of the Bush administration.

"The president was said to be none too keen on that, but bowed to a higher power, his wife."

Mr Bush apparently likes to be in bed by 10pm, but the entertainment will stretch well into the evening.

The Bushes have hosted four other state dinners - for Mexico, Poland, the Philippines and Kenya - but never opted for the white-tie dress code before.

The Queen is ushered to a waiting car after arriving in Washington today

The star entertainment is being kept under wraps. During the Reagan years, Frank Sinatra sang for the Queen in 1983 on her trip to California.

The Queen danced with President Ford in 1976, but it is not known whether she will take to the floor with Mr Bush.

Vice President Dick Cheney, secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, defence secretary Robert Gates and General Peter Pace, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, will be among the select 134 guests.

Mrs Bush will be wearing an Oscar da La Renta gown and her staff have co-ordinated with the Queen's dresser to make sure their outfits do not clash, the Washington Post reports.

Mrs Bush knows the importance of pre-planning her wardrobe. Last year, three women showed up at a reception she was at in the same red de la Renta dress she was wearing, forcing her to rush off to change.

At the banquet, Mr Bush will sit next to the Queen at Table 12, while Mrs Bush will join Philip at Table 11.

The monarch's dislike of spicy foods has been taken into consideration for the menu, personally selected by Mrs Bush.

The royal visit to DC is likely to be something of a distraction amid controversy over Mr Bush's veto of Congress's war funding bill which set a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from the Gulf.

Washington has also been dealing with the fallout of the "DC Madam" sex scandal which brought the resignation of a top US State Department official who confirmed he had been a client of a woman accused of running a high-class prostitution ring.

The Queen's last visit to the White House was in 1991 in the wake of the first Gulf War when George Bush Snr was in power.

Whether the Queen will mention Iraq in her speech remains to be seen.

As the Queen gave an address all that could be seen of her above the podium and microphones was her hat.

Someone forgot to put the small raised platform in place ready for the royal VIP. The next day the Queen quipped as she made another speech: "I do hope you can see me today."

This time, she will stand on a custom-made step. The Queen praised Mr Bush Snr in 1991 for his "outstanding leadership" in the Gulf conflict and gave reassurances about post-war problems, saying: "great enterprises seldom end with a tidy and satisfactory flourish". She also presented him with the Churchill award.

It is not known if the current President Bush will get an award this time. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman refused to comment.

26Mar07 - Warning - Harry in danger of assassination

Dear Sir/madam

Please pass to the relevant authorities within Prince Harry's regiment, which I believe is the Blues and Royals. and to the Intelligence Corps., and/or any other relevant unit/office.

It has come to my attention that Prince Harry may be assassinated by Mossad or even another allied 'friendly' intelligence service in Iraq. And the assassination then blamed on Arabs. This would be a double disaster for Britain tying us into an even more intractable war and would be a criminal act against the young lad. He believes that if he does not go he will be labelled a 'coward'.

I am not, repeat not, spreading this as an idle piece of gossip but because I know the way the Mossad operate (as I trust you do too) as 'masters of deceit' and because several people have told me they believe it will happen, these are people who do not believe his mother died in an 'accident' if you take my meaning.

Harry's assassination could be carried out to specifically further the following two NATO, Israeli and US war aims.

1. to divide the Arabic and Western peoples.

2. to take over Iran, then the remainder of the Middle East.

I am particularly suspicious because I have uploaded this information and picture to the 'open publishing' news site UK Indymedia and it has been 'hidden' five times, despite evoking some interesting comments from the public and not contravening their editorial guidelines.

Someone does not want people discussing the possibility that Harry might be killed for political and/or economic ends and particularly by rogue elements on our own side!

If you are in any doubt of my sincerity please have a look at the detail in the following two reports I have just done - neither of which has been published by any newspaper or news organisation. Nevertheless the stories are indeed true and have not been published in print because of the gravity of their implications and the possibility of the papers being sued.


1. Crooks & the IDF in charge! London Underground security compromised

2. Corrupt chief constable of Avon & Somerset police

kind regards,

Tony Gosling
freelance journalist


Sunday 8th April 2007 - Exclusive

Alf Mendes

The present chaotic impasse in the Mid/Near-East is the result of an American unprincipled, planned strategy. Hardly surprising, given one other indisputable fact: namely, that the US Administration has been under the control of a capitalist corporate establishment for over a century - and, as such, is now a crypto-democracy with strong overtones of fascism, helped in no small measure by the well-established fact that Corporate America played a crucial role in fostering the Nazis in Germany. Indeed, the definition in the American Readers Digest Dictionary of 'fascism' being "A philosophy and system of government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership together with an ideology of belligerent nationalism" (authors' italics) is, after all, as close a description of the US Administration as one can get!

The aim of this article is to substantiate this by examining, briefly, the important role played by one John Robert Bolton II in said Administration.

Born in 1948 in Baltimore, Maryland - of British parentage - he won a scholarship to the McDonough School in Maryland, where, as a teenager, he ran the 'Students for Goldwater' campaign for the presidency in 1964. (NB: Goldwater was a right-winger who lost the election.) Bolton's right-wing Republican ideology was now well-rooted - and he became a fellow-student of G.W.Bush at Yale University, graduating with a BA in 1970. While there, he had become a member of the Yale Political Union - and from 1970 to 1974 he studied law at Yale Law School, graduating with a JD. It is of pertinence to add here that, though a strong supporter of the Vietnam war, he enlisted in the National Guard in order to ensure that he did not serve in that war (G.W.Bush had acted similarly). As Bolton wrote in his Yale 25th reunion book "I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost." - a man of principle!

1974 to 1981, he became an Associate at the Washington office of the law firm Covington & Burling, which had strong ties to the notorious Yale-based Skull & Bones fraternity (of which G. W. Bush, G.H.W Bush and Prescott Bush Jnr. are and had been members).

1981 to 1983, Bolton was appointed General Counsel and then Assistant Administrator for Program & Policy Coordinator for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) - under Reagan & Bush Snr. - returning to Covington & Burling from 1983 to 1985.

1985 to 1989, he was now appointed Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice, and, as such, he opposed both the awarding of financial reparations to Japanese-Americans held in World War II era internment camps, and any investigation into the Iran-Contra matter.

1989 to 1993, appointed Assistant Secretary for International Organisation Affairs at the Department of State.

1993 to 1999, Bolton was a partner in the law firm of Lerner, Read, Bolton &McManus.

1997 to 2000, he served both as Assistant to James Baker (who was then Kofi Annan's personal envoy to the Western Sahara) - and as Senior Vice-President of the right-wing think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute. There, in Morocco, the Baker/Bolton team ensured that the UN resolution condemning Morocco's taking over of the Western Sahara territory - which belonged to the indigenous Sahrawi people - would fail.

2001 to 2005, Bush Jnr. appointed him Undersecretary of State for Arms Control & International Security. As such, one of Bolton's main aims was to ensure that Americans would be exempted from prosecution by the impending International Criminal Court. This he accomplished by 'persuading' (by threats of withdrawal of economic aid, military assistance, et al.) many countries to sign bilateral agreements with the US, thus ensuring said exemption.

Another of his responsibilities being to 'prevent proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction' - which turned out to be an excuse for invading Iraq two years later.

In 2001, a bio-weapons conference was held, in Geneva, to endorse a UN proposal to enforce the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. Bolton derailed this conference by claiming that this would have put US national security at risk, by allowing inspections of suspected US weapon sites!

Bolton's view of the UN is fascinatingly important, inasmuch as it is confirmation of the fact that the UN is - and has been from the start - an underling of the US (ref: this author's article: "In the Name of the Interhational Community"). As the following quotes from his speeches reveal:

On March 7 2005, Bush Jnr. nominates Bolton to be US Ambassador to the UN, but is unable to receive confirmation of this by the Senate. Bypassing said Senate, on August 1st 2005, Bush appoints Bolton to the position anyway - ignoring the fact that, as noted in the Washington Times of 15th November 2005, Bolton had warned that the US had the option of relying on regional or other international organisations to advance its goals if the UN proved inadequate!

However this 'recess appointment' of Bolton meant that he would have to be renominated - and confirmed later by the Senate. Bush formally submitted this re-nomination in November 2006 - but, the Democratic Party, by winning the Mid-Term election, ensured that Bolton would not gain confirmation. Bolton 'resigned' his UN ambassadorship, and was replaced by the Afghan/American Ambassador to Iraq, Khalilzad, in February 2007.

Bolton wasted no time in publicly critisising Blair's response to Iran over the recent latter's seizure of the 15 British sailors and marines as pathetically weak, emphasising that Blair should have been threatening "real pain, real economic sanctions", adding that "Britain has got to be tougher here". In effect, master admonishes servant for acceding to the 'axis-of-evil' too readily.

The above is by no means a comprehensive coverage of Boltons' career - but is surely sufficient enough to substantiate the role played by the US Administration as laid out in the opening paragraph of this article?

20Mar07 -  Israeli Army and gangsters with access to entire London Underground network

by Tony Gosling

Privatised London CCTV firm mired in scandal

See discussion and post here if you wish

'If you see anything suspicious please tell a member of staff'

A report for the UK 911 Truth campaign presented by Tony Gosling in the Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square London W1T 6AQ on Monday 19th March 2007.

Comverse Technology -

Wiretapping, phone billing and mobile phone voicemail software developers. An Israeli company now at the centre of $8bn fraud enquiry in New York. Comverse share six directors with a wider network of linked companies also under investigation. Comverse took over Hong Kong company Multivision Intelligence Surveillance Ltd. in January 2006 but Comverse directors didn't file the financial information required by law. Delisted from NASDAQ and stock trading suspended on 1st February 2007 because of financial mismanagement and non-filing of essential accounting information along with Verint Systems who are now also NASDAQ delisted.

Verint Systems -

All activities of this business are directed by Comverse Technology who own 57% controlling stock. Two thirds of Verint's business is security products used by law enforcement and intelligence services to intercept voice, video and email traffic, the other third is call centre monitoring and employee evaluation software. Approx 1000 employees worldwide. Awarded contract for all London Underground's CCTV in September 2004 by privatised 'Metronet Rail' who, in turn, have a 30 year contract from the UK government to manage London Underground security. Privatisation was imposed against wishes of elected Greater London Authority (GLA) by Gordon Brown's Treasury Department.

Verint CEO Daniel Bodner is a former senior Israeli army officer who gets $4m annual benefits (including salary). Verint currently being investigated by Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over proposed merger with Witness Systems Inc. for possible phone monitoring technology monopoly. Verint rumoured to be targeted by IBM for takeover.

'Nextiva Transit' is Verint's networked hi-tech CCTV system now being installed on 'London Underground platforms and remote portions of track'. The system is programmed to automatically 'watch for people loitering on transit platforms or people wearing heavy coats on hot summer days'.

Verint spokesman Alan Roden was referring to London's July 7th 2005 bombing claims when he told Michael Fickes, 'video proved an effective investigation tool and highlights the value of networked video in mass transit systems'. An article in Government Security website went on to say that using CCTV images 'London police had discovered who was responsible and arrested many, if not all, of the perpetrators who remained alive.' Quotes and articles such as this misrepresent the historical record. No CCTV image of any of the four alleged bombers on the London Underground on 7th July 2005 has been disclosed, neither were there any perpetrator arrests, as all four suspects allegedly blew themselves up.

Comverse's directors

Jacob 'Kobi' Alexander, chief executive

Target of FBI, Wall Street Journal and Securities & Exchange Commission fraud enquiry in New York, declared fugitive in August 2006. Wanted on 35 criminal counts including stock option backdating, conspiracy, securities fraud, money laundering and bribery. Arrested after 7 week manhunt in Namibia in September 2006. Travelling via. Israel he transferred $17m to Namibia, bought a luxury house and formed a new construction, tourism and agriculture company. Now building 200 low income homes for workers at the new 'Langer Heinrich' uranium mine. Alexander's extradition hearing begins in Windhoek on April 25th 2007, he's facing up to 20 years jail in New York. Known to be a close associate of former Chinese president Jiang Zmein.

David Kreinberg, chief financial officer

Turned state's evidence, pleaded guilty and told New York FBI that Comverse CEO Alexander offered him financial inducements to take the rap for everything. CEO Jacob Alexander allegedly offered him $2m and he refused, offered him $5m and he still refused, then, according to Kreinberg, Alexander said "name your price". To be sentenced February 23rd 2007.

William Sorin, company lawyer

Pleaded guilty. Paid $3.1 million fine at the end of 2006 as compensation for fraudulent activities. Permanent ban on acting as a company lawyer.


Roughly three million people a day use the London Underground network. Since privatisation, contracts are also shrouded in double walls of secrecy to protect both 'national security' and 'commercial confidentiality'. But with that secrecy comes a caveat of absolute 100% trust and loyalty to the travelling public of London who use the tube network. Instead what we find is a company with 24 hour access to the entire tube network, run by a senior ex Israeli army officer, whose former employers are engaged in a largely covert war against Arabs for land and oil. Bodner's present employers are wanted in New York on 40 plus criminal counts, implicated in multi-million dollar fraud and conspiracy and facing several long jail sentences.

This report has been time-consuming and difficult because of the immense secrecy surrounding the security businesses involved. Though I have sent the story to the Evening Standard and the BBC for London it has not, to my knowledge, been reported. As a result tube staff & public are almost entirely unaware of the criminal nature of this firm entrusted with the safety of millions of Londoners.

The covenant of trust required by all those who use and work on the tube has been broken. For the safety of all Londoners contracts with Verint Systems must be immediately suspended by Metronet Rail, the GLA or the Government pending a transparent investigation into Verint and Comverse. Also control of the London Underground CCTV network must be wrested from those with close ties to the Israeli armed forces until the Middle East conflict is over.

References ory_id=7&article_level1_id=724&pageno=1&year=2007

All of the preceding information can be verified on the internet. For further information please contact Tony Gosling 10-12 Picton Street, BRISTOL, BS6 5QA. 0117 944 6219 &

See also the July 7th Truth campaign at

(this article was submitted for approval by the July Seventh campaign but subsequently rejected with no good reason being given - it was also deleted by the moderators at


"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

Bilderberg site exclusive!  THE CAPITALISTIC MODUS OPERANDI

by Alf Mendes

Inasmuch as that prestigious accounting/consulting firm, KPMG, has played a crucial role on the global scene over the past century (and, indeed, is the epitome of this article’s title)- it is therefore both important & pertinent to note its concise history - as follows:

In 1870 - in London - William Barclay Peat founded the accounting firm William Barclay Peat & Co.

In 1897 - in NY City - James Marwick & Roger Mitchell founded the accounting firm Marwick, Mitchell & Co.

In 1911 - the 2 above companies merged to form the Peat Marwick International (PMI), a world-wide accounting/consulting firm.

In 1917 - in Amsterdam - Piet Klynveld founded the accounting firm Klynveld Kraayenhof & Co.

In 1979 - Klynveld merged with Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft & McLintoch Main Lafrenz to form Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG).

In 1983 - the first two-above named firms merged to form the firm Peat Marwick Mitchell.

In 1987 - Peat Marwick Mitchell merged with Klynveld Main Goerdeler to form the KPMG (Klynvold, Peat, Marwick & Goerdeler).

In January 2000 - KPMG LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) transferred its consulting business to KPMG Consulting Inc. (Note the ‘Inc.’ - here we have a merger of 4 companies of different nations, now incorporated into one by its ‘incorporator’ - America.

In October 2002 - KPMG Consulting Inc. changed its name to BearingPoint, Inc. - the Enron/Andersen collapse scandal somewhat hastening the company’s decision to change its name. BearingPoint was subsequently destined to play an active role on the global scene - as will become apparent below. Under the leadership of the then Chairman and CEO Randolph Blazerfont, BearingPoint underwent a dramatic expansion by acquiring most of Arthur Andersen's worldwide consulting operations. From 1990 through 2002 KPMG/BearingPoint had received federal contracts worth $539,720,000.

In early 2003, BearingPoint bought KPMG Consulting AG (subsequently renamed BearingPoint GmbH)

As KPMG Consulting Inc., it subsequently won contracts under USAID for the reconstruction of the former Yugoslavian republics where it had been working since 1999 - using its operating group, Barents Group LLC (a KPMG LLP subsidiary). Result? - by 2003 after the end of hostilities in Yugoslavia, thousands of refugees had still not returned home; unemployment was very high (over 40% in Bosnia); & industrial productivity had collapsed - the IMF foreseeing a drop in economic aid to Bosnia from $699m to $218m in 2007.

At this point, it is of importance to note that in his State of the Union address in January 2002, President George W. Bush called for the creation of a USA Freedom Corps to connect millions of Americans to volunteer service opportunities across the country and around the world. This resulted in more than 575 companies and business organizations representing more than 4 million employees and countless consumers coming together to create a nationwide effort called the aptly-titled “Business Strengthening America” (BSA). (The first Director of USA Freedom Corps was one John Bridgeland, Assistant to the President of the United States. Prior to that, Bridgeland had served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council at the White House. It should also be noted that he had co-directed the policy transition for the Bush-Cheney Presidential Transition team and was Deputy Policy Director for the Bush-Cheney 2000 Presidential campaign).

And the Committee To Encourage Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) would play a vital role in all of this. This was a committee set-up in 1999 to provide ‘a forum for CEOs and Chairpersons to discuss important issues relating to corporate philanthropy, corporate stewardship, and volunteer service’. (for the corporate establishment to lay claim to‘philanthropy was - to put it mildly - duplicitous). NB. Randolph Blazerfont was a member of CECP.

In January 2003, BearingPoint won a $3.95 million contract from the World Bank to help the transitional government in Afghanistan upgrade its accounting system, & in March 2003, USAID awarded BearingPoint a three-year, $39.9 million contract to help rebuild the country's economic infrastructure - with an option to extend the contract for another two years, bringing the total amount of that award to $64.1 million. Situation in Afghanistan today? - chaotic

In July 2003, USAID awarded BearingPoint a $9 million initial award to facilitate Iraq's economic recovery. The first year of the contract is worth up to $79,583,885. According to the contract, the estimated value, including the two option years, is $240,162,668. BearingPoint then hired the New Jersey-based engineering firm Louis Berger Group as a subcontractor to oversee the collection and destruction of old Iraqi currency and the introduction of a new one. Situation in Iraq today? - chaotic.

On Aug. 14, 2003, BearingPoint announced it had overstated its net income and earnings per share for the first three quarters of Fiscal Year 2003 by $10.8 million. The announcement caused BearingPoint's stock value to plummet 23 % in one day, and on November 10th 2004 Blazerfont resigned after four years in the post, & was replaced by Harry You. Twelve days later, BearingPoint announced a $93 million accounting error, and said CFO Robert Falcone would retire at the end of the month. In May 2005 a lawsuit was brought against the company in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia - alleging that it had artificially inflated the price of its securities - the 4 executives involved being Randolph Blazerfont, Michael Donahue, Robert Lamb and Lamb's successor, Robert Falcone. As of Sept. 26th 2006, BearingPoint continues to ‘preserve its rights’ in this current lawsuit.

The foregoing is by no means a comprehensive coverage of KPMG/BearingPoint’s activities on the global scale - but is enough to illustrate its inability to cope with the many problems facing it - problems caused by the arrogantly stupid tactics of Corporate America, which is bent on world domination. Here is an undemocratic (yes, it uses a manipulated voting system), fascistic capitalist nation which, over the past century, has: helped finance the German Nazi regime; atom-bombed Japan: suborned the UN; and invaded Korea; Vietnam; Yugoslavia; Iraq; Afghanistan - et al.

The only conclusion to be drawn from this is that if we earthlings do nothing about this, we deserve what we will get - Chaos!