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PEPIS messages from 2004

Standing up a conspiracy in the face of lies and secrecy by those who should be truthful, open and accountable - educated conspiracy guesswork

PEPIS #62.5 - 11Nov04 - A father's anger: 'I would kill Geoff Hoon'

PEPIS #62 - 9/11: evidence for the prosecution

PEPIS #61 - Bilderberg backstabber at the BBC

PEPIS #60.5 - Guardian phone tap story kept off web

PEPIS #60 - Bilderberg coverage & censorship issues

PEPIS #59 - Bilderberg Participants 2004

PEPIS #58 Bilderberg 2004: Will Bush fly by or drop in?

PEPIS #57 - Bilderberg Milan, Italy June 3-6 2004

PEPIS #56 - Bilderberg Organiser is Head Mason's PA

PEPIS 62.5: A father's anger: 'I would kill Geoff Hoon'

1. Contoversial article published in today's Guardian
2. Guardian website experiencing problems

An article in today's Guardian relates the anger of an ex RAF warrant officer and father of two soldiers in the Black Watch - currently serving in Fallujah.

Here is that article for any of you who may have been having trouble with the Guardian website today.

By the way if you live in the UK do visit this relatively new anti-ID card website

And if you're in the USA these two sites give a good summary of last week's electronic electoral fraud.


A father's anger: 'I would kill Geoff Hoon'

Audrey Gillan

Thursday November 11, 2004

The Guardian,3604,1348237,00.html

The father of two Black Watch soldiers serving at Camp Dogwood in Iraq threatened to kill the defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, yesterday because he was a "two-faced lying git".

James Buchanan, whose sons Gary, 27, and Craig, 24, both corporals, were due to return home but then redeployed north to reinforce the American assault on Falluja, said: "This man has got me so angry. If I see him in the street I would kill him. I would kill that man. I would cut his throat."

The former RAF warrant officer's outburst came at the launch of Families Against the War, a group of families who will campaign for British troops to be pulled out of Iraq. They include parents of sons who were killed in Iraq as well as parents of those currently serving.

The launch, on the eve of Armistice day, coincided with an announcement from the Ministry of Defence that two more soldiers had been injured at or near Camp Dogwood, the Black Watch base.

The first, a helicopter pilot with the Army Air Corps, was seriously injured when shot at through the windscreen of his aircraft. His co-pilot took control of the Lynx and flew it back to the camp. The pilot was flown to an American hospital in Baghdad. The second soldier was injured in a mortar attack on the helicopter pad inside the camp.

After yesterday's campaign launch, the families walked the short distance to Downing Street to lay a wreath of poppies in remembrance of those killed in Iraq, as well as photographs of their dead sons and a letter to Tony Blair.

Reg Keys, father of Lance Corporal Thomas Keys, one of six Royal Military Policemen killed in Iraq last year, Rose Gentle, mother of Fusilier Gordon Gentle, killed this year, and Theresa Evans, mother of Lance Bombardier Llewellyn Evans, the first British military fatality during the war last year, held each other as they stood in front of the door to No 10.

Mrs Evans had earlier broken down at the press conference when Mr Keys told how her son had died in a helicopter crash which was witnessed by her other son.

She wept as Mr Keys told how she had held two funerals for her son - one for his body and another for further body parts sent to her from America. She wept again when the families passed the Cenotaph on Whitehall which remembers the country's war dead.

In their letter to the prime minister, the families said: "When enlisting, service men and women sign an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty's government.

"All these people ask in return is that their government act in an honourable, truthful and honest manner and only deploy troops into the theatre of war to risk their lives when absolutely necessary, when all avenues of diplomacy have been exhausted.

"To deploy troops based on deceit of WMD is totally morally unacceptable. The blame lies firmly at your doorstep. This was a contrived war, a war of option not of necessity."

The laying of the wreath at Downing Street was a contentious issue, with the families initially being told that they wouldn't be able to do so.

Officials finally relented and after observing a minute's silence on the No 10 doorstep, Mr Keys and Mrs Gentle knocked on the door and went inside for just under a minute.

Their earlier request to meet Mr Blair was dismissed. The families then went to a private meeting with 40 cross-party MPs before taking part in an anti-war demonstration in Parliament Square.

During his outburst, Mr Buchanan explained that none of the families involved with the group were anti-military and that fighting was his sons' job. He added, however, that his sons had not signed up to fight for the Americans or for lies.

He said that Mr Hoon had lied to the Black Watch families for three weeks over what was happening to the soldiers.

Mr Buchanan's son Craig, a Warrior driver, had been close friends with Private Piti Tukutukuwaqa, a Fijian member of the Black Watch who was killed in a suicide bomb attack on Monday. His best man had been killed earlier in the conflict.

Four Black Watch soldiers have been killed in hostile action since the deployment to Camp Dogwood.

A number of others have been injured, some seriously, with one soldier losing both legs.,3604,1348237,00.html

PEPIS #62 - 9/11: evidence for the prosecution  -13Oct04

1. Evidence WTC crash 767's were US military tankers

2. 911 Truth Movement at the European Social Forum

3. Can you guess who is a 666, the antichrist?

4. Glutton: UK Army Intelligence real time tracking of vehicle number plates

5. A Very British Coup: UK Civil Contingencies bill and an ideal Christmas gift

6. Behold a White House: The first horseman of the apocalypse?

7. The lies Cherie Blair told to keep Tony in power

8. 21st Century Eugenics watch: Human Genetics Alert

9. Iraqi resistance are like the French resistance in World War II - Clare Short

10. Forthcoming US election fixing


1. Evidence WTC crash 767's were US military tankers

Its the most controversial documentary so far to come out of the attacks of September 11th 2001. '911: In Plane Sight' certainly appears to show that some of the assumptions formed on the day of the attacks are wrong. Any cop will tell you that anomalous evidence points to foul play and here is anomalous evidence aplenty:

Total absence of aircraft wreckage at the Pentagon which appears to have been hit by a cruise missile or 'bunker buster'; a large and unmistakable blister modification under the fuselage of the two 767's that hit the World Trade Centre; an explosion or 'flash' to ensure the 'AV-TUR' jet-fuel ignites (jet fuel is designed not to ignite in crashes) just as both planes hit the towers; evidence that both the main WTC towers and the nearby forty story 'WTC building 7' were brought down by controlled explosions set by 'Controlled Demolition Inc.' a US firm that have been granted the highest level of US security clearance.

911: In Plane Sight follows on from other videos such as 'Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus' by Daniel Hopsicker, that point clearly to organisational involvement of the Mafia and US military in the 9:11 attacks. All of which has turned any involvement of Osama Bin Laden, in many peoples' minds, into a conspiracy theory with no evidence to support it.

See more at  and

Evidence that the plane that hit the South Tower was a 767-300 (stretched version) not a 767-200

You can hear interviews detailing much of the strongest evidence that the attacks of September 11th 2001 were an 'inside job' here - it works best if you have winamp installed on your computer

2. 911 Truth Movement at the European Social Forum

The UK 9/11 skeptics group will be conducting a 9/11 workshop at the European Social Forum on Saturday 16th October from 2pm to 4pm at Congress House, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3LS.

At it a number of speakers from the UK 9/11 Skeptics Group will be presenting, with visual aids, various aspects of the case for strong suspicion that the US government was complicit in the 9/11 atrocities.

We are trying to make arrangements whereby if you want to come to this workshop only, and not to the rest of the Forum, you don't have to pay the full registration fee, but as yet we have no firm news on this.

Help is still needed with leafleting flyers advertising our workshop at the ESF on Friday and Saturday and spreading the word on UK internet forums, etc.

I know they could use any offers of help both for this weekend and into the future building up this UK network and planning for the UK campaign for a further independent inquiry. If you have some time to spare and would like to help out please drop them a line by this email address and I will forward it to them.

We hope to see as many as possible at the workshop.

Best wishes

Ian Neal, <>

If you've not heard it already do have a listen to the well focussed and tightly argued analysis of September 11th attacks on

3. Can you guess who is a 666, the antichrist?

Have you ever thought an acquaintance of yours might be the antichrist? If so this is the tool for you. Its also useful if somebody is nice to you in a suspicious way ! Why not try famous names/words/places like DickCheyne, NewYork, Swarzenneger, Witchcraft, Lustful, JackStraw, Kissinger, Mandelsson, Geneticist, Bjork, OzzyOzbourne etc. in the machine too (five of these do equal 666)?

4. Glutton: UK Army Intelligence real time tracking of vehicle number plates

Have you ever noticed blue or green 'lampposts' with shaded flat screens facing the traffic every few miles on the sides of British A Roads? These have appeared under the name 'AA Trafficmaster' over the last three or four years.

Many of these Trafficmaster 'lamppost' cameras say on them 'Traffic jam early warning system for motorists, NOT A CAMERA, NOT A SPEED TRAP, Telephone 01908 249800'. Well maybe Trafficmaster should be prosecuted under the trades descriptions act - because, while the devices do detect the speed of passing traffic and relay it to the AA they certainly are cameras, and have a secret function that is mentioned on neither the poles or the publicity. They are also linked to similar devices which are replacing infra-red sensors on motorway bridges.

The 'Trafficmaster' cameras are primarily a vehicle number plate tracking system connected to British Army Intelligence under the army's codename 'Glutton'. The Automobile Association are providing a genuine congestion avoidance service but it is also a convenient cover for domestic army intelligence (and presumably MI5 too) surveillance of all cars in the UK.

The cameras are used for 'real-time' tracking of number plates on trunk roads across the country using a system called 'Passive Target Flow Measurement' or PTFM. The British army and unspecified 'others' are using the system to track suspicious or innocent vehicles with no checks on who they are tracking and why. The system can be used to track peaceful protesters, church outings, journeys to party conferences. Anything, in fact that those with access to Glutton choose.

The system got its army codename because of the sheer volume of number plate time and location data it keeps, so every single time your vehicle has gone past one of these 'non-camera' cameras it will have been recorded. A useful way of checking where cars have been and when but also an outrageous infringement of civil liberties introduced with absolutely no justification.

This technology has been introduced, as much of the similar CCTV biometric technology, without approval from the British people and is actively destructive of the democratic system. It must be exposed, it must be dismantled. The people who have arranged for and profited from the installation of this system are arguably guilty of contempt for human rights and privacy.

The Trafficmaster website provides a comprehensive map of Glutton surveillanced trunk roads here so you can plan your route to avoid being tracked by army intelligence if you wish.

It is part of a much wider top-down change by the establishment in the way we do things. Its about discarding the assumption of innocence, held sacred since Magna Carta. Now every citizen is a suspect and this has left us with biometric, face-recognition, CCTV and now Glutton. (see Qinetiq's biometric nightmare by Alf Mendes

Remember - if you've never done anything wrong you have nothing to fear from Glutton. But I, for one, would be extremely surprised if drug dealing mafia elements within our intelligence agencies will get caught in their own net. Don't hold your breath.

With the wall of secrecy surrounding army intelligence the public are not even allowed to know who is deciding what is a legitimate journey and what is not.

Further info and pictures at

5. A Very British Coup: UK Civil Contingencies bill and an ideal Christmas gift

Despite still not having received the Royal Assent the UK Civil Contingencies bill is already in full-swing. The Cabinet office must have great confidence in Her Majesty's disinterest in the liberties of her subjects as they have set up a secretariat with its own hotline without the necessary legislation being enacted. Contact them through the main Cabinet Office phone number 0207 270 1234 and ask for the Civil Contingencies Hotline. You need look no further to find the 'dark forces' the queen spoke about!

The Civil Contingencies Bill: A very British coup

David Carr (London) Civil liberty/regulation • UK affairs

I bet that if I mention the term coup d'etat it conjures up images of heavily-armed soldiers on the streets, tanks on airport runways and besieged radio stations.

In truth, though, that is precisely the means by which such things are usually conducted. But they happen in faraway, third-world countries. It is the kind of thing we have come to associate with Oxford-educated 'Generals' who manage to wrest power from their tribal rivals in some African shanty-nation or with bandoliered, mustachioed Bolivians firing their carbines into the air and shouting "Viva El Nuevo Presidente" while the still-warm body of the old 'Presidente' swings from a nearby lamppost.

But this is not the kind of thing that happens in developed countries like Britain. No, this is a stable country with a proper economy and elections and democratic governments and political parties and judicial independence and free speech and the such.

I suppose it is, in part at least, because complacency caused by all those institutions appearing to be extant that we are about to taken over in a quiet, stealthy and bloodless coup d'etat all of our own.

Not a shot will be fired. No-one will be rounded up. The airports will remain open and all the media will stay on air. For now.

No, the weapon of the revolution to come is made only of paper and it is called the 'Civil Contingencies Bill', due to become law next year.

Envisaged, ostensibly, as a means of giving the government sufficient emergency powers to deal with terrorist threats (as if they do not already have enough powers), the actuality is a lot darker and goes a great deal further than that.

The effect of the Bill, once passed into law, will enable any senior government minister to declare that an 'emergency' has happened or is about to happen and, entirely at his own discretion, enact any regulations he wishes for the purpose of:

In other words, regulations for any purpose whatsoever.

And that is just the beginning. The Bill goes on to set out just what those ministerial fiats can do:

The Bill will also enable said minister to abolish any law or statute at the stroke of a pen.

These are Bolshevik-style powers, so sweeping and totalitarian that they sound as if they have been lifted out of some 1930's banana-republic manifesto.

The effect (and almost certainly the intention) of these laws will be to give the Executive complete political control over the country. Bloggers or media owners who oppose the government can have their businesses requestioned and shut down. Political opponents can be put under indefinite house arrest or dragged before kangaroo courts. Meetings or organised protests can be disbanded and, theoretically at least, the Executive could even order Parliament (which is an assembly) to be evacuated and closed.

Under the rubric of 'terrorist threats' the Executive is about to equip itself with awesome and unlimited powers and let no-one delude themselves that these powers will not be used against, say, pro-hunt campaigners, petrol protesters and maybe even Samizdatistas. The Nulabour fantasy of complete control is shortly to be made flesh.

This is probably the last year of Britain as a liberal democracy yet the mainstream media is (as usual) asleep at the wheel. They will remain that way. It is up to bloggers to raise the awareness and ring the alarm bells in the hope that some opposition can be stirred into life.

See also the DVD of this gobsmacking political drama 'A Very British Coup' by Chris Mullin MP. Makes an ideal Christmas gift - you can buy it from Politico's top notch webstore for £7.20 (about 12 US dollars/euros)- http:/


6. Behold a White House: The first horseman of the apocalypse?

The deafening sound of enemy tanks and the roar of enemy planes overhead are not welcome sounds - no matter who you are. No one looks forward to their community being invaded and ravaged by enemy troops. The same was true in the first century, in the apostle John's day. The sound of galloping enemy horses - the sound of horses hooves hitting the ground - inspired fear.

These sounds were the ominous noises of an enemy's approach. So when John began describing four horsemen who would unleash God's judgment on the earth, the familiar but awful sound of approaching horses would have been ringing in his readers' ears.

[that introduction was taken from Timothy R. Phillips' End Time Study Notes (100 pp.) available from Tony Gosling for £6.00(intl.), £5.00(UK) including p&p]

The Bible, in Revelation 6, gives us a stark warning image of cataclysmic events at the beginning of the end of this world. It describes four horses, white, red, black and pale, announcing God's judgment. The Bible calls this the 'birth-pangs' of the Kingdom of God where all wicked intent, both open and covert, will be swept from the earth. [Matthew 24:8]

The first, white, horse is described as follows: 'And I saw, and behold a white horse; and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him; and he went forth conquering and to conquer.' Revelation 6:2.

There are several things that pop out about this verse. Firstly the rider has a bow, but apparently no arrows. He appears to be riding out without the correct equipment for the job. His 'victory' is not likely to be a very effective one.

This is pure conjecture: but could the white horse refer to the US 'War on Terror' campaign against Afghanistan and particularly Iraq? In both these cases - where puppet regimes have been installed - the victory has been a superficial one.

In both countries, and elsewhere where the CIA have installed client totalitarian regimes, there is resistance that shows no signs of abating. The opposite in fact. And the more repressive the US forces become so the more the people who have lost their sovereign nation join the resistance. An empty victory indeed.

This is the worst sort of vicious circle, it leads seamlessly on to the situation announced by the red horse, one quarter of the world, maybe the muslim world, being immersed in bloody wars. This is the stock-in-trade of many powerful businesses that rely on arms sales.

Could it be that the White House, in its phoney 'War on Terror', has unwittingly fulfilled the Biblical prophecy of the White Horse?

See also

7. The lies Cherie Blair told to keep Tony in power

With over forty comments now appended the original publication of this story has become one of the most controversial and well read hidden articles ever on UK Indymedia website.

It has become clear since June that there were two distinct factors putting pressure on the British Prime Minister's daughter, 16 year old Kathryn who was then in the middle of her GCSE exams, to take her own life.

The facts behind the story have also caused something of a controversy between Cherie Blair and Melvyn Bragg last month. The former denying all and the latter quite truthfully explaining to the public that the prime minister was under extreme family pressure in the spring of 2004 and considered resigning the top job. When Cherie denied this under orders no doubt from 'special advisers' she was telling downright lies to the public.

Link to my original article

Reuters: Cherie says Blair didn't think of quitting

The first reason Kathryn felt alone and isolated was parental neglect. It is not clear exactly how much time Cherie and Tony Blair spend with their children but it was, and possibly is, clearly not enough.

In almost all cases of teenage suicide an inability to get through to parents on emotional problems and growing pains is cited as a central reason for the suicide attempt.

But the other reason is more sinister. Tabloid newspapers broke one of the two big unwritten rules of prime ministerial reporting that you mustn't comment or question on matters of the PM's religion or family. And they did it in a spectacularly unkind way. This time they ripped into Kathryn Blair over her 'tree trunk legs' and cruelly taunted her over her size. They taunted her, like spiteful school bullies, over her appearance on Downing Street's 2003 Christmas Card. The Times reference to these stories are appended below.

There must be a national debate over this kind of cheap and cruel reporting. Using the press to taunt people is something very few broadcasters/press or regulators have taken on, with the honourable exception of presswise, now known as media wise.

How can we marry freedom of the press with respecting human dignity? Those who have been covering up this story for Downing Street and for the tabloid press clearly do not want that debate to happen. Heads would roll at newspapers and the neglectful Blair couple would be exposed as the liars and hypocrites they are if the cause of Kathryn's pain were identified and that's one of the main reasons why the tabloid press - it appears - were happy to let this story lie.

Fat lady sings her way to a fairytale ending

Obesity - December 22, 2003 -,,9829-940259,00.html

By Carol Midgley

....for the millions of parents out there petrified that their Victoria Beckham-fixated daughters are going to lapse into a bout of anorexia before their 12th birthday, what a breath of fresh air La McManus must be.

She refuses to diet (she lost three stone when the contest began but is now resolved to stick at 15 stone) declaring: “If people are going to buy into me they have to accept me as I am.”

In a week when women newspaper columnists [still hoping the **it is not going to hit them - ed.] castigated Cherie Blair for letting her 15-year-old daughter Kathryn appear on the family Christmas card with “tree trunk” legs, McManus has injected some sanity into an increasingly crazed world.

8. 21st Century Eugenics watch: Human Genetics Alert

Human Genetics Alert (HGA) is an independent public interest watchdog group, based in London, UK. We have a small but growing membership and are funded by a leading British charity.

Since 1999, we have been committed to informing people about human genetics issues, and to putting forward clear policies that serve the public interest.

What is Human Genetics Alert?

We are currently undergoing a technological revolution in genetics. It is widely expected that these changes will bring major health benefits. However, the human genetics revolution also raises profound social and ethical problems, including a possible resurgence of eugenics. There is a widespread concern that genetics is running far ahead of society's ability to cope with these issues.

Human Genetics Alert (HGA) is an independent watchdog group based in London, UK, and is funded by a leading British charity. We are not opposed to genetic research. However, we are opposed to some developments, such as genetic discrimination, cloning and inheritable ('germ line') genetic engineering of human beings.

We believe:

If you would like to be kept informed about news in human genetics and our campaigns, send an email to

Membership details

9. Iraqi resistance are like the French resistance in World War II - Clare Short

Short defends Iraq's insurgents

Wednesday 6th October 2004

Clare Short has likened insurgents in Iraq to the French resistance who battled the German occupation. The ex-international development secretary told Dubai-based Gulf News that "killing civilians is always wrong.. but I think the cause is just". As the Americans fought British colonialism, so the Iraqis should be able to "resist occupation", she said.

Ms Short resigned her Cabinet post over the Iraq war in May 2003. She told the newspaper she understood the anger of those who embraced Islamic militancy. "My father came from Northern Ireland... and I understand why people think 'I can't get justice in any other way.' "I think it's always wrong to target civilians... because when you understand the IRA, they never targeted civilians.  "That's the terrible moral deterioration that's taken place." It was not good enough for the world to say "state violence is OK and non-state violence is not OK", she added.


Ms Short also argued the Palestinians were entitled under international law to "resist occupation" as Iraq's insurgents should be. Ms Short also hit out at Tony Blair for the way he presented the case for the Iraq war. He had "engaged in a whole series of half-truths and deceptions" to win backing for the military action, she said.

Mr Blair had already pledged to support George Bush before gaining Parliament's approval for the war, she alleged. "At the same time he was telling his party, Cabinet, Parliament and the country that he wanted to avoid war, that we would proceed through the UN, that we were determined to get the implementation of the [Middle East] road map, he had already given his word to Bush," she said.


Samantha Roberts, the husband of the first British soldier to die in action in Iraq, Sergeant Steven Roberts, said she understood where Ms Short "was coming from". "A civilian is an innocent party but military personnel know what their job is," Mrs Roberts said. Tony Hamilton-Jewell, whose brother was killed by a mob as he manned an Iraqi police station, also suggested the insurgents were entitled to stand up for their beliefs.

10. Forthcoming US election fixing

A reminder of Alf Mendes' exclusive article on the history of US vote rigging

see also

Vote Rigging: how organised criminals have stolen U.S. democracy

25Feb04 - Alf Mendes

A Bilderberg site exclusive


Hi-Tech computer voting is now the order-of-the-day in America. In October 2002, the US Administration passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) which authorised the funding of $4 billion for states to use the Direct Recording Election system (DRE) equipment which would have to meet certain standards (set by the Act ) by the year 2006, at which point, they (the states) will be under obligation to have purchased said new equipment. As of December 2003, 36 states have agreed to these obligations. [1] Note that in DRE, votes are stored electronically, and, as such , therefore under proprietary ownership of the equipment companies: the voter is therefore denied access!

As always, the above needs to be seen within an historical context if it is to be properly assessed, and the following facts, at first glance, may seem to be of little pertinence to the opening paragraph - but, hopefully, this will be clarified by the further facts that follow.

In 1933, in answer to the economic Depression that prevailed then, FDR set up the Business Advisory Council (BAC) - a cabal of prestigious corporate capitalists who would subsequently become a crucial adjunct to the US Department of Commerce. This depression lasted throughout the '30's into the very early '40's as evidenced by queues of jobless, among whom it soon became common knowledge that there was no need to apply at certain companies if you were either a Jew or Irish.

In 1961, JFK was elected president by a very small majority and appointed Republicans to all his cabinet posts -but that of Secretary of State. Not long after, as noted by G. William Domhoff in his book 'The Powers That Be': the BAC had "...made a unilateral withdrawal from its quasi governmental status in 1962", and dropping the term 'Advisory' from its title, it would from now on be known as 'The Business Council' (BC). The reason for this break in relations was that JFK's Secretary of Commerce, Luther H. Hodges, had demanded a more open-style Council, the chairman of which, Ralph Cordinger (of General Electric), had become involved in a gigantic price-fixing scandal in the electrical equipment industry. As a result, the Council declared it would become an 'independent organisation' which would offer its advice to all agencies of government. Domhoff added "Despite the fact that the Business Council was no longer an official advisory group to the Department of Commerce, it continued the prominent role it had developed during the Eisenhower administration, supplying businesspeople for government positions and meeting regularly in Hot Springs with government officials. It was especially close to the Johnson administration."[2] The BC was not pleased with JFK.

(The following events of JFK's presidency will, of necessity, heavily rely on Mark Lane's book, 'Plausible Denial' - inasmuch as it is the most comprehensive published coverage of the assassination - to say nothing of the attendant cover-ups. After all, Lane was personally involved in much of the legal activity in this affair, and had much access to documents)

But before going further, it is important to note that JFK had inherited another brewing problem: namely, the Cuban revolution of 1959 had led to the expulsion from that island of the American Mafia, who were soon co-opted by the CIA in the latter's secretive plans to 'remove' Castro. A dangerous precedent was hereby set in motion.

In April 1961, the CIA-led 'Bay of Pigs' operation against Cuba failed, and, as Col. L. Fletcher Prouty confirms to Mark Lane, JFK decided to dismantle the CIA by initially firing top officers Allen Dulles (Director), Cabell (deputy Director - whose brother was Mayor of Dallas), and Bissell (Director for Plans). Prouty added that "..The task of breaking up the CIA was scheduled for 1964, after the foreseen Kennedy re-election". (NB: From '55 to '63, Prouty had held the following key positions: chief of special operations in (a) the Joint Chiefs of Staff; (b) the Office of the Secretary of Defense;and (c) The US Air Force.) [3]

In the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK set up the Cuban study group to determine the future of the CIA (Dulles was part of that group!). This resulted in the three National Security Action Memoranda (NSAM) 55, 56, & 57 aimed at drastically curbing any future CIA activities. This turned out to be a somewhat futile gesture on Kennedy's part - the illegal activities of the CIA continued. [4]

Soon after being elected, and on the advice of his administration (mainly Republicans, as noted above), he had authorised a 12-fold increase in US troops to be sent to Vietnam - to the satisfaction of the Military-Industrial complex. It did not take him long to realise his mistake. In 1963, now determined to withdraw the 16,000 American troops from Vietnam, JFK sent Gen. Maxwell Taylor and Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara to Vietnam to 'prepare' a report known as the Trip Report (already drawn up by Maj. Gen. Victor Krulak & Col. Prouty) recommending such withdrawal. (Understandable, when it is recalled that, as Senator, he (JFK) had visited Vietnam in 1951 and written the following complaint in his book "Strategy of Peace" (p.89): "In Indo-China we have allied ourselves to the desperate effort of a French régime to hang on to the remnants of empire.There is no broad general support of the native Vietnam government among the people of that area.")

Now, this Trip report was duly signed and delivered to the president. Result? The very crucial NSAM 263 of 2nd October 1963 which called for the immediate removal of 1000 'military advisers' and a timetable for the withdrawal of all remaining troops. According to Col. Prouty: "The Pentagon was outraged.

JFK was a curseword in the corridors". On the 10th of November 1963, Prouty was posted to the South Pole by Maj. Gen. Edward G. Lansdale, CIA liaison to McNamara. He was therefore not in Dallas when JFK was assassinated on November the 22nd. [5]

The dissimulative manner in which the investigation of the assassination was conducted by the police, the FBI, the Warren Commission, and the conniving media - all accompanied by numerous contradictory statements - naturally aroused suspicion in the eyes of many, including witnesses to the assassination. Now, suspicion, in the absence of rational facts, prompts assumptions, one of which is a very common-sensical one: namely, in view of the facts above, it was now self-evident that JFK's relationship with the CIA and the Military-Industrial Complex (as was Eisenhower's wont to call it) was of such an inimical nature that he was now regarded as a threat to the latter's strategy of global domination - and would therefore have to be killed sooner rather than later - preferably before the coming election. Indeed, in 1979, the House Select committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK was assassinated 'as a result of a conspiracy'. As for the consequences of such an act - the Establishment's economic/political clout was such that they were confident of their ability to cope with them. They wasted no time - with not a little help from the new president, LBJ, who had had little love for JFK. Now, it was becoming increasingly necessary to cover the whole matter with a veil of secrecy, with much assistance from the corporate-owned media - but more crucially, subsequent elections would have to be better 'controlled' in order to ensure that the JFK débacle would not be repeated. The new hi-tech computerised machines would later prove essential to this aim.

Secrecy was of paramount importance to this project, and the first step taken to ensure this was the unpublicised setting up, in August 1964, of the News Election Service (NES), a consortium of the three major television networks: ABC, NBC and CBS (CNN was to join later), plus the Associated Press wire service, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other news-gathering organizations, their job being to compile computer-voting results at election time and feed them to the major media. That this veil of secrecy was later lifted (but only to a certain extent), was due to the investigatory work of two brothers, Jim and Ken Collier - entrepreneurs - who wrote a book 'Votescam:The Stealing of America' which exposed in comprehensive detail how votes at elections were being manipulated from now on. But it must be hastily added that the major book chains banned publication of the book (though it is now available on the internet. [6]). The Colliers knew what they were writing about: Ken had run for Congress in Florida in 1970.

In order to gain a clearer understanding of any subject matter, it is helpful to view it from an historical perspective - and so it is with the matter of voting methodology. It should come as no surprise to learn that the paper-balloting system was first adopted by Australia in 1856: after all, this was in effect a symbolic gesture on the part of the many British/Irish who had previously been expelled from their homelands to a strange land thousands of miles away, there to serve their prison sentences on criminal charges! These (now) Aussies were merely giving Britain a 2-finger salute: "Up yours, you Pommies!". The Pommies got-the-message and subsequently adopted this method of voting - which they still follow to this day. (In America, as of 1996, only 1.7% of registered voters used this system!).

The subsequent evolution in voting methods, from the mechanical lever machine of 1892; through the punchcard, as used in the 1964 'primaries'; to the marksense optical scan; to the latest Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) system (see opening para. above) - all reveal one significant, indisputable fact: namely, voting methodology has become not only increasingly complex , but, more importantly, more vulnerable to being manipulated illegally. This is not to say that the simple paper ballot cannot be rigged (after all, a vote can be 'bought' in more than one way) - but it is verifiable - whereas the subsequent methods (particularly the more recent ones such as the DRE) are not verifiable, because of the legally-held proprietary rights of the machine owners. In simple terms - the voter has no access to the vote-count!

One of the earlier punch-card voting devices used was the Harris-designed IBM Votomatic. "The punch card machine was first used officially in 1965 in Fulton and DeKalb Counties, Georgia. .. problems often occur with the ballot when it is put through the reading machine. Although punch card machines are extremely fallible", they were widely used [7] "After several years, IBM realized that the Votomatic voting machine... was actually a Pandora's box...and IBM eventually sold its rights in the company after IBM's president, Thomas Watson, read an article that implied he might be trying to install IBM voting machines in enough precincts to win him the first electronically rigged election for President of the United States".... "With voting machines attached to telephone lines it was possible to meddle with the actual vote from a telephone miles away. Getting caught was not possible. 'Deniability' and 'untrackability' were built into the secret source codes that animated the machines.".... "Most Americans did not realize that such an anti-democratic virus had infected their vote. Most do not realize it today." [8]

Spurred by reports and rumours of earlier cases of vote-rigging in Dade county (when, in a referendum held in1959, the 27 municipalities had lost their autonomous powers to an outside, elitist group, the Metro) the Collier brothers decided that one of them, Ken, would run for Congress against the sitting Democrat congressman, Claude Pepper, in the 1970 election in Dade County, Florida. Pepper won in what the brothers soon realised had been a manipulated, rigged vote involving county officers, police, FBI, and judiciary! They were shocked, but determined - and their subsequent years of detailed, thorough investigation only confirmed their earlier fears. Vote-rigging was alive and well in America - to say nothing of corruption in the higher reaches of the Justice System in Washington!

One episode covering the Collier's investigation in the aftermath of the 1970 election is pertinently fascinating: again, they had learned from earlier rumours/reports (see above) that the 1,648 mechanical lever vote machines  used in their election were probably stored at the Opa-Locka airport hangar (Jim had learned to fly there)., and the brothers were determined to see them - and learn from them. They obtained a court order and went to said hangar - to find the machines there. Producing their court order, and indicating one of the machines stored there, Ken asked the man in charge "How can you rig this thing?". The man, assuming that their presence had been authorised, explained that there were 2 simple ways: either by putting decals over the counter, or by predeterming the counter reading "by shaving the plastic wheel inside so that it slips ahead 100 or 200 or 300 votes. Any good mechanic can do it with a razor blade." And he gave them a shaved 'predetermining' counter to keep. [9] They now had another item of evidence in hand - and there were many more to come! (These machines, made by Automatic Voting Machine Co. of New York were evidently not as efficient as the later more complex computer machines that were to follow).

this article continues and fully referenced at

PEPIS #61 - Bilderberg's backstabber at the BBC - 30Aug04

The role of BBC board member and 2004 Bilderberg attendee Pauline Neville-Jones in the ousting of the BBC's popular Director General Greg Dyke is revealed in the UK papers this weekend.

Someone somewhere must like Dame Pauline because her term as a governor has been extended for an extra year beyond the normal maximum.

Below, from today's Independent, is the first analysis, albeit brief, I've yet seen of the business interrests of the various governors. A subject we should all make our job to scrutinise.

In another Bilderberg related story a suspected Isreali spy has been found in the office of Bilderberger, number three civillian oficial and US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith.

See also this article by Belgian analyst Marek Tysis examining the new unelected European Commission (government) candidates due to take over on 1st November 2004.


(qinetiq is spelled as such not quinetiq which I have erroneously written from time to time - their website is at )

My clashes with the two 'posh ladies'

How two pillars of the establishment helped to engineer a very British coup at the BBC,6903,1293003,00.html

Greg Dyke Sunday August 29, 2004 The Observer

Two BBC governors, Pauline Neville-Jones and Sarah Hogg, were far more vocal than the rest, and I nicknamed them 'the posh ladies'. It was clear neither liked me much and Sarah, I now know, actively disliked me. The feeling was mutual.

Pauline, a career civil servant at the Foreign Office and a former chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee, was among a number of governors who opposed my appointment as director-general. She was a powerful voice on the board, worked hard and was very clever in a manipulative, FO sort of way.

But neither I nor the two BBC chairmen I worked with, Christopher Bland and Gavyn Davies, ever totally trusted Pauline. She had applied to be deputy chairman and was turned down. She was incredibly ambitious but I always suspected she had not been as successful in life as she had wished.

Although a big supporter of the BBC, Sarah Hogg never left her politics or prejudices at the door of governors' meetings. She was married to a land-owning Tory MP, Douglas Hogg, and lived in a political world.

When we tried to update our political coverage, Sarah led the opposition: we shouldn't upset the politicians. She was upset by the lack of coverage of the Countryside March in September 2002 (probably the only march she'd ever been on). She insisted the BBC was not covering rural affairs properly, and got a full investigation, costing thousands of pounds.

This struck me as a classic case of special pleading from a governor who lived on the family estate in rural Lincolnshire.

Her term as a governor was due to finish, and she didn't want it renewed. Neither did Gavyn or I. By the time Hutton published his report, Sarah's time was almost up.

The day it appeared the governors met from 5pm until the early hours. Gavyn and I left after 40 minutes when they began discussing what should happen to the management team. We had agreed with Pauline Neville-Jones the previous night that it would be impossible for Gavyn and I to resign at the same time.

However, Gavyn announced his resignation before the meeting. As we left, I reminded Simon Milner, the BBC secretary [for governance and accountability] of what Gavyn and I had told him of our talk. It was Milner's job to tell the governors that if I was to go on, I needed their public support.

Sarah Hogg had her last chance to settle old scores. I now know that she arrived determined to get rid of me.

I waited in my office for maybe an hour and a half before Milner came to say Pauline and the deputy chairman, Richard Ryder, wanted to see me.

Ryder was pretty blunt. He said the governors had decided I should go: if I stayed I'd be a lame-duck director-general. This was ridiculous: there was never a chance of me being a lame-duck anything.

I asked if this was the view of them all. Richard told me he hadn't expressed a view but was reporting the views of the rest. Pauline said nothing.

I hadn't seen it coming. I was completely shocked. I had no idea what to say. I pointed out I had a contract they would have to honour, but if they didn't want me I wouldn't stay.

I went back to my office and sat stunned. I had worked flat out for four years to turn round a deeply unhappy and troubled organisation, and I was now being thrown out by the people I respected least, the governors. My main emotion was disbelief.

Before Gavyn headed home at about 11 pm, he decided to say a final goodbye to his former colleagues, but when he walked into the room he found the atmosphere had changed completely. It was a very hostile environment, with the aggression mainly coming from Sarah, who, he said, 'was seething'.

I've since discovered that she told Gavyn the day before that he shouldn't resign, but I should. He told her there were no circumstances in which he'd let me go while he stayed, and I think that was one reason Gavyn resigned: if one of us should go it should be him, and that way he would protect me.

Others at that meeting say that when Gavyn walked in Sarah launched a ferocious attack, accusing him of 'cowardice under fire'.

It was three days before I began to realise that perhaps all was not as it had seemed. This idea came to me when someone at the BBC told me she believed some of the governors had been out to get me, regardless of Hutton. It got me thinking: did some of them have another agenda?

By then I knew that three of the 11 governors had supported me in the vote: the ballet dancer Deborah Bull, the Oxford academic Ruth Deech and voluntary sector consultant Angela Sarkis.

The 'posh ladies' had opposed me, led by Sarah Hogg.

I began to think about the conversation Gavyn, Pauline Neville-Jones, and I had the night before Hutton was published. If Pauline had said she thought it impossible for Gavyn and me to leave at the same time, shouldn't she have argued on my behalf, given that Gavyn had already gone? Yet she had not. I thought some more.

Pauline had always been a big supporter of Mark Byford. Like most BBC lifers, he was better [than me] at the politics of dealing with the governors.

It was a game I refused to play. I saw no reason to treat the governors differently from everyone else. I certainly wasn't going to regard the earth they walked on as holy ground.

After I had left the BBC one senior executive said to me that if I had been a bit more servile to them, I would still be there today. I have no doubt that's true. Certainly both chairmen in my time there suggested I ought to be more respectful and make fewer jokes at governors' meetings, but I was never going to do that. I have never respected position for its own sake and I was hardly likely to start in my fifties, particularly when dealing with a group of people, most of whom knew nothing about the media and who would have struggled to get a senior job at the BBC.

So why hadn't Pauline supported me? Again I thought back a few months. In early December 2003, Gavyn told me Pauline and Sarah had been to see him, demanding that Mark Byford be appointed my deputy and be put in charge of BBC News. I was then to have been told it was a fait accompli.

I objected, though in many ways the idea of Mark becoming my deputy was a good one. With Hutton pending, even someone as naturally combative as me recognised this was not a time for a bust-up with the governors. To appease them, I suggested we appoint Mark as my deputy, but with different powers from those they suggested.

The governors agreed, and he began work on 1 January last year. A month later I was gone and he was acting director-general. The establishment figures had seized their chance and got rid of the upstart. It was, in many ways, a very British coup.

The BBC has a good man as its new chairman in Michael Grade, but to do his job well he needs better, more knowledgeable governors to support him. I hope the six current governors who voted to get rid of me - Dermot Gleeson, Merfyn Jones, Fabian Monds, Neville-Jones, Robert Smith, and Ranjit Sondhi - will realise that what they did that January night was bow to pressure from a political thug called Alastair Campbell.

What happened to me is irrelevant. Director-generals come and go; but there is no greater betrayal of BBC principles than to fold under political pressure, particularly from the government of the day.

These governors got it seriously wrong and they should accept that. They should now resign. The BBC deserves better.


Independent - 30th August 2004


Position: He is executive chairman of MJ Gleeson Group plc. Time spent on the board: Appointed a BBC governor in November 2000 and reappointed for a further four years last month. His term of office now runs for another four years, to the end of October 2008.


Position: Chairman of Frontier Economics and 3i. Also a director of P&O Princess and appointed deputy chairman of GKN from 1 December 2003. Time spent on the board: Appointed a BBC governor in February 2000, her term completed February 2004.


Position: A historian and broadcaster with posts at University of Wales and University of Liverpool, where he was director of continuing education. Time spent on the board: BBC national governor for Wales from 1 January 2003 until the end of 2006.


Position: Professor Monds is chairman of Invest Northern Ireland, the economic development agency. Time spent on the board: He becamenational governor for Northern Ireland in 1999. In June last year his term was extended to July 2007.


Position: Chairs the BBC's audit committee and the governors' World Service Consultative Group. Time spent on the board: She was appointed in January 1998 and her term of office has been extended to the end of next year. (doesn't mention her job as a director of the new private defense company QuinetiQ ed.)


Position: He became acting chairman on 28 January and resumed as vice-chairman on 17 May. Time spent on the board:He became vice-chairman on 1 January for four years. His resignation from the board took effect in June.


Position: He is chairman of the Weir Group, deputy chairman of Scottish and Southern Energy and holds several non-executive directorships. Time spent on the board:He was appointed national governor for Scotland in August 1999. In 2003 his term of office was extended to July 2007. In July this year he said he would step down at the end of 2004.


Position: He is a senior lecturer at Birmingham University, where he co-ordinates a new degree in race and ethnic studies. Time spent on the board: Appointed in August 1998, his term of office was renewed in 2002 and now finishes in October 2006.



Position: She had a 20-year career with the Royal Ballet until 2001, becoming principal dancer in 1992 and touring the world with the company. Time spent on the board: She became a governor on 1 August 2003 for a four-year term.


Position: She is a trustee of the Mandela-Rhodes Foundation and a bencher of the Inner Temple, and holds an honorary doctorate from Strathclyde University. Time spent on the board: Appointed in October 2002 for a four-year term.


Position: An independent consultant with a management interest. Member of the African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance and the Home Office's active community unit advisory panel. Time spent on the board: Four-year term from 2002.

Iran-Contra II? Fresh scrutiny on a rogue Pentagon operation.

By Joshua Micah Marshall, Laura Rozen, and Paul Glastris

On Friday evening, CBS News reported that the FBI is investigating a suspected mole in the Department of Defense who allegedly passed to Israel, via a pro-Israeli lobbying organization, classified American intelligence about Iran. The focus of the investigation, according to U.S. government officials, is Larry Franklin, a veteran Defense Intelligence Agency Iran analyst now working in the office of the Pentagon's number three civilian official, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith.

The investigation of Franklin is now shining a bright light on a shadowy struggle within the Bush administration over the direction of U.S. policy toward Iran. In particular, the FBI is looking with renewed interest at an unauthorized back-channel between Iranian dissidents and advisers in Feith's office, which more senior administration officials first tried in vain to shut down and then later attempted to cover up.

Franklin, along with another colleague from Feith's office, a polyglot Middle East expert named Harold Rhode, were the two officials involved in the back-channel, which involved on-going meetings and contacts with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar and other Iranian exiles, dissidents and government officials. Ghorbanifar is a storied figure who played a key role in embroiling the Reagan administration in the Iran-Contra affair. The meetings were both a conduit for intelligence about Iran and Iraq and part of a bitter administration power-struggle pitting officials at DoD who have been pushing for a hard-line policy of "regime change" in Iran, against other officials at the State Department and the CIA who have been counseling a more cautious approach.

Reports of two of these meetings first surfaced a year ago in Newsday, and have since been the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Whether or how the meetings are connected to the alleged espionage remains unknown. But the FBI is now closely scrutinizing them.

While the FBI is looking at the meetings as part of its criminal investigation, to congressional investigators the Ghorbanifar back-channel typifies the out-of-control bureaucratic turf wars which have characterized and often hobbled Bush administration policy-making. And an investigation by The Washington Monthly -- including a rare interview with Ghorbanifar -- adds weight to those concerns. The meetings turn out to have been far more extensive and much less under White House control than originally reported. One of the meetings, which Pentagon officials have long characterized as merely a "chance encounter" seems in fact to have been planned long in advance by Rhode and Ghorbanifar. Another has never been reported in the American press. The administration's reluctance to disclose these details seems clear: the DoD-Ghorbanifar meetings suggest the possibility that a rogue faction at the Pentagon was trying to work outside normal US foreign policy channels to advance a "regime change" agenda not approved by the president's foreign policy principals or even the president himself.

The Italian Job

The first meeting occurred in Rome in December, 2001. It included Franklin, Rhode, and another American, the neoconservative writer and operative Michael Ledeen, who organized the meeting. (According to UPI, Ledeen was then working for Feith as a consultant.) Also in attendance was Ghorbanifar and a number of other Iranians. One of the Iranians, according to two sources familiar with the meeting, was a former senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who claimed to have information about dissident ranks within the Iranian security services. The Washington Monthly has also learned from U.S. government sources that Nicolo Pollari, the head of Italy's military intelligence agency, SISMI, attended the meetings, as did the Italian Minister of Defense Antonio Martino, who is well-known in neoconservative circles in Washington.

Alarm bells about the December 2001 meeting began going off in U.S. government channels only days after it occurred. On Dec. 12, 2001, at the U.S. embassy in Rome, America's newly-installed ambassador, Mel Sembler, sat down for a private dinner with Ledeen, an old friend of his from Republican Party politics, and Martino, the Italian defense minister. The conversation quickly turned to the meeting. The problem was that this was the first that Amb. Sembler had heard about it.

According to U.S. government sources, Sembler immediately set about trying to determine what he could about the meeting and how it had happened. Since U.S. government contact with foreign government intelligence agencies is supposed to be overseen by the CIA, Sembler first spoke to the CIA station chief in Rome to find out what if anything he knew about the meeting with the Iranians. But that only raised more questions because the station chief had been left in the dark as well. Soon both Sembler and the Rome station chief were sending anxious queries back to the State Department and CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., respectively, raising alarms on both sides of the Potomac.

The meeting was a source of concern for a series of overlapping reasons. Since the late 1980s, Ghorbanifar has been the subject of two CIA "burn notices." The agency believes Ghorbanifar is a serial "fabricator" and forbids its officers from having anything to do with him. Moreover, why were mid-level Pentagon officials organizing meetings with a foreign intelligence agency behind the back of the CIA -- a clear breach of U.S. government protocol? There was also a matter of personal chagrin for Sembler: At State Department direction, he had just been cautioning the Italians to restrain their contacts with bad-acting states like Iran (with which Italy has extensive trade ties).

According to U.S. government sources, both the State Department and the CIA eventually brought the matter to the attention of the White House -- specifically, to Condoleezza Rice's chief deputy on the National Security Council, Stephen J. Hadley. Later, Italian spy chief Pollari raised the matter privately with Tenet, who himself went to Hadley in early February 2002. Goaded by Tenet, Hadley sent word to the officials in Feith's office and to Ledeen to cease all such activities. Hadley then contacted Sembler, assuring him it wouldn't happen again and to report back if it did.

The orders, however, seem to have had little effect, for a second meeting was soon underway. According to a story published this summer in Corriere della Sera, a leading Italian daily, this second meeting took place in Rome in June 2002. Ghorbanifar tells The Washington Monthly that he arranged that meeting after a flurry of faxes between himself and DoD official Harold Rhode. Though he did not attend it himself, Ghorbanifar says the meeting consisted of an Egyptian, an Iraqi, and a high-level U.S. government official, whose name he declined to reveal. The first two briefed the American official about the general situation in Iraq and the Middle East, and what would happen in Iraq, "And it's happened word for word since," says Ghorbanifar. A spokesman for the NSC declined to comment on this and other meetings and referred The Washington Monthly to the Defense Department, which did not respond to repeated inquiries. Ledeen also refused to comment.

No one at the U.S. embassy in Rome seems to have known about this second Rome meeting. But the back-channel's continuing existence became apparent the following month -- July 2002 -- when Ledeen again contacted Sembler and told him that he'd be back in Rome in September to continue "his work" with the Iranians (This time Ledeen made no mention of any involvement by Pentagon officials; later, he told Sembler it would be in August rather than September.) An exasperated Sembler again sent word back to Washington, and Hadley again went into motion telling Ledeen, in no uncertain terms, to back off.

Once again, however, Hadley's orders seem to have gone unheeded. Almost a year later in June 2003, there were still further meetings in Paris involving Rhode and Ghorbanifar. Ghorbanifar says the purpose of the meeting was for Rhode to get more information on the situation in Iraq and the Middle East. "In those meetings we met, we gave him the scenario, what would happen in the coming days in Iraq. And everything has happened word for word as we told him," Ghorbanifar repeats. "We met in several different places in Paris," he says. "Rhode met several other people -- he didn't only meet me."

Not a "chance encounter"

By the summer of 2003, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence had begun to get wind of the Ghorbanifar-Ledeen-DoD back-channel and made inquiries at the CIA. A month later, Newsday broke the original story about the secret Ghorbanifar channel. Faced with the disclosure, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld acknowledged the December 2001 meeting but dismissed it as routine and unimportant.

"The information has moved around the interagency process to all the departments and agencies," he told reporters in Crawford, Texas, after a meeting with Bush. "As I understand it, there wasn't anything there that was of substance or of value that needed to be pursued further." Later that day, another senior Defense official acknowledged the second meeting in Paris in June 2003, but insisted that it was the result of a "chance encounter" between Ghorbanifar and a Pentagon official. The administration has kept to the "chance encounter" story to this day.

Ghorbanifar, however, laughs off that idea. "Run into each other? We had a prior arrangement," he told The Washington Monthly: "It involved a lot of discussion and a lot of people."

Over the last year, the Senate Intelligence Committee has conducted limited inquiry into the meetings, including interviews with Feith and Ledeen. But under terms of a compromise agreed to by both parties, a full investigation into the matter was put off until after the November election. Republicans on the committee, many of whom sympathize with the "regime change" agenda at DoD, have been resistant to such investigations, calling them an election-year fishing expedition. Democrats, by contrast, see such investigations as vital to understanding the central role Feith's office may have played in a range of a dubious intelligence enterprises, from pushing claims about a supposed Saddam-al Qaeda partnership and overblown estimates of alleged Iraqi stocks of WMD to what the committee's ranking minority member Sen. Jay Rockerfeller (D-W.Va.) calls "the Chalabi factor" (Rhode and others in Feith's office have been major sponsors of the Iraqi exile leader, who is now under investigation for passing U.S. intelligence to Iran). With the FBI adding potential espionage charges to the mix the long-simmering questions about the activities of Feith's operation now seem certain to come under renewed scrutiny.

Research assistance provided by Claudio Lavanga.

17Aug04  -PEPIS #60.5 - Guardian phone tap story kept off web

Hello all,

a PEPIS supplement -

Some of the most useful stories to civil liberties campaigners are not appearing on the web versions of our national broadsheet newspapers. Richard Norton Taylor's recent fascinating exposure of ineptitude in the UK's Intelligence services is nowhere to be found on the web - until I typed it up today.

Check out the last two paragraphs of this story particularly.

Richard Norton Taylor will be back from a well earned holiday in September when he will hopefully not be too busy to find out why someone at Guardian Unlimited has kept this article from the public.

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Security phone tappers still get numbers wrong

by Richard Norton-Taylor

The Guardian -

Saturday July 24th 2004

[This article led page 8 in the newspaper but did not appear on the Guardian website]

The number of telephones wrongly tapped by the security and intelligence agencies is "still unacceptably high", according to the latest annual report by the interception of communications watchdog.

Errors were committed by GCHQ, MI5, MI6, customs, and security officials attached to the Northern Ireland Office says Sir Swinton Thomas, a retired appeal court judge.

His report was slipped out on Thursday, the last day of parliament before the long summer recess.

He says that in one case, the Northern Ireland Office told him it intended to add a new mobile telephone number to an interception warrant. "Unfortunately the mobile telephone number cited on the modification [of the warrant] was that of a serving police officer and not a number used by the target," says the judge.

In another case, customs officers obtained two warrants for two mobile phone numbers provided by the Dutch police running a parallel operation. "It transpired that the mobile numbers were incorrect in that an additional digit was included."

The report reveals that the home secretary approved 1,878 warrants for the interception of telephones, emails, and mail last year and that 705 were still in force on December 31st.

The Scottish Secretary approved 105 warrants. The number of warrants signed off by the foreign secretary and Northern Ireland Secretary are not disclosed on the grounds that it would "aid the operation of agencies hostile to the state".

The figures represent an increase over the previous year but do not quite match the record year of 2000.

The majority of warrants issued in England, Wales and Scotland were "related to the prevention and detection of serious crime", says Sir Swinton. He reports that he is as "satisfied as it is possible to be that deliberate unlawful interception of communications of the citizen does not take place".

The most common cause of mistakes, he says, is the simple transposition of numbers".

A total of 39 errors were reported to him. The Security Service, MI5, reported 11 mistakes. Telephone numbers were attributed to the wrong targets, and in one case individual digits within a number were transposed.

The Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, told the judge that on one occasion a mobile phone number was kept on a warrant after the line was disconnected.

In a further case, a typing error by customs officers led to the wrong surname on a warrant.

Sir Swinton, whose official title is Interception of Communications Commissioner, concludes that interception last year played a "vital part in the battle against terrorism and serious crime" and that he is satisfied that ministers and the law enforcement and intelligence agencies carried out this task "diligently and in accordance with the law".

The government released a related report on Thursday by Lord Brown, a serving appeal court judge who as Intelligence Services Commissioner is responsible for monitoring covert surveillance operations.

He declined to disclose the number of surveillance warrants obtained, but says he trusts the Security and Intelligence Agencies. "There are more than enough legitimate targets for the various intelligence agencies to focus upon and therefore little if any temptation for them to seek to engage upon inappropriate operations".

[after a delay of approximately one month this article did eventually appear on the Guardian website - Tony]

PEPIS #60 Bilderberg coverage & censorship issues


1. AFP 2004 Bilderberg coverage/photos

2. Bilderbergers attack democracy in EU/Portugal

3. UK press cover up Blair daughter's suicide bid

4. Healthy 911 sceptics network - UK latest

5. Indymedia UK's censored news articles compiled

6. see also the rather wonderful

1. AFP 2004 Bilderberg coverage/photos

more at

for photos see the following small large

Investigation Reveals: Bilderbergers Want Taxes Up, War in Iraq Over

By James P. Tucker Jr.

Stresa, Italy-At this year's secret Bilderberg meeting, some of the world's most powerful elite focused on U.S. taxes and foreign giveaways, as well as the increasingly violent Iraq occupation and the role the United Nations should play in all future similar outbreaks of violence.

Prior to the meeting, a Bilderberg memo promised that its members would deal mainly with European-American relations and in that context, with U.S politics, Iraq, the Middle East, European geopolitics, NATO, China, energy and economic problems.

During the conference, Britain came in for harsh criticism for supporting the invasion of Iraq. It was also lambasted for failing to embrace the euro, despite Prime Minister Tony Blair's promise to do so at a Bilderberg meeting some years ago in the Scottish resort of Turnberry.

Bilderberg members also expressed frustration with the rising clamor in Britain to quit the European Union.

As expected, the United States was heavily criticized for the fact that its foreign aid was a smaller percentage of gross domestic product than that of other nations. That marked the third straight meeting at which Bilderbergers' decades of almost total congeniality was marred by hostility among the Americans, Britons and continental Europeans.

The first evidence of division in the ranks was apparent in 2002 when Bilderbergers met at Chantilly, Va., near Washington. Then, Europeans were angry that the United Sates was preparing for an invasion of Iraq. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld tried to placate them with a promise not to invade "this year." Instead, the war began in March 2003.

Bilderbergers, however, remain united in their long-term goal to strengthen the role the UN plays in regulating global relations. Aside from that objective, other matters on this year's conference agenda included the following:

• British elites are to press on with membership in the European Union despite growing domestic opposition.

• The Free Trade Area of the Americas should be enacted and include the entire Western Hemisphere except for Cuba until Fidel Castro is gone. It should then evolve into the "American Union" as a carbon copy of the European Union.

• An "Asian-Pacific Union" is to emerge as the third great superstate, neatly dividing the world into three great regions for the administrative convenience of banking and corporate elites. The United States and other international financial institutions should facilitate and administrate these global trade pacts.

Bilderbergers have, for some time, argued for three global currencies-the euro for Europe, the dollar for the American Union and another for the "Asian-Pacific Union."

One Bilderberger, Kenneth Clarke, a former chancellor of the British exchequer, saw the consolidation of currencies as an ideal strategy when he spoke to this reporter several years ago in Portugal. At that time, Clarke told me that "dollarization" would dominate the globe and "our children will laugh at all the petty currencies we have now."

Another much-discussed subject at this year's conference was the concept of imposing a direct UN tax on people worldwide. In order to achieve it, some Bilderbergers presented two proposals: a tax on oil at the wellhead and a tax on international financial transactions.

Bilderberg leaders tilted strongly toward the oil tax because everyone who drives a car, rides public transportation or flies in a plane will end up paying the tax. That will represent more people than those engaged in international financial transactions across the globe.

On the issue of Iraq, European Bilderbergers were more upset that the United States invaded without the UN's blessing than the fact that over 800 American soldiers have died and thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens have been killed.

Word reached the conference from Rumsfeld, who was unable to attend this year's meeting, that the U.S. military would assume a more defensive stance in Iraq, rather than the more provocative operations of door-to-door searches and widespread detention.

Rumsfeld was, however, represented in Stresa by Douglas Feith, his undersecretary for policy, and William Luti, deputy undersecretary for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs. Former Pentagon advisor Richard Perle, one of the major architects of the war in Iraq, was also present. It had been Perle, Feith and Paul Wolfowitz who, from the mid 1990s, had fashioned the Middle East policy later adopted by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

European Bilderbergers also protested the fact that the Pentagon was considering reducing troop levels in Germany and tried hard to convince their American counterparts to resist the move. They argued it would "undermine unity" and, irrespective of the military implications, the German economy benefited annually from the millions of dollars spent by U.S. servicemen there.

Resistance in Britain to the euro, and to membership in the European Union, caused much concern and was deemed an obstacle to the solidification of the superstate.

It was noted that many Europeans were unaware of the European Parliament elections scheduled for June 10 and should there be a low turnout, it could be attributed to a protest boycott of the elections by EU opposition groups.

Four former Conservative members of Parliament have endorsed the United Kingdom Independence Party, which demands British withdrawal from the European Union. And, if allowed to vote in a referendum, it has been reported that Britons would reject membership in the European Union by strong proportions. A YouGov survey, taken at the end of May, showed 48 percent would vote to get out of the European Union and 36 percent would vote to stay in.

As it stands, Europeans can only select members for the European Parliament but not the EU Commission, the bureaucratic powerhouse of the union.

Bilderberg participants ended their secret sessions on an upbeat note with a ferry ride to a luxury island on Lake Maggiore, where John Elkman, the latest vice president of the Fiat motor company, will marry his new bride in September.

Pro-Israel Neo-Cons Prominent at 2004 Bilderberg Meeting

By Michael Collins Piper

This year's American delegation-some 33 members strong-among the 127 acknowledged attendees at the 2004 Bilderberg meeting was populated by a heavy contingent of individuals known for their intimate ties to the powerful Israeli lobby in the United States. In full force was that faction known as the so-called "neo- conservatives"-those who have determined that Israel's security should be central to all U.S. foreign policy decisions, even those policies that focus on other parts of the world, outside the realm of U.S.-Middle East relations.

Most notable among this group is the now-infamous Richard Perle, who has attended several past Bilderberg meetings, when Republican administrations have been ensconced in Washington.

A former member and chairman of the "Dubya" Bush-administrated created Defense Policy Board (DPB), Perle was once a lobbyist for an Israeli arms manufacturer and, in the 1970s-while serving as a top aide to then-Sen. Henry M. Jackson (D-Wash.)-was investigated by the FBI for espionage on behalf of Israel. After a stint as an undersecretary of defense in the Reagan administration, Perle went on to become a major player in the burgeoning neo-conservative network that played the critical role in pushing the United States into the war against Iraq.

Considering the fact that Perle was forced to resign from the DPB after it was learned that he had been advising Goldman Sachs International on how it might profit from the war in Iraq, it is not surprising that Goldman Sachs has long been represented at the Bilderberg meetings and now boasts its "international advisor" Martin Taylor as Bilderberg's honorary secretary general.

Joining Perle were two other Bush administration neo-conservative heavyweights generally known to have been major forces behind the push for war in Iraq: Douglas Feith, deputy undersecretary of defense for policy-the top lieutenant of neoconservative stalwart and longtime Perle associate, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz-and his colleague, William J. Luti, deputy undersecretary of defense for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs.

The neo-conservatives were also represented at Bilderberg by Max Boot, a top editor for The Wall Street Journal, who has been known for his advocacy of American imperialism in the pages of both the Journal and in The Weekly Standard, which is published by European-based Rothschild family satellite Rupert Murdoch and edited by neoconservative theoretician William Kristol.

Also in attendance at this year's Bilderberg was Kristol's close colleague, Robert Kagan-a contributing editor of The Weekly Standard and a director of Kristol's Project for the New American Century, which once declared that "a new Pearl Harbor" was necessary in order for the United States to begin waging imperial ventures around the globe.

The neo-conservative Hudson Institute was represented at Bilderberg by Marie Josee Kravis, who is both the wife of billionaire Henry Kravis (also in attendance, representing his financial empire) and a business colleague of Perle, having served with Perle as a director of the neo-conservative (and Rothschild family affiliated) Hollinger publishing empire, which includes The Jerusalem Post among its holdings.

Another neo-conservative figure on hand was Bruce Kovner, one of America's richest men, who has helped finance The New York Sun newspaper, a small circulation-but highly influential-neo-conservative journal. Kovner also serves as chairman of the American Enterprise Institute, with which the aforementioned Perle has long been associated.

These neo-conservatives were also joined this year at Bilderberg by a handful of other top former Washington policy makers and publicists known for their sympathies for Israel, including Dennis Ross of the pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy, effectively an offshoot of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, former State Department official Richard N. Haas, president of the CFR, and former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke.


Call 1-888-699-NEWS (6397) toll free and charge a subscription to Visa or MasterCard or write: American Free Press, 645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Suite 100, Washington, D.C. 20003.


$59 for one year, $99 for two years, $17.76 for a 16-week "Get Acquainted" subscription-one time only. Outside the U.S. by surface mail $89 for one year, $160 for two years. First class to U.S. $92 for one year, $165 for two years. Airmail first class to Canada and Mexico $134 for one year, $232 for two years; Western Hemisphere $169 for one year, $272 for two years; Europe $172 for one year, $276 for two years; Asia and Africa $169 for one year, $272 for two years; Pacific Rim $179 for one year, $288 for two years. AFP On-Line edition: $39 per year; $10 extra per year with print subscription.

Go to to sample AFP OnLine

2. Bilderbergers attack democracy in EU/Portugal

Bilderbergers threaten Portugese/EU democracy

A Bilderberg exclusive from [apologies for not too good Englaish]

Wed, June 30, 2004

Pedro Santana Lopes was one of the three Portuguese present at the Bilderberg reunion of 2004, and I have some information on him. But before I proceed, I must explain our current political situation here in Portugal.

Our Prime Minister, José Durão Barroso - who also participated in one the meetings of the Bilderberg Group, has been invited to be the next President of the European Commission and he accepted this nomination.

He has, at the moment, the support of the main politicians in Europe. But, and in the terms of our Constitution, the resignation of the Prime Minister dictates the resignation of all the executive government. Thus a major political crisis here In Portugal.

Now, our Republic's President has to decide if he calls for new elections - the only democratic solution possible - or if he accepts the nomination of Pedro Santana Lopes to Prime Minister (with no election). Jorge Sampaio, our President, has earlier attended one of the Bilderberg Meetings, and he is inclined to choose Pedro Santana Lopes for Prime Minister, without elections.

Who is Santana Lopes? Well, he is the son of Maria Ivone and Aníbal Lopes, in 1956. He has a degree in Law, but was low graded student. From 1976, he was a member of the PSD Social-Democrat Party (Conservative party), Chief of staff on culture, he once said he loved "Chopin's compositions for the violin" - this shows the kind of man he is. Low culture, he only likes to show himself in social events. He is a right wing man, pro-globalisation, loves soccer, and he is the Mayor of Lisbon, but he got in by a very strange elections (much like Bush in Florida).

However, we are talking of a megalomaniac that sees himself as "a man of politics, and a man of victory" - on his biographic web site. He does not hesitate to create conflicts inside PSD to try to ascend to power positions, opening crisis among its peers, generating plots inside national politics, to ascend. But he failed to get the support of the members of his party, so he has lost the elections inside PSD. However, he won the Mayor of a town called Figueira da Foz, and he made a fair job, so, the next step was Lisbon. But in Lisbon, he only won with strange elections.

He wants to change Portugese Constitution, in order to create a new institution of power, called the Senate, and he presents himself, with others, as one of the the necessary names to be senators - notice that this senate would not be like USA Senate; he proposed a life time nomination as a senator. There would be no election for the Senate, but the Government would simply nominate life time senators. This is his concept of State.

As I write this lines, here in Portugal there are manifestations all over the contry demanding election and against the nomination of Pedro Santana Lopes without elections, for Prime Minister.

José Socrates, other of the three participants in 2004 meeting, is a important leader os PS (Socialist Party); he is pointed as a strong menace for the leadership of Ferro Rodrigues. At the moment Rodrigues is leader of PS, but in the middle of an internal war inside PS, which nobody knows the genesis of this war, because he has taken PS to great results on statistics.

3. UK press cover up Blair daughter's suicide bid

Tony Blair's daughter in suicide bid

On or around Thursday 13th May 2004 Tony Blair's 16 year old daughter Kathryn attempted to commit suicide. She is in the middle of exams, believed to be GCSE's and took an overdose of unknown pills. She was rushed to hospital and a news blackout was requested by the PM's office and adhered to by the British Press. Katherine is believed to be studying at the Sacred Heart school in Hammersmith, West London, a Roman Catholic state secondary school.

News about the suicide attempt was confirmed by Alan Johnson, Labour MP for West Hull and Hessle.

So, was this a sudden pang of concience from the British tabloids over sensitive reporting of the PM's family? Or the establishment press (yes even the tabloids are owned by the establishment) kow-towing to protect the flagging public image of the most disasterous Prime Minister this country has ever seen just before local and European Elections?

In a democracy, the public have a right to know about the family failings of anyone in public office - it enables them to judge whether to vote for that individual or not. When that failing family is the Prime Ministers the press have a duty to inform the public - not to protect politicians' images from public scrutiny.

4. Healthy 911 sceptics network - UK latest

-Upcoming 911 events and meetings in London

-Introductions of new members and websites and opportunity to link up

-Suggested activities and how we can help each other

-Wider events and news from the 911 truth movement

LONDON 9/11 NETWORK NEWS subscribe here <>


- Upcoming 911 events and meetings in London

- Introductions of new members and websites and opportunity to link up

- Suggested activities and how we can help each other

- Wider events and news from the 911 truth movement

Subscribe or unsubscribe by email to , please all other emails to or my mobile 07986 616941.

Feedback welcome Thanks. Ian

1-3 covers UK 9/11 actions. Non UK members may wish to skip to section 4. Always keen to hear about other 9/11 networks and activities. Please email details to me.

1. List of video screenings and meetings

1.1 Thursday July 1 @ 7pm Video screening of the Great Deception as detailed here

This is principally aimed at introducing 9/11 truth movement and this network to the residents and users of this Social Centre and inviting discussion and further involvement. The centre is a public space used by political activists who are involved in ‘anti-war’, ‘anti-globalisation’ and ‘anti-capitalism’ movements such as the WOMBLES ( and distribute various anarchist materials e.g. SchNEWS ( The centre is vibrant and well run and is a good opportunity to engage the wider community. Everyone welcome, although it will not be our typical meeting (if we have ever held such a thing). Similarly I will be showing the same video at these locations and dates. Please spread the word, posters on notice boards, announcements on internet forums, word of mouth, etc.

1.2 At the Charterhouse Bar ( on July 12, August 2 and August 16 from 7pm to 830pm. This is a friend’s bar who has kindly agreed to let us screen the video here. The space is not really suitable for meetings, so it is mainly aimed at introducing people to the 911 evidence and the network, a few brief questions and that’s it.

1.3 July 15 @ 7pm at the London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, London, E1.

This is similar in aims and feel to the occupied social centre, it is a community resource for meetings and mutual learning. The advantage here is that if the users like us (and after our first meeting there is no reason to doubt that they will) there is the possibility that LARC will allow the group to meet regularly free of charge and their tenure is secure. They have a video screen and basic meeting room for up to 30-40, so could be ideal. LARC is the home for various progressive groups including rising tide (

My hope is that with a regular venue, we can publicise events well in advance (rather than the few days notice here, sorry)

1.4 July 27: Date of the release of the 9/11 commission's whitewash. This surely merits some kind of action. I’m open to suggestions. - - - more available -

5. Indymedia UK's censored news articles compiled

One must ask - who at Indymedia UK has censored all this stuff??


RFID article


Bio-Chip Implants

Bio-Chip Implants

The History of the New World Order Movement


New Book: The Fluoride Deception

NEWS: Indymedia hiding valuable contributions by its own people.


Independent media? I don't buy it.

The Suppression of Trolls

'This is how military intelligence wants it done'

Never trust a yuppy...

What is wrong with IndyMedia?

The Elite

Implants - The True Red List

NEWS: Posting gone missing without explanation.

Diana planned to flee Britain

PEPIS#59 - Bilderberg Participants 2004

Sat Jun 5, 2004 4:21 pm

Agenda and participant blurb from 2004 press release....

server heavily loaded at present!

The 52nd Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Stresa, Italy, 3-6 June 2004. The Conference will deal mainly with European American relations and in this context US Politics, Iraq, The Middle East., European Geopolitics, NATO, China, Economoic Problems and Energy......



Honorary Chairman - Davignon, Etienne - Vice-Chairman, Suez- Tractebel

Honorary Secretary General - Taylor, Martin - International Adviser, Goldman Sachs International

Nationalities of participants followed by names and partial portfolios

N - Auser, Svein - CEO, DnB NOR ASA

D - Ackermann, Josef - Chairman, Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG

I - Ambrosetti, Alfredo - Chairman, Abbrosetti Group

TR - Babacan, Ali - Minister of Economic Affairs

P - Balsemao, Francisco Pinto - Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, SGPS, Former Prime Minister

ISR - Barnavie, Elie - Department of General History, Tel-Aviv University

I - Benedetti, Rodolfo De - CEO, CIR

I - Bernabe, Franco - Vice Chairman, Rothschild Europe

F - Beytout, Nicolas - Editor In Chief, Les Echos

INT - Bolkestein, Frits - Commissioner for the Internal Market, European Commission, former leader of Dutch right wing Liberal Party VVD.

USA - Boot, Max - Neoconservative, Council on foreign Relations, Features Editor, Wall Street Journal

CH - Borel, Daniel - Chairman, Logitech International S.A.

I - Bortoli, Ferrucio de - CEO, RCS Libri

S - Brock, Gunnar - CEO, Atlas Copco AB

GB - Browne, John - Group Chief Executive, BP plc

NL - Burgmans, Antony - Chairman, Unilever NV

F - Camus, Phillipe - CEO, European Aeronautic Defence and Space NV

I - Caracciolo, Lucio - Director, Limes Geopolitical Review

F - Castries, Henri de - Chairman, AXA Insurance

E - Cebrian, Juan Luis - CEO, PRISA (Spanish language media company), former Chairman, International Press Institute

TR - Cemal, Hasan - Senior Columnist, Milliyet Newspaper

GB - Clarke, Kenneth - Member of Parliament (Con.), Deputy Chairman, British American Tobacco

USA - Collins, Timothy C - MD and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings LLC, Yale School of Management, Trilateral Commission

USA - Corzine, Jon S. - Senator (D, New Jersey), Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs

CH - Couchepin, Pascal - Former Swiss President, Head of Home affairs Dept.

GR - David, George A. - Chairman, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA

B - Dehaene, Jean-Luc - Former Prime Minister, Mayor of Vilvoorde

TR - Dervis, Kemal - Member of Parliament, former senior World bank official

GR - Diamantopoulou, Anna - Member of Parliament, former European Commissioner for Social Affairs

USA - Donilon, Thomas L - Vice-President, Fannie Mae, Council on Foreign Relations

I - Draghi, Mario - Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

USA - Edwards, John - Senator (D. North Carolina), Democratic Presidential Candidate

DK - Eldrup, Anders - Chairman, DONG gas company (becoming privatised) A/S

DK - Federspiel, Ulrik - Ambassador to the USA

USA - Feith, Douglas J. - Undersecretary for Policy, Department of Defense

I - Galateri, Gabriele - Chairman, Mediobanca

USA - Gates, Melinda F. - Co-Founder, Gates Foundation, wife of Bill Gates

USA - Geithner, Timothy F. - President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

I - Giavazzi, Francesco - Professor of Economics, Bocconi University; adviser, world bank and European Central bank

IRL - Gleeson, Dermot - Chairman Allied Irish Bank Group (currently being investigated for personal and corporate tax evasion)

USA - Graham, Donald E. - Chairman and CEO, Washington Post Company

USA - Haas, Richard N. - President, Council on Foreign Relations, former Director of Policy and Planning staff, State Department

NL - Halberstadt, Victor - Professor of Economics, Leiden University

B - Hansen, Jean-Pierre - Chairman, Suez Tractabel SA

S - Heikensten, Lars - Governor, Swedish Central Bank

USA - Holbrooke, Richard C - Vice Chairman, Perseus, former Director, Council on Foreign Relations, former Assistant Secretary of State

USA - Hubbard, Allen B - President E&A Industries

USA - Issacson, Walter - President and CEO, Aspen Institute USA - Janow, Merit L. - Professor, International Economic Law and International Affairs, Columbia University, member of apellate body, WTO

USA - Jordan, Vernon E. Senior Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co LLC

USA - Kagan, Robert - Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

GB - Kerr, John - Director, Shell, Rio Tinto and Scottish American Investment Trust, former secretary of European Constitution Commission

USA - Kissinger Henry A. - Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc.

TR - Koc, Mustafa V. - Chairman, Koc Holdings AS

NL - Koenders, Bert (AG) - Member of Parliament, president, Parliamentary Network of the World Bank

USA - Kovner, Bruce - Chairman Caxton Associates LLC, Chairman, American Enterprise Institute

USA - Kravis, Henry R. - Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., acquisitions financier

USA - Kravis, Marie Josee - Senoir Fellow, Hudson Institute Inc.

FIN - Lehtomaki, Paula - Minister of Foreigh Trade and Development

FIN - Lipponen, Paavo - Speaker of Parliament

CHN - Long, Yongtu - Secretary General, Boao forum for Asia

P - Lopes, Pedro M. Santana - Mayor of Lisbon

USA - Luti, William J. - Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

CDN - Lynch, Kevin G. - Deputy Minister, Department of Finance

USA - Mathews, Jessica T. - President, Carnegie Endowment for International War Peace

USA - McDonough, William J. - Cahirman and CEO, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, former president, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

CDN - McKenna, Frank - Counsel, McInnes Cooper, former premier of New Brunswick

I - Merlini, Cesare - Executive Vice Chairman, Council for the United States and Italy, Council on Foreign Relations, former director, Italian Institute for International Affairs

F - Montbrial, Thierry de - President, French Institute of International Relations

INT - Monti, Mario - Competition/Antitrust Commissioner, European Commission

USA - Mundie, Craig J. - Chief Technical Officer, Advanced Strategies and Policies, Microsoft Corporation

N - Myklebust, Egil - Chairman, Scandinavian Airline System (SAS)

D - Naas, Matthias - Deputy Editor, Die Zeit

NL - Netherlands, Beatrix HM Queen of The - Lady Shell, nuff said

GB - Neville-Jones, Pauline - Chairman, QuinetiQ (UK privatised military research/services company), governor of the BBC, Chairman Information Assurance Advisory Council, formar Chairman Joint Intelligence Committee, former Managing Director NatWest Markets

USA - Nooyi, Indra K. - President and CEO, PepsiCo Inc.

PL - Olechowski, Andrzej - Leader, Civic Platform

FIN - Ollila, Jorma - Chairman, Nokia Corporation

INT - Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso - Director, European Central Bank

CY - Pantelides, Leonidas - Ambassoador to Greece

I - Passera, Corrado - CEO, Banca Intesa SpA

USA - Perle, Richard N. - Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, former Likud policy adviser, former chair Defence Policy Board, former co-chairman, Hollinger Digital

B - Phillipe, HRH Prince

USA - Reed, Ralph E. - President, Century Strategies

CDN - Reisman, Heather - President and CEO, Indigo Books and Music Inc.

I - Riotta, Gianni - Editorialist, Corriere della Serra

USA - Rockefeller, David - Member JP Morgan International Council, Chairman, Council of the Americas

E - Riodriguez Inearte, Matias - Vice Chairman, Grupo Santander

USA - Ross, Dennis B - Director, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

D - Sandschneider, Eberhard - Director, Research Institute, German Society for Foreign Policy

I - Scaroni, Paolo - CEO, Enel SpA

D - Schilly, Otto - Minister of the Interior

USA - Schnabel, Rockwell A. - Ambassador to the EU

A - Scholten, Rudolf - Director, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG

D - Schrempp, Jurgen E. - Chairman, DaimlerChrysler AG

E - Serra Rexach, Eduardo - Head, Real Institute Elcano

RUS - Shevtsova, Lilia - Senior Associate. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

PL - Sikora, Slawomir - President and CEO, Citibank Handlowy

I - Siniscalo, Domenico - Director General Ministry of the Economy

P - Socrates, Jose - Member of Parliament

USA - Strmecki, Marin J. - Smith Richardson Foundation

B - Struye de Swielande, Dominique - Permanant repressentative of Belguim, NATO

IRL - Sutherland, Peter D. - Chairman, Goldman Sachs International, Chairman, BP plc

USA - Thornton, John L. - Chairman, Brookings Institution, Professor, Tsinghua University

I - Tremonti, Giulio - Minister of Economy and Finance

INT - Trichet, Jean-Claude - President, European Central Bank

I - Tronchetti Provera, Marco - Chairman and CEO, Pirelli SpA

N - Underdal, Arild - Rector, University of Oslo

CH - Vasella, Daniel L. - Chairman and CEO, Novartis AG

NL - Veer, Jeroen van der - Chairman, Committee of Managing Directors, Royal Dutch/Shell

GB - Verwaayen, Ben J. M. - CEO, British Telecom; former director, Lucent Technologies

I - Visco, Ignazio - Foriegn Affairs Manager, Banca D'Italia

INT - Vitorino, Antonio M. - Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner, European Union

INT - Vries, Gijs M. de - EU Counter Terrorism Co-ordinator

S - Wallenberg, Jacob - Chairman, SEB investments (including biotech); Chairman, W Capital Management AB

D - Weber, Jurgen - Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutche Lufthansa AG

GB/USA - Weinberg, Peter - CEO, Goldman Sachs International

NL - Wijers, Hans - Chairman, AkzoNobel NV

D - Wissmann, Matthias - Member of Parliament

GB - Wolf, Martin H. - Associate Editor/Economic Commentator, The Financial Times

INT/USA - Wolfenson, James D. - President, The World Bank

RUS - Yavlinsky, Grigory A. - Member of Parliament

USA - Yergin, Daniel - Chairman, Cambridge Energy Research Associates

D - Zumwinkel, Klaus - Chairman, Deutche Post Worldnet AG; Chairman, Deutche Telekom


GB - Rachman, Gideon - Brussels Correspondent, The Economist

GB - Wooldridge, Adrian D. - Foreign Correspondant, The Economist

Summary by nation

Austria 1

Belgium 4

Canada 3

Switzerland 3

China 1

Cyprus 1

Germany 8

Denmark 2

Spain 3

France 4

Finland 3

Great Britain 9

Greece 2

Italy 16

International 7

Ireland 2

Israel 1

Norway 3

Netherlands 6

Portugal 3

Poland 2

Russia 2

Sweden 3

Turkey 4

USA 33

Total 126

Thanks to Michael Haupt - - for that summary

PEPIS #58 Bilderberg 2004: Will Bush fly by or drop in?

Will George W. Bush fly by? Or will he drop in?

George W Bush - just as Bill Clinton in the year 2000 is travelling nearby this year. Experience tells us he will may well drop in for a chat with the oil and banking cartel people - not to mention the European royalty.

That Bush schedule in full

See above links - President Bush is in Rome on 4th June 2004. He will meet President Berlusconi, President Ciampi and Pope John Paul II. He will depart Rome on the 5th June. He will be staying somewhere between Milan and Paris on the night of 5th June 2004. By 6th President Bush is in France, where he will meet Jaques Chirac and participate in the D-Day anniversary.

Please forward this information to news sources who might cover the conference

list = PEPIS

PEPIS #57 - Bilderberg Milan, Italy June 3-6 2004

American Free Press are announcing today, Friday 30th April, that Bilderberg 2004 is definately to be held in Italy this year.

Bilderberg Conference date and venue

Venue: Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees - Stresa

Date: Thursday June 3rd to Sunday June 6th 2004

Hotel des Iles Borromees - Corso Umberto I, 67 - 28838 Stresa - ITALY

tel. +39 0323 938 938 / fax. +39 0323 324 05

e-mail: - flashy flash site

Press venue

Please book in at the following hotel - or somewhere cheap nearby - if you wish to attend as a conference observer

Hotel Milan Speranza Au Lac - p.zza Marconi, 6/9 - 28838 Stresa (VB) ITALY

tel. 0323 31178 / 31190 fax 0323 32729


PEPIS #56 - Bilderberg Organiser is Head Mason's PA

1. Bilderberg organiser is head mason's PA
2. Entertainers take on the warmongers
3. Christianity and high politics
4. Still no closure: Diana's and Kelly's inconclusive deaths
5. Human genetics: Nazi ideas, dressed up nice
6. GCHQ data protection tribunal 'heavily doctored'
7. Lord of the Rings - mirrors Bible prophecy
8. Visions of mankind's journey - heaven and earth
9. Verichip and Digital Angel
10. Precise events surrounding September 11th 2001
11. Internet radio
12. War on Journalists in Greece
13. US military's plans for dismantling social networks
14. Noah's Ark in the Kurdish/Turkish war zone


Bilderberg Organiser is Head Mason's PA

Bilderberg is some kind of masonic summit

The Duke of Kent is the 'Grand Master' of freemasonry's governing body, the United Grand Lodge of England.  Interesting then that it is the Duke's Personal Assistant, Andrew Palmer, that organised the Turnberry Bilderberg conference, the last one to take place in the UK.

Though it has been suspected by many, the formal link between the highest levels of freemasonry and the elitists who meet at Bilderberg is finally out. No wonder there's such secrecy at these conferences. It could be that Palmer is simply a highly trusted man? Or it could be that he knows how to keep his mouth shut.

And the masonic connection shouldn't come as such a big surprise. The political class and professions featured at Bilderberg: banking; industry; royalty; the law; politics, are all associated with freemasonry. The chief mason's trusted PA has been organising secret conferences of European royalty and the heads of the Western world's oil and banking cartels. Any self-respecting democracy would put them under investigation for criminal conspiracy, treason at least.

Labour MP Chris Mullin's brave attempts to lance the boil of secret societies from British Government has been substantially thwarted. Promised lists of freemasons in the criminal justice system, a good place to start, never materialised. But there is some good news, all freemasons in local government are about to be forced to declare their crooked hand.

As Carl Jung said "The maintenance of secrets is like a psychic poison, which alienates their possessor from the community." Maintainers of secrets such as these can not take part in community life honestly. High public office is logically impossible for a mason, yet masonry is the glaring ommission from the register of members interests in the Lords and Commons. Without masonic membership being required the register of members' interests is a farce.

What rite makes a person unfit for public office?

According to those who have left 'the craft', when a freemason is being initiated into the third degree he is struck on the forehead in the dark, knocked back either into a coffin or onto a coffin shape. His fellow masons then lift him up, and when he opens his eyes he is confronted with the skull and crossed bones of a mason who 'broke his vow of secrecy'. Having willingly putting himself under a threat of death no mason of third degree or higher can be trusted, particularly in public office. He is hoodwinked literally and metaphorically, alienating himself from the community.

A comedy initiate prepared

Freemasonry opposes God of the Bible

Apart from the satanic death's head imagery at Yale University's Skull and Bones club (of which both U.S. presidential candidates are members - see later in this bulletin) one of the central rites of initiation includes a mockery of Jesus Christ's death on the cross.

In the Old Testament passover rite the sacrifice of a lamb bestowed power on its blood to 'mark God's faithful apart'. In midrashic, messianic, harmony Jesus was the New Testament 'lamb of God' whose death paved the way for the sins of those who believe in Him to be 'passed over'. In the same way as door lintels are covered in the Old Testament the Christian faithful ask God to spiritually cover buildings and people in the blood of their savior, Jesus Christ.

Compare this, if you can stomach it, with the masonic Grand Orient initiation ceremony quoted by author of one investigation, John Robison:

"A candidate for reception into one of the highest orders after having heard many threatenings denounced against all who should betray the secrets of the order, was conducted to a place where he saw the dead bodies of several who were said to have suffered for their treachery. He then saw his own [masonic] brother tied hand and foot, begging his mercy and intercession. He was informed that this person was about to suffer the punishment due for this offence, and that it was reserved for him (the candidate) to be the instrument of this just vengeance, and that this gave him the opportunity of manifesting that he was completely devoted to the order.[Skull and Bones lodge at Yale, to which Bush and Kerry, belong is known as 'the order'] 

"It being observed that his countenance gave the signs of inward horror (the person in bonds imploring his mercy all the while) he was told, that in order to spare his feelings, a bandage should be put over his eyes. A dagger was put into his right hand, and being hoodwinked, his left hand was laid on the palpitating heart of the criminal, and he was ordered to strike. He instantly obeyed; and when the bandage was taken from his eyes, he saw it was a lamb he had stabbed."[Robison, Proofs Of A Conspiracy p.299]

Puppet on the left or puppet on the right: Both U.S. presidential candidates are Skull and Bones chums

Bush and Kerry are old pals from Yale

Can those who have been through similar rites to these be put in positions of public trust? Are either Bush or Kerry fit to lead the most powerful nation the world has ever seen? Where are their loyalties? This year's presidential elections, what with the revelations over insecure voting systems and vote fixing, look set to be a total charade.

Illuminati: wheels within wheels

Illuminism operates within the already secret confines of outwardly respectable freemasonry and has been doing so for over 200 years.

There are three solid critiques of Illuminism. John Robison's 'Proofs of a Conspiracy', Abbe Barruel's 'Memoirs' and Seth Payson's 'Proof of the Illuminati'. Initiation rites and degrees are cited and appear to be similar to the current day Skull and Bones at Yale. Unfortunately all three books are roughly 200 years old and one might quite reasonably question whether this organisation still exists. The Collins dictionary is open-ended: 'A masonic sect founded in Bavaria in 1778 claiming the illuminating power of Christ resided in it alone.'

But I had some proof recently that Illuminism is still alive and recruiting. A marshall arts instructor in London said he had been approached to join a 'secret group of enlightened people' that wished to bring the world together in harmony. His views on nationalism and religion were sought but he refused to join saying that he didn't feel comfortable with the person trying to recruit him, he didn't trust him.

Illuminati's raw recruits

Young men between 18 and 30 are considered the prime targets to join the Illuminati. The pitch, in a nutshell, is that 'national governments and monotheistic religion cause wars. They must therefore be overthrown by clandestine means'. The promise of economic security is the carrot. Rituals which threaten death for breaking vows of secrecy are the sticks which keep members in line. "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

The final irony is that though you may join to 'bring an end to war' you are not told  that members of the society are the ones in key military, economic and political positions to start the wars. The society's motto "ORDO AB CHAO" means creating chaotic situations - such as wars - so that the society can steer the outcome.

Some people have been telling us this for years

The way freemasonry, and within it illuminism, operates every day within the highest echelons of western political and financial power should come as no surprise. After all, the concept of a corrupt secret service within an ostensibly legitimate secret service is the theme of some of the western world's most engaging works of film and TV fiction. Len Deighton's The Ipcress File, Robert Redford's Three Days of the Condor and even the BBC's most popular TV series Doctor Who and the Daleks. Which brings us right back where we started. The Doctor's creator, Terry Nation, is said to have modelled his evil 'Daleks' on Heinrich Himmler's SS.

Blessed or blighted? Understanding freemasonry

If you're new to understanding the freemasons (this is good medicine for freemasons' families too because it's freemasonry minus the lies) you can take a free introdutory course of three 'degrees' at the essential Freemasonry Watch website. http://www.freemasonrywatch.1index.html As this knowledge is invaluable you might like to download the entire site using offline browsing software such as Teleport.

Old style freemasonry rejects the modern

Back in the late 1700's several German masonic lodges closed, rather than allow Illuminists to operate secretly within them. The master's closing speech at one of these lodges, quoted by Barruel, was recorded: "Brethren and Companions, give free vent to your sorrow; the days of innocent equality are gone by. However holy our mysteries may have been, the lodges are now profaned and sullied. Brethren, and companions, let your tears flow; attired in your mourning robes attend, and let us seal up the gates of our temples, for the profane have found means of penetrating them. They have converted them into retreats for their impiety, into dens of conspirators. Within the sacred walls they have planned their horrid deeds, and the ruin of nations. Let us weep over our legions which they have seduced. Lodges that may serve as hiding places for these conspirators must remain forever shut, both to us and to every good citizen." Which is why it is essential that membership of these societies is declared for anyone standing for public office.

Sweeney Todd: Entertainers take on the warmongers

The Sweeney - one of the most gritty police television dramas ever - is out on DVD. Featuring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman as flying squad cops DI Regan and DS Carter, there are frank commentaries by directors, assistant directors, writers, editors, Ted Childs the producer and all the main actors except Thaw himself. Shot on 35mm film the series broke new ground in the seventies, both in witty scripts exposing Scotland Yard's corruption, and in highly disciplined production teamwork. The Sweeney took some inspiration from William Friedkin's The French Connection, 'I think we pushed it as far as we could' says one of Euston Films' crew. Unfortunately, due to the creeping political bias of commissioning editors, television drama has not been pushed so far since. Outstanding acting and creative energy of the past, is one of the best inspirations for the present.

Freemasonry mentioned in Sweeney commentary!

'Shut It!' - the music of The Sweeney - CD featuring Herbie Flowers and many other top jazz musicians also available as a vinyl double album

Christianity and high politics

Three of the world's most duplicitous men, George W. Bush, John Kerry and Tony Blair profess to be Christians. By their words and deeds they appear not to be. Breaking international law, ordering the deaths of innocent people.

Empire building is not Christian even if you've got an excuse, and especially when that excuse changes from day to day. If you invade a sovereign country against the wishes of the UN that's criminal too. Someone must lay this on these crooks, preferably a judge.

These men of lawlessness at the top - that hold onto power with impunity - are sounding the death-knell of freedom and democracy round the world. Reducing all the democratic institutions in their care to rubble. The Arab League's president, Amr Moussa, was right on September 6th 2002 when he warned us after their emergency conference that an attack on Iraq would "open the gates of hell". Not just in the Middle East.

Happy Gunner, writing on the web forum puts it succinctly: "Blair is a fundamentalist ARSE-licker and worships whoever is in the room with him. Ipso facto cannot be a Christian." While its not my place to judge the man, it is necessary to point it out loud and clear if you see someone waving the flag for Christ and shagging the verger's wife. Ironically Blair is supposed to be a Christian socialist, does anybody still think he is a socialist? He is said to keep the Bible by his bed. Whether he ever reads it is not reported......

What would the Prince of Peace himself have to say of the transatlantic terrible twins' faith if he were to appear on 'Nightline' or 'Newsnight' opposite Bush or Blair?

Testing the spirit

The nearest we have got to the prince of peace - to my knowledge - is Jeremy Paxman, BBC's Newsnight presenter. Before the war started Paxman interviewed Blair about his intentions. The only question that was itself questioned by Blair was the following bizzare exchange where Blair denies his faith is relevant to the war:

Paxman: "...Does the fact that George Bush and you are both Christians make it easier to view these conflicts in terms of good and evil?"

Blair: "I don't think so, no. I think that whether you're a Christian or you're not a Christian you can try - perceive what is good and what is, is evil."

Paxman: "You don't pray together for example?"

Blair: "No, we don't pray together Jeremy, no."

Paxman: "Why do you smile?"

Blair: "Because - why do you ask me the question?"

Paxman: "Because I'm trying to find out what you feel about it."

Blair: "Possibly."

Blair's evasiveness on this point speaks volumes. If he really was a Christian wouldn't he do what genuine Christians, Moslems and Jews do on occasions of grave import. And, with his brother in Christ George ask God for guidance? Even for thirty seconds? We can now reasonably presume that, for Blair at least, all this God stuff is just a front.

The buck stops with Blair for the disastrous rise in the threat of terrorism. The body count in Iraq alone is now at around nine thousand. Afghanistan has just reported the biggest ever rise in opium output. By their fruits shall we know them.

Bush and Blair's perverse 'faith in action' appears to have sent many Christians into a spin. But the duplicitous duo are sorting the true faithful from the hangers on. Blair is bringing Christ's name into disrepute. All true followers of Christ should rebuke him, pointing out his actions as contrary to God's law. Blair must not be allowed to drag Christ's name through the dirt.

The Bible is very clear on how to be sure - what question Jeremy Paxman should have asked. If someone, such as George W. Bush, John Kerry or Tony Blair is pretending to be a Christian there is a sure fire way of putting them on the spot to see if they are telling the truth. It may also be mightily handy should you ever feel suspicious about someone's motives. Dig out your Bible, see 1 John 4:2-3, and sort it out!

One final word - There are roughly fourteen Muslim men interred in horrible conditions at Belmarsh prison in London and elsewhere in the UK without charge. One of them has no arms. Will we Christians, as true to our master, be the good samaritans? Can we trust Tony Blair to help them? They are being treated like animals.

Grand Biblical Vision - Alfred Thomas Eade: Takes a long time to load - but worth it.

Comprehensive Christian research -

Still no closure: Diana's and Kelly's inconclusive deaths

Don't take your eye off the ball

There appears to be no understanding of 'closure' amongst our so-called leaders. Closure means deaths being properly, thoroughly and openly investigated. Serious doubts are being aired in relation to the official versions of both David Kelly's and Diana's deaths. Either or both of them could have been assassinations. Relatives and friends of political 'accidents' are being left with the whiff of cover-up.

On January 10th 2004 The Times reported that the blood supposed to have belonged to the driver of Diana's Mercedes, Henri Paul, had such high levels of carbon monoxide in to have made it impossible for him to stand up, let alone get into a car. Moreover the French authorities have refused to allow the blood sample to be DNA tested to prove it actually came from Diana's chauffeur.,,2-958104,00.html

As for David Kelly The London Evening Standard and The Guardian have commented on the professional opinions of three Doctors who believe coroner Nicholas Gardiner must re-open the inquest into Kelly's death. According to the ambulance team that attended the Oxfordshire field, where he is alleged to have died, the former government weapons adviser had lost a minimal amount of blood, where he would have needed to have lost 'about five pints' to have died. Only a tiny amount of co-proxamol was found in his stomach, much less than we were originally told.,3604,1131833,00.html

The Kelly family, post Hutton, quite rightly blame Blair and Campbell for deliberately releasing his name after promising his identity would be protected. 'It would have come out anyway' according to Alistair Campbell. His widow Janice is consideing suing the government over her hiusband's death according to printed but not on the internet versions of last weekend's UK papers. I hope she has an honest lawyer.

Security service trick

David Kelly was under an immense amount of stress when he died. Having been tricked into thinking that the meeting with Gilligan would remain confidential he then lied to the foreign affairs select committee. The lie they'd promised would be covered up was artfully exposed by Hoon, Blair and Campbell. Kelly was their fall guy.

Still no British broadcaster or newspaper appears to be prepared to launch a thorough journalistic investigation into this most suspicious of deaths.

Government scientist death flashback

The day his body was found I was instantly reminded of Chris Mullin's gripping book and film available on DVD, 'A Very British Coup'. In it an authoritative government scientist believes there is corruption at the heart of government. His assassination is made to look like an accident.

Mullin's book and film were based on real events known as 'the Wilson plot' in the mid 1960s. Rumours were circulated at the time by MI5 and the CIA that Prime Minister Harold Wilson was a Russian agent which many in right wing military circles apparently believed. On the contrary, Wilson was the last honest British Prime Minister.

After Wilson's dramatic resignation on 16th March 1976 Barrie Penrose and Roger Courtier, two BBC journalists, investigated these smears with the ex Prime Minister's help. But Sir Charles Curran, BBC Director General, was persuaded to close the investigation down in September that year.

When the two reporters were dismissed, head of the BBC's special investigation unit Gordon Carr told them: "The information which you were bringing to the BBC, and the Harold Wilson link, became something of an embarrassment to some people in the BBC hierarchy.... The truth wasn't necessarily the overwhelming consideration." That MI5 had been bugging and burgling the homes of senior cabinet ministers didn't appear to matter.

Penrose and Courtier later wrote 'The Pencourt File'.Other books such as Stephen Dorril and Robin Ramsay's 'Smear!' and David Leigh's 'The Wilson Plot' attempted to do what broadcasters hadn't dared to.

Let's all make sure, with proper respect to David Kelly's family, so far, with the ghastly Kelly episode which still hangs inconclusively.

The ousted BBC investigators explain in 'Pencourt' that an army source told them the coup conspirators stood at the bottom of the stairs at Clarence House, the Queen mother's London residence. "The Queen Mother, being a totally proper Scottish lady, and a highly proper democratic Queen, said: 'Oh no dears, you can't do that.'"

Human genetics: Nazi ideas, dressed up nice

David Galton's book - 'Eugenics, the future of human life in the 21st Century' is a most chilling read. Chilling because the wealth of knowledge in the behavioral sciences have been discarded by him and his fellow Eugenicists. Galton attempts to persuade us that human faults, both physical and mental, including criminal activity are passed down through our genes. Effectively condemning certain families, certain individuals to a low-life status without redemption. In fact science has shown that most of our behavioral traits are learned from our parents or guardians. Are you listening Mr Galton? There is and will never be an underclass. This sick thinking is alive and well and getting respectable. See

We will not screen our youngsters looking for your 'defects'. Most human 'faults' are behavioral and of our own choosing. We can all be redeemed.

GCHQ data protection tribunal 'heavily doctored'

If transcripts of data protection tribunal hearings are being altered, as it appears they are in this case, it is a serious criminal matter. Has Sir Anthony Evans, who presides over the UK's Data Protection Tribunal, been told? And if so how long will the perpetrators spend behind bars for contempt of court? Why is it that the UK security services appear able to alter transcripts of legal hearings with impunity?

Lord of the Rings - mirrors Bible prophecy

As the last Tolkien fans leave cinemas across the world after having seen the final episode of the Lord of the Rings on film how many realise that several characters, particularly Aragorn and Gandalf are metaphors for Jesus Christ, the rightful King who will return. The film is a reminder to many that those who are into witchcraft, satanism and other occult practices that they don't have a monopoly on magic.

The central message of the book and the films, that a handful of people, with righteous hearts, can turn the world upside down, is clear. [Acts: 17:6] 

Tolkien was in an interesting city, in an interesting job at an interesting time. Oxford University during World War II. His Christian faith, along with the fellowhip of his 'Inkling' friends at the Eagle and Child on St. Giles, must have given him an insight into the modus operandi of the occult.

I have wildly conjectured that the symbols given to the two evil armies in his famous trilogy, and appearing on their shields etc., were not chosen by chance. Sauron, the dark lord, has the eye as his symbol. Saruman, the faithless one who sells out, uses the white hand.

One does not need to be a semiotics genius to link Saurons eye with the Illuminati's eye in the pyramid. Nor to link Saruman's white hand with the freemasons, who always wear white gloves as part of their ceremonial dress. Others have noticed too I see.

Visions of our journey - the Bible history

Back in 1947 US Bible student Alfred Thomas Eade produced a series of colour drawings depicting God's journey with mankind through the ages. Whether or not you agree with his interpretation of the Bible story it is still a striking visual feast today. In his own words. "The purpose and aim of this unique work is to enable the student of the Bible to 'visualise' and grasp the entire course of Bible history. As the Bible forms one continuous story - the revelation of God to man, and the relation of man to God - the Panorama study makes plain and understandable, the unfolding and development of the great divine plan and purpose which runs like a crimson highway from Genesis to Revelation. All distracting detail has been carefully avoided, keeping in view, throughout, the linking together of important events which reveal the gradual development, and final triumph, of the divine purpose throughout the ages, and the preparing of the way for the 'coming in the flesh' of the divine Redeemer.

This presentation of visual aid to the Bible student, is NOT an analytical study of theology, with all of its profound depths, but rather, "a bird's eye view", as it were of the whole course of the river of revelation, and dispensational history. Once this is grasped, and visualised in the mind's eye, the student will find that he has a fundamental, working knowledge, into which all Bible truth, and further study, will dovetail with beautiful and harmonious completeness.  

I don't think I've ever plugged pictures on a PEPIS message before but there are two this time. The second is of a poster produced in a last-minute brainstorming session of the Churches Advertising Network just before Easter 1999. Jesus as Che Guevara  was posted up on bus stops and billboards across the country and generated a lot of comment at the time.

Takes a long time to load - buy worth it.

Jesus as Che Guevara

Verichip and Digital Angel

Whatever way you look at it, the advances in microchip implants are looking decidedly sinister. Chip companies are getting to advanced stages testing human microchip implants. So will we be individually tagged just like the livestock on a farm?

The good news is it's unlikely that anyone will ever force you to accept one. The bad news is that you may be coerced. As national security in the West is elevated to paranoiac, cult-like proportions our food security is being utterly neglected, to the point of recklessness. I see Sainsbury's supermarket is about to buy up one of the UK's major cornershop chains. If there's a national emergency (say due to a fake terrorist attack) there will not be enough food to go round, what a perfect time to introduce the chip! Have one of these and you can eat regularly. Be warned.


Digital Angel

Precise events surrounding September 11th 2001

The conspiratorial aspects are no longer a 'theory' despite what we might wish to believe

Internet radio

You may not be into this trance type music but I've found myself listening to it most days I'm in the office. Check out this state of the art radio station from Auckland, New Zealand.

If anyone has favourite internet radio stations please do let me have some links. You might also like to have a listen to our somewhat clunky new internet radio station - set up as a workers co-operative - broadcasting from Bristol in the UK. We even got an exclusive interview with ex government minister Clare Short on the first show.

War on Journalists in Greece

IFJ Says Greek Attempt to Arrest Union Leaders “An Outrageous Flashback to An Age of Dictatorship”


The International Federation of Journalists today described efforts to carry out a mass arrest of Greek journalists’ union leaders as an “outrageous flashback to an age of dictatorship and tyranny.”

“The sight of security officers scuttling around trying to put union leaders behind bars because they organised a strike is a shameful sight in a modern democracy,” said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary.

US military's plans for dismantling social networks

This US manual of elite target analysis was produced in 1953 but only published in 2000. It describes the US policy of focusing propaganda on "priority targets" in the elite of other countries. This may explain how some people seem to be "got at" and change their views on issues such as globalisation once they reach positions of power. It also describes things like the "USIS Country Plan" (the US intelligence service has a country plan for nearly every country, it seems)

Being 50 years old it does not include more modern things like "focus groups" or the "sherpa" system; but maybe it is interesting in the context of the history of Bilderberg.

Noah's Ark in the Kurdish/Turkish war zone

According to Genesis there were eight people on the Ark, Noah, his three sons and their wives. By the Turkish 'village of eight' and 'valley of eight', ten miles or so from Mt. Ararat, the remains of a large boat were surveyed by Ron Wyatt and by Jonathan Gray before the area was effectively closed down by the Turkish Army. 

There is a fundamental question to life that, if you don't answer it correctly leaves us foundering on almost every other question of morality and our place in the universe. Was life created or did we evolve from bacteria, plants and animals?    

Gets the understated website of the year award.


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