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21Dec07 - PEPIS#93 - 1988 Bilderberg participant list surfaces

17Oct07 - PEPIS #92 - Revelation chronology - timeline for the future?

28Aug07 - PEPIS#91 - Cheney Planning False Flag Operation to Attack Iran

13July07 - PEPIS#90 Explosive - The Bilderberg/Al Qaeda Connection

30Jun07 - PEPIS#89 - Al-Qaeda car bomb false flag MI6 garbage

29May07 - PEPIS#88 - 2007 Bilderberg participant list leaked

22May07 - PEPIS#87 - This year's alternative Bilderberg Meeting

04Apr07 - PEPIS#86 - Report of Bilderberg 07 dates and location

13Mar07 - PEPIS#85 - Bilderberg Instanbul alert ! THIS WEEKEND !

11Mar07 - PEPIS#84 - Bilderberger in the dock at last

13Jan07 - PEPIS#83 - Further Parliamentary Scrutiny of Bilderberg

PEPIS#93 - 1988 Bilderberg participant list surfaces

The startling revelation on last week's BBC Newsnight that a Tory think tank has been fabricating evidence of Muslim extremism is only eclipsed by the inbalance in news coverage.

The Newsnight revelations show that reciepts for extremist literature, supposedly procured in moderate Mosques, were forged. Godson uncontrite, has gone into total denial, making him, for me, a neo-Nazi.What else would one label a man whose approach to British Muslims mirrors that of the SS to German Jews in the 1930s.

Perversely the original fabricated report by Policy Exchange's Dean Godson has carried several times round the world wheras the discovery that it has been falsified has hardly merited a mention in many national news outlets.

This fakery is explosive since Godson formulates policy for the up-and-coming Cameron government using criminal activities of inciting racial hatred. And at a time where such lies can only pour fuel on the fire of civil unrest in Britain.

Tory opposition leader Cameron has remained ridiculously silent on the exposee. Indeed the Daily Telegraph are actively defending Godson who used to be an anonymous leader writer for them.

No wonder David Cameron is keeping his mouth shut. Dean Godson is the piper that plays the Conservative leader's tune.

Deep mined profile of the Policy Exchange/Godson Neo-Nazi world

Poisonous and dangerous
The constant regurgitation by the media of Muslim-baiting 'research' by right-wing think tanks misleads the public and is driven by a neocon political agenda

Cameron must rein in these toxic neocon attack dogs
The exposure of faked evidence for a thinktank report is a warning of the dangers of Britain's anti-Muslim media campaign,,2230012,00.html

And finally rather than watch the diabolical tripe served up by mainstream broadcasters why not check out some brilliant YouTube peaces for peace and against totalitarianism.

From Webster Tarpley and Watch WakeyMedia!

Anyway - back to this last PEPIS of 2007. And here it is - the 1988 Bilderberg list for all you collectors out there

Have a peaceful and merry Christmas which I hope you'll be spending without the likes of MI6's little Godson creature.




3-5 June 1988



Lord Roll of Ipsden*

President, S.G. Warburg Group plc


Victor Halberstadt*

Professor of Public Finance, Leyden University


Theodore L. Eliot, Jr.*

Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University


Conrad J. Oort*

Member of the Board, Algemene Bank Nederland N.V.;

Professor of Money and Banking, University of Limburg

ITA Giovanni Agnelli** President, Fiat S.p.A.

DEN Tage Andersen* Managing Director and Chief Exeutive, Den Danske Bank

USA Dwayne O. Andreas Chairman, Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, Inc.

GRE Andreas Andrianopoulos Mayor of Piraeus; Former Minister of Culture

AUS Hannes Androsch Former Chairman of the Managing Board of Directors, Creditanstalt-Bankverein; Former Minister of Finance; Former Vice Chancellor

USA George W. Ball** Former Under-Secretary of State

POR Francisco Pinto Balsemao* Director, Jornal Expresso; Former Prime Minister

SPA Enrique Baron Vice President, European Parliament; President, European Movement; Former Minister of Transport

USA Jack F. Bennett Director and Senior Vice President, Exxon Corporation; Former Under-Secretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs

NETH Ernst H. van der Beugel** Emeritus Proessor of International Relations, Leyden University; Director of Companies

TUR Selahattin Beyazit* Director of Companies

ICE Bjorn Bjarnason Assistant Editor-in-Chief, "Morgunbladid"

CAN Conrad M. Black* Chairman, Argus Corporation Ltd.

USA Shirley Temple Black Foreign Affairs Officer, Department of State; Former Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana

SWI Franz Blankart State Secretary for External Economic Affairs, Federal Department of Public Economy

TUR Ali Bozer Minister of State

USA Nicolas F. Brady Co-Chairman, Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. Former U.S. Senator (Republican, New Jersey)

NETH Hans van den Broek Minister for Foreign Affairs

FRA Francois Bujon de L'Estang Minister Plenipotentiary; Former Adviser for Diplomatic Affairs, Defence and Cooperation in the Cabinet of Mr. Jacques Chirac

SWE Staffan Burenstam Linder President, Stockholm School of Ecnomics; Former Minister of Trade; Fomer Member of Parliament

GRE Costa Carras* Director of Companies

SPA Jaime Carvajal Urquijo Chairman and General Manager, Iberfomento

SPA Juan Luis Cebrian Director and Editor-in-Chief, "El Pais"

CAN Marshall A. Cohen President, Olympia & York Enterprises Limited

POR Vitor M. R. Constancio Leader of the Socialist Party; Former Governor, Banco de Portugal; Former Secretary of State for Budget and Planning

UK James Craig Director General, The Middle East Association

USA Kenneth W. Dam* Vice President, Law and External Relations, IBM Corporation; Former Deputy Secretary of State

BEL Etienne Davignon* Director, Societe Generale de Belgique; Former Member of the Commission of the European Communities

FRA Gerard Eskenazi President, Pargesa Holding S.A.

USA Daniel J. Evans U.S. Senator (Republican, Washington State)

USA Thomas S. Foley U.S. Representative (Democrat, Washington State)

FRA Jean A. Francois-Poncet Senator; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs

INT John R. Galvin Supreme Allied Commander Europe, SHAPE

USA Katharine Graham Chairman, The Washington Post Company

CAN Anthony G.S. Griffin** Director of Companies

USA Henry A. Grunwald Ambassador to Austria; Former Editor-in-Chief, Time, Inc.

SWE Sten Gustafsson* Chairman of the Board, SAAB-SCANIA AB

ICE Geir Hallgrimsson* Governor, Central Bank of Iceland; Former Prime Minister; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs

AUS Helmut H. Haschek Chairman of the Board, Osterreichische Kontrollbank A.G.

INT Francois Heisbourg Director, The International Institute for Strategic Studies

FRG Alfred Herrhausen* Managing Director, Deutsche Bank A.G.

AUS Friedrich Hoess Ambassador to the United States of America

USA Karen Elliott House Foreign Editor, "The Wall Street Journal"

USA William G. Hyland Editor, "Foreign Affairs"

AUS Hans Igler Partner, Schoeller Co. Bankaktiengesellschaft

FIN Jaakko Iloniemi Member of the Management Board, Union Bank of Finland; Former Ambassador to the United States of America

AUS Peter Jankowitsch* Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the National Assembly; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs

USA Nancy Landon Kassebaum U.S. Senator (Republican, Kansas)

USA David T. Kearns Chairman, Xerox Corporation

UK John Keegan Military Historian; Defence Correspondent, "The Daily Telegraph"

USA Lane Kirkland President, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

USA Henry A. Kissinger* Former Secretary of State; Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.

AUS Thomas Klestil Secretary General, Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs

UK Andrew Knight* Chief Executive, "The Daily Telegraph"

FRG Helmut Kohl Federal Chancellor

INT Max Kohnstamm** Former President, European University Institute

USA Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Co-Chairman, First Boston International

FRA Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere Director and First Executive Vice President, L'Oreal

ITA Giorgio La Malfa National Secretary, PRI (Italian Republican Party)

INT Alexandre Lamfalussy General Manager, Bank for International Settlements

USA Drew Lewis Chairman, Union Pacific Corporation

BEL Andre Leysen Chairman of the Board, Gevaert N.V.; Vice Chairman, UNICE (Union of Industrial and Employers Confederations of Europe)

SWI Franz J. Lutolf* General Manager and Member of the Executive Board, Swiss Bank Corporation

CAN Donald S. MacDonald* Senior Partner, McCarthy & McCarthy

NETH Floris A. Maijers Chairman of the Board of Management, Unilever N.V.

INT Stephen N. Marris Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics; Former Economic Adviser to the Secretary General, OECD

USA Charles McC. Mathias, Jr. Partner, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue; Former U.S. Senator (Republican, Maryland)

FRA Thierry de Montbrial Director, French Institute of International Relations; Professor of Economics, Ecole Polytechnique

ITA MarioMonti Professor of Economics, Bocconi University, Milan; Vice Chairman, Banca Commerciale Italiana

USA Rupert Murdoch Chairman, News America Publishing

NETH Her Majesty The Queen of the Netherlands

NETH His Royal Highness Prince Claus of the Netherlands

AUS Anton Osond Chairman of the Board of Management, Osterreichische Investitionskredit A.G.

GRE Theodoros Pangalos Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs

INT Jean-Claude Paye Secretary General, OECD

USA Donald E. Petersen Chairman, Ford Motor Company

POR Francisco Lucas Pires Member of the European Parliament; Former Leader of the Christian Democrats

NOR Inger E. Prebensen President, A/S Kjobmandsbanken

UK Lord Prior Chairman, GEC plc; Former Secretary of State for Emploment for Northern Ireland

CAN Grant L. Reuber Deputy Chairman, Bank of Montreal

USA Rozanne L. Ridgway Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs

USA James D. Robinson III Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Express Company

USA David Rockefeller** Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee

FRA Olivier Roy University Professor and Researcher, CNRS (Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques)

USA Charles S. Sanford, Jr. Chariman, Bankers Trust Company

TUR Rustu Saracoglu Governor, Central Bank of Turkey

AUS Guido Schmidt-Chiari Chairman of the Managing Board of Directors, Creditanstalt-Bankverein

UK David G. Scholey Chairman, S.G. Warburg Group plc

USA Brent Scowcroft Vice Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Former Assistant to President Ford for National Security Affairs

USA Jack Sheinkman President, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, AFL-CIO, CLC

USA Gary G. Sick Visiting Scholar, Research Institute on International Change, Columbia University

CAN Gordon S. Smith Permanent Representative and Ambassador, Delegation of Canada to the North Atlantic Council

FRG Theo Sommer* Editor-in-Chief, "Die Zeit"

ITA Ugo Stille Editor-in-Chief, "Corriere della Sera"

FIN Ilkka Suominen Minister of Trade and Industry

FRG Horst Teltschik Head of the Directorate-General for Foreign and Intra-German Relations, Development Policy and External Security, Federal Chancellery

SWE Anders Thunborg Ambassador to the U.S.S.R.; Former Minister of Defence

DEN Niels Thygesen Professor of Economics, Universit of Copenhagen

AUS Friedrich Verzetnitsch President, Austrian Trade Union

FRG Karsten D. Voigt Member of Parliament; SPD Spokesman on Foreign Affairs; Member, SPD Party Leadership

USA Paul A. Volcker Chairman, James D. Wolfensohn, Inc.; Former Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

AUS Franz Vranitzky Federal Chancellor

UK William Waldegrave Minister of Stte for Housing and Planning, Departmentof the Environment

NOR Niels Werring, Jr. Chairman of the Board, Wilh. Wilhelmsen Limited A/S

USA Lynn R. Williams* International President, United Steel Workers of America

USA James D. Wolfensohn* President, James D. Wolfensohn, Inc.

FRG Otto Wolff von Amerongen** Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Otto Wolff A.G.

USA Walter B. Wriston Former Chairman, Citibank

SPA Juan A. Yanez-Barnuevo Director, Department of International Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister

SPA Emilio de Ybarra y Clurruca Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Banco de Bilbao

ITA Paolo Zannoni* President, Fiat Washington, Inc.

AUS Georg Zimmer-Lehmann Senior Advisor to the Managing Board of Director, Creditanstalt-Bankverein


USA Grant F. Winthrop Director, Wood, Struthers and Winthrop Management Corporation


SPA Julio C. Abreu Director General, Central de Congresos; Organizer 1989 Conference

NETH Saskia ten Asbroek Executive Secretary, Bilderberg Meetings

AUS Diemut Kastner Public Relations Department, Creditanstalt-Bankverein; Organizer 1988 Conference

USA Charles W. Muller President, Murden & Company

* Member of the Steering Committee

** Member of the Advisory Group

Source: George W. Ball Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library at Princeton University

PEPIS #92 - Revelation chronology - timeline for the future?

IMPORTANT - this has been partly superceded by this Feb08 version on my 'tribulation' page

Subject: PEPIS #92 - Revelation chronology - timeline for the future?

17Oct07 - PEPIS #92 - Revelation chronology - timeline for the future?

1. Revelation chronology - timeline for the future?

2. Webster Tarpley UK Tour

3. Prof. Stuart Ewen's talk on 911 as 21st Century Propaganda

Been a bit busy wasting my time with the UK 911 Truth campaign recently - still plenty to say

1. Revelation chronology - timeline for the future?

below links allow comments and have a nice pic.

Whether or not one believes the Revelation to St. John the Divine to be the inspired word of God you can be sure of one thing, that the Christian Right, the likes of Billy Graham, the Christian Zionists and other fake Christians are looking very closely at it so that they can match it to their own evil plans and REINTERPRET the events of these prophecies painting themselves as God's people, the good guys, whilst in fact being the satanic forces of darkness. Please check out Revelation for yourself and make your own mind up - it's a fascinating document.

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

The prophetic timetable

Revelation - The Four Horsemen and Beyond

Four Horsemen - clear chronological prophetic signal of the end of the world

Many will cry out against God - they do not or will not understand that this is necessary to forever banish sin and evil from the world

(you are here?)

1. (first seal) The White Horse - a 'victor' that is no real victor at all

(...or maybe here?)

2. (second seal) The Red Horse - world war

3. (third seal) The Black Horse - economic collapse

4. (fourth seal) The Pale Horse - one quarter of the world's population wiped out by disease and famine with wild animals devouring the bodies

5. (fifth seal) In the spirit realm God hears the voices of His martyrs crying out for justice to be done.

6. (sixth seal) An enormous earthquake, the sun turns dark and moon turns red, wrath of God has come and people run to the hills

7. (seventh seal - Revelation 7) From the spirit realm 144,000 Children of God are marked and protected. Loud trumpets prepare to sound - now the serious business starts

8. (first trumpet) Hail, fire and blood come down to earth, one third of the world's trees torched as well as all the grass

9. (second trumpet) One third of the sea turns to blood - one third of world's fish die and one third of ships sink

10. (third trumpet) Nuclear contamination falls to earth - one third of rivers and springs poisoned

11. (fourth trumpet) One third of sky turns dark and daytime shortened by a third.

12. (fifth trumpet) Strange flying scorpions with men's faces spend

five month stinging those who are not spiritually marked out by God.

13. (sixth trumpet) Two hundred million horsemen commanded by four angels wipe out a further third of humanity

14. (seventh trumpet) In the spirit realm satan realises his time is up

15. (first bowl - Revelation 16) Horrible sores break out on the skin of those who have been microchipped

16. (second bowl) All the sea creatures are killed

17. (third bowl) All rivers and springs poisoned, life becomes very precarious

18. (fourth bowl) The sun gets unbearably hot

19. (fifth bowl) The earth turns completely dark

20. (sixth bowl) Euphrates river dries up and armies gather for the final battle

21. (seventh bowl - Revelation 19) Mountain ranges rise and fall, at the battle of Armageddon evil is finally banished from the earth

22. The new Jerusalem descends from heaven and it has no temple (see 1 Chronicles 17:1-5)

666 calculator machine

Tony Gosling

- Homepage:

2. American Historian and Terrorologist Webster Tarpley is in the UK

beginning tour in London on Guy Fawkes night, November 5th 2007

>From Guy Fawkes to 9/11

400 Years of State Sponsored Terror

London - Monday November 5th

St John's Church, Waterloo Road

Oxford - Tuesday November 6th

Council Chamber, Town Hall, St Aldate's

Bristol - Wednesday November 7th

QEH Theatre, Jacob's Wells Road

Leeds - Thursday Novemnber 8th

Lecture Theatre B2, Lesley Silver Building, Leeds University,

Calverley Street

Lancaster - Friday November 9th

Hugh Pollard Lecture Theatre, St Martin's College, Bowerham Road

Edinburgh - Saturday November 10th

Freinds Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace

All venues start at 7:00pm

£5.00 donation

3. 9/11 As 21st Century Propaganda

"Any discussion of propaganda in our world must begin with 9/11"

Blinder of a talk by US activist turned academic Professor Stuart


PR! A Social History of Spin by Stuart Ewen

Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the

Consumer Culture


One hour ten minutes odd.

And Fascinating.

Permanent War - comparison with the Nazis.

911 - ringing the right bells in the human experiment

Engineering human conciousness by intensifying emotion and minimising


Implanting a Thirst for Revenge in the Psychic Core of America.

Has a bit of a sideswipe at Noam Chomsky

The Politics of Persuasion

Appeal to the reptile brain

Abuses of the public mind

9/11 was like a gift from Allah for the Bush administration.

Hit the emotions direct, bypassing thought

And here's a great little website

Helping each other not for profit, just for the love of it

PEPIS#91 - Cheney Planning False Flag Operation to Attack Iran

Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 17:48:55 -0700

Local: Wed, Aug 29 2007 1:48 am

Subject: PEPIS#91 - Cheney Planning False Flag Operation to Attack Iran

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US Peace Movement - Cheney Planning False Flag Operation to Attack


Tony Gosling | 29.08.2007 00:46 | Faslane | Analysis | Anti-militarism

| Terror War | World

According to several well placed, well known, and well respected US

peace campaigners US Vice President Dick Cheney is planning another

911. It would make the twin towers look like a damp firecracker. It's

now OFFICIAL! No warnings whispered by intelligence services as before

the attacks of 11th September 2001. Don't let them get away with it!

Encourage everyone to sign up to this and it may hold back these

Neocon Fascist Madmen. As the US Peace movement is taking this up so

should we - spread it as far and wide as possible. And ask anyone you

think has a bit of clout to sign up too! Send to MP's, Police, Media

etc etc. It will be an excuse to attack Iran.

Timuçin Leflef

Posted: 29 Aug 2007 12:23 am Okay, so it's obvious from the many

reports we've been receiving as well as the Bilderberger's recent

admonishment of a bombing campaign on Iran, that a near-future assault

on Iran is imminent. However, what will be their excuse this time?

What is the possibility that the upcoming False Flag operation will

involve the assassination of President Bush, at a time when his

popularity is at an all-time low?

Already two recent movies have suggested this scenario. "The

Shooter" (2007) sets it in Philadelphia and involves an ex-military

man (Mark Whalberg) being entrapped in a Kennedy-esque assassination

attempt. The second one, "Death of a President", is a faux documentary

on the exact same scenario. However, this time the disgruntled ex-

Desert Storm sniper is ignored and the blame put on an Iranian who

works in a nearby building.

If such an event were manufactured in the upcoming months, it would

give Dick Cheney - sworn in as interim President - the full power to

declare Martial Law and the incentive to bomb the hell out of Iran.

After all, Bush Jr.'s Skull & Bones nickname is "Temporary".


(note from Rowan - the presence of Kaminski on the signatory list has

caused Jon Gold to get all excited again, and he is organising

protests to Tarpley)

To the American people, and to peace loving individuals everywhere:

Massive evidence has come to our attention which shows that the

backers, controllers, and allies of Vice President Dick Cheney are

determined to orchestrate and manufacture a new 9/11 terror incident,

and/or a new Gulf of Tonkin war provocation over the coming weeks and

months. Such events would be used by the Bush administration as a

pretext for launching an aggressive war against Iran, quite possibly

with nuclear weapons, and for imposing a regime of martial law here in

the United States. We call on the House of Representatives to proceed

immediately to the impeachment of Cheney, as an urgent measure for

avoiding a wider and more catastrophic war. Once impeachment has

begun, it will be easier for loyal and patriotic military officers to

refuse illegal orders coming from the Cheney faction. We solemnly warn

the people of the world that any terrorist attack with weapons of mass

destruction taking place inside the United States or elsewhere in the

immediate future must be considered the prima facie responsibility of

the Cheney faction. We urge responsible political leaders everywhere

to begin at once to inoculate the public opinion of their countries

against such a threatened false flag terror operation.

(Signed) A Group of US Opposition Political Leaders Gathered in

Protest at the Bush Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, August 24-25,












Tony Gosling

- Homepage:

13July07 - PEPIS#90 Explosive - The Bilderberg/Al Qaeda Connection

What a lie-cracking weblog. Why not make it your homepage?

Bilderberg - Al-Qaeda Connection

4 06 2007

JonesReport | June 2, 2007 | Aaron Dykes

See here for original article with lots of pix

As we reported yesterday , an FBI investigation led to charges for two

high level Pakistani financiers on multiple counts of conspiracy and

fraud. The FBI has announced it is now investigating further links to

Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz , as well as Salman Shah , the

Prime Minister's financial advisor, Ali Raza , the president of the

National Bank of Pakistan and a significant list of other Pakistani

financial heads.

The Times of India reported that FBI investigators believe the

criminal operation may also be tied to allegations of money-laundering

operations for Al Qaeda.

The alleged insider trading took place on knowledge of the TxU

buyout , a largest-ever $45 billion leverage deal brokered by

Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) and Goldman Sachs, two key firms

inside the Bilderberg group, who dominate the investment banking

world, and are shown to be very closely linked .

Credit Suisse First Boston, who served as advisors on the TxU buyout

and are also represented annually at Bilderberg, are named in the FBI

insider trading case that has so far charged Hafiz Naseem, a Credit

Suisse FB investment banker , with criminal counts of conspiracy and


Is there a link between elite Pakistani bankers who brokered the TxU

leveraged buyout with Bilderberg firms KKR, Goldman Sachs and Credit

Suisse and the alleged Pakistani role in a laundering scheme for Al-


Civil charges have been filed against Ajaz Rahim , the head of

investment banking at Faysal Bank in Pakistan, on conspiracy and 25

counts of securities fraud.

The high levels of investigation are interesting- given the close

relationship with Western banking, as well as the pivotal role

Pakistan plays in the intelligence community and the so-called War on

Terror . Pakistan is well known for harboring Al Qaeda, though the

government does not officially support the terrorist group.

It was from Pakistan that former ISI chief General Mahmud Ahmad wired

$100,000 to supposed lead-hijacker Mohammad Atta , a known CIA-asset,

to fund the 9/11 attacks. Of course, the ISI is largely an extension

of the CIA and other western intelligence agencies, and works as base

of operations for intelligence in the Middle East.

Just north of Pakistan, Zbigniew Brzezinski funded, armed and created

the Taliban- headed by bin Laden- to offset expected aggression by

Soviet forces into Afghanistan in 1979 while Brzezinski was National

Security Adviser to President Carter- proving directly the U.S. link

to bin Laden.

"I told the President, about six months before the Soviets entered

Afghanistan, that in my judgment I thought they would be going into

Afghanistan. And I decided then, and I recommended to the President,

that we shouldn't be passive...We weren't passive," Brzezinski told CNN

during a 1997 interview.

Brzezinski, of course, helped David Rockefeller found the Trilateral

Commission, and is also involved in the Council on Foreign Relations,

both of which bleed over into the Bilderberg group, all of which serve

an agenda working towards world government.

When Osama bin Laden and his Taliban became a red herring in the War

on Terror, they simply moved south to Pakistan, leaving American

forces to seize control of Afghanistan (as well as its land, oil,

Caspian trade route, and opium crop) while fighting a non-existent

enemy. Despite the fact that the phony War on Terror is supposedly

fought globally, neither American, Pakistani or U.N. troops have gone

after the Taliban forces residing in Pakistan. The reason for this is

not Pakistan's duplicity, but that the terrorist group was simply a

pretense to control Afghanistan, as its governing forces were perhaps

not as accessible as Rick Perry has been in selling out Texas.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has also been accessible to the

globalists- he is basically a controlled asset, after all. While he is

currently under investigation in the related cases of insider trading

over Texas asset deals and Al Qaeda money laundering operations, he

was Citigroup's Chairman- a New York-based investment group operating

in the top echelon of the financial world. Aziz spent approximately 30

years with the company.

Citigroup, obviously well established in the banking web, has several

Bilderberg ties, including notorious former chair Walter Bigelow

Wriston (who transformed Citigroup into one of the biggest

conglomerates in the world and also wrote a book called The Twilight

of Sovereignty [1992]). Former Citigroup Chairman and CEO John S. Reed

was a Bilderberg member as well and also Chairman of the New York

Stock Exchange. A number of other top Citigroup executives are members

of the Council on Foreign Relations, including CEO Charles Prince ,

former president & CEO Richard A. Freytag and Vice Chairman William R.


Citigroup grew out of the National City Bank of New York, which was

built up by William Rockefeller , brother of John D. Rockefeller.

William's grandson James Stillman Rockefeller also headed the bank and

worked closely with Walter B. Wriston.

Dr. Salman Shah with Paul Wolfowitz in 2005Dr. Salman Shah, financial

advisor to the Prime Minister in Pakistan with Paul Wolfowitz in 2005.

He also serves as the governor of the World Bank for Pakistan.

Prime Minister Aziz also publicized his relationship with the Carlyle

Group and plans for Pakistani investment while attending the 2007

Davos meeting. According to this report:

On the second day of Davos, Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz told

the group that the United States' very own Carlyle Group, which

"manages $46.9 billion worldwide," is planning to invest several

billion dollars in the Middle East.

Aziz's attachments to Western banking go too deep for him to have any

real separation from it; on the contrary, it surely those ties

launched him into to the top of the Pakistani government.

Dr. Salmon Shah with Paul Wolfowitz in 2005The Prime Minister's

financial advisor, Salman Shah , who is also under investigation,

serves as the Governor of the World Bank for Pakistan , which he spoke

to in 2004 , 2005 , 2006 (PDF links). He was educated in the United

States and taught for many years at a number of Western institutions.

He has also spoken at Credit Suisse First Boston conferences , the

Bilderberg firm which advised the TxU merger. Haseem, who has been

criminally charged in the case, worked for Credit Suisse FB.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister, Moin Qureshi, was Vice President at

the World Bank prior to becoming PM and obtained permanent residence

in the United States after his term where he established the Emerging

Markets Company.

Investigations probing top positions in Pakistani finance and

government have implications for the world finance community at large,

particularly as the investigations relate to trading on the TxU

buyout- which was nothing more than the leveraging of Texas assets by

Bilderberg brokers, particularly Henry R. Kravis, founding partner of

KKR who led the TxU deal. Kravis also holds the previous record for

largest buyout- the leveraging of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company at

approximately $26 billion in 1988- a price that came after a bidding

war, which was dramatized in the film Barbarians at the Gate .

Texas has been realigned to shift control to globalist development

throughout the region, particularly in regards to new infrastructure

such as the Trans-Texas Corridor and energy conglomerates, namely TxU,

all of which Texas Governor Rick Perry has personally facilitated,

nursed, defended and championed.

In this view, it is fitting that Perry was invited to the 2007

Bilderberg meeting , which Presidential candidate Ron Paul noted was

"sure a sign that he's very much involved in the international


Perry sits in a pivotal access point for political manipulation in a

state undergoing massive manipulation. Though the Texas governorship

is theoretically weak as set up by the Texas constitution, Perry has

been all-too-ready to mandate accommodation for globalist investment

and to veto any attempts to block such giveaways and defend

traditional nation-state based sovereignty. Furthermore, he has proved

quite willing to hand over access and assets to global finance-

without prodding by international institutions like the IMF to

leverage control, as has been done throughout the third world.

At this point, it is not clear if investigations of inside trading

will implicate any of the players in Texas or the Western banking

network, but the TxU deal certainly links them with top Pakistani

officials currently under investigation, and charges for Nafiz Haseem

and Ajaz Rahim.

30Jun07 - PEPIS#89 - Al-Qaeda car bomb false flag MI6 garbage

Al-Qaeda car bomb false flag MI6 garbage

dh | 29.06.2007 23:21

More propaganda bullshit from the propaganda mill. Operation Gladio

writ large once again over the streets of the capital.

A compilation of views from the far seers

Its amazing how Gordon Brown comes into power and all of sudden

there's a terror threat, coincidence??

Wonder what policies Gordon wants to introduce??

I'm just glad he had the brains not to explode the device and save

innocent lives for a change.

Maybe I'm completely off the mark too early to say have to wait and

see the aftermath and investigation.

But false flag terror is the sea on which the Brown ship sails. The PM

has very little say any more.

One of the NWO's weakest arguments is that Al-CIAda's political aims

can be furthered by killing innocent civilians. Of course that has the

opposite effect. As any real freedom fighter knows well.

So here we have another attempt by nasty Asian types to get white

Londoners to hate them even more. It's the weakest and most farcical

aspect to apparent 'meme' incidents like this.

What a surreal, nightmare these little Hitlers are ushering in. Could

it be the Brown leadership will be characterised by even more fear-

mongering mind control than before? If so we have to highlight the

fundamental illogic in killing those who are their potential anti-NWO


These racist anti-terror police have elbowed their way in to a

monopoly on public fear incidents. They are trusted absolutely by the

press but never accountable for even one of the lies that they tell.

If anyone hasn't already seen it get hold of a DVD of Troy Kennedy-

Martin's BBC drama "The Edge of Darkness" which goes about as far as

anyone has into this subject.

Maybe we should have a report by the Health and Safety Executive into

how many medals those who defuse pretend bombs should be awarded? All

I can find myself thinking this morning is "double the MI5 budget!"

they are our saviours!! Who can stand up to these creatures?

A real terrorist would hit the centres of corrupt power and/or the

pockets of the city slickers and merchant bankers, such as the

Bishopsgate, Stock Exchange and Canary Wharf bombs in the 1990s.

Perhaps the unseen forces are testing their new underling, maybe they

have sent a little shot across his bows and keep him on his toes. Come

on PM sort out this awful mess before we are overrun with terrorists.

Chop Chop.

Any bets, there will be no chain of custody for this car, no

insurance, no road tax, and it will have been brought with cash from a

second hand car dealer months ago, possibly being resold privately in

a newspaper by an Asian who is arrested and then released after months

of interrogation.

MI5 can congratulate themselves because they have found their own

bomb, just remember the bearded SAS soldiers arrested in Iraq, driving

around in a car full of explosives dressed as Arabs. Say no more

except there is nothing like a FALSE FLAG or the threat of a FALSE

FLAG to launch the new prime minister into power. These people are

sick and evil.

What a shame, with all those hundreds of thousands of CCTV cameras in

London, we don't seem to have captured any decent image of the Gladio

operatives, er.. I mean Islamic maniacs who are doing it because they

hate my freedom.

What happened to those high tech CCTV cams, linked to those 'secret'

underground bunkers that beep beep when a dodgy car enters its zone of

stalking? does that mean the car was legitimate, papers tax etc? or if

it wasn't legitimate where were those stealth keystones cops?

When you have these cameras primed and some thug waiting to pounce and

follow your every move for miles for dropping a cigarette end or

MacDonald's carton, surely, surely this incident in the heart of

London aroused a teeny weenie bit of suspicion?

Will we have another De Menezes bout of lies about a, dark skinned man

seen hurdling obstacles in a thick coat fleeing the scene, with a box

of wires protruding as he disappeared into the night, and this is a

clear indication that one of the 200 al qaedaers cells are now busily

reverting to plan B.

All that's missing is the boot was filled with jerry cans full of

kerosene that would have melted surrounding buildings causing instant

''building falling into its own footprints''.

Still this is an ideal team for my new protector and man of truth and

honour Brown, to show us all what a great shepherd he is.

2 gas bottles and 6oz of roundhead nails, al qaedas are certainly not

the outfit they used to be, from single handedly standing the whole

USA air force to stand down, and bypassing the pentagons anti missile

defence from a cave, and being the most sophisticated terror network

ever seen, to crashing a Merc. on a deserted road, armed with 2 gas

bottles and 6oz of nails.

Can you please stalk me more, and take more of my freedoms please, as

i am now sleeping even more soundly knowing that by taking away all my

freedoms bit by bit, i will be free.

We have gone from, the Merc. swerving into some bins and the driver

legging it

But not before putting one of his gas bottles behind the car as if

using it as a 'cone' warning

To the bouncers approaching the car and looking in the boot and

signalling the alarm.

We then have the conspiracy theory turning into, the car was parked up

nicely, and along came an ambulance, saw some smoke, and alerted the

local keystones who came running, truncheons in hand.

One would have thought these likely Gladio operatives would be better

planners than this, it would appear its some crazy ill thought out al

qaedas doing it again false flag, judging from the concocted version

of events we have been subjected to thus far. Almost as an after

thought to, hey Gordo's the new primey, lets set up one of those al

qaedas dun it Cluedo games, so Gordy can show us how good and

qualified he is

BBC 6 O'clock News is a wonderful programme. They just said that "CCTV

will help this investigation just as it did with the 7/7 bombers"!


Plus, why on earth are the journos not asking why there was an

intelligence vacuum YET AGAIN?

90 day detention without trial is on the agenda.

The 'right' climate has to be created.

Just like climate change justifies ever more punitive taxes and loss

of services so a climate of terror justifies ever more repressive


The racist nature of this campaign is so blatant that the Rothermere

press have printed pictures of discos and bars implying Muslims want

to blow them up and that a terror plot of enormous proportions was


If they continue along this path ...tourism will go down the pan.

How long will all businesses put up with it?

Interesting that Al Ukqaeda have to keep re-inventing the whee... er

IED. No sooner than they discover the devastating chapati flower SADM,

it's off to liquids and planes. Now gas canisters and nails. Shall we

start a sweepstake on what their next devilish munition will be?

Rhubarb and custard is my entry.


See also:

New 9/11 film

William Rodriguez on UK national radio last night

Bombs and the Great Wen

Incredible extent of corruption in US

Elite control using microchips

29May07 - PEPIS#88 - 2007 Bilderberg participant list leaked

1. Bilderberg 2007 participant list leaked

2. The Economist magazine on the Bilderberg Conferences

Author Danny Estulin has managed to get hold of this year's participant list BEFORE the event. Please circulate it to all your National Press and broadcast media to give them as littyle excuse as possible for ignoring argulblty the most important global political event of the year.

This years' Bilderberg conference is the big one. If Kissinger and the steering committee can convince the Turks, through threats and bribery, to go for the NeoCon 'regime change' agenda for Iran we can expect a further Middle Eastern bloodbath and Islamic genocide.

Let's hope and pray that the Turkish decision makers and political classes are not that stupid. For anyone planning to travel to witness the conference this year please do keep me informed over the weekend and/or use the new(ish) Bilderberg forum.

Breaking news direct from the 2007 Bilderberg conference

So here this year's Bilderbergers! Here's hoping the Turkish police will surround the hotel and arrest all the steering group members for questioning while the Turkish Secret Service deal with the CIA. Fingers crossed! And well done over-safe Danny Estulin. Nuff respect for getting the leaked participant list BEFORE the conference - this is unheard of.


George Alogoskoufis, Minister of Economy and Finance (Greece);

Ali Babacan, Minister of Economic Affairs (Turkey);

Edward Balls, Economic Secretary to the Treasury (UK);

Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister (Portugal);

José M. Durão Barroso, President, European Commission (Portugal/ International);

Franco Bernabé, Vice Chariman, Rothschild Europe (Italy);

Nicolas Beytout, Editor-in-Chief, Le Figaro (France);

Carl Bildt, Former Prime Minister (Sweden);

Hubert Burda, Publisher and CEO, Hubert Burda Media Holding (Belgium);

Philippe Camus, CEO, EADS (France);

Henri de Castries, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA (France);

Juan Luis Cebrian, Grupo PRISA media group (Spain);

Kenneth Clark, Member of Parliament (UK);

Timothy C. Collins, Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC (USA);

Bertrand Collomb, Chairman, Lafarge (France);

George A. David, Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A. (USA);

Kemal Dervis, Administrator, UNDP (Turkey);

Anders Eldrup, President, DONG A/S (Denmark);

John Elkann, Vice Chairman, Fiat S.p.A (Italy);

Martin S. Feldstein, President and CEO, National Bureau of Economic Research (USA);

Timothy F. Geithner, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (USA);

Paul A. Gigot, Editor of the Editorial Page, The Wall Street Journal (USA);

Dermot Gleeson, Chairman, AIB Group (Ireland);

Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company (USA);

Victor Halberstadt, Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings (the Netherlands);

Jean-Pierre Hansen, CEO, Suez-Tractebel S.A. (Belgium);

Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations (USA);

Richard C. Holbrooke, Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC (USA);

Jaap G. Hoop de Scheffer, Secretary General, NATO (the Netherlands/International);

Allan B. Hubbard, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, Director National Economic Council (USA);

Josef Joffe, Publisher-Editor, Die Zeit (Germany);

James A. Johnson, Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC (USA);

Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC (USA);

Anatole Kaletsky, Editor at Large, The Times (UK);

John Kerr of Kinlochard, Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc (the Netherlands);

Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates (USA);

Mustafa V. Koç, Chariman, Koç Holding A.S. (Turkey);

Fehmi Koru, Senior Writer, Yeni Safek (Turkey);

Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign Affairs (France);

Henry R. Kravis, Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (USA);

Marie-Josée Kravis, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc. (USA);

Neelie Kroes, Commissioner, European Commission (the Netherlands/International);

Ed Kronenburg, Director of the Private Office, NATO Headquarters (International);

William J. Luti, Special Assistant to the President for Defense Policy and Strategy, National Security Council (USA);

Jessica T. Mathews, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA);

Frank McKenna, Ambassador to the US, member Carlyle Group (Canada);

Thierry de Montbrial, President, French Institute for International Relations (France);

Mario Monti, President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Italy);

Craig J. Mundie, Chief Technical Officer Advanced Strategies and Policy, Microsoft Corporation (USA);

Egil Myklebust, Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA (Norway);

Matthias Nass, Deputy Editor, Die Zeit (Germany);

Adnrzej Olechowski, Leader Civic Platform (Poland);

Jorma Ollila, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc/Nokia (Finland);

George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (UK);

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Minister of Finance (Italy);

Richard N. Perle, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA);

Heather Reisman, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. (Canada);

David Rockefeller (USA);

Matías Rodriguez Inciarte, Executive Vice Chairman, Grupo Santander Bank, (Spain);

Dennis B. Ross, Director, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (USA);

Otto Schily, Former Minister of Interior Affairs; Member of Parliament; Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (Germany);

Jürgen E. Schrempp, Former Chairman of the Board of Management, DaimlerChrysler AG (Germany);

Tøger Seidenfaden, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Politiken (Denmark);

Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International (Ireland);

Giulio Tremonti, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies (Italy);

Jean-Claude Trichet, Governor, European Central Bank (France/International);

John Vinocur, Senior Correspondent, International Herald Tribune (USA);

Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman, Investor AB (Sweden);

Martin H. Wolf, Associate Editor and Economics Commentator, The Financial Times (UK);

James D. Wolfensohn, Special Envoy for the Gaza Disengagement (USA);

Robert B. Zoellick, Deputy Secretary of State (USA);

Klaus Zumwinkel, Chairman of the Board of Management, Deutsche Post AG (USA);

Adrian D. Wooldridge, Foreign Correspondent, The Economist.

The Economist magazine on the Bilderberg Conferences

Bilderberg - Ne plus ultra

BILDERBERG takes its name from a Dutch hotel where, in the early

1950s, the first meeting took place under the aegis of Prince

Bernhard. The occasion has outgrown the hotel, but the Dutch link

remains. Among several European royals who attend as occasional

guests, Queen Beatrix and her husband come regularly. A Dutch

professor who has brokered coalition governments into existence on her

behalf is one of the secretary-generals (the other, American, one

lives in San Francisco), and Bilderberg's tiny secretariat sits in The

Hague. The meetings now take place by informal rotation in countries

of the Atlantic community.

Some 100 or more attend, by invitation of a steering committee. The

meetings happen once a year, in the spring. They last 2.5 days

(Thursday night until Sunday lunch) and are held in varying but always

comfortable surroundings - in 1987 Lake Como, before that Gleneagles.

Apart from a half-day on the golf links or sleeping off the previous

night's dinner, morning and afternoon sessions fill up the time.

A mixture of able and distinguished folk attend - a sprinkling of

serving prime and cabinet ministers, central-bank governors, defence

and other experts. They talk, often to galvanising and fascinating

effect, about the main issues of the day - East-West relations, arms

control, deficits, debt, the Falklands, sanctions, whatever. Their

thoughts may not be repeated outside the meetings and never are. This

frustrates outsiders but helps 100 great and good people be frank with

each other, as does the fact that Bilderberg members are limited to

people of NATO and West European countries who know how to be kind or

rude to each other without causing such misunderstandings as would

occur if Indians, Fijians, Africans, Chinese or Japanese were also


Elite and discreet, Bilderberg has inevitably been talked of in hushed

tones by conspiracy theorists over the years. It needn't be. The lists

of attenders are published, as are the agendas, and before each

meeting the chairman (currently Lord Roll) holds a press conference at

which few journalists bother to turn up.

Where does the money come from? Not complicated. The steering-group

members raise from business the small sums necessary to keep the

organising secretariat going hand-to-mouth in The Hague. Members from

the host country raise enough money to pay for the hotel and

conference when it takes place on their home soil (they are allowed to

ask extra guests to make this money-raising easier). Participants pay

their own long-haul travel, but are usually shepherded as VIPs from

the nearest airport. They also pay expenses over and above the basic

bill for their hotel room - the Bilderberg custom being that a whole

hotel is booked for each meeting so that Bilderbergers may be alone

with each other, their words, their thoughts and, these days, their

security men.

When you have scaled the Bilderberg, you have arrived.

see also

your first site for news

22May07 - PEPIS#87 - This year's alternative Bilderberg Conference

22May07 - This year's alternative Bilderberg Conference venue

This year the Press and other critics of Bilderberg including AFP's Jim Tucker will be gathering at the Orient Express Hotel Istanbul. We'll be there from Wednesday 30th May until Monday June 4th. Feel free to book in and join the researchers and press crew.
call +90 212 520 7160 or 520 1761

Bilderbergers Conrad Black and Lord Browne have been discredited but will their blue eye'd Aryan boy Wolfowitz be there this year... yes according to the Turkish press, despite the current scandal surrounding him.

Hope to see you there!


19May07 - Turkish Press - Bilderberg To Be Held In Istanbul

Published: 5/19/2007

ANKARA - Following are the highlights from today`s Turkish daily VATAN. The Anadolu Agency is not responsible of opinions expressed or the context of the articles and does not vouch for their accuracy:

The annual Bilderberg Meeting, which gathers high level officials from the world business, politics and media circles, will be held in Istanbul this year. The main topics of the meeting are Turkey, Iran and energy issue, Vatan daily writes.

According to the daily, the 3-day meeting is an important event during which participants also determine the following year`s agenda.

According to authoritative sources, the meeting which will be held from May 31st to June 3rd in Istanbul, will mainly focus on issues such as a probable operation against Iran, energy policies and Turkey`s EU membership process.

Previously, two Bilderberg Meetings were held in Turkey, first one in 1959 in Istanbul and the other one in 1975 in Cesme town of Aegean city of Izmir.

According to Vatan, re-chosing Turkey as a venue after 32 years, can be interpreted as "a signal hinting the opening of EU`s doors to Turkey".

During last year`s meeting, Turkey-EU relations were also discussed quite intensely by the participants.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and UNDP Administrator Kemal Dervis are some of the personalities who will attend this year`s meeting.

As U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is responsible for the protection of participants, CIA agents are expected to arrive in Turkey next week in order to cooperate with Turkish officials regarding the security.

PEPIS#86 - Report of Bilderberg 07 dates and location

Please pass on to military, media and elected representatives

04Apr07 - Bilderberg 2007 in Istanbul - May 31-Jun 03

Subject: Bilderberg 2007 in Istanbul - May 31-Jun 03

Hi Tony,

Referring to one of the participant -Cengiz Candar (turkish jurnalist) -the meeting will be held in Istanbul between May 31-June 03

Discuss here :

13Mar07 - PEPIS#85 - Bilderberg Instanbul alert ! THIS WEEKEND !

thanks to Marek for this

Remember only the most greedy, most war-loving and most powerful need to book the WHOLE hotel






Hyatt Regency Istanbul


Please turkish people, have a look at the hotel since the morning to see police measures and direct post to inform us if something unusual is going on.

If YES, please stay ( at distance ) on teh morning of the 15th and have a look on the masters of the Universe (around twelve).Will ask to some peole to phone at the hotel to make a reservation...

Hyatt Regency Istanbul

Taskisla Caddesi, Taksim,

Istanbul, Turkey 34437

Tel: +90 212 368 1234 Fax: +90 212 368 1000


11Mar07 - PEPIS#84 - Bilderberger in the dock at last

Dear all,

It's nearly that dastardly Bilderberg time of the year again. As Conrad Black faces the music, just as we should ensure all criminals, particularly the rich ones must, Marek Tysis and I are already well on the way to collating all your helpful input and tracking down the venue and dates of this year's Bilderberg meeting. It's happening somewhat interactively on the forum - please register if you haven't already as I'm beginning to send out updates via the forum too.

Much has already been said about the run-up to a violation of Iranian sovreignty, possibly using nuclear weapons. The recent bombing of the Iranian Republican guard in Zahadan and apparent kidnapping of an Iranian general in Turkey suggest that NATO/Nazi black operations have already begun. I simply want to add my voice to those pleading for readers in a position to stop this occuring, within UK, US or Israeli positions of power, to do their bit to prevent this violation of the UN Charter - as a matter of extreme urgency.

Anyway, enjoy another offering of news - my little antidote to what you haven't read in today's Sunday Papers.

1. Lord on trial: Enter the woman in Black

2. Tonight's new Adam Curtis offering on BBC2 at 9pm

3. The Pinay Cercle and assassinations

4. Tony Gosling - shameless self-publicist....

5. Prince Charles - Nazi company he keeps

6. Isreali soldiers using Palestinian children as human shields

7. Brigadeer Gordon Kerr - demon of death paid by the British taxpayer

8. US and UK already doing black ops. inside Iran

1. Lord on trial: Enter the woman in Black

What Barbara Amiel wears to court this week could reveal much about how the case against her husband is going

By Stephen Foley in New York

Published: 11 March 2007

What to wear to one's husband's trial? A difficult choice for a supportive spouse at the best of times, but how much worse when you are Barbara Amiel, whose voluminous wardrobe and spending constitutes exhibits A to nearly Z at the fraud trial of Lord Black of Crossharbour, erstwhile proprietor of The Daily Telegraph.

Definitely not her $140 "jogging attire" prosecutors allege was put through expenses at the media company that Lord Black illegally used as his personal piggy bank.

With the trial due to begin in Chicago on Wednesday, there is precious little time left for Lady Black to choose between a dozen designer handbags with which to accessorise her chosen outfit. Yet trial lawyers agree that her choice could affect her husband's chances of securing the acquittal he believes is coming.

In 14 counts of fraud, racketeering and obstruction of justice, Lord Black is accused of looting more than $80m (£41m) from his company, Hollinger International, to finance a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption, with lavish parties, lavish homes and lavish clothes that propelled him and his wife into a social whirl of celebrity and minor royalty. At every turn, prosecutors are planning to inject Lady Black's famous spending habits; defence lawyers have struggled to get much of this evidence ruled out as an irrelevance. Both sides are quibbling over whether 11,000 emails between the couple, many of which are from Lady Black asking for her husband to pick up some expense or other, will be admissible.

Lord Black is believed to have hired expensive "jury consultants", who offer tips and tricks on how to make an appropriate impression with jurors, and sartorial advice for the peer and his wife will have been part of the deal.

Experts agree that she will have to walk a fine line. Daniel Horowitz, a veteran criminal defence lawyer, reckons that a toned down, gloomy outfit could prove ill-fitting.

He said: "She's Imelda Marcos. She has got to be unapologetic for her excesses. Turning up in anything less than a flamboyant outfit, and the jury will know that she's messing with us, trying to fool us."

Edward Greenspan, Lord Black's defence lawyer, says that the team could still decide that Lady Black's presence in the courtroom is more of a hindrance than a help, in which case she will be banished. Lord Black himself says that he doesn't expect his wife to be there every day. "She's a big girl," he told the Canadian magazine Macleans. "It's up to her, but I don't know if she wants to sit through all of the evidence. I'm sure she'll put in an appearance from time to time to show the flag."

If she does stay for the evidence, you can be sure the jury will be looking across to her as they hear tales of how Hollinger is said to have picked up most of the tab for her $54,000 birthday party at a New York restaurant.

These are not mere indulgences to be expected of a press baron whose empire once spanned Canada, the UK, the US and Israel, the prosecution says. Although Lord Black controlled Hollinger, there were minority shareholders in the company and his expenses were coming out of their profits.

Most controversially, he and his cronies allegedly took home millions of dollars in "non-compete" clauses that were written into deals to sell Hollinger's papers - fees that prosecutors say rightfully belonged to Hollinger. Lord Black and his co-accused - associates John Boultbee, Peter Atkinson and Mark Kipnis - deny there was anything wrong with the arrangements.

The Black trial is expected to last three months. Doubts still remain over whether Lord Black himself will testify. His handlers are worried that a typically florid, arrogant performance on the stand would turn off a jury. Much will depend on what will be left of the credibility of David Radler, Lord Black's right-hand man for 35 years. Radler has turned prosecution witness, agreeing to serve 29 months in a Canadian jail in return for admitting one fraud charge.

Between Radler's choice of words, and Lady Black's choice of outfit lies the fate of the rambunctious peer.

2. Tonight's new Adam Curtis offering on BBC2 at 9pm

The Trap - a new documentary from Adam Curtis explores individualism and freedom

The Trap starts on 11 March on BBC2 at 9pm

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

"Human beings will always betray you. You can only trust the numbers." This chilling declaration flashes up in the opening credits of The Trap: What Happened To Our Dream Of Freedom, a new documentary series by Adam Curtis which starts on BBC2 next week.

Curtis is best known for his 2004 series The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics of Fear. This detailed how neocons in the US talked up the threat of radical Islamism to justify their "war on terror".

The Trap is even more ambitious in scope. Like The Power Of Nightmares, it uses archive footage and interviews to explore the history and political impact of an idea - in this case the model of "individual freedom" that underlies neoliberal economics.

Curtis traces the roots of this idea to the early post war years, when a circle of right wing thinkers - followers of the Austrian economist Friedrich von Hayek - became influential in shaping US nuclear strategy during the Cold War.

These researchers, including the mathematician John Nash, gathered at the Rand Corporation in California. They developed "game theory" to model what a "rational" military strategy would be in the face of threatened mutual nuclear annihilation.

These games imagined a paranoid world where individuals ruthlessly sought rewards and modified their behaviour in the light of that of their opponents.

Crucially, this behaviour could be measured "objectively", allowing researchers to create computerised models and calculate "optimal" strategies.

Curtis's documentary traces how its underlying vision of social behaviour was picked up and generalised to areas such as psychology, economics and management theory. The political crisis of the 1970s offered the chance for the followers of Hayek to take centre stage.

They attacked notions of a "public service ethos" in state controlled institutions, arguing that public sector workers were motivated purely by self-interest - just like the "lonely robots" of their computer models.

Private sector management techniques were imported into public services, displacing previous attitudes with performance indicators, targets and incentives. This, it was claimed, would remove "inefficiencies" and induce "rational" behaviour into sluggish bureaucracies.


Curtis notes that while this project started in the 1980s with Margaret Thatcher's introduction of the "internal market" into the NHS, it really took off under John Major's government - and has been ruthlessly expanded under New Labour.

But far from "rationalising" public services, this battery of statistics had the opposite effect. Public sector managers started to "game the system" - fiddle the figures by reorganising services to artificially meet targets.

Curtis cites examples from the health service, education and policing. In one instance, hospital managers took the wheels off trolleys and reclassified them as "beds" in order to hit their target of reducing the number of patients on trolleys.

New Labour's response to this madness was to create even more targets in a futile effort to balance out the distortions produced by the system.

Public services were plunged into a nightmare world of metrics, audits and meaningless jargon - what Curtis calls the "tyranny of objective numbers". The results of this shift have been disastrous, Curtis argues - and even some of the original founders of game theory, such as John Nash, now agree.

Far from bringing "freedom" from bureaucracy, neoliberal management policies have increased social inequality, plunged the poorest in society into misery, and fuelled the rampant concentration of wealth in the hands of a new super elite. Under New Labour social mobility has declined to the lowest levels since the Second World War.


Curtis narrates his story by splicing together archive footage of news events, social situations, even clips from television dramas and films. It's a compelling and original style that places his work somewhere between a documentary, an essay and a dream.

However, it has limitations. Watching The Trap one can't help feeling drawn into the paranoid world of the Rand Corporation theorists.

While Curtis expertly traces the development of their ideas, he is silent when it comes to explaining why those ideas took hold. There is no sense of any kind of alternative vision, nor any pointers to a solution. Episodes such as the rise of Margaret Thatcher just "happen", with the immense political conflicts of that period relegated to a footnote. Rather than seeing ideas as being consciously promoted by particular social forces, Curtis paints a world where we all just sleepwalk into oblivion.

Nevertheless, Curtis's work is gripping and thought provoking. His documentaries are proof that television can deal with complex issues without being patronising.

The final programme in the three part series - still in preparation as Socialist Worker went to press - examines the "war on terror" as an attempt by neoliberals to extend their deranged vision of "individual freedom" by force. If the first two episodes are anything to go by, The Trap is a strong contender for "must see" documentary of the year.

3. The Pinay Cercle and political assassinations

Please check out these two fascinating articles on 'Le Cercle', a far- right political solutions club made up of ex intelligence people.

Le Cercle

"... the Circle consists of a loose gathering of various conservative and anti-Communist politicians, publicists, bankers and VIPs that meets some twice a year in various parts of the world. Its origins stem from the former French Prime Minister Antoine Pinay. The Circle, which still exists today, also invites guest speakers... One recent development is the establishment within the Circle of a command staff or of an inner circle which then works out particularly suitable means for action on current political questions." - German intelligence chief Hans Langemann, 1980

"Le Cercle is a secret transnational intelligence and direct action group, that, according to all accounts, is funded by the CIA. We only know the dates and places of a handful of Circle meetings (1), which were attended by about a hundred persons at a time. Before the 1990's, it was called Cercle Violet, or initially, Cercle Pinay, in both cases after its (French) chairman. In later times, chairmanship of Le Cercle went on to the British. The Pinay Circle used to fight the spread of communism worldwide, at all costs, even in our own backyard. This threat largely ceased to exist when the USSR collapsed and the role of the Circle had to change. Today, its members are probably talking about "Al-Qaeda infiltration" instead of "communist infiltration", although looking at the people involved with the Circle, one wonders how many actually believe in the 'War on Terror' as a tool to spread "freedom" and "democracy". We will get to that later.........."

Pinay Cercle - by David Guyatt, 1999 -


By David Guyatt

Perhaps more sinister, and certainly more shadowy than the

Bilderbergers, the "Pinay Cercle" is an "Atlanticist" right-wing

organisation of serving and retired intelligence operatives, military

officers and politicians that conspired to "affect" changes in

government. Amongst other things they claim credit for engineering the

election of Margaret Thatcher in the U.K. and may have been behind the

ousting of Australia's Gough Whitlam.

Now almost forgotten, the decade of the "Seventies" was a time of

immense political upheaval, dirty tricks and incessant rumours of

right-wing military Coup d'etats in leading western democracies.

Amongst the long list of resulting casualties of this "decade of

tension" were Britain's Prime Ministers: Harold Wilson and Ted Heath,

Australia's Gough Whitlam, Sweden's Olaf Palme, America's Jimmy Carter

and France's Francois Mitterand. The more southern flanks of Nato's

European axis: Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Greece converted rumour

into chilling fact via the steel-blue glaze of gun-barrels. Italy,

home of Pizza, the Pope, and Propaganda Due (P2) came in for its own

brand of political fixit, courtesy of Uncle Sam's very own CIA.

As the decade of the "eighties" slowly slipped above the now less than

pink eastern horizon, right-wing beneficiaries of a co-ordinated

international destabilisation programme gave their heart-felt thanks.

Among them were Britain's Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher - Madonna of

the Armaments industry - and America's less brittle, and considerably

less acute, Ronald Reagan - humble originator of the mega-tax-buck-

swallowing SDI "Star Wars" programme and also, thus, a valued friend

of the boys at Guns R Us International.

These two decades saw a proliferation of right-wing, quasi official

and secretive groups that co-ordinated intelligence, propaganda and

undertook covert black-operations around the globe. One of the most

shadowy of all is the "Pinay Cercle", named after its founder Antoine

Pinay, Premier of France in 1951. Known more simply as "Le Cercle" it

is recognised as a more clandestine sister organisation to the already

very secretive Bilderberg Group1 - a "behind-the-scenes 'invisible'

influence" network..................

4. Tony Gosling - shameless self-publicist....

I shall be in London next Monday (19th March '07) to give a talk on a

mystery subject connected either with last month's diabolical BBC2

Conspiracy Files film about 9/11, the subsequent scandal that BBC

World reported the collapse of WTC7 25 minutes before it happened or

on the involvement of Israeli security company Verint Systems with the

7/7 London bombings. Time is 7pm, venue is the Indian YMCA Fitzroy

Square W1T 6AQ (Warren Street tube, Northern & Victoria lines) .

5. Prince Charles - Nazi company he keeps

These short quotes should prove to those who don't already know that show Prince Charles is a great admirer of the Nazi Architect Albert Speer. I first came across that fact in a brilliant BBC4 documentary 'Jerry Building' by Jonathan Meades, so it was with absloute horror that I read the following article in last week's Daily Mail, knowing that most people wouldn't realise that our future King (and antichrist if you believe Tim Cohen's book 'The antichrist and a cup of tea') is

such a devoted fan of Speer.

No doubt Charles will be sending someone to the Bonhams auction on the 27th to buy these letters, saving them from public scrutiny much as the allegedly threatening letters from Prince Philip to Princess Diana have been 'disappeared'.

quote 1 - "Still, Prince Charles, who has built his own version of the past in the form of the ghastly Poundbury, is sure to love it. For Charles is not only a huge fan of Tolkien but also of Poundbury designer Leon Krier, who has written a book defending the architecture of Albert Speer. Interesting to know where those piffling opinions come from."

quote 2 - "... two and three (so similar they can be discussed together) dealt with a potpourri of incidents and issues, some past and some present, that Kasher considered to be related to Hitler's art programs. Here we saw material about Philip Johnson's and Mies van der Rohe's flirtations with the Nazi party in the early '30s, about Baron Thyssen's and Peter Ludwig's postwar patronage of Arno Breker, and about Prince Charles's admiration for the architecture of Albert Speer. Kasher stretches his subject to include hostility to avant- garde art in more general terms: he invokes Harry Truman's befuddled critique of those "nutty modern artists" as well as (predictably) Jesse Heims's campaign against "pornographic" contemporary art."

Speer did know of Holocaust

8th March 2007

For years Hitler's architect and arms minister Albert Speer claimed he was unaware of plans to exterminate the Jews. His avoidance of blame for the genocide is thought to have spared him the noose at the end of the Second World War. But a newly-discovered letter shows Speer knew the Nazis' mass murder was plotted by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS and Gestapo. Speer - one of the most important men in the Reich after Hitler - confessed his guilt to the wife of a Belgian resistance leader killed by the Nazis in a letter dated 1971.

He told Helene Jeanty: "There is no doubt: I was present when Himmler announced on October 6, 1943 that all Jews would be killed." Speer wrote to Mrs Jeanty, who wrote a book he admired, after serving a 20-year sentence for war crimes - mainly for the use of slave labour.

Previously Speer claimed that while he was at the conference where Himmler revealed the Final Solution, he had left before the announcement was made.

Speer denied involvement in the Holocaust in his best-selling book Inside The Third Reich, and later in extensive interviews with the author Gitta Sereny - who spent 12 years writing a book about him. The unpublished letters between Speer and Mrs Jeanty, written between 1971 and Speer's death in 1981, have surfaced from an anonymous British source.

They are expected to fetch up to £4,000 at Bonhams in London on March 27.

see also the spin version of Prince Charles in today's Sunday Express


6. Israeli soldiers using Palestinian children as human shields

Israeli group says troops used Palestinian civilians as human shields

Last updated at 15:51pm on 9th March 2007

The Israeli army said that it was looking into new allegations that troops used Palestinians as human shields during an operation in the West Bank city of Nablus.

The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem charged that while conducting a major operation against Palestinian gunmen in the city last week, troops took two minors - a 15-year-old boy and an 11-year old girl - along while they searched houses for militants and weapons, forcing them to enter the houses first.

The use of civilians in military operations has been ruled illegal by Israel's Supreme Court and is prohibited by military orders.

The army said that it was checking the new charges.

The first indication that troops used Palestinians as human shields in the Nablus operation came when an Associated Press Television camera captured what appeared to be such a scene on February 25.

The footage shows Sameh Amira, 24, accompanying troops as they enter apartments in the city's casbah, or Old City.

The army promised a "thorough inquiry" into that incident.

Amira's cousin, 15-year-old Amid Amira, told B'Tselem field workers that soldiers took him at the same time as they took Sameh. They forced him to come along as they searched three houses, he said, making him enter rooms first, empty cupboards and open windows.

Jihan Dadush, 11, told B'Tselem that soldiers took her from her home three days later, on February 28, forcing her to open the door of a neighboring apartment and enter ahead of them.

The soldiers then took her home, she said.

Until 2005, soldiers employed a tactic of making civilians knock on their neighbors' doors to warn them of an impending raid, claiming this protected bystanders by spurring militants to surrender peacefully.

But in a landmark 2005 ruling, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled the tactic illegal and barred any use of civilians in military operations.

B'Tselem spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli urged the army to open a military police investigation into the Nablus incidents.

"The army must investigate what happened and act accordingly - try people, make sure the rules are clarified and understand where the failures were, in order to prevent this from happening again," she said.

In August 2002, a 19-year-old Palestinian student, Nidal Daraghmeh, was killed when troops in the West Bank town of Tubas forced him to knock on the door of a neighboring building where a Hamas fugitive was hiding.

Gunfire erupted and Daraghmeh was killed.

7. Brigadeer Gordon Kerr - demon of death paid by the British taxpayer

Unit linked to scandals may be in Iraq

Thursday, February 22, 2007

By Chris Thornton

Questions have been tabled in Parliament about reports that the shadowy Army unit linked to Troubles intelligence scandals is now operating in Iraq.

The Joint Services Group (JSG), which allegedly operates out of Baghdad's Green Zone, is said to be the new name for the Force Research Unit (FRU) - the Army outfit that ran notorious agents like Brian Nelson and IRA mole Stakeknife.

SDLP leader Mark Durkan has demanded answers from the Ministry of Defence about the group's reported operations in Iraq. His party has called for their withdrawal from that country.

The JSG is alleged to be running Iraqi agents using techniques learned in Northern Ireland, where FRU ran key informers inside the IRA and loyalist groups - but may have allowed them to get away with murder in order to preserve their cover.

SDLP justice spokesman Alban Maginness said the unit "will only make it worse" for the people of Iraq if they operate in the same way that they did in Northern Ireland.

FRU's work with Nelson, a UDA intelligence officer, was exposed when he was jailed for conspiracy to murder. But full details of his work, including links to the murder of solicitor Patrick Finucane, have never been fully explained.

The Army unit also operated the IRA agent known as Stakeknife. He is alleged to have operated within the IRA's internal security department, which involved him in the deaths of alleged informers.

Four years ago, up to two dozen members of FRU were named in criminal investigation files sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions by Lord Stevens, the head of the Stevens Inquiry. No public action has been taken on those

In his 2003 report, Lord Stevens said collusion had taken place involving members of FRU and loyalist and republican paramilitaries.

The unit is said to have been renamed as the JSG in the wake of that report.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, the JSG is said to have operated exclusively in Northern Ireland. But as terrorist units spread throughout Iraq, it was deployed to develop intelligence gathering.

British defence sources are reported to have claimed the group has saved hundreds of lives, prevented suicide bombings and gathered intelligence that helped coalition forces kill Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, last year.

But Mr Maginness said the unit has "never been called to account for their actions" in Northern Ireland.

"The FRU has been involved in murder and mayhem in the North," he said.

see also

'Green slime' invades Iraq

8. Are US and UK aready doing black ops. inside Iran?

Zahedan bombings intended to foment Sunni-Shia conflict: governor

TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) -- A percussion bomb exploded in the southeastern city of Zahedan late Friday, two days after a car bomb blasted near a bus and martyred 11 military personnel.

At 11 p.m. on Friday, a bomb was blasted in Zahedan's beltway, and was followed by the sound of shooting.

Wednesday's terrorist act targeted Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) personnel as they were riding a bus from their housing compound to work.

Zahedan Governor Hassan-Ali Nuri said that Friday's percussion bomb did not cause any casualties or damage.

The terrorists are attempting to incite division between Shias and Sunnis and provoke ethnic conflicts, Nuri commented.

However, Nuri told the Mehr News Agency that "Zahedan is in peace at the moment."

Soltan-Ali Mir, the director of the political and security office at Sistan-Baluchestan province, said after Wednesday's incident some weapons and ammunitions were found and "it is interesting that the weapons are made by the United States and Britain."

Mir said the detained terrorists revealed in their confessions that they had some meetings in certain neighboring countries for their financial support and "this indicates that the U.S. and Britain are involved in the recent incidents."

One of the detainees admitted that they were told to assassinate Sunni leaders and then accuse the Shias and thereby trigger ethnic conflicts, Mir added.

Wednesday's attack was claimed by a Sunni militant group, Jundallah, which is headed by Abdulmalik Rigi, and has been blamed for committing terrorist acts in the country.

Provincial police commander Brigadier General Mohammad Ghafari said that three main perpetrators of the bombings and a total of 65 suspects have been arrested.

Zahedan's representative in the Majlis, Hossein-Ali Shahriari, stated that after the explosion on Friday night "more than two thousand people" came to the region to "confront the vicious forces with bare hands".

The recent bombings can have no objective but to cause terror, the MP underlined.

Condemning Wednesday's terrorist bus attack, the United Nations Security Council on Thursday called for those responsible for the deadly incident to be brought to justice. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon also condemned the terrorist bombing.

Thousands of Zahedan's Shia and Sunni people have signed a petition calling for the establishment of security in the province and announced that they are prepared to cooperate in bringing stability to Zahedan.

see also

Ethnic Opposition on the Rise in Iran

PEPIS#83 - Further Parliamentary Scrutiny of Bilderberg

Well done again to Steve Watson for being one of the only journalists

in the world to pick up on Norman Baker's sporting second chance for

Tony Blair to tell the truth. In this short bulletin I'll be relating

some of my own experiences with crucial letters being 'spirited away'

in the post and with my own realisation that several lines of enquiry I

have been pursuing for the last ten years are, in fact, one and the


A criminal hand revealed

I have been in touch with LibDem MP for Lewes Norman Baker over PM

Blair's Bilderberg denial last year in the House of Commons. As many

will know by now I visited Ayrshire just after the 1998 conference and

spoke to a woman who was working at the hotel.

She casually mentioned to me, with no prompting, that she'd served Tony

Blair his breakfast one morning during the conference, which strongly

suggests he was sleeping at the hotel and didn't just drop by for a

celebrity appearance. Blair was not on the semi-official attendance

list that year but his Defence Secretary George Robertson, who was

about to be made Secretary General of NATO, was.

In the first week in December 2006 Norman Baker's office at Portcullis

House opposite Parliament sent me a letter authorising me to

investigate Blair's presence or otherwise at the Turnberry meeting to

show that I was a bona fide journalist working for him. That letter

never arrived. His office sent me another letter, that didn't arrive

either. At this point I knew the post was being illegally intercepted

by someone either inside the House of Commons mail system or at the

Bristol area sorting office in Filton and that either Norman Baker's

phone and/or my own were being monitored. It is impossible to call

lying politicians to account when they have criminal collaberators who

listen in to telephone calls and have the power to destroy

communications between journalists and MPs at will.

I have informed Norman's office and filed a 'lost mail' complaint with

Royal Mail. Meanwhile the newish forum was hacked

earlier today. What I am always interested in when something like this

happens is what was being discussed on the 'discussion libre' topic

that was deleted? In this case it was negotiations which are proceeding

with pope Benedict for the Roman Catholic Church to amalgamate with the

Protestant churches. It seems that Benedict - who I dubbed the

Diabolical pope for his ill-informed attacks on Islam - has been

listening closely to his two new Bilderberg advisers, Peter Sutherland

and Henry Kissinger on this one. The implication being that large

churches such as these need to be brought together to make them easier

for these totalitarians to control. One also wonders how much of the

catholic congregations' collection money is going to Kissinger and his


The Andrew Palmer connection

People often ask me whether I have any proof that Bilderberg is

controlled by freemasons. The proof I do have is that the last

conference to take place in the UK was organised by one Andrew Palmer,

who was also Private Secretary to the world's number one freemason,

Grand Master of United Grand Lodge, the Duke of Kent.

So whatever precautions freemasons take to ensure that press and public

never find out whether or not they are freemasons, a tyrrany of the

mediocre. They are only in their public positions due to promotion and

privilege within 'the craft'. For those of you who don't know a lot

about freemasonry it is within the Royal Arch chapters that financially

and politically motivated freemasons congregate. Many masons are

unaware of the control-freakery of these higher degree masons who

really have convinced themselves that they are 'elite' superior beings

who can prey on ordinary members of the public with a clear concience.

How perfectly this dovetails in with Bilderberg. Which is a political

and economic global policy expression of that amoral elitism so

characteritic of Nazi Germany.

HRH Duke of Kent - official site

HRH Duke of Kent's meteoric masonic rise: initiated 12th December 1963,

made Grand Master of United Grand Lodge 27th June 1967

First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

of England

HRH Duke of Edinburgh initiated 5th December 1952 (Masonic Yearbooks)

Rare shots inside a Royal Arch temple

In November 2006 I went on a rare tour of Bristol's masonic hall in

Park street...

...where I was amazed to see, in the royal arch temple, two giant

columns with domes on the top which I can only describe as phallic...

...this wouldn't worry me so much if it wasn't for the fact that this

temple is modelled on a Jewish synagogue. It has the flags of the

twelve tribes of Israel and any orthodox Jew would recognise the layout

immediately. But no natural light is allowed in and the masons guiding

us round confessed to conducting ceremonies in there where only a

single candle lit the entire place. Quite spooky sounding and a

blasphemous travesty of Solomon's temple.

1591 - Tony Blair's alleged lodge

And these two issues have again come together with allegatons in the

Enigma TV dvd 'Illuminati Volume I' and elsewhere that Tony Blair is

himself a Royal Arch freemason and a member of 1591 United Studholme

Alliance Lodge which, according to my Masonic Yearbook, meets at No. 10

Duke Street St. James, LONDON SW1Y 6BS, on the 1st Wednesday in

February, the 3rd Wednesday in March, the 4th Wednesday in May and has

an installation meeting for new members on 3rd Wednesday in October.

1591's Royal Arch chapter meets on the 3rd Wednesday in January and May

as well as the 1st Wednesday in October. Last month I recorded and

interview with Russian television outside 'the other number ten' which

has a brass plate saying "Supreme Council, Ring Once". Some friendly

masons turned up while we were filming and so I asked them what the

Supreme Council was. They explained it was the headquaters of their

branch of advanced freemasonry which was the Rose-Croix, otherwise

known as Rosicrucians, who are one of the modern occult societies most

closely associated with the medieval Knights Templar, and said by some

to be identical to Weishaupt's Illuminati.

So you see, the hacking into my forum today and the theft of letters to

me from one of Britain's most astute MPs has prompted something rather

different. A call for Tony Blair to account for his masonic movements

at Turnberry and, rather closer to home, in London's elite district of

St. James. The tired old Blair puppet doesn't have long left on the

stage but how much better for him to be removed by the press, MPs and

by the people rather than one by the financial elite's two puppet

parties. Now back to Steve Watson's report.


British MP Asking More Questions About Bilderberg

This time the next Prime Minister is the focus

Steve Watson

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A British MP, who previously asked Prime Minister Tony Blair to reveal

details of any Bilderberg meetings he has attended, has now officially

asked the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, and most likely next

Prime Minister, to reveal details of his own attendances at Bilderberg.

Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, has officially requested that Gordon Brown

provide an oral or written answer to the following question:

Norman Baker (Lewes): To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, in which

years since 1997 (a) he and (b) other Treasury Ministers have attended

meetings of the Bilderberg Group.

The question has been officially submitted and it will now take a few

weeks before it is answered in the House of Commons.

Mr Baker previously asked Tony Blair the same question, to which Blair

answered "I have not attended any such meetings."

Blair may not have attended since he came to power but he certainly was

"groomed" by the secretive group, at the same time as Bill Clinton,

before either were elected into office.

It will be interesting to note Brown's answer given that he is known to

have attended the Bilderberg Conference when he was shadow Chancellor

of the Exchequer in 1991 and possibly again in 1995.

In a separate development, an answer has been provided to a question

about Bilderberg that was raised in the House of Lords:

Official Travel: Bilderberg Conference

Lord Stoddart of Swindon asked Her Majesty's Government:

Whether any Ministers attended the Bilderberg Conference in Ottawa

between 8 and 11 June; if so, whether they attended in a ministerial or

private capacity; whether they made contributions to debates; and, if

so, on which subjects.[HL7569]

Lord Bassam of Brighton answered: All ministerial visits are conducted

in accordance with the Ministerial Code and Travel by Ministers. Since

1999, the Government have published annually a list of overseas travel

by Cabinet Ministers costing over £500 and the total cost of all

ministerial travel. Information for 2005-06 was published on Monday 24

July 2006. Copies are available in the Library for the reference of

noble Lords. Information for 2006-07 will be published as soon as

possible after the end of the financial year. Information on other

Ministers' travel is not collected centrally.

There was no response indicating what subjects were discussed by said

ministers in attendance.

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Hang on a minute, Blair is a B-Liar, and a warmonger; but the Pope's

half-hearted exposures of Islam do not make him (the Pope) diabolical. It is

that religion that has some infernal smoke about it!

It's recommended that you people read the Koran, the Hadith, and an indexed

copy of Sharia Law. You could do worse than start with

-- John M. of West. Australia.


Don't let the Mossad assassinate Prince Harry

Tony Gosling