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PEPIS messages from 2001

PEPIS #34 - 31Dec01 - Possible Futures: Nuclear War in Kashmir
PEPIS #33 - 31Oct01 - The USA: Most Terrorist State in the World
PEPIS #32 - 16Aug01 - Sole Pre-Bilderberg Source Closed Down
PEPIS #31 - 03Jul01 - Lawyers demand removal of Swedish article
PEPIS #30 - 05Jun01 - Bilderberg participants 2001
PEPIS #29 - 25May01 - Bilderberg (Reuters)
PEPIS #28 - 19May01 - Bilderberg 2001 Conference update
PEPIS #27 - 08Apr01 - Bilderberg 2001 to take place in Sweden?
PEPIS #26 - 08Mar01 - 'Imagine Yourselves to be Dictators of Europe'

31Dec01 PEPIS #34 - Possible Futures: Nuclear War in Kashmir

Not a whisper from the Bilderbergers recently, but that's no reason to not send out a PEPIS email is it? Maybe our Bilder-buddies are too busy throwing money at anyone who'll help them persuade UK public and politicians to accept the European Central Currency? A difficult job because Titus Alexander's tweeking of the pound would be somewhat more sensible. And most people wisely distrust bankers when they tell us what we should be doing with our money.



1. Victor Rothschild implicated in knobbling of BBC
2. Possible Futures: Nuclear War in Kashmir
3. Proposed amendment to the UK Budget bill
4. On the SWP: For spooks eyes only - CIA, MOSSAD and MI6
5. Who's to blame for US foreign policy?
6. Kissinger War Crimes trial latest


Best book of 2001?
Without doubt Chris Hitchens' 'The Trial of Henry Kissinger', Verso, ISBN 1-85984-631-9,


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1. Victor Rothschild implicated in Thatcher's knobbling of the BBC


Marmaduke Hussey, when he was appointed Chair of the Board of govenors of the BBC in 1986, lost no time in sacking the director-general. The only trouble was that Alasdair Milne was not a 'croak voiced Dalek' as Dennis Potter later described robotic stooge BBC managers. Not one bit of it. Alasdair was a gifted ex-'Tonight' journalist who had cut his teeth on the satirical show 'That Was the Week That Was'.

He didn't harp on about it all the time like the present-day shower, he lived editorial independence.

In his recently published, and laughably titled memoirs, 'Chance Governs All', Hussey recalls a conversation he had with Victor Rothschild at The Family bank. This was presumably 'New Court', the above-ground H.Q. of N.M. Rothschild and Sons in St. Swithin's Lane EC4.

As a close friend of and adviser to Mrs Thatcher, during a time when the Conservative government were being caught out time and again by the BBC, Rothschild was hardly enquiring about power. He was a man with his own malign mission.


Victor Rothschild I knew because he was head of the Downing Street Think Tank [presumably the Central Policy Review Staff or CPRS - ed] If he wanted to enquire about the media, he summoned me. I would then be grilled by him for two hours, with my replies taken down by my young brother-in-law, William Waldegrave. Pretty intimidating. Victor invited me to an excellent lunch at the family bank. The house wine was delicious, but no mention of the BBC. So with the cheese, I said, 'Now what about the BBC, Victor?'

'How much power have you got?' he asked.

'I'm not sure.'

'Can you fire the Director-General?'

A long pause. 'I think so.'

'Well, that's all that needs to be said, isn't it?'

Typical of Victor - the basic problem as always is power. If you have it, use it. [The same could be said about freedom eh - ed] How you use it is the problem. Having considered the constitution it was clear to me that the governors, if they chose to exercise it, had tremendous power.


extracted from 'Chance Governs All' A memoir by Marmaduke Hussey, Macmillan, 2001

More on the demise of the BBC
The Day Auntie Died? -

I'm collecting surnames of the Croak Voiced Daleks at the BBC: Dyke, Hussey, Bland.... coincidence? Anymore whacky 'BBC knobbling' surmames you know of? Contact me at <>


2. Possible futures: Nuclear War in Kashmir


From the archives, this 1994 vintage document has been sitting on my website since 1996. It describes a possible scenario for the current tension in Kashmir. Highly questionable authenticity but thought provoking nevertheless in an age of tunnel-vision media.

The population issue is a common misnomer; much of the general public believe there are 'too many people in the world'. In fact this planet could support its present population easily if there were equitable distribution of food, wealth and resources.

I suggest a major international figure might step into the breach to avert this nuclear war in Kashmir. So we all think he's a good guy. [TG]

From Greek magazine: 'Anekshgito' Kostas Kouros, Issue 102, November 1994

Possible Futures: Nuclear War in Kashmir

Adapted from:

Mirrors a Greek site:


Athanasios Strigas, interviewed here, studied Political and Economic Science at the University of Heidelberg. He then took Foreign Relations and International Strategy in the University of Georgetown in Washington D.C. and Propaganda in Patris Lumumba of Moscow.

He started his career as a diplomatic attaché and nowadays is a specialised consultant to the supreme military commander of NATO and has close connections with the Trilateral Commission. Most of his time is spent in Brussels and in the last year and a half he has published 4 successful books.

Strigas has revealed some shocking facts in Greece about domestic politics using secret documents etc. as proof. He also predicted a military crisis between Greece and Turkey 18 months before it happened and named exactly the small island which was the focus of the crisis. Unfortunately his books are only available in Greek but in them he reveals a great deal about the US National Security Agency and the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Club, sometimes far more than anything you can find on the world-wide web.

This interview is translated, imperfectly, from the original Greek.

Possible Futures: Nuclear War in India


* We all know that countries are being guided by their political and military leaders. Big countries and small do exist and also the small countries are dependant on the big ones. Despite this in your books you mention two international decision making centres which, in your opinion, are above countries and ideologies. Could you be more specific about that?

* It may sound exaggerated but people these days are being guided by political and military leadership according to the orders of two global centres: The Trilateral Commission and The Bilderberg Club. This marks a new era and it is not something that has happened in the past.

In the past, the world was ruled by ideologies. We know ideologies were used to control the people. But conflicting ideologies were also creating wars. Therefore, for a while, countries formed alliances.

More recently there has been a change in the global scenery. Everything has been globalised. The world has become a global village. Therefore it needs global decision making centres. From this point of view the Planetarchy, if we can call it that, will be the politics of the 21st century. This marginalises national governments which are now dependent on those international centres.

Today we see that profit now determines the destinies of countries. The world is already being ruled by representatives of those two centres. The task of today's governments is to look after 93% of the international wealth. That is the wealth that those two centres own.

* What exactly are the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission?

* The Bilderberg Club is an international decision making centre named after a hotel near the Dutch town of Oosterbeek where its first convention took place in 1954. Its headquarters is in The Hague in Holland. In its conventions two types of people take part we can call the 'protagonists' and the 'supernumerary'.

The supernumerary are something like guest speakers, they are only allowed to speak a few minutes and always on the first day of the convention. The Guidance Committee of the Club protagonists is made up of Americans and Europeans from the developed countries, never has a person from the Third World been on it.

The Club is made up of people with conservative 'aberrations' such as Giovanni Anieli, Luns, Rothschild etc. The Bilderberg Club's president is today James Callahan, British ex-prime minister and his assistant is the ex-General Secretary of NATO, Lord Carrington. Maybe you remember that in 1993 the Club met in Greece, in the Asteras hotel in Bouliagmeni.

The Bilderberg Club today controls 33% of the world's wealth. Some members of the Bilderberg Club, without having departed from it officially, established in June 1973 a new, more powerful group, the Trilateral Commission led by David Rockefeller, president of the Chase Manhattan Bank. Members of the Trilateral Commission operate in parallel with but somewhat above the Bilderberg Club as a centre of research and analysis. The founding members of the Trilateral Commission are Sirus Vance and Warren Christopher. David Rockefeller is president and Zbigniew Brzezinski is chief executive. The Trilateral Commission manages 60% of international wealth.

* How do those centres get so much power?

* I think it is obvious that they take the power from the international wealth they control and from the various political appointments, presidents and prime ministers (which are mostly technocrats) which they control and guide.

* But how is possible to select candidates? Do top politicians accept being only token leaders of their countries?

* This is a reasonable question but remember, human ambition has no limits. Skilful people exist that do not care for means nor consequences in order to rise to the top of their country's leadership. The selection for suitable protagonists to serve the two centres is made after checked information which analysts of the NSA [U.S. National Security Agency] have collected, with the help of organisations such as CIA, DIA and DEA.

The NSA personal reports are transferred in the end to the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Club. The Committee meets secretly and the conclusion is sealed in a special envelope which is then given to the Bilderberg Club and Trilateral Commission presidents. The presidencies approve the decision almost 99% of the time.

Qualifications for candidates are very fluid, [joke?] I mean elastic consciousness or, if you want, plasticity, to comply with the international decision making philosophy. Another element of control is that they must not disturb the global balance. This is essential because this balance has nothing to do with the balance of the world but simply balance of the global profit and loss account. The members must globally ensure the income of the two international centres funds.

* But didn't that happen also in the past?

* In the past if someone was a prime minister or a president he would have come into conflict with the great powers, he would have been characterised as 'troublemaker' and underminer of liberty and then would have been 'vanished' politically or biologically.

Today the politicians are servants whose masters do not allow them to make any independent moves. You have seen in the recent German elections (which happened at the same time as our [Greek] council elections) that the French were the ones that were celebrating the victory of Kohl because the Mark is supporting the French Franc. The leaders no longer have any freedom. You likewise are probably obliged to your friends to take them into consideration in your own moves and plans.

* Could you give us an example?

* Let's imagine that this, or the next, Greek government had the will to solve the Albanian and Turkish problem and the dispute between Greece and the former Yugoslavia for Macedonia. What would they do? Just 300 men are enough to invade the Aktio base in Preveza, Western Greece, which belongs to the NSA and then every problem would be solved. If this base were occupied all communications in the Balkans and Turkey would be paralysed. But such a move would need much courage.

* What are the methods, groups and structures of the global decision making centres?

* The methods that are being used are simple; I promote you as a president, prime minister, military leader; you satisfy your vanity and have ethical and economical profits. In return you have to blindly obey us. If not we destroy you by corruption, forced resignation or assassination. At least this is what happened up until now.

* What tendencies do you see in those centres today then?

* These days you can see a tendency for renewal. And therefore it was decided in the last Bilderberg meeting to give the people 2% percent more of their international wealth, something that the old ones did not accept. There are conflicts between conservatives and more liberal types. But I believe the last will in the end dominate.

* Recently, humanity watched anxiously the collapse of the Soviet Union. Which dynamics led to this collapse and what did it really mean?

* The collapse of the Soviet Union was begun in 1973 by the Trilateral Commission and part of the Bilderberg Club. The members who left Bilderberg and formed the Trilateral Commission used shock tactics and have brought the control of the remains of the Soviet Union to the Bilderberg. This was made possible because in the Summer of 1973, 30 July specifically, The Trilateral Commission controlled 60% of global wealth with their World Bank. So it became the dominator of the game. The purpose of the Soviet Union's collapse is to demonstrate internationally the failure of the Communist ideology and present it as a system that is inhuman.

Besides this, because the population of the earth is growing, the extra 2% that will be given to the people will be granted to the Soviet Union out of the mining of their geological mineral wealth. The soviet people must be educated as consuming citizens as in the west. In order to control those people many new countries will be created that will not have constant peace.

* What is the role of the International Monetary Fund?

* The International Monetary Fund is a branch of the World Bank. Today, most countries are obliged to borrow money because they cannot get it from private capital or from other countries. This necessity occurs either because of a failure to manage public resources or because the 5 year plan failed or because there is internal turmoil etc..

There exist of course also politicians that redeem the sympathy of the people by offering them short-term material comforts and asking from them the minimum of their possible efforts. They do this of course with money they take from the national budget that should be normally given to development projects.

Anyway, the point is that sometimes countries reach a dead-end. When this happens the IMF exploits the circumstances: it grants a pre-approval of the loan to those countries but with its own conditions. This means that you will get the loans from the banks (that are all controlled by the World Bank) if you take specified measures which are almost every time anti-social. This results in turmoil in the society. The government panic. In order to calm down the turmoil even more money must be borrowed.

In this way the government finally gets totally controlled by the IMF.

Let's take for example the Greek education system. 60% of the Education Ministry outlays are coming from loans of the IMF. So it is not at all odd that from the 150.000 kids only 40.000 go to the public universities.

All the above explain also why public works in our country always begin but never end.

* What are the global decision making centres most afraid of?

* One is the soft spot of the global leaders (even if this sounds impossible) and this lies in their constant fear whether someday the people wake up and demand the wealth that is rightly theirs. The same happened in the ex-Soviet Union. The NSA had information that some people were leading millions of soviets to a revolution in order to get back more than 70 years stolen wealth. They were informed about this movement in time and prevented it by dismembering the country.

* You mentioned before an enormous in power organisation, the NSA.

* Yes, that's right. The NSA (National Security Agency) was founded on 4th November 1952 by president Truman and its headquarters is at Fort Mead USA. It has more than 2,000,000 agents and scientists all over the world.

There is no committee in Congress, not even any laws that control their activities. In reality there is not even an act to affirm its establishment. There exist only documents to protect it.

The security standard is very high and its electronic equipment is unique. It has the most perfect computer centre in the world. Its computers are gathering and analysing daily all the information from the hundreds of monitoring stations that are on the whole planet and in this way they oversee the telecommunications of both the friendly and enemy countries. The Greek part of the NSA network is the American base of Aktio.

It is equipped with scores of satellites which, for example, monitor the movements of the Serbs or of Saddam and in seconds they inform the headquarters of the organisation.

If you ask someone which is the biggest secret service in the world, they might mention the CIA, DIA or KGB. The NSA has deliberately cultivated the impression that the secret services of USA that do everything are the CIA and the DIA. Many books and articles have been written about these secret services. But of the NSA no-one has ever written anything. In reality the better known services are executive organs of the NSA which, from its side, is the executive organ of the two global decision making centres that we mentioned before; the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission.

Remember, the NSA manufactures politicians (presidents and prime ministers) always according to the orders of the two global centres. It recruits geniuses from all over the world, it is said that it is the inventor of the infections of the modern world and of many more things that it is impossible for the simple human mind to hold.

* How can anyone manufacture politicians?

* You mean well built?!! There is a committee of politician manufacturing whose president is David Rockefeller with vice president Richard Foren, who is a leading consultant to General Electric. Members of this committee are Henry Kissinger, Alexander Hague, Toshio Nakamura, Edmold Rothschild, Jovianni Anielli, Sirus Vans, Charles Duncan (ex-president of Coca- Cola) and Helmut Schmidt.

The politicians that are going to be presidents or prime ministers are approved or turned down by the above council which meets once a month in the central building of the NSA.

When the candidate is approved or disapproved the brainwash from the Mass Media begins. Money is given from the Central Banks to help establish a party, campaign etc.. At the same time the other secret services take orders so that the NSA plan is carried out.

* What do you see in the near future? Will the status quo remain or will there be changes in the world?

* I think that the changes will begin in the area of Saudi Arabia, changes that will have an effect on the whole international scene. I predict the fragile balance of the oil cartels will be altered when 3-4 oil wells of Aramco's cartel are bombed. This will mean an increase in the price of petroleum products. The cartels for one or two years will have low profits.

If this happens Greece, with its oil, can play a leading role. Here we will have a repeat of the Onasis phenomenon which was recently made public with all its twisted situations. This time Greece can play a leading role in Europe because the economic strength of its oil will make it the 3rd power in the European Union. I mean that England will loose its oil wells in the Black Sea, which belong to BP and Shell, at the same time as the coup d'etat in Saudi Arabia. It is very possible that the geographic borders of Greece with Turkey, former Yugoslavia and Albania will change and also the borders of Germany and Poland (the Oderneisser line).

England will loose Scotland because the Scottish autonomists will blow its oil wells. After the IRA has made an agreement with England a part of it will go to support the Scottish Nationalists.

Being under high pressure, and after having passed the economic convulsion which will lead to the global shock we mentioned before, the world's economy will make an opening to China. China, of course, will ask for something in return. An exchange could be India.

What does this mean? It means that China will be allowed to invade India under false pretences. The Bilderberg Club will supply India, and the Trilateral Commission will renew the armour of China.

In this war, in order to reduce the world's population, the neutron bomb will be used. One time general of NATO's army, Alexander Hague, was fighting off proposals for the neutron bomb, so on 29th June 1979 they tried to assassinate him.

If this happens Pakistan and Turkey will be dragged in, and Turkey will split up in two halves, Eastern and Western part. If this happens Tansu Ciller will put Turkey in the European Union.

Taking this opportunity I should tell you that within the vast changes that will happen in the near future is a step-up of the Ecumenical Patriarchy of Konstantinopolis. I mean that it will play a more important role than today. Already Ciller has a draft law ready for the Turkish parliament if conditions allow it. In this law the Patriarchy will become a separate state, something like the Vatican.

* Except for exploiting the global wealth where else do the two global decision centres target? Isn't it a little bit unreasonable to say that a small group of humans does affect and control almost all the countries on earth? How do they manage not to loose control of them?

* Let's make something clear. Everyone that is in either the Bilderberg Club or in the Trilateral Commission is just a representative of the global cartels. Allied cartels choose some persons to represent them in the above decision making centres. Their opinion for the international trend they favour depends on the cartel they represent. Besides as cartel people the only thing that they understand is profit rates. The protagonists in those decision making centres just bring gold to the cartels.

Exceptional members such as Rockefeller, Mitsubishi etc. are just bright exceptions or as it was before in the Trilateral Commission Paul Austin the boss of Coca-Cola that was sleeping during all talks and resolutions!

Therefore the Bilderberg Club and Trilateral Commission propose to the people of the cartels such as Rockefeller, Hunt etc. the international politics that they will follow.

The second part of your question has this answer. In 1963 the Kennedys tried to reduce tension between the USA and the USSR and to stop the war in Vietnam. But the cartels had budgeted that they would collect billions of dollars with the continuation of the investments in armour and the war. John Kennedy knew that they would kill him. He decided to get sacrificed because of his illness (an old injury in the back bone which caused horrible pains) and believed that they would stop there. They took off the scene also Robert Kennedy who would certainly win the next election and would stop the war. Nixon dared to reduce the dispute this means that he did not continue the war till 1978 but did stop him at 1973. Therefore they involved him in the Watergate scandal and they sent him packing.

So the control and the guidance is in their hands. The two global centres as well as the 'legal' governments also have persons involved in matters that have nothing to do with politics. They are bankers, ship-owners, industrialists and higher civil servants. They collect information and transmit it to the centres. There the resolutions and the proposals follow. After the proposals the falldown and as a last solution death.

* How can us humans react to this totalitarianism? What hope is there?

* The only thing that the two global centres are afraid is World Public Opinion. If the citizens of the countries get informed and realise that they are not governed by their politicians they will maybe learn to react.

This reaction can take many forms. For example, politicians may refuse to work for specific circles of interests. Then the pressure is obvious. They do take it seriously in mind. Then they will play the governments to and fro. Bring the army onto the streets. And when they make sure that there is no solution the main government committee must be directly summoned to draw up new guide lines. It is obvious that the old main government committee must resign immediately and a new one must be elected.

* Are there opponent groups that want the people to wake up?

* There are secret groups which came out from the global decision making centres themselves. I am paid by NATO to be against monopolies and against the big bosses themselves. This luxury allows the fast conversion of other colleagues or people from the cartels so that they finally get persuaded that instead of having $1 trillion a year profits, to have something lower. But this small difference can help thousands of families.

A few such persons do exist and act against those two global centres. One of them is Oppenheimer the son, that lives now in the eastern part of Moscow. His father lives in the western part. The son Oppenheimer is against the power structure. He agrees to reduce (very barely of course) his profit rates. His father doesn't.

Let us note here that his father convinced the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission to bring down Gorbachev who sold Russian diamonds for 468 dollars a carat. Then he promoted Yeltsin, who sells them for 69,7 dollars a carat. If the people of Russia do not rise up they will have to wait for Oppenheimers death, for until then they will not prosper.


A note sent to me [TG] on Mr Strigas 12May98


I have to tell you this about Strigas, since I watched almost all the interviews (I live in Athens) He knows everybody important in Greece. Politicians go after him (!) to help them for promotion and support by American officials. He HAS many connections abroad and from what he says he knows Stefanopoulos (Clinton's advisor-well known BB) personnaly as a friend. BUT he is almost illiterate, cannot speak Greek properly, makes big mistakes when writing in English (of course some mistakes in supposedly official docs are mistaken on purpose ie false), but all this about universities is bullshit. However he has a relative in NATO or SHAPE in very high position and gets his info from there. As far as TC is concerned, he must, according to the reporter, be a last chain of the mechanism. He dresses in expensive and fancy clothes has lots of money, and has an astonishingly complete database with info on averybody in Greece!. You get the image. He is a person who does the small dirty work spreading false info but to make himself credible, he gives away some true facts.


3. Proposed amendment to the UK Budget bill


Titus Alexander hits the nail on the head with this brilliantly simple proposal that would begin the process of eroding private corporations' monopoly on our money. The privatised money system is very fragile right now. The gap between rich and poor in the UK is at an all time high, the homeless and damaged begging on the streets and a bogus socialist government in power (smell a Nazi anyone?) Titus' proposal would show how artificially construed all this 'got to tighten your belt' mentality is. The pound could become the British peoples' currency again. And the moneymasters would control the euro not the pound.

As if to prove this point Lord Ahmed, who booked the room for the meeting of the UK Monetary Reform forum mentioned below, was recently in the news complaining, quite rightly, about being bugged and phone tapped. Why might the government and their advisers have been putting surveillance on a serving peer? Because they're afraid of his ideas? Or is Lord Ahmed a terrorist as well now?

Many people believe President Kennedy was assasinated in 1963 because he got the US treasury to mint Silver Dollars, undermining the privately owned Federal Reserve Board's monopoly on American money.

If you're new to the money issue the most crucial principle is that the people, through the Treasury, should create and issue money, not the privately owned and controlled central bank, in the UK case the Bank of England. For more watch Bill Still's very long but brilliant 'The Moneymasters' video, available in most international video formats and in broadcast format for TV stations from [TG]

An Amendment to the Budget Bill


Titus Alexander <>

At the meeting of the Monetary Reform forum in the House of Lords on 12th December 2001 Rafiq Manji suggested that we should propose an amendment to the next budget bill: that the proposed Public Spending Borrowing Requirement (PSBR) of £3billion should be created into existence by the government.

This would be an excellent way of putting the case for non-debt money creation to every single MP, the media, other think tanks and the treasury, taking the argument from James Robertson's book: CREATING NEW MONEY into the wider political and public arena

It's very important that the argument is presented in a clear and sober way, so that it stimulates MP's and others to want to find out more. I therefore suggest we prepare

1) a one-line amendment which expresses the essence of the proposal;

2) an A3 folder flier [what's that - ed] setting out the main benefits, mechanisms, potential difficulties and other background information, together wirth a reading list.

For example a one-line amendment could be something along the following lines:

"That parliament establish an independent monetary board to issue debt-free money to replace borrowing for public spending."

That might be all we need at this stage; even if the government wanted to issue its £3bn PSBR debt-free it would take over a year to set up and would start after the next election at the earliest:

The point is to get the idea into circulation in such a way that curious people are intrigued enough to want to find out more.

This means that the structure of the argunment we present is critical: clear, brief, sober and relevantr, with enough factual examples pf the potential benefits, as well as the costs of the present system.

Extracted from the December issue of Prosperity - freedom from debt slavery newssheet


4. For spooks eyes only - CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 particularly


One thing that has become clear to me through the revelations of MI5 whistleblower David Shayler is the extent to which, like the police drugs and vice squads and special branch the Security Services are also in bed with those they are supposed to be monitoring and, if in the public interest, arresting.

According to Shayler, MI5's 'infiltration' of Class War looks more like a 'propping up' operation. Shayler revealed that a Metropolitan Police officer was recruited to penetrate the organisation. This he did very sucessfully, getting his hands on the membership database rather easily. So successful was the spy in fact that he began taking on many of the administrative tasks at Class War. As the jobs nobody wanted to do improved with what was, in effect, a subsidy to the organisation, memership figures crept higher and higher and reliability and efficiency of Class War increased dramatically. When the copper was finally pulled out of Class War, largely due to Shayler's efforts within MI5, the organisation collapsed.

One wonders if the same would happen to the Socialist Workers Party if MI5 pulled out of there? The 1999 book 'Defending the Realm, MI5 and the Shayler Affair' (by Mark Hollingsworth and Nick Fielding) reveals that MI5 recruited 25 agents specifically to spy on and penetrate the SWP. The tiny party are, after all, Bolsheviks plotting with the Russians to overthrow the British Government.

Since then the SWP have become almost as fascist as the labour party when it comes to insisting members toe the party line. Could it be MI5 have a bigger part to play than we thought in creating that party line in the fiorst place.

So I courteously request MI5 pull their agents out of the SWP. Muy guess is either it would collapse or fall into the hands of true socialists. I imagine the SS's main reason for not pulling out of the SWP is to prevent the latter.

Any spooks reading this who wish to leak info to me which does not jepoardise national security (as opposed to the security of a New World 'Festung Europa' Order) but they feel the public should know about...???

You know where I am ;-)

Readit: MI5 and the Shayler Affair, Mark Hollingsworth and Nick Fielding, Andre Deutsch, 1999, ISBN 0-233-99667-2


5. Who's to blame for US foreign policy?


The State Department?

Wrong. A private club called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

"The Council on Foreign Relations is the American Branch of a society which originated in England ... (and) ... believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established"  WITH NO APOLOGIES, Senator Barry Goldwater

Roundtable is the best informed and balanced CFR criticism site

E-mail: [don't give up if it bounces!]

Site suck Roundtable to your hard drive now using teleport

The Council on Foreign Relations official homepage

The Skull and Bones society - occult order closely connected with the CFR

Foreign Affairs- Journal of the CFR

Use search engines (if you can find a good one) to find up-to-date timely info on the CFR - Possibly the single organisation responsible for more death, pain and squalor than any in history.


6. Kissinger War Crimes trials latest


Evidence is piling up that former US secretary of State and highly paid private 'fixer' Henry Kissinger is indeed a war criminal and should be behind bars. Well, he should certainly stand trial, the question should only be where and when?

Like the Isreali prime minister Kissinger must be getting scared. A dangerous condition for a cornered beast to be in.

Nobel prize winner and Guatamalan indigenous leader Rigaberta Menchu has joined the fight to get Kissinger to face charges.

So what will Kissingers reaction be if, next time he's in London, he is served with a subpoena to appear in court to answer war crimes charges? If his reaction when this happened in Paris back in May 2001 is anything to go by he won't like it. [TG]

for the latest on Henry on the run.

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31Oct01 - PEPIS #33 - The USA: Most Terrorist State in the World

1. War on Terrorism or War on Truth?
2. Lawsuit filed against Kissinger for war crimes
3. September 11th premonition (!)
4. US Government's Terrorist Training Camp - Will We Bomb the USA?
5. Humour: "Come on Mr. Taliban - Turn over Bin Laden"
6. Assasins Versus Crusaders?

Welcome to the latest PEPIS bulletin.

This edition is predictably focussed on the bloodletting currently being performed by the USA alliance of one (very few even in the UK military or the Labour party think this war can achieve anything) in Afghanistan.

Just after the so-called war started I did a revamp of the website. It now includes pages on information warfare, human genetics, the CIA infiltration of the post-war European Arts scene, interference with my snailmail, the Bank of International Settlements etc. etc. But don't hold your breath, just after the last PEPIS was sent out back in August the bilderberg website along with was taken out for a day or so.

If this happens again we'll try and sort it out quickly. Please be patient and come back to check it out in an hour or two.

Here's looking forward to the party the day they announce this senseless bombing has stopped.

See and for many good antiwar links

Tony G


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1. War on Terrorism or War on Truth?

Tony Gosling - 31Oct01

The attack on the One World Financial Centre (WTC) was no great surprise to many of us. It's easy to be wise after the event but a 'spectacular' was predicted by so-called conspiracy theorists as a pretext for more interventionism. In the aftermath why haven't the attacks on Kabul been covered live on our TV screens? Why haven't whole sections of the insides of newspapers been given over to the ruinous images Afghan photographers are snapping this morning?

'Self-harming' was planned by the CIA in the sixties to provide a pretext for the Cuba invasion. (see ) Many believe Kennedy was assasinated for resisting that US military plan for the invasion of Cuba. If Mossad or the CIA sponsored the S11 attack we may never know because that considerable likelihood cannot be raised. Even discussing the possibility might embarass the military in time of war. A Catch 22 to beat them all.

But it's the rejection by the US State Department of the Taliban's offer to hand Bin Laden over for trial in a neutral country that gives the game away. The US elite don't want justice. The military, industry and the geostrategic planners, to justify their own existence, want war. Some might say in the curent economic climate they need a war. They treat the world stage as a poker table. Wher you have to use bluff and up the stakes to survive.

This so-called war has already acted as a convenient cover for the invasion of Palestine by the Isreali army, the dismantling of domestic civil liberties and countless other totalitarian moves. How convenient that this war has no specific objective. The military have an endless list of bogey-men that they can persue one after another justifying a never-ending war. If we are passive or cynical enough to let them.

Many of those who died in the twin towers were not in every sense 'innocent' either. Through poverty, starvation, lack of education, IMF Structural Adjustment Programmes and sanctions, economic warfare is killing millions of people every year. The World Bank and IMF have been beating the South back into the stone age for decades now and the financial speculators in the World Trade Centre (The One World Financial Centre) must bear some responsibility for helping enforce this cowardly New Financial Order of death by debt. Yes, many of those who died in New York were responsible for reinforcing grotesque opulence in the west and grinding poverty in the South. Spending, that is gambling, vast sums of money on whatever will generate a profit, anywhere in the world, regardless of the human consequences.

The problem comes when you realise some of the greatest profits come from war. People will borrow any amount of money at any interest rate to fight a war. Financial dealers and bankers think nothing of lining the pockets of both sides in a conflict especially when the victor honours the debts of the vanquished.

This 'war on terrorism' is phoney. Most of the world's terrorists are trained and sponsored by the covert operations arms of western governments. Particularly embarrassing is the sheer scale of the US terrorist training programme (see article below). MI5 whistleblower David Shayler has pointed out the UK government's foreign intelligence arm MI6 launced a (thankfully) botched attempt to kill Colonel Gadaffi.

Interference by crumbling and sham democracies such as the EU, UK and USA in the affairs of other countries must come under the spotlight. Current efforts to make the Zimbabwe economy 'scream' and destabilise elections invite terrorist retaliation. Incidents like the arrest and humiliating trial for war crimes of democratically elected Serbian President Milosevich also. Ex MI6 officer, Richard Tomlinson, revealed MI6 were planning Milisevic's assassination.

The terrorists in MI6 must be brought to trial before our government starts throwing its weight around and pontificating on the subject.

Will Henry Kissinger, who ordered the assassination of democratic Chilean general Rene Schneider in 1970, be hanging his head like Milosevic as he walks into the world criminal court? (see ) The sooner the better. He's a grave danger to humanity walking the streets (or tearing round the world at breakneck speed) and must be put on trial without delay. Why? Because just last night he was keynote speaker at the Centre for Policy Studies in London. One of the primary 'think-tanks' for developing British government policy.

And as the press does its best to untangle the wreckage of the September 11th attacks it will do well to examine closely its relations with the I-OPS department of British Military Intelligence.

I-OPS department boasted to whistleblower David Shayler, while he was working for MI5, they had 'a spy in every newsroom in Britain'. I-OPS helps vet, unbeknowns to candidates, all employees of the BBC as well as handling 'friendly' reporters and editors such as Dominic Lawson and 'diplomatic' and 'intelligence' correspondants. I-OPS builds up a relationship of trust by feeding reporters exclusive stories from their privileged knowledge of cabinet/military briefs and the intelligence gathered by GCHQ. Real scoops as well as smears are fed to the press. Craving the cudos guillible hacks lap the sweet up with the sour and regurgitate it all for public consumption.

But these cozy relationships with journalists come into their own in wartime when outright lies, designed to bring the public in behind the war and/or trick the enemy, get presented as fact. And it is precisely in wartime that journalists sucked into this I-OPS dance of death, those doing the dirty on newsroom colleagues who don't support the phoney war, need to search their conciences. They need to distance themselves by coming clean about where they've been tricked in the past and dishing what dirt they know on those whose job it is to make sure that the first casualty of war is the truth.

So let's stop boming Kabul right now. This phoney war can only escalate. In the UK we can announce a review of World Bank/IMF programmes and Iraqi Sanctions by the World Development Movement or similar independent group. Running parallel with a public enquiry into the I-OPS department of UK Military Intelligence.

One final point... If I'm right, and the attacks on the WTC were perpetrated somewhere within Western Intelligence, watch for British public opinion to swing against this phoney war. It could be time for another 'spectacular'. This time closer to home.


2. Lawsuit filed against Kissinger for war crimes

Kissinger accused over Chile plot

(Mr Kissinger has denied his involvement)

Tuesday, 11 September, 2001, 02:53 GMT 03:53 UK

A lawsuit has been filed against the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger over his alleged role in the death of the former Chilean army commander, General Rene Schneider, in 1970. The suit was filed in Washington by members of the general's family. They accuse Mr Kissinger of being involved in what they say was a US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plot to kill him.General Schneider died after resisting a kidnapping attempt which, the family says, was part of a wider plot to prevent the Chilean Marxist leader, Salvador Allende, from becoming president.Mr Kissinger has repeatedly denied any involvement in General Schneider's death. The court action follows several requests by judges in Chile and Argentina judges to question Mr Kissinger over human rights abuses committed during the military regimes of the 1970s.The BBC correspondent in Washington says the lawsuit stems from an investigation by a US television network, which claims that CIA communications contradict Mr Kissinger's version of events.


General Schneider's family say the botched kidnapping attempt took place as part of a covert White House campaign to prevent Socialist Salvador Allende from becoming president.

General Pinochet ousted President Allende

Both Mr Kissinger and his boss, the then-president Richard Nixon, were heavily involved in backing anti-Allende factions in Chile, the indictment alleges.

The general was a key player in Chile at the time as he had provided crucial backing to Mr Allende after his narrow presidential election victory on 4 September 1970. In an apparent attempt to remove Mr Allende's military support, coup plotters attempted to kidnap General Schneider, but shot him when he reached for his gun in self-defence. He died two days after the attempt on 24 October 1970 in Santiago's Military Hospital. 'No connection'

Mr Kissinger, President Nixon's national security adviser at the time, and later secretary of state for both Mr Nixon and his successor, Gerald Ford, has always denied his involvement.

Mr Kissinger served under the late former president Nixon

In 1975, a US Senate investigation established that America had indeed backed a coup which eventually brought down Mr Allende three years later, and set up the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.However, Mr Kissinger testified before the Senate hearing that he cut off all support for the coup plotters the week before General Schneider was murdered.A high-ranking State Department official referred to previously declassified documents about the situation in Chile during the 1960s and '70s, saying "the documents speak for themselves".


3. September 11th premonition (!)

These three emails were sent to an email list I'm a member of on the morning of the WTC attacks and before dawn broke in the USA. Presented here in Chronological order with email addresses and names concealed where necessary:

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 05:48:13 -0400
Subject: New cool link (Kissinger accused over Chile plot)

A new link appeared at - 'The last 10 things xxxxxxxxxxxx saw'

Kissinger accused over Chile plot

Mr. Kissinger, how do you plead?


To: "''" <>
Subject: RE: New cool link (Kissinger accused over Chile plot)
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:58:17 +0100
X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.27650.21)

Also at

(hidden in the Americas/Chile section)


Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 11:43:32 +0100
From: Tony Gosling <>
Subject: RE: New cool link (Kissinger accused over Chile plot)

Does this mean Kissinger'll have to kick off a nuclear war in Palestine to distract our attention now???



4. US Government's Terrorist Training Camp - Will We Bomb the USA?

Backyard terrorism,1361,583254,00.html

The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it

George Monbiot Tuesday October 30, 2001 The Guardian

"If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents," George Bush announced on the day he began bombing Afghanistan, "they have become outlaws and murderers themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril." I'm glad he said "any government", as there's one which, though it has yet to be identified as a sponsor of terrorism, requires his urgent attention.

For the past 55 years it has been running a terrorist training camp, whose victims massively outnumber the people killed by the attack on New York, the embassy bombings and the other atrocities laid, rightly or wrongly, at al-Qaida's door. The camp is called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or Whisc. It is based in Fort Benning, Georgia, and it is funded by Mr Bush's government.

Until January this year, Whisc was called the "School of the Americas", or SOA. Since 1946, SOA has trained more than 60,000 Latin American soldiers and policemen. Among its graduates are many of the continent's most notorious torturers, mass murderers, dictators and state terrorists. As hundreds of pages of documentation compiled by the pressure group SOA Watch show, Latin America has been ripped apart by its alumni.

In June this year, Colonel Byron Lima Estrada, once a student at the school, was convicted in Guatemala City of murdering Bishop Juan Gerardi in 1998. Gerardi was killed because he had helped to write a report on the atrocities committed by Guatemala's D-2, the military intelligence agency run by Lima Estrada with the help of two other SOA graduates. D-2 coordinated the "anti-insurgency" campaign which obliterated 448 Mayan Indian villages, and murdered tens of thousands of their people. Forty per cent of the cabinet ministers who served the genocidal regimes of Lucas Garcia, Rios Montt and Mejia Victores studied at the School of the Americas.

In 1993, the United Nations truth commission on El Salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst atrocities of the civil war. Two-thirds of them had been trained at the School of the Americas. Among them were Roberto D'Aubuisson, the leader of El Salvador's death squads; the men who killed Archbishop Oscar Romero; and 19 of the 26 soldiers who murdered the Jesuit priests in 1989. In Chile, the school's graduates ran both Augusto Pinochet's secret police and his three principal concentration camps. One of them helped to murder Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffit in Washington DC in 1976.

Argentina's dictators Roberto Viola and Leopoldo Galtieri, Panama's Manuel Noriega and Omar Torrijos, Peru's Juan Velasco Alvarado and Ecuador's Guillermo Rodriguez all benefited from the school's instruction. So did the leader of the Grupo Colina death squad in Fujimori's Peru; four of the five officers who ran the infamous Battalion 3-16 in Honduras (which controlled the death squads there in the 1980s) and the commander responsible for the 1994 Ocosingo massacre in Mexico.

All this, the school's defenders insist, is ancient history. But SOA graduates are also involved in the dirty war now being waged, with US support, in Colombia. In 1999 the US State Department's report on human rights named two SOA graduates as the murderers of the peace commissioner, Alex Lopera. Last year, Human Rights Watch revealed that seven former pupils are running paramilitary groups there and have commissioned kidnappings, disappearances, murders and massacres. In February this year an SOA graduate in Colombia was convicted of complicity in the torture and killing of 30 peasants by paramilitaries. The school is now drawing more of its students from Colombia than from any other country.

The FBI defines terrorism as "violent acts... intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a government, or affect the conduct of a government", which is a precise description of the activities of SOA's graduates. But how can we be sure that their alma mater has had any part in this? Well, in 1996, the US government was forced to release seven of the school's training manuals. Among other top tips for terrorists, they recommended blackmail, torture, execution and the arrest of witnesses' relatives.

Last year, partly as a result of the campaign run by SOA Watch, several US congressmen tried to shut the school down. They were defeated by 10 votes. Instead, the House of Representatives voted to close it and then immediately reopen it under a different name. So, just as Windscale turned into Sellafield in the hope of parrying public memory, the School of the Americas washed its hands of the past by renaming itself Whisc. As the school's Colonel Mark Morgan informed the Department of Defense just before the vote in Congress: "Some of your bosses have told us that they can't support anything with the name 'School of the Americas' on it. Our proposal addresses this concern. It changes the name." Paul Coverdell, the Georgia senator who had fought to save the school, told the papers that the changes were "basically cosmetic".

But visit Whisc's website and you'll see that the School of the Americas has been all but excised from the record. Even the page marked "History" fails to mention it. Whisc's courses, it tells us, "cover a broad spectrum of relevant areas, such as operational planning for peace operations; disaster relief; civil-military operations; tactical planning and execution of counter drug operations".

Several pages describe its human rights initiatives. But, though they account for almost the entire training programme, combat and commando techniques, counter-insurgency and interrogation aren't mentioned. Nor is the fact that Whisc's "peace" and "human rights" options were also offered by SOA in the hope of appeasing Congress and preserving its budget: but hardly any of the students chose to take them.

We can't expect this terrorist training camp to reform itself: after all, it refuses even to acknowledge that it has a past, let alone to learn from it. So, given that the evidence linking the school to continuing atrocities in Latin America is rather stronger than the evidence linking the al-Qaida training camps to the attack on New York, what should we do about the "evil-doers" in Fort Benning, Georgia?

Well, we could urge our governments to apply full diplomatic pressure, and to seek the extradition of the school's commanders for trial on charges of complicity in crimes against humanity. Alternatively, we could demand that our governments attack the United States, bombing its military installations, cities and airports in the hope of overthrowing its unelected government and replacing it with a new administration overseen by the UN. In case this proposal proves unpopular with the American people, we could win their hearts and minds by dropping naan bread and dried curry in plastic bags stamped with the Afghan flag.

You object that this prescription is ridiculous, and I agree. But try as I might, I cannot see the moral difference between this course of action and the war now being waged in Afghanistan.


5. Humour: "Come on Mr. Taliban - Turn over Bin Laden"

This is a flash movie - you may need to download a plugin for your browser - don't bother if you haven't got a sound card though.

I was a bit worried by the 'Bin Laden, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide' at the end of this short movie - but the overall sentiment I totally agree with.


6. Assasins Versus Crusaders?

The information here on The Assassins, The Crusaders and the parallels with the current demonising of 'Moslem Fundamentalism' is too spooky to ignore.....


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PEPIS #32 - 16Aug01 - Sole Pre-Bilderberg Source Closed Down

1. Bilderberg Steering Committee Member Clarke To Lead UK Conservative Party?

2. World's Only Bilderberg Pre-Conference Source Dries Up - Spotlight Newspaper Closes

3. Spotlight Busts Bilderbergers As They Meet On Guarded Island - Final Spotlight Report

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1. Win-Win-Win?: Bilderberger Clarke One Step From Completing UK Single Currency Triangle


[Note: Ken Clarke's long-time position as one of the 30 man Bilderberg Steering Committee means he is at the heart of the conference agenda alongside Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller. Clarke is one of only two Brits on the Syeering Committee and decides who gets invited from the UK each year.]

If Ken Clarke makes it to be Tory leader, all three major UK Parties will be led by men who want Britain to drop the pound for the single European currency.

Bilderberg Group executive committee member, Kenneth Clarke, has won the vote by Conservative Party MPs to decide who will replace William Hague as leader.

Clarke came first in a vote of the 166 Conservative MPs and Iain Duncan Smith was second. They will now face a one member one vote election among the 300,000 Tory party members with the final winner announced on September 12th.

Michael Portillo, the strong favourite at the start of the campaign and winner of the two previous votes, is now out of the race after strangely highlighting the need for a debate over the legalisation of cannabis and the teaching of homsexuality in schools. I say strangely because these were two proposals guaranteed to turn many Conservative MPs and certainly a vast number of party members against him. If he had set out to destroy his own chances, given the attitudes of large swathes of the right of centre party, he could not have chosen two issues more likely to do it.

The ideal situation for the Illuminati is to have Tony Blair (Labour Party), Kenneth Clarke (Conservative Party), and Charles Kennedy** (Liberal Democrats) as leaders of their parties at the time of the "referendum" on replacing the pound sterling with the single European currency because with all three vehemently in favour of the Euro the pro-argument will dominate the referendum debate.

It will be interesting, therefore, to see how Clarke's last hurdle, Iain Duncan Smith, is treated by the media and the spinners in the leadership campaign that will now ensue. Smith says he is strongly against replacing the pound with the Euro.

2. World's only Bilderberg pre-conference source dries up - Spotlight newspaper closes


Liberty Lobby goes under, ends Spotlight publication - The Washington Times Andrea Billups - 10July01

Liberty Lobby has closed its doors and its weekly newspaper, the Spotlight, has published its last edition after a federal bankruptcy judge last week dismissed the group's latest claim for Chapter 11 protection.

The most recent ruling by U.S. bankruptcy Judge S. Martin Teel Jr. puts an end to a complicated eight-year battle between Liberty Lobby founder Willis A. Carto and his former associates at the California-based Institute for Historical Review (IHR).

IHR sued and won a multimillion-dollar judgment on claims that Mr. Carto illegally diverted funds from the institute's Texas parent company, the Legion for the Survival of Freedom. Mr. Carto, a resident of Escondido, Calif., founded the Washington-based Liberty Lobby in 1955. The nonprofit outfit and its publication, the Spotlight, funded by outside donations and subscriptions, claimed to be America's key defender of patriotism and a hub for grass-roots conservative activism. But they also have been criticized as a fertile breeding ground for the views of anti-government extremists, conspiracists and racists.

Yesterday, as about 25 employees gathered personal belongings and wrapped up last-minute business at the Liberty Lobby offices, located at 300 Independence Ave., a spokesman defended Mr. Carto and vowed to fight on. "Nobody is really that sad, but everybody is mad," said spokesman William Francis. "While Liberty Lobby may be dissolved, nobody has given up here. We know that we did nothing wrong as an institution. Everybody has complete faith in Mr. Carto and how he administered the funds."

While offering few specifics, Mr. Francis hinted that a new incarnation of the Spotlight was already in the works. "They may come in and shut us down, but the staff are fully committed to make new efforts to get something going. Over the last several days, we've had hundreds of phone calls to the office, pledges of hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up a new newspaper," he said. "We have a citizens army behind us." Mark Weber, director of IHR, said the ruling may signal the end of Liberty Lobby, but he predicts Mr. Carto will endure with some other venture. "This is a welcome culmination of an exhausting, costly, bitter legal and public relations dispute," said Mr. Weber, who has been assailed in the pages of the Spotlight as a "rat," "weasel," "toilet bowl," "cockroach" and "devil."

Mr. Francis yesterday reiterated his claims that IHR plans to sell one of the Liberty Lobby's final assets, its subscriber mailing list, to such watchdog organizations as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, which have been critical of both feuding groups. "It's a lie," Mr. Weber said of those claims.

Liberty Lobby once sued the Wall Street Journal for having called the organization "anti-Semitic." But Judge Robert Bork dismissed the suit in 1984, declaring, "If anti-Semitism has a core, factual meaning, it was demonstrated here." Mr. Carto, a 74-year-old native of Fort Wayne, Ind., has been called "the most influential anti-Semite in the United States." About 90,000 people are paid subscribers to the Spotlight, which in 1981 had an estimated readership of more than 300,000.

The weekly's "favorite political targets included the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Henry Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations and the 'Zionist entity' in Palestine," according to author Dennis King.

Mr. Carto played a key role in co-founding IHR in 1978. The Anti-Defamation League has called IHR "the world's single most important outlet for Holocaust-denial propaganda" Mr. Carto was ousted by IHR's board of directors in September 1993 after the staff complained, among other things, of Mr. Carto's interference in editorial decisions for the Journal of Historical Review, an IHR publication.


3. Spotlight Busts Bilderbergers As They Meet On Guarded Island

- The last Spotlight Bilderberg report

SPOTLIGHT - Bilderberg is gloomy over setbacks in its plans for world government and the presence of an Arab leader suggests meddling in the Mideast lies ahead.

By James P. Tucker Jr. -6th June 2001

STENUNGSUND, Sweden-Bilderberg took dramatic action to keep its program for a world government from possible collapse while planning some kind of intervention in the Middle East.

While Bilderberg has always held its secret sessions behind heavy security and armed guards, this year a SWAT team joined in patrolling the grounds of the Quality Hotel Stenungsbaden.

SPOTLIGHT reporter Christopher Bollyn was seized on private property by Swedish police, driven six miles into the wilderness and dumped. A European reporter was held for several hours.

Tensions among Bilderberg and its armada of police, private security and personal bodyguards was high because of extensive coverage by Swedish media generated by The SPOTLIGHT's early advisories.

This reporter spent hours being interviewed by newspapers, magazines and broadcasters throughout Bilderberg's sessions.

Local coverage was persistent, day by day. The large number of reporters collaborated to keep the gates guarded virtually 24 hours a day. Bilderberg refused, even under the pressure of hostile coverage by major newspapers, to yield up its list of participants and the agenda.

However, participants were identified by sight.

Sources inside Bilderberg and people who move in Bilderberg circles back in D.C. provided more names and information on what transpired behind the guarded gates. From inside the resort, a source was finally able to provide The SPOTLIGHT with a hand-copied list of names and the agenda - at great personal risk.

Notably absent was Carl Bildt, United Nations envoy to the Balkans and host country Sweden's former prime minister. A long-time Bilderberg luminary, Bildt was attending a meeting of the Aspen Society -an arm of Bilderberg-in Brussels.

Notably present was Mohammed Nash a shibi, finance minister in Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. He was identified by Roland Rossier of l'Hebdo magazine, who is doing an in-depth story of Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT's pursuit of Bilderberg over the years. Nashashibi's presence signals some intervention in the Middle East.

Bilderberg is fearful that the European Union might be coming apart when a few years ago it had expected Britain to be a full partner and embrace the euro by now. A new leader in Italy who plans dramatic tax cuts that would confound the euro troubles them.

Further depressing Bilderberg is fear that "right-wing nationalists" in the United States will, with help from such countries as Brazil, block President Bush's Free Trade Area of the Americas from emerging as scheduled in 2005.

The secret group is determined that the Western Hemisphere become a single economic and political entity like the Euro pean Union, where member-states have already surrendered most of their national sovereignty.

In a panic, Bilderberg ordered Europhiles in Britain's Conservative Party to bring participation in the common currency to the top of the list of priorities as soon as the expected Labor Party victory in the June 7 elections is official. It is already being privately discussed with Labor Party leaders.

The orders were transmitted by Kenneth Clarke, a Conservative member of Parliament and former chancellor of the exchequer. Clarke is dedicated to Bilderberg's campaign for a world government. It was what one called "Maggie's revenge" that prompted the Bilderberg panic.

While Bilderberg was hiding here, Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister, was speaking to a Conservative Party rally:

"The greatest issue in this election, indeed the greatest issue before our country, is whether Britain is to remain a free, independent nation state or whether we are to be dissolved into a federal Europe. There are no half-measures, no third ways and no second chances."

The Conservative Party and its candidate for prime minister, William Hague, had made a deal with the Labour Party to keep the issue of joining the common currency out of the campaign debate. The Conservatives would publicly rule out the euro only for the duration of the next Parliament.

This was fine for the Labor Party and Europhiles in the Conservative Party who are committed to a federal Europe because two-thirds of the British people are opposed to giving up the pound or surrendering more sovereignty to the EU. The internationalists wanted more time to condition the British mind to accept the superstate and euro.

Lady Thatcher's outspoken opposition, in spite of her own party's admonition, forced Bilderberg to issue orders for Conservative and Labor Party leaders to bring the euro to the top of the priority list immediately after the election. They didn't want to press the issue this early in the face of popular opposition but felt their hand was forced.

Bilderberg referred to Lady Thatcher's intervention as "Maggie's revenge" because it had manipulated her downfall as prime minister because she opposed surrendering sovereignty to the EU and joining the common currency. Lady Thatcher later confirmed this in a personal conversation with a SPOTLIGHT reporter.

The effects of Lady Thatcher's strong, unscripted speech took a comical turn. Tony Blair, Labor's prime minister, felt com pelled to argue that it is "patriotic " to "share sovereignty" with the EU and "patriotic" to give up the pound, a symbol of sovereignty, in favor of the euro.

Conservative candidate Hague had been hammering the Labor Party over its support of EU plans to "harmonize" taxes among the EU states. The Tory leader said the EU planned to "harmonize" taxes such as VAT, (value-added tax) and broaden it to include books, transport and clothing. "More and more of the rights and powers of the British people are being signed away," Hague said at campaign rallies.

Labor and Liberal Party functionaries rushed out to denounce Hague's "scare mongering" and deny there is a plan to harmonize taxes. EU officials also issued denials.


Hague produced a "leaked document" from the EU that The Guardian of Europe described as "a document on tax priorities which did, as the Tories alleged, envisage harmonization of some taxes, including those governing transferable pensions and environmental taxes."

Bilderberg is fearful that Italy will rip another seam in the EU because of the election of Silvio Berlusconi and his conservative coalition in early May.

The Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post called him "the biggest challenge yet to the young euro currency" on May 18. Post Publisher Donald Graham, like all his predecessors since 1954, attended the Bilderberg meeting here.

Berlusconi, though a multi-millionaire, is far removed from Bilderberg and its agenda. He has pledged dramatic tax cuts which, Bilderberg participants said, un dermine the euro. He was also denounced by Bilderberg for "anti-immigration views."

Bilderberg urged members from Italy to search for ways to prevent Berlusconi from becoming head of government. Unfortunately, the process is slow. Italy's new parliament did not convene until May 30. The new government must have a vote of confidence in both houses before it is sworn in, probably around mid-June.

Italians assigned to try to trip Ber lusconi are: Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli, father and son owners of Fiat; Franco Bernabe the nation's representative on Balkan reconstruction; Paolo Fresco, chairman of Fiat and Giulio Tremorti, of the Chamber of Deputies finance commission.

Bilderberg was already concerned that "provincial nationalism" on the part of Americans would ultimately block the emergence of the "American Union" when the stunning news arrived that the defection of Sen. James Jeffords (Vt.) from the Republican Party would put Democrats in control of the Senate.

"Now we have to worry about those [Pat] Buchanan [expletive deleted] ganging up with the labor unions to stop the FTAA in a Democratic Senate," said one.

On the formal agenda, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) and newspaper tycoon Conrad Black led a 90-minute discussion on "the New U.S. Administration" at 8:30 on Saturday, May 26.

President Bush was given high marks for promoting the FTAA, but all speakers expressed disappointment that he rejected the Kyoto Treaty, one of the building blocks of Bilderberg's world government campaign. They also expressed confidence that Bush could be pressed into backing some kind of "global warming" pact that would enhance UN control of the world.

Richard Perle, assistant secretary of defense, then led a discussion called "Euro pean Security Defense Identity and Transatlantic Security." Perle attended Bilderberg meetings on behalf of President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. There was debate, but no consensus on President Bush's plan for a missile shield.

Bilderberg participants then boarded the cruise ship Erik-which had a big "B" painted on a smokestack-for lunch and non-agenda deal-making.

In the afternoon, Henry Kissinger presided over a discussion of "The Rise of China: Its Impact on Asia and the World." Kissinger, through his international consulting firm, Kissinger Associates, has extensive financial interests in Red China.

It was universally agreed that the United States must "remain engaged" in China and "not be distracted" by such incidents as crashing American planes in international air space. The importance of "opening Chinese markets" and smoothing its path into the World Trade Organization was stressed.

It is important, Bilderberg stressed, especially for the benefit of Dodd and Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), that Congress erect "no barriers" to China's entry into the WTO because of "petty reactions to some incidents."

Both Dodd, 57, and Hagel, 55, are participating for the third time. They are regarded by Bilderberg colleagues as potential presidents. They are from opposite parties and Bilderberg likes to own both horses in a two-horse race.

Former President Bill Clinton was an obscure governor of Arkansas when he attended Bilderberg for the first time in 1991 at Baden-Baden, Germany.

The closing session on Sunday, May 27, addressed the subject: "What Should Governments Do About Food Quality?" It was led by Franz Fischler, who represents Austria in the European Union. The conclusion was predictable: a UN bureaucracy must be established to make certain the global population has a healthy diet.

"Bilderberg is really dazed," said an inside source. "They thought by now the EU would be a full super-state with nation-states obsolete. Now they are afraid the whole agenda could unravel." With the U.S. Senate "turned upside down, they are afraid Big Labor will help stop the FTAA and the 'American Union' will never happen," the Bilderberg source said.

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PEPIS #31 - 03Jul01 - Lawyers demand removal of Swedish article

1. UK TV this Thursday - Brass Eye returns to Channel 4
2. Swedish lawyer demands removal of article from
3. Bohemian Grove protest action, July 14th, California --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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1. Good TV this Thursday - Brass Eye special begins repeat showing of 1997 series on UK Channel 4

Thursday 5th July 2001 - Channel 4 - 10:35pm -------------------------------------------- Channel 4 lawyers will be biting their nails this week as Chris Morris returns for a one off update of his satirical news show Brass Eye. Thursday night's programme is followed by the first in a repeat showing of this classic satirical news series. Many believe complaints from powerful people including politicians about the controversial 1997 series led to the resignation of Michael Grade as Chief Executive of Channel 4.

The series was characterised by well-known figures being conned into believing far-fetched stories. So convinced was Marin Amis MP by Morris's spoof drug 'cake', which he even willingly described as '...a made up drug, made up in your kitchen' he raised the issue in the House of Commons.

In another item TV game show hosts Noel Edmonds and Nicholas Parsons delivered heart-felt appeals for help about an elephant that had supposedly got its head stuck up it's backside.

Brass Eye returns to Channel 4 this Thursday at 10.35pm - have your VCR at the ready


2. Swedish lawyer demands removal of article from


This morning I recieved a personal legal threat relating to the website. It is from Swedish lawyers Danowsky and Partners and demands I remove a translated article from their Newspaper printed on May 13th 2001.

The article is currently at

There was a successful attempt last year to close the previous version of the website when an anonymous Freemason wrote to Demon internet about the page

accusing me of "inciting hatred of an innoccuous society". Demon instantly closed the site.

Here is the text of the letter from Stockholm with my comments, followed by the article they want me to remove. I welcome suggestions about what to do.



Danowsky and Partners

Advokatbyra [advocates]

Hovslagartan 5

Box 16097, S-103 22 Stockholm

Telephone +46 8-614 64 00

Telefax +46 8-678 09 25


Stockholm 29-6-2001

Mr Tony Gosling
5 Warden Road

Re: The website with the address

Dear Mr Gosling,

I am writing to you on behalf of Peter Bratt and AB Dagens Nyhetter ("DN"), owner and publisher of Dagens Nyheter, the largest daily morning newspaper in Sweden [swoon]. According to information found on the website you are the contact person regarding material presented on the website.

On the website is reproduced an article, translated into English, which [is one of the best ever press pieces on Bilderberg and...] is the property of DN. The article is written by Peter Bratt and has been published in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter on May 13th 2001. DN has not given its consent to any use of this article on the website.

The reproduction of the article on the website is an infringement on the copyright of Peter Bratt and DN. [even though the source is credited and linked to and is being used on a not-for profit site]

Peter Bratt and DN now require that the article in question be removed from the website. DN expects a confirmation in writing no later than July 30, 2001 that the article has been removed and will not be used on the website again.

Yours sincerely,

Ulf Isaksson

Danowsky and Partners


Here, in full, is the English translation of the article they are trying to remove from the site. My guess is that there is a fear about the article being translated into English.

Thanks again to the kind Swede who translated it for us all.




13 May 2001 - Dagens Nyheter - Swedish Daily Newspaper - Peter Bratt

On the 24th of may the secretive Bilderberg-group starts their meeting in Stenungsund, Sweden. Host for the meeting is the Wallenberg-group´s powerful corporation Investor which has booked the entire conference hotel Stenungsbaden. More than one hundred of the world´s most powerful and wealthy people are gathering in total seclusion to discuss the problems of the world.. DN is the first newspaper able to disclose what is going on behind the curtains.

The power-holders meeting at Hotel Stenungsbaden

The hotel - is situated on an island outside Stenungsund on the Swedish westcoast. This is where the members of the Bilderberg-group is going to be meeting from the 24. to 28. of May. In the spacious Bohus-salongs with a view over Hakefjord some of North America´s and Europe´s most influential persons will discuss big politics and business. The meeting is “private”, so nobody needs to worry about being quoted in media.

Security measures

Investor is host of the meeting and has hired the entire hotel. The Swedish secret police, SÄPO, is responsible for the Swedish participants - and responsible for surveillance of the perimeters of the hotel and beyond. Prominent foreign participants have protection of their own respective state security services. These have contacted Säpo and required permission to carry arms. A person like Henry Kissinger still has protection of the US Secert Service. Drawings over the layout of the hotel has been classified and the staff of the hotel has been instructed not to discuss the meeting with media.

The delegations - each country sends a delegation of, usually, 3 persons:

1 prominent industry- or business-leader.
1 politician of high ranking (minister, primeminister, senator).
1 intellectual (an academic or chief editor, for instance).

Sweden often has had more than three participants, and this year probably will have an extra surplus - being that the meeting is held in Sweden. The United States has most participants because of it´s size. Individual participants are seated in alphabetical order, not delegation by delegation.

The “Chatham House-rule”:

Citing direct quotes is forbidden according to this rule, which was created in 1927 by the Royal British Foreign Policy-Institute, whose seat is in the Chatham House. Nobody is allowed to tell who said what. The purpose for this rule is supposed to be, that every participant should be able to speak freely, without any risk of being criticised by their employer, by parlament - or by media.


Six “panels”, with three members in each, leads the conversations. Each panel lasts for the duration of approximately two hours. After an introductionary speech of about ten minutes, the rest of participants choose - when they want to enter into the conversation - whether they want to speak for one, three or five minutes - by raising one, three or five fingers. One-minute-speakers get to speak first.


NB. The above two items came with a graphic illustration of the seating arrangements in the plenary - surrounded by 21 photos of certain named participants (maybe you could get lucky and find this on the homepage of the newspaper: - or by getting a copy of the actual newspaper. PH).


Facts/ previous meetings in Sweden:

This year´s meeting in Stenungsund will be the fourth time that the Bilderberg-group gathers in Sweden.

- The first time was in 1962 at Saltsjöbaden. At that time there were 8 Swedes participating, headed by Stateminister Tage Erlander, industry-tycoon Marcus Wallenberg and the national labour union leader Arne Geier. The press was astonished by the near total secrecy - and DN´s editorial described it as ludicrous.

- In 1973 was the next occasion and again it was staged at the Wallenberger´s Grand Hotel in Saltsjöbaden. Now Stateminister Olof Palme was attending together with Financeminister Gunnar Sträng and Foreign Minister Krister Wickman. And, of course, Marcus Wallenberg.

- In 1984 the meeting again was held at Saltsjöbaden - and this time Wallenberg had been replaced by the boss of Saab-Scania, Sten Gustafsson. Palme was there again, and previous Army Chief in Command, Stig Synnergren, Peter Wallenberg from the SE-Bank and Hans Werthén from Electrolux. Representatives from “The Economist”, Le Monde and New York Times were included at that time. Palme explained to DN about the Bilderberg-meetings that “they are of great informational value and that is why I have participated from time to time since 1965”.

The Bilderberg-group publishes an “information”-folder: The latest is dated January 2001. General Secretary and Chairman is Martin Taylor from Goldman Sachs. In the Steering Committee´s Secretariat of 30 persons, Jacob Wallenberg (SEB) is the only Swede. The membership register includes 110 names. Four of them are Swedish: Percy Barnevik (Investor), Sten Gustafsson (Saab-Scania), Björn Lundvall (Ericsson) and Marcus Wallenberg (Investor). Most strikingly is the fact, that all Swedes - with permanent positions in Bilderberg - belong to the Wallenberg-empire.

INFILTRATION and NUCLEAR POWER has been on the agenda down through the years.

What can be found out from the agendas of the Bilderberg-meetings from 1954 to 2000?

The Soviet Union, Communist infiltration, NATO, Nuclear Power, the German unification, the Satelite- states - these have all been standing topics of discussion. Economic-, military- and police-coordination against the Soviet Union seems to have been the main theme. In 1969 one topic was the instability of the West, which logically must have concerned the 68-revolts. After the fall of the Iron-curtain, the topics have shifted to such as “threats against Globalisation” and the unrest in the Balkans. In 1995 they were asking whether the “IT-society is creating a new set of political behaviour ?”. In 1997 they were worrying about “whether continual economic growth may threathen social solidarity in the West ?”. And last year it was questioned whether rightist-extremism might pose a threat?

Main Article:


The Bilderberg-group is having a meeting in Stenungsund on the west-coast 24 - 28th of May.

“The secret highpriests of capitalism and globalisation”, their critics claim. “Nonsense”, says Minister of Trade, Leif Pagrotsky, who is going to participate - “the meetings serve a purpose to reduce prejudices and misunderstandings”.

The Bilderberg-group is often depicted as some sort of free-masons, where the powerful of the world, in secrecy, are drawing up the guidelines for how capital may rule, without interference from either people or public scrutiny.

It sounds tantalising, but the picture becomes quite different when you speak with persons who´ve participated frequently in the meetings.

On the Internet and in the newspaper files, even in the big international ones, there is very little to be found about the Bilderberg-group. What you´ll find is mostly the “run-of-the mill conspiracies” - not any accounts of what actually takes place at the meetings.

The group was formed in 1954, on initiative of the Netherlands - and was named after the first conference- hotel, Bilderberg. It had a lot to do with trying to strengthen the ties between USA and Europe in the face of the threat from the Soviet Union and communism. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands served as the front figure.

Carl Bildt, who has participated in six meetings, says: “There are several conferences of this sort of type, where people are gathered for a concentrated discussion on subjects of acute importance. Most of the time they are carried out under what is called Chatham House rules, which means that you may use the information given - but you must never tell who have told what. This is normal.

Bilderberg is an old and merited group. There are others which are somewhat more dynamic. Discussions may be on a variety of subjects. Last year I remember a real battle over the sanctions against Austria. I am not going to be participating this year. I have to be at the Aspen-conference instead, which has a similar purpose, in the north of Italy and at the same time”, says Carl Bildt. Prophessor Anders Åslund, peace-researcher at the Carnegie Fund in Washington and previous economic advisor for the Russian government, says: “Bilderberg is a private network of influential persons from Western Europe and North America. Approximately 110 people are participating each year. The idea is to have a discussion of the world´s big economic and political issues.

Every country has a coordinator, who is permitted to invite participants. In Sweden it has been from the beginning Marcus Wallenberg (senior) and later on, Sten Gustafsson from Saab - and now it is Percy Barnevik. Normally, small countries are allowed to have three participants, but Sweden usually has a few more. Carl Bild is admitted on an “international quota”. A typical delegation is comprised of one person from industry - a businessman or a chief of a bank - one prominent politician, preferably a primeminister, a finance- or foreignminister, and some intellectual, who usually is an academic or some chief editor.

Swedish politicians don´t seem particularly interested in international issues - Björn Rosengren was present once in Portugal, and Leif Pagrotsky is one of the few who is genuinely interested. There are usually six panels on different subjects which are staged in two-hour sessions. All meetings are held in a pleni-auditorium, the participants are sitting in alphabetical order - and also the panels are put together according to the principal: industry, politics, analysts. I find it to be valuable meetings with a strong disciplin. The introductionary speaker usually confines himself to a ten minutes speech - and after that you may raise one, three or five fingers signifying as many minutes. One-minute speakers get the floor first. This is no conspiracy - it is stimulating and one learns a lot. They are very prominent participants, often strong personalities and in the duration of the meetings one will usually get the chance to speak with half of them.

Jurgen Schrempp (Daimler-Chrysler) is usually there plus Conrad Black (The Telegraph, Canada) and Bertrand Collomb (Lafarge), the chiefs of the German and French National Banks, Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat) and the bosses of IMF, the World Bank - and the World Trade Organisation, WTO.

I usually end up sitting next to Bernard Arnault from the french luxury-firm LVMH and Paul Allaire (Xerox), because of the alphabetical order. Vernon Jordan is usually always there (Lazard Brothers) - and either the owner of Washington Post, Katherine Graham - or her son. There are usually three senators from the USA - like John Kerry (democrat), Chuck Hagel (republican) and Christopher Dodd (democrat). Kenneth Clarke (previous British conservative Minister of Finance) is often there. There are few representatives from labour unions, at most a couple from USA. But social democrats are usually well represented through european politicians, such as Peter Mendelsohn. Henry Kissinger or Peter Carrington is usually chairman. Percy Barnevik normally brings along Marcus or Jacob Wallenberg - one year it was Tom Hedelius and a minister and an intellectual, like myself. But this year I am not attending.

The normal agenda covers Russia, Japan, China, big economic questions like the cooperation east-west and the Balkans”, ends mr Åslund.

The Swedish Minister for this year is Leif Pagrotsky, who also attended last year. He explains: “Industry often has an odd perception of those of us who are working in politics. Even in such a small country as Sweden - we are living in seperate worlds. When we are invited, I think we should participate and not remain standing on the sideline claiming that this is just too conservative... Last year, I didn´t see many social democrats in the assembly, but it is good that persons like myself, from a small european party on the left, get to meet senators from the USA - and vice versa”, says the Minister of Trade.

“When I have travelled the anglo-saxon business-world, I have often been met by a belief, that a Swedish socialdemocratic minister is some kind of half-communist, who hasn´t got any grasp on economy. It is very useful to be able to air out prejudices and misconseptions. The fact, that the meetings are secret, or rather, private - in the way that one doesn´t disclose what other people have said, is actually quite normal - this is the same way of things within the EU and OECD, too.

What is not really good, is all the strange conceptions about the Bilderberg-group that abound. Between the EU and the USA there have been a lot of suspicion and struggle. That is why it is important that representatives from both sides are given the opportunity to understand the reasoning of the other side. Last year year´s meeting was concerned with the expansion of the EU, the situation in Eastern Europe and the situation in the USA, before the presidential elections. What it will be this year, I don´t know”, says Minister of Trade, Leif Pagrotsky.

Kissinger not welcome during the Vietnam - years.

Henry Kissinger was invited for the meeting in Saltsjöbaden in 1973. That was one year after Olof Palme´s scourching attack on the bombings of the United States´ in Vietnam, which he compared to the nazi atrocities during the Second World War. Foreign Minister Krister Wickman let the emmessary of the USA know, that Kissinger´s visit was not appropriate and only would make matters worse - as both Palme and Wickman were going to participate in the meeting. And they would not be able to only “talk about the weather”... Kissinger became furious and ordered the State Department, Foreign Ministry of the USA, to give Wickman a genuine scolding. The State Department leaked it to the press, that the Swedish government had informed Kissinger, that he was not welcome. Now it became the Bilderberger´s turn to react. Prince Bernhard became so angry at the Swedish government, that he threatened to move the entire meeting. This, in turn, got Marcus Wallenberg´s attention - so he rushed up to Olof Palme, who straightaway telephoned prince Bernhard, and sent Sverker Åström on an errand to the American Embassy to assure them, that the whole matter, naturally, was a misunderstanding. The Swedish government hadn´t said that Kissinger wasn´t wellcome, of course not... Palme claimed the same thing in front of the press.

But that it definitely was so - and that Palme was not telling the truth - is proven by documents, which DN´s Kurt Mälarstedt has located in Washington.

Peter Bratt.......................

(NB. The above item was accompanied with a photocopy of part of the document - sub-titled: “Furious Kissinger. Letter from the archives of the American Statedepartment sent from Henry Kissinger to Ernst Beuget in the Bilderberger-group´s council. PH).

"Schlaug a hard critic of the group"

The spokesman of the Swedish Greens (Miljöpartiet), Birger Schlaug, is one of the critics of the Bilderberg-group:

- Their motivation is, that the elite shall be able to act in secrecy. It is not because they are evil, but because they believe in what they are doing. International capital wants to remove all obstacles to globalisation - and all obstacles to the right of capital to act freely without constrictions such as regard for the environment, social responsibility or human rights. Demands from local democracies are such obstacles.

- The Bilderberg-group is striving after a consensus, a mutual understanding, in their view of the role of capital. Both Liberals (Moderates) and Social-democrats have subjected themselves to this view, or share it - however you choose to see it.

- What I´m reacting to, is that the participants deny that the meetings have such great significanse, when in fact they have amassed such an unheard of and uncontrolled power.”


14 July 2001 - Bastille Day protest at Bohemian Grove, Sonoma County, California

You can print off the flyer from

Bohemian Grove:

Corporate globalizers and their political hench “men” are coming to Sonoma County. And it will be just MEN, 2,500 men -- no women allowed – gathered at Bohemian Grove July 14 for an annual discussion of their future plans of corporate globalization and racist repression.The Grove is an elite summer camp of many of the top (male) figures in the Bush admin-istration such as Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld. CEOs of Fortune 500 giants like DuPont, PG&E, & Bank of America, those responsible for creating and profiting off the power crisis,and other of the world’s most powerful and destructive individuals will be there. It was at Bohemian Grove in 1942 that the atomic bomb Manhattan Project was planned.

Everyone opposed to corporate globalization and the Bush program should join the march at Bohemian Grove.

"Globalization" has become a buzzword, but what does it mean? For the corporations and their politicians, it means “freedom.” Freedom of capital – particularly – to exploit the labor and resources of the world.They’ll break down or destroy anything that stands in the way of maximizing profits – whether it's labor unions or environmental regulations, public services or national independence.

At the same time, masters of globalization seek to "discipline" the working and poor people of the globe, to force us to accept the dictatorship of the market and the deteriorating conditions of work and life that it imposes.They use the World Bank and IMF, the WTO and the FTAA to force austerity plans on scores of developing and poor countries.Those who resist are subjected to war, intervention, occupation and blockade – Iraq, Cuba, Palestine, Korea, Colombia,Angola, China, Mexico, etc. Now the Bush administration proposes a new Star Wars, pursuing nuclear first-strike capability in the guise of "national missile defense."

Prisons and Racist Repression — Globalization at Home: Globalization is the program of the Bush regime abroad and at home.The slashing of education,housing,health care, job training and other social programs is a form of domestic austerity. Union busting,eliminating affirmative action,attacks on women's rights and on the lesbian/gay/bi and transgendered communities,and the wholesale destruction of the environment and environmental standards, are all part of globalization at home.

They’ve replaced jobs,housing and education with a booming racist prison-industrial complex.These concentration camps for the poor hold over 2 million people. We must fight rising police brutality, the targeting of communities of color, the death penalty and mass incarceration.

Let us make July 14 2001 a day of mass resistance against the modern monarchs of capital, a day when we say NO to corporate globalization, NO to the reactionary Bush pr ogram,and YES to meeting people's needs. Join us!

2pm - Monte Rio

(Approx . 5 miles W. of Guerneville on Hwy 116) Storming of the Bastille, the start of the Great French Revolution, July 14,1789 from SF! Call for tickets/info:

(415) 821-6545

Initial Sponsors:Bohemian Grove Action Network,Intl. Action Ctr., Green Action, West County Toxics Coalition,International Indian Treaty Council,SF National Lawyers Guild,California Prison Focus & more Leaflet issued by International Action Center

For more info visit

PROTEST Globalization

DEFEAT the Bush Agenda


Celebrate Bastille Day 2001 at Bohemian Grove

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PEPIS #30 - 05Jun01 - Bilderberg participants 2001

2001 'Press Release' and 'participant list' with agenda

"I don't think it's true to say that we want to keep it [Bilderberg] out [of the public conciousness], we never wanted to get it in. We don't encourage people to mention it in the mainstream press because we don't encourage idle speculation about what we do. ...... We forbid individual attendees from giving press meetings at our conferences, and we do that not because we're secrecy mad, but because we want to control the politicians who come." Martin Taylor - Secretary General, Bilderberg - interviewed by Jon Ronson

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Typical Bilderberg 'doublespeak' this document is in fact neither a press release nor a complete participant list. There is clear evidence from past years that politically sensitive participants are not listed. The list is not available before the conference, so it is not a press release.



24 May 2001

The 49th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Stenungsund, Sweden 24-27th May 2001. Among other subjects the conference will discuss Defence, China/Japan, Russia, Europe, Productivity, Agriculture, Middle East, Globalisation.

Approximately 110 participants from North America and Europe will attend the discussions. The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion. [and so that commitments made by politicians to businessmen and bankers can remain secret]

Bilderberg takes its name from the hotel in Holland where the first meeting took place in May 1954. That pioneering meeting grew out of the concern expressed by leading citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that Western Europe and North America were not working together as closely as they should on common problems of critical importance. It was felt that regular off-the-record discussions would help create a better understanding of the complex forces and major trends affecting Western nations in the difficult post-war period.

The Cold War has now ended [and we must ask ourselves: was it real?] But in practically all respects there are more, not fewer, common problems - from trade to jobs, from monetary policy to investment, from ecological challenges to the task of promoting of international security. It is hard to think of any major issue in either Europe or North America whose unilateral solution would not have repercussions for the other.

Thus the concept of a European-American forum has not been overtaken by time. The dialogue between these two regions is still - even increasingly - critical.

What is unique about Bilderberg as a forum is the broad cross-section of leading citizens that are assembled for nearly three days of informal and off-the-record discussions about topics of current concern especially in the fields of foreign affairs and the international economy; the strong feeling among participants that in view of the differing attitudes and experiences of the Western Nations, there remains a clear need to further develop an understanding in which these concerns can be accommodated; the privacy of the meetings, which has no purpose other than to allow participants to speak their minds openly and freely. In short, Bilderberg is a small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which different viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced.

Bilderberg's only activity is it's annual conference.[you forgot the steering group, which invites speakers and meets more frequently]. At the meetings no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued [at least none that are attributed to Bilderberg]. Since 1954, forty-seven conferences have been held. The names of the participants are made available to the press. Participants are chosen for their experience, their knowledge, and their standing; all participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity. There are usually about 120 participants of whom about two-thirds come from Europe and the balance from North America. About one third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labor, education, communications.

Participants have agreed not to give interviews to the press during the meeting. In contacts with the news media after the conference it is an established rule that no attribution should be made to individual participants of what was discussed during the meeting.

There will be no press conference. A list of participants is appended.

24 May 2001


Stenungsund, Sweden 24-27May 2001


Honorary Secretary General - Taylor, Martin J

Honorary Chairman - Davignon, Etienne

USA. Allaire, Paul A. - Chairman of the board of directors and CEO, Xerox Corporation

DK. Andersen, Bodil Nyboe - Governor, Central Bank of Denmark

GB. Balls, Ed - Chief Economic Adviser, Spads, HM Treasury

P. Balsemão, Francisco Pinto - Professor of Communication Science, New University of Lisbon; Chairman, Impresa SGPS; Former Prime Minister.

S. Barnevik, Percy - Chairman, Investor AB and ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.)

N. Bergesen, Jr. Finn - Administrative director, NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry)

I. Bernabè, Franco - Chairman, Franco Bernabè Group; International Board of the World Economic Forum; Special Representative of the Government of Italy to the Balkan, Board member of Peres Center for Peace (President - Uri Savir).

F. Beytout, Nicolas - Editor-in-Chief, Les Echos

CDN. Black, Conrad M. - Canada, Chairman and C.E.O., Hollinger International, Inc.; Chairman, Telegraph Group Ltd.

F. Bon, Michel - Chairman and CEO of France Télécom

IRL. Bruton, John - Leader, Fine Gael; Former Prime Minister of Ireland; Vice Chairperson of the EPP and CDI

D. Burda, Hubert - Germany, Publisher, Burda Verlag (magazines) media

NL. Burgmans, Antony - Netherlands, C.E.O, Unilever NV

E. Cebrián, Juan L. - VC, Sogecable, S.A. (TV Broadcasting); CEO PRISA (El Pais)

F. Collomb, Bertrand - Chairman and CEO, Lafarge; Director, Total Fina Elf Group (petroleum & chemicals), Atco; Supervisory Board, Allianz; Board of Directors, Credit Commercial de France

CH. Couchepin, Pascal - Minister of Economic Affairs; Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Public Economy, (Swiss Federal Councillor)

INT. Courtis, Kenneth S. - Vice President for Asia of Goldman Sachs, (Japan) Inc.; International Research Council of the Center for International and Strategic Studies (CSIS) in Washington and Economic Strategy Institute in Washington.[Canadian]

IRL. Cox, Pat - President of the Liberal Democrat Group (ELDR), European Parliament.

USA. Dam, Kenneth S. - Deputy Secretary designate at US Department of the Treasury, Council on Foreign Relations (New York)

B. Davignon, Etienne - Chairman, Société Générale de Belgique; Former Vice Chairman of the Commission of the European Communities

GR. David, George A. - Chairman, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA.

USA. Dodd, Christopher J. - Senator, Democratic Party, Connecticut

USA. Donilon, Thomas E. - Executive Vice President, Law and Policy, FannieMae

I. Draghi, Mario - President of the Economic and Financial Committee, Council of the EU - Director General, Ministry of the Treasury

USA. Eisenhower, Susan - Tufts University, Asst. Director, Communications and Media Studies; President, the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute

DK. Eldrup, Anders - Permanant Secretary, Ministry of Finance; Danish government representative to SAS (airlines)

TR. Erçel, Gazi - Merkez Bank; former governor Central Bank of Turkey

USA. Feldstein, Martin - Professor of economics at Harvard University; President and CEO, National Bureau of Economic Research.

INT. Fischer, Franz - E.U. Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

USA. Glickman, Dan - Former Secretary of Agriculture; Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld L.L.P.

USA. Graham, Donald E. - Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company

I. Gros-Pietro, Gian Maria - Chairman, ENI S.p.A.( Italian energy group)

USA. Hagel, Chuck - Senator, Republican, Nebraska

NL. Halberstadt, Victor - Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University; former Honorary Secretary of Bilderberg Meetings

S. Hedelius, Tom C. - Chairman, Svenska Handelsbanken; Vice Chairman of the Board, Ericsson

FIN. Heinonen, Olli-Pekka - Minister of Transport and Communications

N. Heyerdahl, d.y., Jens P. - Group president and CEO, Orkala ASA

N. Höegh, Westye - Chairman of the Board, Leif Hoegh & Co ASA

NL. Hoeven, Cees H. van der - President, Koninklijke Ahold nv

CDN. Hunkin, John - Chairman and C.E.O., Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

B. Huyghebaert, Jan - Chairman, Almanij NV

S. Johansson, Leif - President and C.E.O., AB Volvo

USA. Johnson, James A. - Johnson Capital; Vice-Chairman Perseus, LLC

USA. Jordan Jr., Vernon E. - Managing Director, Lazard Freres & co LLC [Senior Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Field is a possible misprint]

USA. Kissinger, Henry A. - Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc.; Former Secretary of State

D. Kopper, Hilmar - Chairman of Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank A.G.

USA. Kravis, Henry R. - Founding partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

USA. Kravis, Marie Josée - Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute Inc.

INT. Lamy, Pascal - EU, European Trade Commissioner

F. Lévy-Lang, André - Former Chairman, Paribas

USA. Lewis, Bernard - Emeritus Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

FIN. Lipponen, Paavo - Prime Minister

CDN. Lord, Bernard - Prime Minister of New Brunswick

CDN. MacMillan, Margaret O. - Editor, International Journal, Canadian Institute of International Affairs

GR. Manos, Stephanos - Member of the Greek Parliament & Former Minister of National Economy; President of the Liberal Party

P. Martins, Guilherme. d'Oliveira. - Minister of Presidency

USA. Mathews, Jessica T. - President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

NL. Melkert, Ad P.W. - Parliamentary Leader PvdA, (Labour Party)

E. Miguel, Ramon de - Secretary of State for European Affairs

F. Montbrial, Thierry de - Director, French Institute of International Relations

INT. Monti, Mario - European Commissioner for Competition (internal market, financial services, financial integration, customs, taxation)

D. Mosdorf, Siegmar - Secretary of State for Economics and Technology

USA. Moskow, Michael H. - President , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

P. Moura, Vasco Graça - Member, European Parliament; 1st Vice President, Committee on Culture, Youth, Education, the Media and Sport

CDN. Monroe-Blum, Heather - Vice-President for Research and International Relations, University of Toronto

F. Nallet, Henri - International Secretary, Socialist Party

ISR. Nashashibi, Mohammed - Former Roving Ambassador of the Arab League; Finance Minister for Palestine Authority; Author

D. Nass, Matthias - Deputy Editor, Die Zeit

NL. Netherlands, Her Majesty the Queen of The - Beatrix, the richest woman in the world

PL. Olechowski, Andrzej - Former presidential candidate; Leader, Civic Platform

FIN. Ollila, Jorma - Chairman of the Board and C.E.O., Nokia Corporation; Member of the board of directors, Ford Motor Company and UPM-Kymmene (large timber/paper company)

NL. Orange, His Royal Highness the Prince of - [Bernhard?]

CH. Ospel, Marcel - President & Group Chief Executive, Union Bank Of Switzerland AG (UBS - total assets $ 1,1 Trillion)

INT. Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso - Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank; President of the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies; Member of the G -7 & G -20 Deputies; Chairman of the G -10 Committee on Payments and Settlement Systems

S. Padgrotsky, Leif - Minister of Trade

USA. Pearl, Frank H. - Chairman & C.E.O of Perseus LLC; Founder & Chairman, Rappahannock Investment Company and Counterpoint Press.

CZ. Pehe, Jiri - Director, New York University, Prague; former advisor to President Havel

USA. Perle, Richard N. - Resident Fellow, The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research; Chairman and chief executive officer, Hollinger Digital, Inc.; Director, Jerusalem Post

GB. Pragnell, Michael P. - CEO Syngenta AG; Director, AstraZeneca plc

USA. Prestowitz Jr., Clyde V. - Founder & President, Economic Strategy Institute (areas of expertise: Globalization, Asia, Technology Policy, Business Strategy); former senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment

A. Raidl, Claus J - CEO and Director, Böhler Uddeholm AG (steel)

S. Ramqvist, Lars - Chairman & C.E.O., Ericsson (world's third largest mobile phone manufacture); Board member, Skandia & Volvo

USA. Rattner, Steven - Investment Banker, Director and Managing Principal Quandrangle Group; US Treasury advisory committee on IMF matters; "old hand" at Davos meetings of the World Economic Forum; Chairman of New York Channel 13

I. Riotta, Gianni - Co-Editor, La Stampa

INT. Robertson, George - Secretary General, NATO

USA. Rockefeller, David - Chairman of the International Advisory Committee, Chase Manhattan Bank; Member JPMorgan International Council; Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission

E. Rodriques Inciarte, Matías - Executive Vice Chairman, Banco Santander Central Hispano

GB. Roll, Eric - Senior Adviser, UBS Warburg Ltd,

TR. Sanberk, Özdem - Turkish Ambassador to the U.K.; Director General, Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV)

A. Scholten, Rudolf, A. - Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Österreichische Kontrollbank AG

D. Schrempp, Jürgen E. - Chairman of the Board of Management, DaimlerChrysler AG

DK. Seidenfaden, Tøger - Editor-in-Chief, Politiken - one of the biggest Danish newspapers

RUS. Shevtsova, Lilia - Carnegie Endowment for International Misery, Visiting Professor, University of California at Berkeley & Cornell University

US/GB. Siedentop, Larry A. - Fellow of Keble College & lecturer on political philosophy at Oxford University; Author of Democracy in Europe

GB. Sieghart, Mary Ann - Editorial writer and assistant editor, Times of London

E. Spain, Her Majesty the Queen of, - Sofia

GB. Taylor, J. Martin - Chairman, WH Smith PLC, International Adviser, Goldman Sachs International

USA. Thornton, John L. - Director, Ford Motor Co.; President and co-CEO, Goldman Sachs & co Inc.; Member, Council on Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institution

S. Treschcow, Michael - President and C.E.O., Electrolux Group AB

F. Trichet, Jean-Claude - Governor, Banque de France

CH. Vasella, Daniel L. - Chairman & C.E.O., Novartis AG (Pharmaceuticals)

FIN. Virkunen, Janne - Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat

S. Wallenberg, Jacob - Chairman of the Board, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

S. Wallenberg, Marcus - President and C.E.O, Investor AB; Vice Chairman of the Board, Ericsson

CDN. Whyte, Kenneth - Canada, Editor-in-Chief, The National Post

GB. Wolf, Martin - Associated Editor/Economics Commentator, The Financial Times

D. Wolff von Amerongen, Otto - Chairman and C.E.O., Otto Wolff Industrieberatung und Beteiligungen GmbH.


GB. Micklethwait, R John - United Stated Editor, The Economist

GB.Wooldridge, Adrian D - Foreign Corespondent, The Economist

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PEPIS #29 - 25May01 - Bilderberg (Reuters)

2. Reuters Article

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-------------------------------------------------------- 20:00 Sunday 27 May - Channel 4 UK

In the final programme in his series on 'conspiracy theorists', Jon Ronson investigates the mysterious Bilderberg Group.

Could this elite circle, said to include Peter Mandelson, Denis Healey and Henry Kissinger, really be ruling the world? In Washington DC Jon meets Big Jim Tucker, regarded by the anti-Bilderberg crowd as a heroic trailblazer.

Jim has discovered the location of the next Bilderberg Group meeting and Jon joins him in a quest for the truth, which leads to confrontations with unwelcoming security guards and a leisurely car chase. Will they get to the bottom of the Bilderberg enigma?

2. Reuters Article


Secretive Bilderberg group meeting in Sweden from:

By Peter Starck - Wednesday May 23, 05:00 PM -

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - EU enlargement and the bloc's military role, NATO's future and developments in Russia and China will top the agenda when senior Western business leaders, politicians and a sprinkle of royalty meet in Sweden this week.

The Bilderberg group, a semi-secret discussion forum for the Western world's power elite, will hold its annual meeting in the town of Stenungsund on the Swedish west coast on May 24-28, Swedish newspapers reported on Wednesday.

A 900-metre long metal fence has been erected around Hotel Stenungsbaden, the meeting venue, to keep intruders away, regional daily Goteborgs-Posten said, publishing a picture of the fenced-in hotel.

Anti-globalisation demonstrators are expected to protest outside and local police see the event as a useful training exercise ahead of the mid-June European Union summit in the city of Gothenburg 50 km (30 miles) to the south.

The Bilderberg group, named after the hotel where it first met in 1954, was formed early in the Cold War era in reaction to a growing Communist threat. Today, many critics see it as a conspiracy and an agent of a new capitalist world order.

Bilderberg member Jacob Wallenberg, chairman of the board of commercial bank SEB and head of Sweden's influential Wallenberg family whose empire has a finger in most big Swedish industries, played down the group's importance.

"This is one of many meetings all over the world where decision-makers get together," he told the daily Dagens Nyheter, which earlier published the main agenda topics.

Invited as speakers, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were groomed at Bilderberg meetings before rising to fame as U.S. President and British Prime Minister respectively.

EU Commission President Romano Prodi, NATO Secretary-General George Robertson and European Central Bank Governor Wim Duisenberg all have a past as Bilderbergers.


"Even though no formal decisions are made...this group, together with many others, has contributed to shaping the kind of capitalism we have today and cemented the world's leading business elites together," Goran Greider, editor-in-chief of Dala-Demokraten, a regional Swedish daily, said in a live studio debate on Sweden's TV4 television.

Bilderberg participants abide by the so-called Chatham House rule, which forbids everyone present from disclosing what anybody else has said.

"The secrecy is regarded as very provocative. Men in power talk towards consensus behind closed doors on timely issues on the political agenda," Ulf Bjereld, a political science professor at Gothenburg University, said.

Bilderberg members include former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, U.S. Senators Christopher Dodd, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, World Bank chief James Wolfensohn, France's central bank governor Jean-Claude Trichet and former IMF heads Michel Camdessus and Stanley Fischer.

Also listed are the chairmen of car makers Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli, and DaimlerChrysler, Juergen Schrempp, former British finance minister Kenneth Clarke, Dutch Queen Beatrix and Xerox Corp CEO Paul Allaire.

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19May01 - PEPIS #28 - Bilderberg 2001 Conference Update

After some technical difficulties - here it is:

1. Bilderberg 2001 - Conference Update
2. Bohemian Grove TV programme on UK Channel 4 tomorrow evening
3. A number to call if you think we should know more about Bilderberg and the Bohos.
4. Carl Bildt has been invited instead to the Aspen Conference

Updates on the web at


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1. Bilderberg 2001 - Conference Update

My contact at Radio Sweden says the Swedish Secret Service have confirmed the Bilderberg meeting will be taking place on the hotel/island at Stenungsund near Gothenburg on 24-27th May this year. We will only know for sure when the security services turn up to sweep the hotel and the black Mercedes cars with the characteristic 'B' on the front windscreen begin to arrive.

This conference venue is likely to become a no-go zone within Sweden as foreign marksmen seal the entire island off from scrutiny of press and public.

Could it be that in this Bilderberg fortress the agenda, and even main decisions for the EU summit in Gothenburg three weeks later (14-17 June) will be decided? There will be a counter-summit conference taking place in Gothenburg over the same June dates where I hope this will be discussed as an unacceptable possibility.

Happily the Swedish mainstream press and broadcasing have taken an interest in the forthcoming Bilderberg conference (see below). If anyone can translate these articles to English please send them to me for publication on Swedish TV say they will run a piece on the conference next Tuesday (22nd).


Bilderberg bloodhound Jim Tucker is the most reliable contact for those wishing to visit/photograph or otherwise cover the conference. He will be arriving on Tuesday, May 22 and staying at the Hotel Eggers-Best Western in Gothenburg. Their phone number is +46 31 806 070. Prices at Jim's hotel are $130 per night for a single room or $80 per night per person for a twin.

If this is too expensive for you there are plenty of cheaper places to stay in Gothenburg or you may wish to stay closer to Stenungsund.

Youth hostels:

Vandrahem Slottsskogen, Vegagatan 21, 413 63 Göteborg, tel. +46 31 426 520

Vandrahem Stigbergsliden 10, 414 63 Göteborg, tel. +46 31 241 620

Vandrahem Steningssund, pl 6109, 444 91 Stenungsund, tel. +46 30 382 120

The Gothenburg tourist office are there to help you on +46 31 293 000

Discuss your travel/hotel plans at the forum created for that purpose

Swedish Press Article


On the 13th May the large swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" had a full page article with a lot of facts and background on the meeting which is confirmed to be 24 - 28 of May.

1: The meeting is taking place on an island off the coast of Stenungsund - the island is called Stenungsön and is connected to the mainland by road 160. No doubt the road will be closed to regular traffic.

2: The Wallenberg-group´s powerful company "Investor" is the host and is responsible for security at Hotel "Stenungsbaden".

3: Prominent foreign participants are protected by their own countries´ security services and have requested permission from the Swedish secret police "Säpo" to carry arms in Sweden. Drawings of the layout of the hotel have been classified and the staff of the hotel have been forbidden to discuss the meeting with media.

4: Carl Bildt will not (according to his own statement) be attending this year - since he is needed to participate at the Aspen-conference in the north of Italy (a similar meeting at the same time).

Carl Bildt's record of disaster in Swedish politics:
Cradle-to-Grave Discontent:

5: The swedish government representative who´ll participate this year is Minister of Trade, Leif Pagrotsky (who just recently was greeted in the university city of Lund with a pie in his face).

6: It is not certain yet - but was mentioned last night on the news in tv that even mr Putin (besides Mr Bush) may show up at the EU-summit in Göteborg.


Bilderberg's Dutch phone number (possibly office too) has changed

Bilderberg secretariat's new telephone number in Holland is +31-71-528 0521 (thanks to anon. Swedish journalist)



9pm tomorrow - Sunday 20 May 2001 - Channel 4 TV, UK.

Warning - this series could momentarily restore your faith in television.



9pm 20 May 2001 - Channel 4 TV, UK. (Bilderberg prog. scheduled for next Sunday)

Could it be that some of the elite leaders of the world - the bankers, the politicians, the media fat cats, even former presidents of the United States - are all in cahoots to deliver a New World Order, a clique with supreme force promising destruction for all those who dare to oppose it?

According to some people, every year in a leafy outpost in Northern California called Bohemian Grove, a mysterious ritual takes place that is attended by some of the most powerful people on the planet...

Jon Ronson follows Alex Jones, a hugely popular 26-year-old talk show host from Austin, Texas, in his attempts to discover the truth behind these bizarre goings on. Is the ritual, which includes the burning of an effigy to a strange owl-like totem pole, really as sinister as some would have it, or is it just a harmless symbol of renewal?

You can chat to Jon after the programme at

Unfortunate non-UK residents (don't take that the wrong way you Montana gunslingers) will have to book the next flight to London to watch this

- but it could be well worth it.


3. THE FIRST PEPIS ACTION: It couldn't be more simple

If you think secret meetings of the power elite are a serious topic for investigation please call the BBC +44 207 580 4468 and ask why they are ignoring this entire aspect of global political and economic power whilst collecting a 'public service' licence fee from every TV user in the UK.

If you are a UK resident why not refuse to pay the licence until the BBC begin to cover clandestine meetings of the power elite such as Bilderbertg and the Bohemian Grove?


4. Carl Bildt has been invited instead to the Aspen Conference

What is Aspen?

Deep pow-wow

IF YOU want to think big thoughts in a beautiful place, get invited to Aspen. The famous Colorado ski resort is also the summer home of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, a title designed to remind its seminar guests that they are there for a serious purpose. They discuss anything that is high-minded but not too abstract - corporate leadership, justice and society, economic policy, geopolitical relations - in seminars that last from a few days to as long as a month. The guests are a name-dropper's delight: that chap in the tennis kit is William Colby, new boss of the CIA; the tall man togged up to go fishing is Paul Volcker. They are joined by assorted politicians, academics, businessmen, ambassadors and journalists. For years, the institute took its lead from a generous chairman, Mr Robert Anderson, former boss of Arco, an oil company. He has just been succeeded by a pukka academic, Mr David McLaughlin, former president of Dartmouth College. The institute has found a way of reaching the pockets of the rich via the aspirations of their heads: if they give enough, they are called Fellows of the institute and are allowed to sit in on the meetings (but not to talk).

from The Enonomist Elite Conferences Guide


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PEPIS #27 - 08Apr01 - Bilderberg 2001 to take place in Sweden?

Could be more frequent postings to follow.

This year's page for updates

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Here is some news the BBC or your favourite paper neglected to tell you.


It is strongly suggested, but not confirmed, that the Bilderberg Group is meeting this year in Sweden. Last year they changed their minds rather late, and ended up on the street near Bruxelles, right in front of us, so I guess they won't want to do that again. We can assume then that, either we are getting a 'bum-steer', or this is correct. It sounds plausible enough, given their interest (read 'role') in EU matters, that they would meet in Gothenburg, just before the Summit. They have a tendency to do this with G7/8 as well. A larger than usual delegation the last two years also tends to support this.

It is quite interesting that Sweden is the choice. We saw (and photographed) a few Swedes at last years: Barnevik (Steering Committee), Bildt, Pagrotsky, Leif Johansson, Lars-Eric Petersson and Jacob Wallenberg.

See: and:

Also, Bildt would have met Esther Dyson at last year's meeting. That seems innocent enough, until you notice that he is suddenly chairing a major panel for ICANN, the internet Domain Names organisation, which she was President of until recently. I imagine Bildt will take over from Barnevik as Steering Committee member, and is a rising star in the elite. He is now well placed to influence the development of the internet, that delinquent medium the elite would love to control (as they control all other media). And IT is a growing aspect of these summits!

Just a small bit of elite politics I thought might interest you.

The location is apparently:



50 KM NORTH OF GOTHENBURG MAY 24-28 2001 Tel: + 46 303 726800

c. 50 km north of Gothenburg route E6

Given the growing interest, it is possible that a bigger welcome committee will turn out this year. Tempted to go along myself - never been to Sweden!

Hej Då,


Bilderberg 2001 to take place in Sweden?


Previously reliable source, Jim Tucker from Spotlight has just announced this year's probable Bilderberg meeting date and venue and is calling for people to come and witness the event.

The Quality Hotel in Stenungsbaden [near Stenungsund], is 50 km north of Göteborg [Gothenburg - Eng.], Sweden, close to Landvetter airport is thought to be the venue.


Ferries run to Göteborg from Newcastle-upon-Tyne(GB), Amsterdam(NL), Harwich(GB) and Kiel(D)


direct flights to Gothenburg from: Aarhus, Amsterdam, Basel, Belgrade, Billund, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Helsingborg, London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick, Malta, Manchester, Munich, Oslo, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Prague, Sandefjord, Skopje, Teheran, Vienna and Zurich.

Göteborg-Landvetter Airport is situated close to the 40 trunk road between Gothenburg (25 km) and Borås (40 km). The nearest village is Härryda. A motorway connects Gothenburg with the airport.

Check out Jon Ronson's new book: 'Them' through

and don't forget last year they gave us the run-around.

stay tooned,


This site campaigns for general press access to Bilderberg venues - and a declaration from the organisers that the discussions are public, not private

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PEPIS #26 - 08Mar01 - 'Imagine Yourselves to be Dictators of Europe'

1. Bilderberg feature in London Guardian this Saturday (10th March 2001)
2. 'Imagine Yourselves to be Dictators of Europe' - Davignon, ERT, and the Single Market programme
3. Bilderberg book delayed for 18 months (!)
4. Disillusioned MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson's book 'The Big Breach' available online
5. Bilderberger to head ICANN study at the heart of the net

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1. Bilderberg feature in London Guardian this Saturday (10th March 2001)


Rumour has it that The London Guardian - - will be printing extracts from Jon Ronson's new book, 'Them' which looks at Bilderberg and the Bohemian Grove this coming Saturday (10th March 2001). There looks likely to be a TV version too in the not-too-distant future on UK's Channel 4. It remains to be seen whether or not this will be a good piece of journalism or a whitewash. But if Jon's previous work is anything to go by it should be humourous and closer to the former!

It will be interesting to see whether or not the issue of Bilderbergers colonising the European Commission, the management board or 'cabinet' of Europe, will be dealt with. For me this is the most anti-democratic and deceptive aspect to Bilderberg activities at the present.

Jon Ronson's website aboput 'Them' is at

2. 'Imagine Yourselves to be Dictators of Europe'


The single market programme in the mid-80's was the sucessful relaunch package of economic and arguably political integration in Europe. Jean Monnet, father of the EU had always felt it crucial to rein back monopolistic big business but the success of the single market turned this policy on its head. The relaunch document (see below) was prepared for the European Commission by Philips Industries in Holland and researched by unnamed Philips staff. The staff were told to "imagine yourselves to be dictators of Europe."

Few realise how pivotal the 2001 Bilderberg chairman, Viscount Etienne Davignon, was in this process. As European Commissioner for Industry and the Internal Market from 1977 to 1980 he looked for ways to put big business in the driving seat of European policy. In 1985, as Industry Commissioner, he challenged Pehr Gyllenhammar, CEO of Volvo,  (also administrator of United Technologies, Vice President of the Aspen Institute and one of the five partners of Kissinger Associates) to organise a group of the top European businessmen to lobby the Commission. Davignon argued that the Commission would be obliged to respond to the demands of some of the largest European industrialists. The Gyllenhammar group was to become the highly influential European Round Table of Industrialists or ERT, drawing up policy for Europe.

Extract follows from:

The Politics of Big Business in the Single Market Program, by Maria L. Green, The American University, Visiting Fellow, CSIA, Harvard University.

School of International Service, The American University, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington DC 20016.

Paper presented for the European Community Studies Association, Third Biennial International Conference, May 27 1993, Washington DC.

This is an essential document for anyone curious about the origins of the present policies and direction of the European Union. The above paper has the following structure. The opening section of chapter, IV, is reproduced below.

Introduction I. The Early Years: The Rise of the Multinationals in EC Policymaking II. The Origins of the ERT: Setting the Agenda for a New Europe III. The ERT and the French Connection IV. The Dekker Paper, the Political Agenda and a Constituency for Delors V. The Delors Commission's Policy Alternative and the Eurpean Council Vote VI. Ensuring the SEA's Implementation: The Internal Market Support Group (Committee) VII. Conclusions

IV. The Dekker Paper, the Political Agenda and a Constituency for Delors - extract ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Repackaging the message: The Dekker Paper

On January 11, 1985, in Brussels, Wisse Dekker, CEO of Phillips, unveiled a plan, "Europe 1990", before an audience of 500 people including many of the newly appointed EC commissioners. The plan laid out in precise terms the steps needed in four key areas - trade facilitation (elimination of border formalities), opening up of public procurement markets, harmonization of technical standards, and fiscal harmonization (elimination of the fiscal VAT frontiers) -- to open up a European Market in five years. For the first time a plan was produced which identified some 50 measures needed to eliminate non-tariff barriers to trade and to relaunch the European Market. The Dekker paper was revolutionary -- not only because it was proposed by the head of a major multinational, but because it produced what had escaped national and European policymakers -- a simple plan for a unified market.

The Dekker paper was an internal Philips project led by Dekker's government affairs representative in Brussels, Coen Ramaer. It was the result of the company's growing dissatisfaction with the inability of government officials -- national or EC -- to produce a concrete proposal for a European market. While Mitterrand was promoting an industrial initiative, there were no specifics to the French President's plan. Moreover, when the Commission did produce a comprehensive package of proposals in late 1984, there was no outpouring of support for the initiative. The Commission document developed by Commissioner Narjes listed hundreds of pre-existing pieces of legislation -- ranging from standardisation to social actions to environmental issues -- deemed necessary for the creation of an internal market. Business leaders, while pleased that a package was produced, found the Commission package "unwieldy" and lacking "a precise time-table." Moreover, there was no strategy to ensure its implementation and no rationale for industrial growth. It became apparent to the heads of multinationals that industry needed to produce its own concrete program.

With Dekker's support, Ramaer assembled four Philips experts who had long dealt with the four key areas later outlined in the Dekker speech. As Ramaer explains, he instructed the men to:

"imagine yourselves to be dictators of Europe and that you have decided that the job must be done in five years. And they [the experts] started out "but this is impossible! Be realistic!" And I told them that I couldn't care less if we were realistic or not.

Once they had picked up this idea, they found it fascinating. And they discovered that it could be done -- given the political will, of course." [Interview, September 24th 1992]

Some of the experts set up informal meetings with their counterparts in the Commission to discuss the project and to hammer out key problems. Dekker stressed to Ramaer that the proposals had to be complete -- he did not want the outcome to be simply another speech on the necessity of European integration.

"Europe 1990" was not simply another speech. In addition to introducing a precise agenda, the paper introduced a number of new conceptualisations of what a unified European market might entail. In the trade facilitation area, for example, the "ultimate goal" of the plan was to create "frontiers without formalities for goods traffic and the replacement of paper documents by data transmission via a telecommunications network used by traders, transporters, banks and statistical and tax authorities..." Of course, to implement this strategy, member states would also be required to allow for the development of a trans-European telecommunications network. The paper left little doubt of the importance of creating a united European market. As Dekker noted in his introduction: "The survival of Europe is in fact at stake."

When the "Europe 1990" plan was presented, it was not for Brussels' consumption alone. Dekker sent the plan, along with a letter, to the heads of government and state of the European Community. One letter went to The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher, January 7th 1985, from Dr. Wisse Dekker. The letter opens as follows "Europe's industries - both large and small - will have little future if the common market is not created as intended by the Treaties of Rome. This we all know..." Dekker concludes by submitting "these proposals for the consideration of you and your government, hoping that you will promote the action necessary to get Europe out of the deadlock in which it has been for a number of years. You will agree that this is an urgent matter. There is little time left to correct the consequences of a lack of dynamism in the past decade.

[end of extract]

[from footnote - Margaret Thatcher refused to meet with ERT who were promoting 'Europe 2000'.]

3. Bilderberg book delayed for 18 months


January 2001 - Book about Bilderberg 'delayed' - 'Private Capacity' by Renata Adler US publishers: Perseus Available from Amazon and most online bookshops - IF it is ever published!

Public Affairs publishing are sending out mixed messages about the publication of 'Private Capacity' latest information first here: {TG}

01Feb01 - Message 2

From: "Taft, Gene" <> Subject: FW: Renato's book

Mr. Gosling,

I'm not certain, but I think you are referring to Renata Adler's forthcoming book on the Bilderberg conferences. If that is the case, the book is currently scheduled for publication in June 2002 and it is therefore significantly premature for Ms. Adler to give interviews.

Gene Taft Director of Publicity PublicAffairs 212/397-6666 x234

02Jan01 - Message 1

Mr. Tony Gosling,

The publication of Renata Adler's Private Capacity, a book about the Bilderberg group, has been postponed. The author is still writing but a new publication date has not yet been set.

Robert Kimzey Managing Editor PublicAffairs

4. Disillusioned MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson's book 'The Big Breach' available online


"The Big Breach: From Top Secret to Maximum Security", is the spy book that MI6 banned for nearly five years. Last month it was made available to you in the High Street, this month it is delivered free to your computer.

The book is in it's original published form and is available in the following formats:

Acrobat PDF

Zipped - Unzipped -

MS Word

Zipped - Unzipped -


Zipped -

5. Bilderberger to head ICANN study at the heart of the net


Sender: Grattan Healy <> [Green Party Energy adviser at European Parliament]

Grattan refers to both his and my commentary and pictures on last year's Bilderberg meeting just outside Brussels: Tony's Pages Grattan's



Dear friends,

My colleague Laurence, who deals with Info Society questions in our Committee at the EP (ITRE), spoke to me earlier about ICANN, which I decided to take a peek at this evening. I was aware that Esther Dyson was involved in such things, as I came across her when she attended last year's Bilderberg meeting here in Bruxelles. In fact she was the founding Chairperson of ICANN, and has just retired from that role. On their page I noticed that Carl Bildt has been wheeled in to do a key study (see below)!

How curious, as we filmed him entering the very same Bilderberg meeting!!

I did wonder why Esther was present. It seems possible that the elite figure they need to get a hand on this delinquent medium, since they pretty much own

every other one. And it offers them a possible route to influence over what is already a growing economic force, and may become a global political structure. So watch out!!

Note that Bildt helped set up a media company in Bosnia, and I had some not so flattering reports about that adventure!

Ciao, Grattan

ICANN Launches At Large Membership Study - Carl Bildt to Chair Study Committee

26 January 2001 (Marina del Rey, CA, USA) - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced today that it was commencing a comprehensive study of the structure of its At Large membership. The study will be conducted by an At Large Membership Study Committee that will make recommendations to ICANN's Board of Directors on how individuals can effectively participate in ICANN's policy development, deliberations and actions for technical coordination of the Internet.

Mr. Carl Bildt, the former Prime Minister of Sweden and noted United Nations envoy, will serve as Chair of the nine member Study Committee. An international statesman and information technology advisor, Bildt's current duties include Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations to the Balkans, Member of Parliament of Sweden, and Advisor and Board Member of several Internet and technology-related corporations.

"The Board's approval of the Study Committee and Carl Bildt's selection as Chair is a demonstration of ICANN's commitment to finding an effective way for the perspectives of individuals in every country to be heard and given due consideration," said Vint Cerf, Chairman of the ICANN Board of Directors. "We are extremely fortunate to have someone with Carl Bildt's international consensus building experience to lead this critical effort."

The Committee, which is chartered to seek input from all interested parties and to work toward a broad consensus on ICANN's At Large membership, will use multiple mechanisms for input, including public forums, mailing lists, and a public website. The Committee will encourage the participation of organizations and individuals worldwide, including the development of independent studies and analyses from across the global Internet's constituencies.

"ICANN's actions affect the whole world's Internet users, and I look forward to the challenging task of forging a consensus on the best method for representing this ever-growing constituency," said Bildt. "This will be an international cooperative effort, and I am counting on the participation of a diversity of Internet stakeholders that have an interest in ICANN to help us deliver a workable solution."

The Board invited Charles Costello and Pindar Wong to serve as the Committee's Vice-Chairs. Costello is director of the Carter Center's Democracy Program, and served as an outside monitor for ICANN's At Large elections held last year. Wong served as an ICANN Director and Vice Chairman of the Board during 1999-2000. He also is an active Internet policy leader in the Asia Pacific Region, and Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd., an Internet infrastructure consultancy. The remaining members of the committee will be announced at a later date.

ICANN also announced the appointment of Denise Michel as the Committee's Executive Director. Ms. Michel has extensive experience in both private and public sector technology policy development, having served previously on the staff of the U.S. National Science Foundation, the American Electronics Association and the U.S. Department of Commerce. From 1993-95, she was Sr.

Technology Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Ronald Brown.

Following public comment, the Board also adopted a charter for the study to ensure a consistent base of expectations on the scope and details of the study committee's work. ICANN has posted the charter on its website at


Denise Michel

+1 310 823 9358

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