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PEPIS #7 - 24Dec98 - Blair playing with the public
PEPIS #6 - 27Nov98 - Links Between U.S. Elites and the Nazis
PEPIS #5 - 02Nov98 - Secret German U-Boat
PEPIS #4 - 10Oct98 - European Parliament examining Bilderbergers
PEPIS #3 - 13Aug98 - 1998 Bilderberg Meeting
PEPIS #2 - 03Aug98 - Special Constable Arrested
PEPIS #1 - 05Jun98 - A call for openness

PEPIS #7 - 24Dec98 - Blair playing with the public


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Bilderberg 1998, Blair's presence confirmed

Blair playing with the public

Tony Gosling 24Dec98

Western democracy and press freedom has been undermined by British prime minister Tony Blair's clandestine presence at Scotland's 1998 Bilderberg meeting.

Blair was widely thought to have attended Bilderberg back in 1993, before becoming prime minister, and rumours abound that he is a part of the West's most secretive power elite cabal. The Scottish revelation confirms the close connection.

Since 1954 Bilderberg meetings have brought together the most powerful people in the western world: bankers, the press, corporate interests and top politicians, to discuss future policy.  Democratic interests are in the minority.  They are characterised by extremely high security and a secrecy which is almost absolute.  Newspaper columnists who have mentioned Bilderberg have mysteriously 'lost their job'.

For any that might doubt Blair's presence at the 1998 Bilderberg meeting, it has been possible to obtain testimony from a reliable source who uses Turnberry Hotel. Anyone who doubts the assertion can simply ask one of the many staff on duty that weekend.

Blair's presence contrasts markedly with his answer to a written parliamentary question from Christopher Gill MP in March this year where he denied any of his government attended Bilderberg.

William Hague, leader of the U.K. opposition appears on the 1998 Bilderberg attendance list but Blair is conspicuous by his absence.

Could the organisers have forgotten to include the British prime minister on the list? Of course not. Blair's name on the list would make it much more difficult to justify the almost complete news blackout.

This throws light upon the purpose of the issuing of an annual list of participants. These lists are marked 'confidential - not for circulation', certainly a contradiction in background for a press release. No explanation is given by the Bilderbergers for this apparent 'gagging order'.

The press releases and participant lists are almost impossible for the public to obtain and aimed only for the eyes of top media bosses. They attempt to disconnect the meetings from world events and deny connections with the most powerful people in the world, current heads of state.

Blair was supposed to have been at the G8 summit in Birmingham during the weekend of 16/17th May 1998.  At the very moment 50,000 people, mainly Christians, surrounded the G8 conference centre begging 8 invisible world leaders for debt relief for the developing world, Blair may have been hundreds of miles away at the secret and concurrent Turnberry meeting.

The revelation that the British prime minister attended the 1998 conference adds credibility to various commentators who purport to obtain eyebrow-raising, sometimes extremely worrying, 'leaks'. Indeed Jim Tucker from 'The Spotlight' magazine in the U.S. testified to Blair's presence in his article on the 1998 Bilderberg meeting published immediately after the event.

This cannot but add credibility to Tucker's seemingly outlandish leaks from the Bilderberg Conferences, and adds credence to the 'colour' in articles purporting to be based on inside information.

In one such example Blair was accused in Turnberry (over his reluctance to push Britain into European Monetary Union) of being "...a Maggie Thatcher in long pants". The Bilderbergers are widely reported to have been involved in the overthrow of Prime Minister Thatcher after she returned from an EMU discussion in Rome proclaiming "I refuse to hand over this sovereign nation to thirteen unelected bankers!"

Another of Tucker's leaks this year was that Bilderbergers plan to establish "...a global criminal court that would be superior to the U.S.

Supreme Court and to those of all nations"

Press examination of meetings of the power elite is absolutely crucial because of the totalitarian 'top-down' structure of corporate interests that run the conference. For business representatives, their shareholders do not know they attend and for the politicians, the electorate are also in the dark. These meetings compromise both corporate and state accountability.

One of the only participants interviewed at the Turnberry Conference sounded a note of warning when he called for more openness at Bilderberg. George Papandreou, Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs told Alistair McConnachie from The Social Crediter 'Be strongly critical, whatever you write!'

So who else attends these meetings and fails to appear on the Bilderbergers' 'not for circulation' lists? And if the organisers have been caught lying about who attends their meetings how can we trust their promises about import of their discussions?

Unreliable, disturbing 'leaks' from these meetings and official disinformation are certainly not good enough. And the arrest of Mail on Sunday reporter Campbell Thomas, attempting to cover the conference in Turnberry, for 'knocking on a door' was an outrageous affront to legitimate press scrutiny.

The forthcoming venue for the 1999 Bilderberg meeting is thought to be somewhere in Portugal. Another Bilderberg conference cannot be allowed to pass without the openness and proper press inquiry that goes hand in hand with any meaningful democratic system.

1998 participants list

Social Crediter article and others --

Tony Gosling

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PEPIS #6 - 27Nov98 - Links Between U.S. Elites and the Nazis


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1945 - US ELITES HELP GESTAPO BOSS ESCAPE JUSTICE BY FAKING HIS DEATH As the liberating allied forces closed on Berlin, notorious head of the Gestapo Martin Boormann was smuggled out and under the Atlantic bringing essential components for Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs.

Latest research.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Bilderberg Group and the origin of European unification - Lobster

---------------------------------------------------------------------- CHASE MANHATTAN ASSETS HAVE REACHED $340 BILLION

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Parascope's latest research on the Bilderbergers

---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Council on Foreign Relations - US military and civil society's ruling club. Working for mankind's oppression for nearly a century.

Roundtable website revelations on the CFR:

---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1648-9 ENGLAND'S NEW CHAINS DISCOVERED (PARTS 1 AND 2) Pamphlets from the English Civil War by Leveller leader John Lilburne.

He explains how a small group of ruthless individuals conspired to grab power for themselves, ignoring the clear wishes of the English people.


Tony Gosling

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PEPIS #5 - 02Nov98 - Secret German U-Boat

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Secret German U-Boat wreck found off the coast of Cape Cod.

And note the likely presence of Prince Bernhard on the shore at the time. The father of the Bilderbergers.

A new slant on the end of World War 2.




Tony Gosling

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PEPIS #4 - 10Oct98 - European Parliament examining Bilderbergers

10Oct98 - PEPIS update


The Power Elite Public Information Service

European Parliament examining Bilderbergers -------------------------------------------

Since 1954 the secretive Bilderbergers have been holding private meetings about international economic strategy. They are one of the handful of groups that make up the regular 'Tribal Gatherings of the high priests of globalisation'*.

Though powerful people in and out of the public sphere attend they are 'requested' never to refer to the meetings as the place the international policy consensus has been reached.

At last the European Pariament will be asking some very pertinent questions about the way in which cabal's like the Bilderbergers compromise the integrity of senior public figures. This time in the E.U..

*Will Hutton (see:

Tony Gosling

The following questions have been tabled at the European Parliament on behalf of Patricia McKenna MEP (Irish, Green Party), and they will be taken in November at the times indicated:

to the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Commissioner Mario Monti (Strasbourg, 5.30-7pm, Nov 17th '98)

SUBJECT: Participation of Commissioners in Bilderberg Group "Will the Commission fully inform Parliament about the content and conclusions (or consensus reached) of the Bilderberg meetings attended by various Commissioners over the years, indicating fully which Commissioners attended which meetings since 1954. If not, why not.

Will the Commission clarify whether Commissioners attend in their private or official capacities, since on the one hand Bilderberg and the participants normally claim they attend in their private capacities, whereas on the other hand the Commission has formally announced the participation in the past by Mrs Bjerregaard, Mr Monti, and Mr Van den Broek, and also Mr Kenneth Clarke and Mr Tony Blair have stated to the House of Commons in the past that they attended in their official capacities, and the full security apparatus of the host state not only protects the participants but also ensures the secrecy of the meetings, including the arresting and charging of journalists reporting on the meetings? Is Mr Monti's membership of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee fully compatible with the duties and obligations of being a Member of the European Commission as per Articles 155 to 163 of the EC Treaty ?"

COUNCIL OF MINISTERS (Strasbourg, 5.30-7 pm, 18th November 1998) SUBJECT: Council Member participation in Bilderberg Group

"Will the Council fully inform Parliament about the content and conclusions (or consensus reached) of the Bilderberg meetings attended by various Council Members over the years, indicating fully which Council Members attended which meetings since 1954. If not, why not.

Will the Council clarify whether Council Members attend in their private or official capacities, since on the one hand Bilderberg and the participants normally claim they attend in their private capacities, whereas on the other hand Mr Kenneth Clarke and Mr Tony Blair have stated to the House of Commons in the past that they attended in their official capacities, the full security apparatus of the host state not only protects the participants but carries Ministers to the meetings (Mr Robertson at the recent Turnberry meeting) and also ensures the secrecy of the meetings and, for example, most recently Mr Campbell Thomas, a journalist and reserve police officer was arrested and charged at the Turnberry, Scotland meeting, it would appear for trying to report on the meeting for the Scottish Daily Mail, subsequently losing his position as a *special constable*?"

This question will be answered by the Austrian Minister responsible, since that country currently holds the Presidency of the EU.


Tony Gosling

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PEPIS #3 - 13Aug98 - 1998 Bilderberg Meeting

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PEPIS#3 - Please repost

The article is up at -------------------------------------------------------------------- Reports are that the next Bilderberg Conference will be in Portugal

Tony G

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------

July-August 1998 - The Social Crediter Official Journal of the Social Credit Secretariat - The 1998 Bilderberg Meeting.

by Alan Armstrong, with Alistair McConnachie at Turnberry.

Punch magazines report of May 23-June 5 continued, Few have heard of the Bilderberg Council. But its 120 members are some of the most powerful people on the global stage. It meets amid unparalleled secrecy to discuss the future of the world.

Punch was referring to the meeting held at Turnberry Hotel, near Girvan on the West coast of Scotland on Thursday 14th - Sunday 17th May 1998.

Until very recently, any reference to even the existence of the highly secretive Bilderberg Group was greeted with great skepticism by the worlds media. Punch, along with the Mail on Sunday, the Scotsman, the Scottish Daily Mail, the Scotland on Sunday and The Social Crediter, met outside the gates of Turnberry to find out what was going on.

The 123 participants at the meeting, conducted as always in secrecy and accompanied by a powerful police presence, included Lord Carrington, Chairman since 1990, UK Defence Secretary George Robertson, William Hague Leader of the Opposition, Kenneth Clarke ex-Chancellor the Exchequer, Henry Kissenger and a great clutch of other heavyweight movers and shakers from the world of international banking, industry, multinational corporations, and senior politicians, of whom some are still in power and some others showing real potential!

Investigatory journalist Robert Eringer, in his book The Global Manipulators (Bristol, England: Pentacle Books, 1980) notes that The steering committee certainly has an amazing eye for choosing guests who are on the way up. Most of the current leaders of the West have emerged from the depths of Bilderberg ... Every British Prime Minister of the past thirty years has attended Bilderberg ...(and) Denis Healey was an early member of Bilderberg and was on the steering committee long before he became Chancellor the Exchequer. Tony Blair attended the meeting on 23-25 April 1993 at Vouliagmeni in Greece when he was Shadow Home Secretary.

Why the Secrecy?

Punch noted, and Bilderbergers would not deny, that the Council meets amid unparalleled secrecy to discuss the future of the world. But why?

In this context, Robert Eringer wrote to David Rockefeller, Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank to enquire about Bilderberg. An assistant directed him to a Mr. Charles Muller, a Vice President at Murden and Company, the organisation which assists with the administration of American Friends of Bilderberg, Incorporated. (p. 11) Muller sent him a printed message which included the suggestion that it was, In order to assure perfect freedom of speech and opinion, the gatherings are closed and off the record. No resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements are issued during or after the meetings.

Eringer subsequently established that in fact this is not so. He managed to obtain a copy of a Strictly Confidential record of the meeting held in Barbizon, France in March 1955 and one of the September meeting in Garmisch, West Germany the same year, which records that Participants in this conference may, in light of the consensus of opinion expressed during the discussions, be able to pass these views on to public opinion in their own spheres of influence, without disclosing their source. (p.


Finally, in a letter to Eringer, one time member Sir Paul Chambers wrote, I am under obligation not to disclose anything about the Bilderberg Group to anybody who is not a member of that group. I am very sorry that I cannot help, but I am clearly powerless to do so and it would be wrong in the circumstance to say anything to you about Bilderberg.

There is enough here to allow us to insist that if there are grand strategies to be developed, presumably in the best interests of the worlds peoples, they should be made in forums that are subject to full democratic scrutiny and accountability. Not behind locked doors at private meetings of a largely self-appointed elite establishment.

Why should democratically elected representatives attending these meetings feel it necessary to maintain complete secrecy over what is discussed? It is also open to question whether the British Police Force should have provided armed security for such a private meeting or whether an Army helicopter should have been used to ferry Defence Secretary George Robertson. According to his spokesman, He was fulfilling an official engagement as Secretary of State for Defence and, as such, transport was met by public expense. (Mail on Sunday, Night and Day supplement, June 14, 1998, p. 15.) The Turnberry Agenda

According to the official PRESS RELEASE Bilderberg Meetings, dated May 14, 1998: Among others the Conference will discuss NATO, Asian Crisis, EMU, Growing Military Disparity, Japan, Multilateral Organizations, Europes social model, Turkey, EU/USA Market Place.

Hopefully, journalists are beginning to wake up, at long last, to the idea that Bilderberg is real and that it is a very important influence in the world. Perhaps, the veil of secrecy can be lifted if only a little and with that hope, Alistair McConnachie set out to find participants who might be willing to say something about what was going on inside the hotel.

Hotel staff coming and going would just look at their feet without uttering a world. A reporter for the Scottish Daily Mail who knocked on the doors of the staff accommodation block was arrested, handcuffed and detained for eight hours in Ayr Police Station under Section 14 of the Criminal Justice Act (Scotland), which is invoked when police have reason to suspect an offense has been committed! This episode is reported in The Press Gazette of 22 May.

However, for a few hours on Saturday, between 12 noon and 3pm, the delegates spent time in the grounds, either playing tennis, playing golf on the course by the sea, or visiting Culzean Castle a little up the coast. Alistair McConnachie and a colleague had time to speak to delegates as they passed.

Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Chairman and CEO of Otto Wolff GmbH in Germany was the first to stop and explained that the meeting was structured with short introductions to a chosen topic and then a general discussion. Two British delegates explained that there is a panel which consists of a moderator and two or there people. They have about 10 minutes each on the chosen topic and then there is discussion questions, which last for 5, 3 or 2 minutes. There are no introductory documents, and there are no records. At the most there is a page on a 3 hour debate. It doesnt circulate documents between its members. One of the British delegates explained that it was not possible to mount a conspiracy in a group like the Bilderbergers because it has no existence between its meetings.

George Papandreou, Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs was out jogging and came over to speak. He said they had been discussing, Everything. Everything from the Asian crisis to Portugal to whatever else. He was happy to have his photo taken, You want to put me in the paper like this? Theyll love it in Greece. He jogged off, urging, Be strongly critical, whatever you write!

A little light is beginning to shine on this group. For example, Will Hutton, Editor of The Observer, who was an attendee at the 13-15 June 1997 Bilderberg Conference at Lake Lanier Islands outside Atlanta, Georgia wrote on 1st February 1998 (Kinder capitalists in Armani specs) that the Bilderberg Conference ... us one of the key meeting of the year ... the consensus established here is the back-drop against which policy is made worldwide.

A recent former delegate who holds a senior position in the media (almost certainly Hutton - SCS) was quoted anonymously at length by Malcolm Macalister Hall in the Mail on Sunday article of June 14, 1998.

Macalister Hall writes: But he says that Bilderberg is part of a global conversation that takes place each year at a string of conferences, and it does form the backdrop to policies that emerge later, Theres the World Economic Forum at Davos in February, the Bilderberg and G8 meetings in April/May, and the IMF/World Bank annual conference in September. A kind of international consensus emerges and is carried over from one meeting to the next. But no ones really leading it. This consensus becomes the background for G8 economic communiqués; it becomes what informs the IMF when it imposes an adjustment programme on Indonesia; and it becomes what the president proposes to Congress.

The Bilderberg Group is one of a constellation of private groups with related global agendas. They include the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House). Arnold Toynbee, the central figure at Chatham House for thirty years from 1925 to his retirement in 1955 might have been speaking about the ethos of any one of these groups when he commented that they were denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands (International Affairs, Vol. 10).

The Social Credit Secretariat is keen to contribute what it can to ensuring that the agendas of such organisations are made fully open to democratic scrutiny and that especially our elected politicians cease attending such group meetings for so long as they are subject to any instruction to secrecy.

Finally, we put the following comment on record, passed to us, from one of the many people we spoke to and who shall remain nameless, Book your holidays in Portugal next year.

Any readers who want a copy of the full list of delegates, or a copy of the original article, are invited to write, enclosing a s.a.e. to The Social Credit Secretariat, 16 Forth Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain, EH1 3LH. Telephone 0131 550 3769, e-mail

Also see the Internet site at


Tony Gosling

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1649 Winstanley the Digger on the web:

PEPIS #2 - 03Aug98 - Special Constable Arrested


22 May 1998 UK Press Gazette article


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Campbell Thomas considers legal action claiming Strathclyde Police treated him like a common criminal

By Jean Morgan

A freelance journalist covering the high-powered, secretive Bilderberg conference for the Daily Mail was arrested, handcuffed, kept in custody for eight hours and charged with a breach of the peace - after knocking on a flat door.

Campbell Thomas, eight years a journalist and a special constable himself, no longer faces charges.  But his experience has left him shocked and taking advice from his union, the Chartered institute of Journalists.  "I was treated in an appallingly heavy-handed way, like a common criminal," said Thomas.

Like other journalists, he was kept outside a police security ring while the conference, attended by high-fliers such as Henry Kissinger, was taking place at the Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire.

He set off to get neighbours' reactions, and entered a block of flats, by an open door, about 500 yards from the hotel.

The first door he knocked on was answered by a young woman, who told him the building was staff quarters for the hotel and he should not be there.  Thomas left.

Stopping in the car park to speak to a colleague, Jim McLean of Scotland on Sunday, Thomas was approached by two policemen who told him he was being detained under section 14 of the Criminal Justice act (Scotland), used when police have reason to believe a suspect has committed an offence.

Thomas showed them his special constable warrant card for Lothian and Borders Police, but he was handcuffed and driven to Ayr Police Office.

Booked in at 2.40pm, Thomas, 34, was put in a detention room for five hours before being interviewed and charged with a breach of the peace for putting the young woman in a "state of fear and alarm."  He was then put into a cell and not released until 10.25pm.  He was instructed to appear at Ayr Sheriff Court last Monday.

He told Press Gazette: "The holding cell I was put in was in a disgusting state, with excrement on every wall, and I was in that cell for the best part of five hours.

"I wasn't allowed to speak to my wife. They took my shoes, my belt, my glasses, even the wedding ring off my finger.  The whole thing was ridiculous."

Glasgow solicitors Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France, briefed by the Mail to act for Thomas, was later told by the procurator fiscal's office the charge would not be proceeded with.

Strathclyde Police confirmed that Thomas had been detained and charged.

Chris Underwood, CIoJ secretary, said it was scandalous treatment.  The institute will back Thomas in any action he takes.

The Press Gazzette - 22 May 1998


Tony Gosling Tel 0117 939 3093/939 9469 Kebele Café 14 Robertson Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6JY.

Bilderberg pages:

"though this world's essentially an absurd place to be living in it doesn't call for bubble withdrawal

...well i say there are still things worth fighting for:

La Resistance! - Stereolab, "French Disko"

PEPIS #1 - 05Jun98 - A call for openness


Somthing very fishy is going on. The most powerful individuals on earth, bankers, media grandees, bosses of the biggest transnational corporations are meeting up regularly, in secret, to discuss our future.

This time the conference took place in Scotland, beginning 2 days before the G8 met in Birmingham.


See this week's pages at:

List of attendees - Newspaper reports -

Please be patient - on a low usage server


National sovreignty, that is even to some small extent the democratic will of the people, is being sidelined as these quiet capitalists deliberately reduce the choices open to our debt ridden politicians.

It wouldn't be so bad if the Bilderberg Group didn't go to such efforts to cover up their existence and their remit. They reluctantly give voracious reporters the odd titbit off their agenda but we have no way of knowing what's really being discussed behind closed doors.

The Observer's editor, Will Hutton, who attended last year in the US warned that, 'the consensus established [at these meetings] is the backdrop against which policy is made worldwide'. There is a virtually complete media silence on their existence.

The issues that the vast majority of mankind care about, starvation, inequality, homelessness, quality of life, the destruction of the environment, the continuing arms race, quality of broadcast media etc. are not being addressed by one of the only institutions now that can change them for the better.

These issues must, in future, be at the top of the Bilderberg Conference agenda. And the conference attendees must be seen to be acting in the worldwide public interest.

The undermining of the diminished western democracies that the Bilderberg Conferences represent and their reshaping of the western economies on a debt-ridden third world model must be challenged.

We in the west have a responsibility to ensure the issues we all care about are further up the Bilderberg agenda than the extension of the global privatization programme!



They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,

Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.

They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;

They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.

And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,

Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.

GK Chesterton - "The Secret People"


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